Neutralizing the Patriarch: Putting Things in Disorder

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

A little review perhaps is necessary so that the continuum of thought would prevail. First, we explored how it all started in school in the midst of evil teachers. The student’s search for truth was reimaged and reimagined as really search for power and pleasure. In the name of the exercises of natural rights the child seeking to be god-like gets perverted.

Then approaching puberty, he began to exercise transagressiveness and insists on changing himself he saw fit, even challenging the will of God. The first disobedient concept was wanting to be godlike and then the second disobedience fueled by Nephilim intervention, how to change things or “create” them as god would.

Now, the rebellion has come full circle. If God confused the builders of Babel by having them speak in different languages, The Adversary now will have his revenge and use the meaning of words to fight against the Logos, the Word of God. Thanks to the psychiatric association all aberrations and perversions were simply redefined as lifestyles. How does one cure a lifestyle, even if immorally lived and couldn’t be taken as a mental disorder.

A life of sin is the new normal in the social order and transagressiveness executed against anyone targeted in society wouldn’t be a crime after all. And yet paedophilia still remains a crime, “Suffer not the little children …” who are we kidding? Abuse of any human being when he is alone and mobbed or when his discretion is altered as when he is drugged or when he is mentally-challenged are still crimes! And so, why be it just a lifestyle when the well-being of another individual human person is at stake.

The new Babel has produced a horrendous list of neologisms all in the name of progress for humanity. The prefix trans pertaining to a crossover has brought about transvestism, transwoman, transgender, transable to name a few. So would the noun angel. A founder of a Christian sect even used the Webster’s Dictionary to define his being an angel, a messenger of God. Before it was only sex but now we have a line-up of sexual preference, gender preference, gender role and the pronoun for a person no longer stops at he or she but could be it or they. It is now really important for modern man to transgress in order to realize or actualize one’s self.

But more subtle and cunning is the manner by which the family is now besieged – Because of synods that are bound to recognize same sex marriage, The family is therefore also redefined. Notwithstanding dysfunctional families, we now have to deal with a parentage wherein we do not know who the father or mother is. The patriarch is being neutralized within the family so that things can easily be put in disorder.

Once, we have a family-based society, where it was easy to name who was responsible. But a patriarchal society is orderly and responsible and the Adversary does not want this. This is why St. Joseph remains to be the Terror of demons, because he was the role model of the father who was not only responsible for a typical family for he was given charge of the Holy Family of which he was the head.

And this precisely the reason why the mushroom churches do not like the apostolate title of the father to be used for man in the sacerdotal service even using the bible to express this. Instead of using “Father” they prefer words such as Evangelist, Apostle, Minister , Servant Leader! Elder, etc, etc. This is also to hide the fact that they have a different father.

In accordance with the new order of things in the world, one must discern the reason for casting wide the word Pope which simply mean ” Father”. Is it simple humility to choose being only referred to as Bishop of Rome, a bishop among many other bishops?

The neologisms of the LGBTQ+ community is only an attempt to make colorful (the rainbow, the omen of God’s covenant not to punish mankind again with the deluge of water) the muddled issues of humanist claims. The will of man for power and pleasure is paramount in the diabolical plan. The devil must pervert man so that his redemption is only laid to waste.

Whether we deny it or not Philippine education which is based on Spanish Catholic tradition and American Christian tradition recognizes the Kingdom of God as it’s foundation. It therefore behooves the return of good manners and right conduct in our everyday ethics. Never the artificial claims of crossing genders and sexual transagressiveness. As a man lives, his DNA will not lie about his being male or female. And dead after all decadent flesh has decomposed his bones will still define him male and female. so why insist on the perversion?

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