Towards A New World Order

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Elsewhere, I have been writing about the new WOKE (world order key elements) which will be utilized by the sovereignties and powers in establishing a new world order preparatory for the reign of the man of sin. Obviously, what I wanted to do was to unmask present woke sentiments and movements that apparently show woke mob psychology. Woke cannot work without the mob. Woke operates in numbers. Even those who believe in God, may be seduced by the appearances of sheer numbers manifesting a shift in societal attitude and even finally affecting the educational system and the implementation of social justice.

Below, I have enumerated some of these elements, how they may appeal to you and how you can finally be duped in participating actively in this early attempts to bring about a new world order.
How it may appeal to you
How you can actively participate and end up being used
Muslim Fundamentalists Group (ISIS, Islamic Nation, AL Qaeda, etc)

It may appeal to you as an exotic alternative to Christianity, especially with jihadic martyrdom which promise a lustful reward of sex in heaven

Learning to become a terrorist, you learn to make improvised explosive device which can be used against crowded assemblies of infidels. A suicide mission provides rewarding promise of heaven to a martyr. Coming of the Anti-Christ as a Mahdi can bring about a new world order.

The LGBTQ+ Community

Appeals as a valid claim to enjoy equal treatment on human rights issues and therefore gets empathy from educational as well as social justice systems.

Unfortunately, same sex marriages erode family strength and the basic component of society weakens.

Since LGBTQ+ community have valid sexual and gender preference rights, one who go against their claims may be seen as oppressive, suppressive and repressive.

It may be felt that joining the bandwagon may prevent being ostracized as inhuman.

The coming of the Man of Sin is expected to usher a new age surpassing what has been done in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The “Black Lives Matter” Movement
Appeals as a valid cry for human rights justice especially that of racial discrimination.

Since blacks have a valid reason for their protest, one can show deep empathy by transaggressing with some violent elements to show real kinship.

Arrival of the man of sin precludes non-discriminatory concepts emphasizing that the first assembly — assigned by the Prophet Mohammed was black.

Christians of Different Denominations Anticipate the Second Coming. A Time of Continuous Prosperity, where Love Abounds and There is No Discrimination.
Appeals as a sincere Christian outlook on the reign of Christ as Sovereign of the World defeating all resistance that are man-made.

Christians will thrive in the Prosperity Doctrine, in th eRapture, on however it can be done for as long as the faithful will be there awaiting Gis Second Coming.

One may serve as a harbinger or herald of Christ’s Second Coming even assuming role as prophet, evangelist, apostle, pastor or minister. And yet, the one who will come is the Anti-Christ.

The Satanic Movement
Appeals as a genuine all for power and leisure religion, there is much to enjoy in a life of lust and vices.
Satanists contend that the world really belongs to the Prince of this World and therefore, the rest of those waiting for Christ are only having illusions. In fact, Satanists are correct in their choice because the Man of sin is Satan assuming a human body, so why not become one?
The Communists
Appeals as a pure classless ideology where there is real equality, fraternity and freedom to be what you are without the pretenses of religion.

The State brings about a classless revolution so that all citizens are treated as equals.

A communist revolution can always be bloody in order to remove all hindrances. Being a communist revolutionary requires one to have a bloody participation in the neutralizing of others who believe in another cause of freedom.

The Anti-Christ can easily use a godless revolutionary government which he can sway by prodigious miracles which are new to all godless men.

The Apostate Church
It may appeal as still the true one as established by Christ in 33AD and yet all the essential elements are now lost or missing.

Participating in a false liturgy which glorifies man instead of God and the removal of the Perpetual Sacrifice in favor of a feast to celebrate the departure of the Holy Spirit will make one worthy of eternal damnation.

The Anti-Christ will be worshiped in this Apostate Church.

The Illuminati, Freemasonry and All Modernists
It may appeal only as a respectable human organization espousing the best ideals for humanity.

Modernism is two-pronged like a serpent’s tongue. On one side, it uses nascent science and technology to make mankind oblivious of God. On the other hand, it bends on the allure of demons such as the alien sightings, the nature spirit like the Pachemamam and the other gods from all elements.

Participation in both, or just any if them makes one enslaved to demons. The Anti-Christ will enjoy marking you as his.

Neo-Nazis and Supremacy Groups
Appeals as the ultimate result of the Superhuman theories espoused by Hitler and his cohorts.
Neonazism and the Supremacy group theories widens the gap between men for racial or superiority reasons. Participation in these groups fuels apathy and anarchy which the Anti-Christ can use as a springboard for bringing peace into the world.
World Health Efforts
Appeals as a definitive action against pandemics and other health concerns

Some efforts however are sometimes masked attempts to introduce new norms that would condition mankind to totalitarian rule. In fact, past sterilization scheme against a population, euthanasia, abortion clinics, drugs that alter mind and behavior may be induced or introduced.

The Anti-Christ can use this heavily for his plots against mankind because unlike Christ Who is Life, he is anti-life.

World Banks and Monetary Funds
Appeals as troubleshooters for financial crises especially bailing out underdeveloped countries.

Underdeveloped countries however are more exploited than ever, with their human resources getting only meager income in order to survive. The poor become poorer and more dependent on aids which are used to enslave them further.

The Anti-Christ’s dole-out regime will come as a saving grace but actually will result in the great loss of many souls.

The Internet and Technology
Appeals as an essential need for mankind to be entertained and be informed.

These gadgets however will greatly enhance the reach of the Anti-Christ’s government globally and enhance his worldwide church, also keen in using them as tools for knowing enemy movement and location so that the war on Saints can be made more effective.

Being too dependent on technology may cause one to be more liable during the reign of the Anti-Christ.

Feminism or Other Movements to Undermine a Moral Patriarchal System
Appeals as a valid need for women to be treated as equals, and yet the elimination of fatherhood erodes the strength of the family.

The moral norm of the patriarchal past will be targeted and therefore laid to waste.

The Anti-Christ born of an apostate father and a sinful mother will destroy all norms of morality. He will pretend to respect women and fatherhood but his deeds will show otherwise.

I hope and pray that most of these elements will be removed by the Great French Monarch when he comes. Even now, the Jews would like to “rebuild” their Temple on the Temple Mount. Unfortunately, the Dome of the Rock of the Muslims is also there. It is said that the Anti-Christ will imitate Christ’s ascension during his evil reign for he will make Jerusalem his capital.

There and then, the Word of God will slay him. Good riddance!

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