In Quest of the Doppelganger: An Inquest

Platito Mythos Torinkaya

“The worst form of inequality is to make unequal things equal.”

I am not a political scientist, I am just a lowly philosopher where faculty is minding my own. But recently, I read Ryszard Legarko’s “The Demon of Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies” and suddenly I am spooked about two ideologies that seemingly are poles apart when I realized he was right in his analysis. A totalitarian regime like a communist state and a liberal regime like what we find in free societies have the same goal: perfect man and perfect society: men can be the best they are if they are given equality, or are treated as equals. In communism, friends, foe or family are all fellow citizens. That’s the spirit of brotherhood (fraternity) which operates in both political systems.

And they have the same means, namely to thwart the goals of those who resist their governance using media control; the sanitized or toxin-laden news programs that would change human nature, as news releases and propaganda. Or resort to something harsher, isolation, pandemic, economic disenfranchisement, famine, misery and anarchy.

With the advent of modernism, not even the church is spared. But no, I have to immediately correct myself there and rather say, the church must be targeted first. Hence, in Russia religion was declared a fantastic resort to misery, the opium of the people. But in free societies, the variety and multiplicity of religions themselves made faith akin to fantastic resort to misery. Was it in Russia or China where I saw the doppelganger? Which is imitating which, and what witch is responsible when its spectre is much visible in America, too.

I have chosen the word fantastic because American preachers are as magical as Gregory Rasputin before the Bolshevik Revolution. There is Sid Toth who prays within a toilet cubicle to be transported from one place to another. Or Kenneth Copeland who can cope with his demonic laughter and wild prophecies even supposedly killing the COVID Virus to develop his Eagle Mountain Church and its surrounding land, not to mention his God-given jet. And Kat Kerr who visits the Third Heaven, not unlike Mohammed visiting Janna and eating sweets there while watching chocolate waterfalls. But I prefer Jesse Duplantis who takes care of Jesus when he is not in the mood or miserable. I have only mentioned a few but mentioning those in America leaves me hair-raised and wasted. For them man is deified for long as he has money for his own prosperity.

But when I say church, it’s not just the Protestant churches but the Catholic Church as well because what prompted Pope Benedict XVI to resign were the Vatileaks scandals which included the unauthorized expenses of well-placed cardinals and bishops in a new pornocracy more perverse than the saeculus obscurum; the dark era that was the reign of the harlots, Theodora and the more notorious Marioza. Why did I say more perverse? Well at least Theodora and Marioza have male lovers, but those leeches that used up the money intended for pious works by the I.O.R. are high ranking church officials paying male prostitutes and their accidental needs. No wonder they are not heeding his instructions and resist him openly such that he was forced to choose a more contemplative life. Prayers work wonders anyway. Obviously, Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus was a victim of the same ideology which will always silence those who thwart their goals.

The gay bishops and cardinals knew that they were men, they were, in fact, men of God, but they craved for men. For modernism to succeed, reality must be overlooked such that a fantastic construct is needed. This is why I call their praxis fantastic. This must be the reason why they can dress up the doppelganger in rainbow colors.

But I would like to be more charitable to them and assign this construct and praxis as the work of demons and not their very own, so that even if the office of the exorcist is already removed, they can still hope that they can still be exorcised. In this, I would like to recall what St. Thomas Aquinas said: “Now it is evident that the demons would wish many things not to be, which are, and others to be, which are not: for, out of envy, they would wish others to be damned, who are saved.”

Moreover, the psychologist, Mike Driscall said: “Demons are forever unhappy… because they want God’s creation to be different than it is. They will never succeed in changing it to their liking.”

Therefore, just look around you and you will find men insisting that they are women. Women trying their best to look like men. Or a person being born with one sex but fornicating in both genders. People mutating themselves just so they can follow their will. Women humiliating mothers and virgins because they are too weak to be like them. Men bashing straight men because they can not have the courage to be straight and have the proclivity to be crooked. Able to have some semblance of change like having a pair of artificial boobs or artificial facial hair they would boast about their life-changing achievement. How unhappy, these sea of people clinging together like a swarm. Indeed misery loves company.

Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich is so bold standing up for this kind of misery. He says that the definition of sodomy is no longer correct because sodomy is changed (thanks to American psychiatry). I know why he is so bold. He knew that Pope Francis wouldn’t condemn him for his action. He is such a loving pope that he wouldn’t condemn any act so as not to offend the one who has done it. But damn it, you are offending God who has made you Vicar of Christ! This sea of miserable people is the very reason why Bishop Athanasius Schneider was concerned about vacillating positions in the church hierarchy. He said that diversity and plurality can only lead to vagueness. And so, how can Pope Francis lead his flock in such ambivalence? Why doesn’t he, for instance, answer the dubias? Doesn’t he know that the lambs are dwindling because some in Rome dance with wolves?

So we can’t blame St. Leonard of St. Sulpice when he mentioned in his homily the little number of those who will be saved. St. Bede mentioned that Jesus calls His flock little because there will only be a few there when the time comes. St. Jerome said it will be lucky to have one saved from among others numbering a thousand. I wish St. Jerome is poor in mathematics. He claimed there are 72 books in the Vulgate he collected to make up the bible. But the Protestants found only 66 which are canonical. Just like the days of antiquity with the Samaritans accusing the Jews of adding more books with the Jews claiming that the Samaritans do not possess the correct number. Which is canonical and which is comical? For now, we have a pope who does not mind the dubias asked for him to resolve. His silence is intriguing. He may not be aware that Canon Law provides an automatic infraction (ipso facto) for a pope who doesn’t resolve the doubts of his flock? And his silence is contagious and causes the silence of the lambs.

Perhaps, since the sea of Les Miserables are creating more noise to be given more power and more rights to usurp others, there will be some actions taken and in the process our search for the Doppelganger will be over. He had to act, even by bilocation, east or west, totalitarian or free society, he will be unmasked and I’m quite sure, he is one of them.

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