Sescentas gratias, Petrus Romanus!

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

A million thanks, Petrus Romanus, now you have effectively started the sinking of the galleon of tradition, the survivors scamper away on boats or anything that could float them.

Thanks to the Sankt Gallen sailor-navigators it’s now sinking as you have replenished an ironclad ship of the aggiornamento class, modern and seemingly unsinkable, pleasurable and entertaining like the Titanic, powerful and fast like the Yamato.

But better rush, Petrus Romanus, or you’ll be hushed. Better a resignation than an assassination if you can’t deliver, so, allow the communion of divorced and civilly-married men and let conscience alone stand, if there’s any left uneroded and recognized same sex union. This would definitely bring more attendance to your churches. And solve the problem of dwindling priesthood by ordaining married men. What about the women, are you leaving them out. Start with the diaconates, slowly but surely. And listen to the government leaders promulgate new church hierarchy and civil government relations. Pave the way towards a one government world.

You have done well in modernizing the ship, very soon the ship will take wing and start a star trek. Who knows if there are other intelligent parasites out there who may be converted to your banquet meal, which abhors the idea of sacrifice but wouldn’t miss a meal like you.

A million thanks, Petrus Romanus for it’s now a very comfortable ship. The cabins are actual gathering places where a new kind of priest stands in front of everyone, greeting, complimenting, entertaining for he has forgotten the ‘hostia’, the victim of old rites. This gathering is pleasant why speak of sins, of expiation or even redemption. The priest is now a social worker, he would surely attend to your needs. He may even be your counselor who will make you feel good concerning your anxieties. So don’t think of your guilt feelings, set them aside in wild abandon and do not mind your conscience. Anything which gives man anxiety must be eased out because the substitute religion, this counterfeit religion has deified man and demythologized God.

Are they asking you questions or are disturbing you with dubias. Don’t answer them and be a silent ram. You of all people shouldn’t be laden with anxieties. Anxieties are only for popes who still believe in their calling as shepherds of the Flock. You are not just a shepherd or you would smell like sheep. You are now an admiral, chief sailor and navigator of a ship that would try finding a new Ophir for a new temple in Jerusalem.

This was started by a real navigator of the brotherhood of builders for he was the architect of modernism. Then the flower of flowers nourished the buds into fruition. Except that the growth of some rafflesia and cerbera are inevitable. Then someone came up speedily and tried to reform the things concerning money but instead of being able to inspect the coffers the was slid into acoffin after half and half of two moons. And then the sun labored to lighten up the sky because of the periodic eclipses when the wolves would prey double for the nights were longer. But then there was this German Shepherd who showed some promise of fangs but was himself overwhelmed by the numbers of those wearing sheep clothing.

And a million thanks, Petrus Romanus if that is indeed you. You may now remodel the corral and have it modernized. Put the mensa at the center between you and the sheep so that those who would act as butchers will be comfortable in the distribution of carnal pleasure. I see them wearing different colors of perversion.

For now you have revived the revolutionary zeal in a holier light where there was once banal liberty, equality and fraternity, there is now profane synodality, subsidiarity and of course the old formula of collegiality.

Thanks a million times, Petrus Romanus, if that is you already, then don’t rest on your laurels continue to the reform for Rome is not yet fully pagan. For all you know, the sank Galleon might still rise from the waves to have a comeback naval battle. For if you don’t rush you’ll be hushed. Do you want to be martyred like the first Peter? But that one would be a good story, establish some credibility in this counterfeit church of yours.

Don’t just relax or suffer a relapse as every one from the illumined high shop and the red square mob is watching how good you’re doing.

You are doing very well actually. Despite your age and health your speeches of non-condemnation and unconditional compassion are almost identical with that of Christ. Almost. The beast and his slave will learn much from you if they catch up in your aggiornamento.

The Woman clothed with the sun might still do some damage in your efforts if they call upon her. But you have done well so much so that you far exceed Karol Wojtila who is a real actor. I like the way you snob superstitious people who try to touch you or kiss your holy ring. For whatever it’s worth your humility has humbled them. I like your pragmatic application of your pontifical powers whenever necessary even if you just wanted to be referred to as the Bishop of Rome.

Vladimir Putin, shirtless on horseback does not have a chance at your bravura, for you can ride the dragon of Vatican II yourself, making it the new magisterium for your substitute church. Go,if you will, if you want to appease this orthodox religious man who kisses a metropolitan patriarch on his funeral bier. You are indeed more compassionate than him for he would kiss the dead but could kiss the living Quran.
And who could do what you have done when you join the ritualists of Pachemama in the opening of the Amazon synod and likewise bless their boat all ritual what-nots and received
Pachamama herself inside the basilica with your back to the grave of St. Peter and the baldacchino pillars. You are indeed amazing right there in your efforts for ecumenism.

But you have indeed outdone yourself when after the Abu Dhabi declaration of World Brotherhood, three identical buildings are built in a gardened scenery for the three Abrahamicfaiths: one for the Jews, one for the Muslims and one for the Christians. The Christian center is aptly named after you, I recall while the muslim one is named after your Islamic counterpart. Frankly, I find the white rectangular buildings beautiful in their array. Usually, centers where people gravitate are really named as a memorial to someone being revered even after death. I hope they will not make lapidariums of identifying building not so big for those buildings for me are like ornate tombs; memorial to ecumenical greatness.

Now that there is a memorial building named after you already, I hope you will not be in a hurry to die yet. There is always room for remorse, even repentance; even a building; or in a matter of aggiornamento an updating for the conscience, in fact.

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