Actors in Politics, and in the Classroom, Too

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

I have nothing against actors who meddle with politics although some may have indeed muddled the issues. When I was still into talismanic magic, being a Caviteno, I didn’t mind Ramon (Bautista) Revilla canonizing hoodlums in his “anting-anting ” movies but it seemed that despite the span of time, the amulets didn’t work so much in the legislature except that staying in politics indeed charmed the voters. And so with the senate performance of Lito “Pinuno” Lapid.

And I for one, would like to commend Joseph “Erap” Estrada for his legacy on the Philippine carabao, a species of Asiatic water buffalo which saved the animal from extinction since the farmers would already sell their farms for real estate because none of the children would follow the life of a poor farmer. But there is no truth to the rumor that he was solely responsible for the Carabao English which even made him more popular because of the humorous “eraptions” created by those who secretly admire him. Not to mention that this unique Ateneo drop-out indeed has remarkable intelligence. For not even a West Pointer like Fidel Ramos was able to pinpoint where the renegade Camp Abubakar was. This failure of intel proved Erap to be worthy Commander-in-Chief as Shyder Sparks points out in his Guru, a Treatise on former Philippine Presidents.

But where Philippine politicians , actor or no actor, are about to fail since the Americans were adamant to leave their military bases, Clark in Pampanga and Subic in Zambales, the Good Lord made Mt. Pinatubo acted up and caused the Americans to act right away and leave. Freddie Aguilar’s Sa Kuko ng Agila (In the Clutches of the Eagle, literally in its talons) was no longer a problem.

Now, please be patient with me for discussing two more actors of the Philippine revolution. First, we have the King of the Tagalogs, and possibly the first ever true President of the Philippine Republic, Andres Bonifacio. Little do people know that aside from serving as warehouse foreman, he was also a craftsman making fans (abanicos) and a stage actor of comedias and moro-moro. It is not therefore fair to blame him for his poor military stratagem. But Emilio Aguinaldo’s being an actor surpasses his performance as a general. My mother who used to be his majordoma knew how his actually being shy is projected being aristocratic and a snub to some foreigners especially the journalists. But his being a thespian, is revealed by her when he rode the back of a crocodile wielding a blade, when the animal had already been long dead. He had this photographed and may be had Lolong turning in its grave.

But so much with Philippines politics, I want us to see the “here and the now” of international politics. Vladimir Putin has gone a long way, from the staged spirituality of Gregori Rasputin. First, one would see a shirtless Vladimir riding a horse despite the cold Russian climate, a true Russian hero, worth following into the battlefield. And then, there he was kissing the forehead of the dead Russian Orthodox Metropolitan which conjures his reverence and crusading spirit of a war meant for the Russian Orthodox domination of Ukraine. But that is nothing compared to the performance of Volodymyr (what another bloody Vladimir?!) Zelensky, the actor-comedian president of Ukraine who idolizes a modernist, anti-life Canadian Justin Trudeau. Yes, the same junkmaster who would like to send Canadian junk for the Filipinos to scavenge. Why because, even just acting, he appears in battle areas as a hands on, military strategist wearing a vest and at times, a military uniform. Of course, if you are a Ukrainian defender, that would be a big boast to your esprit de corps. But if only he were not the Ukrainian president, this son of Jewish parents, is not really a practicing Catholic but he could fool his devout Catholic people like Joe Biden would, the American catholics.

In his latest stage performance, he gave another great actor, Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome and acting as Francis I, the icon of a Madonna and Child. In this icon, he deliberately had the child Jesus totally-blackened out. Now, new proponents of the Black Muslim sect which has blackened so many provisions of the Quran and Islamic traditions, please do not get too much excited. President Zolensky does not mean to convert to you. He was only dramatizing, according to him, the flight of the Ukrainian children, who are victims of its war with Russia, which as I have shown you has gone a long way from Putin to Rasputin. There is no truth to the rumor but that this has nothing to do with the dominance of dark matter in the universe (75% vs. 25%)

But darker or more mysterious still in the performance of the novos ordo pontiff who received the gift. Perhaps because of the extreme ecumenism he practices, such as participation of rituals for Pachamama, standing behind the basilica altar and the traditional grave of St. Peter, and the kindly pastoral stance he shows to the protestant services, including novos ordo he can only show love to Zelensky, and never a rebuke came forth from his lips at this dramatic act of desecration for the Son of God.

Therefore, educators, let’s teach our students to become better practitioners of their suffrage rights. Stage acting is so different from actual action like accidents differ from essence. Hence, I give you the following exercise for discernment. Let me call it the “Hey” exercise.

Hey, are you already Petrus Romanus that you can only show love for things heretic and irreverent while being too cruel to the Traditionalists whose acts are only given indult already to say the Latin Mass as early as the time of Saint Pius V?

Hey, are you already acting in behalf of the Anti-Christ because you have reversed the reunifying act of Benedict XVI who lifted all the so-called bans against the Latin Mass?

Hey, are you already an anti-Christ pope because you have been punishing traditional priests with accusations of schism and disobedience and even causing excommunication through your evil bishops when there is actually no reason for these unjust actions.

Hey, aren’t you yourself a heretic when you taught in your general audience that nothing can ever separate a catholic from his church, not even death? Aren’t you aware, as a former priest, bishop and cardinal and now, pope that blasphemy, schism, apostasy and heresy can make a member of the Catholic Church to be removed from the Catholic church?

Hey, aren’t you yourself an apostate and a schismatic when you gave your flagrant support to the novos ordo mass? Isn’t stopping the holding of the Perpetual Sacrifice the act of an apostate? And isn’t providing a substitute church with a substitute mass which has removed the Hostia (victim) already a schismatic act?

Hey, was the song “Hey!” written for you when it was sung by Julio Iglesias. Anyway, you are acting like a Julius (Caesar) and doing what you do for an staged act produced and directed by the St. Gallen cardinals as a pagan conqueror “Veni, vidi, vixi”. You were told that the time was ripe for your coming (veni) because the stage had been set. Overwhelmed by scandals which the St. Gallen Mafia, even espoused, the loyal German Shepherd, would like to give another traditionalist, Cardinal Scola, a chance to stem the tide which overwhelmed him. Then you saw your opportunity because they have intimated to you already the modernist agenda (vidi). And finally you want to completely route the traditionalists and proclaim yourself a new empire (vixi), a truly “Holy Roman Empire” except that this is “holy” in the name only. And yes, Iglesias a plurality of churches since your new liturgy is a Frankenstein patchwork of Protestant ideas (Lutheran, Anglican, Charismatic, Taize and truly ecumenical as in included a Jewish blessing never recognizing a memorial to the Messiah).

How nice of you to show humility and taking yourself only as Bishop of Rome and act out this humility by avoiding reverence of people to your holy office when they try to kiss your ring for a blessing. You are indeed a model for your horrendous priests who deny the Most Holy Sacrament when they kneel and want to receive it with their tongues and even throw it on the floor rather than give it in this manner.

And for that I shall nominate you for best actor. You will surely win against Putin, he’s just a dramatic actor. Or against Zelensky, he’s only good in comedies. But you, Francis, even if you use the screen name Petrus Romanus (as you are second to your father, Peter who had been an Italian, and Roman) will win best actor because you are a tragicomedian! You can mask a mess and call it a mass and make it a must! But I’m no prophet so I’ll just write your bill for the charade, matinee or not.

St. Gallen Productions


An Alta Vendita epic

Living the Spirit of Vatican II

starring Francis as Petrus Romanus
with an all star cast including V. Solensky and V. Putin and Charles II

In glittering Rainbow Color

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