Woke Psychology: The Devil’s Mob Yoke and Its Implications

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

The Devil has rediscovered an old tool; the power of numbers. The French Revolution has sparked a nascent belief of vox populi, Vox Dei that is the voice of the people is the Voice of God. And its prevalence has come to the fore in modern though particularly in the field of education and social justice.Later, we will try to see how the concept of multiverse plays within the Mystery of God’s Creation.

Its tenets have gone a long way since and it’s no longer hushed. It’s rainbow flag is unfurled everywhere in the modern world announcing its dominance even in the corporate world. Using transactional analysis let us see how it developed into its monstrous might.

The Child: As early as childhood the evil teachers and stewards promote in the child a creative self with limitless pursuits.

  1. 1. Ah, okay so you’re a boy as dad told you but don’t be ashamed of you feel like a girl. You’ll look nice as a girl.
  2. Wonderful, you’ve just drawn two human figures. But wait I’m confused why don’t you draw again and let the boy have a penis and the girl her vagina. You can draw again and remove the clothes.
  3. Oh, yes you can freer skirts and dresses even if you’re a boy. What is important is that you feel good about it.
  4. Yes, you can have a boy’s name. You don’t like Jean. Okay, I’ll call you John.
  5. You have all the right to be yourself. Therefore you can choose your own sex.

So the first tenet of Woke psychology is support the child in the way he or she would like to be using his/her creative powers. Let the child be godlike knowing both good and evil and deciding how he/she would like to be. It doesn’t matter if he/she careens from the truth.

The Adolescent: Even before puberty, the evil teachers and stewards dispel the student’s search for the Truth. Redefine it as the will to power and pleasure.

  1. Oh, the Truth. Nobody knows exactly what Truth is. Truth is relative, you see. It depends on how one sees it.
  2. But the truth lies in your being empowered as a human being. Even truth is unimportant if it impedes you from being empowered.
  3. Power is the ability to make changes especially within yourself. The truth of the matter is that you have the means to be what you want to be.
  4. What is important is to line your own life. We want you to be happy and believe that you have the right to find your own happiness.
  5. Now that’s more like it. Finally you have the courage to reveal your true self. More power to you and be happy with your new gender.

In the second tenet of Woke psychology, the mob; the evil teachers and stewards will challenge the adolescent in transaggressioning valid social norms and simply set them aside as oppressive and suppressive shackles. The person has come of age to transit into the life he/she has chosen despite the natural order of things. He has turned into a Nephilim.

The Adult: Having reached maturity, the Devil’s mob will continue to bombard the person with new words and arguments so that he/she will no longer seek a return to his/her true self but rather give himself/herself a chance as a significant person, someone of influence.

  1. Yours is a life of struggle and liberation. Tell the others how you set yourself free so that they in turn, will be liberated.
  2. You are a beautiful person. We know you are happy with all the empowerment you have.
  3. Don’t listen to these fanatics. Why there are Christian churches who accept us for what we are. Don’t let anyone act as your father or shepherd because God made you this way and the way you live it is actually a blessing.
  4. What if you belong to the same sex? Go, get married. Or even if you don’t tie the knot what is important is the mutual respect that you have for each other. What is important is your done your happiness.
  5. As the song goes, “How can it be so wrong if it feels so good.”? They are just envious! They are just jealous. We hate these hypocrites!

And so you see, the third tenet of woke mob psychology is the imposition of new norms. What had been aberrant and perverse are now the new normal. And those who jam one’s happiness are simply regarded as hypocrites. One’s perversion or aberration had been redefined as freedom. The source of a new morality; a redefinition of love and happiness; True in the language of Babel.

And behold since many of them had become influencers and because their numbers have grown significantly into ballot votes and votive church membership new laws are created for them and new churches are established for them till Kingdom come And is behind the politicians and religious leaders that cater to them? Come on, don’t you know him. He’s the one who is after popularity not the Truth. In fact he was the first transgender and originator of the eldest profession. Are you a parent with a child? You be the judge.

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