Warning in 5G

Col. Icarus Leido (Ret.)

In the IT parlance, 5G or fifth generation communication technology in the fastest and most modern means. It is what we needed today not for the sake of the world wide web and its modernistic features or for any caprice or dominion of a super developed country. However, this is not the reason why we need it, actually even a 3G feature will suffice, for what must be conveyed, or the content is what is most relevant to our need. It is the message that is loud and clear, the warning in 3G.

I am therefore referring to the warning from Garabandal, site of Our Lady’s apparition in Spain to four visionary girls. These are what it refers to as the great generational gospel gifts of Garabandal. And I, as an ordinary pleasure-seeking man, would like to share in helping announce them to you in my own simple way which for me is easier to comprehend and therefore easier to respond to because I tried to make it easier for you to memorize.

When a person’s got bad diabetes, it seems that the pleasures of life had been deprived of him, but this is when he starts to discipline himself so that he can continue on living. Needless to say, we the humankind seem to be addicted to the sweet things on this earth that the sweetness promised for us in heaven seem not to matter any longer. Ergo, it is only necessary that we are given a double helix of bittersweet probes which will allow us to live longer, in fact even eternally if we respond to it in the manner that Our Physician and Healer, our Lord God require.

The warning then will follow a bitter format of curatives which are not sugar-coated but are exceedingly sweet that its sugar had turned bitter, and the norm that it gives us for healing is severe, urgent, grave, alarming and repulsive. Then if we are responsive to the medication given us an ambrosia-like nectarine sugar is introduced to us as a foretaste of heaven and the sugar given will be supernatural, universal, geocentric, awesome and redemptive. And so let me begin without much ado.

The warning is great. It is nothing that humans can predict or explain. lt is severe because it is like fire burning within you as our conscience allowed us to see how greatly separated we are from God because of our sins. In our consciousness, we will feel as if we could not last the time duration specified by the Blessed Virgin Mary. This great Illumination of the conscience can never be explained away by the so-called modernists mob for they will also experience the supernatural fire within them, such that if they survive to the healing treatment they themselves will witness that it could only come from God and not nature.

The warning is generational as it bespeaks of a generation that was almost lost or in the verge of losing. In its urgency, this generation must heed the warning as if they are living in Nineveh at the time of Prophet Jonah. But even if we don’t want to generate fear for this generation, the warning itself is grave as we should listen to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Queen of Prophets for us to be saved like Nineveh. This Illumination of Conscience will make all attuned into receiving the Truth from the Holy Spirit.

The warning is a gospel truth as alluded in the Holy Writ. It is meant to bring peace to humanity. Humankind is meant to see the apparent Truth but he is beclouded and cluttered with so many false teachings such that he could not see what is obvious. But the Logos is the Truth and His Word is eternal and therefore all deceptions and lies of the false teachers and the Devil wouldn’t last in His Presence for He indeed is the Truth. Let us therefore respond to the awesome presence of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as seen by the four visionaries namely: Conchita Gonzales, Jacinta Gonzales, Loli (Maria Dolores) Gonzales (they are not related in any way) and Mary Cruz Barrido. She gave them the last warnings starting in 1961 and ending in 1965. Mankind’s conscience is so eroded nowadays because of the errors of modernism against which St. Pius X warned.

The warning is based in Garabandal because those who will benefit from the Illumination of the Conscience will see the permanent sign which will be a universal reminder for all to repent for their sins. This geocentric, apparent and awesome sight will be a memorial which will be placed among the pines close to the apparition site of San Sebastian de Garabandal. Man can use his gadgets to record it but no one can touch it. It will be like a pillar of cloud in the morning and a pillar of fire at night. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel has chosen this site to have God’s permanent warning, a miracle will be a revelation for millions to see and not forget.

Many times, I have asked myself in the past why God wouldn’t want to give a chance to His other children to know Christ so that they can also be redeemed. Now, my question is answered as each one person’s conscience is illuminated by the fire that purges our conscience. Now, happily, after the illumination of the conscience of all mankind including Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jains, Jews, Pagans, etc. everyone now is given the same opportunity for redemption after the repulsive experience of being burned within. Truly, the Catholic God is a Loving God, a Redeemer who would do everything just to give a chance to His children and this He does through His daughter, the Co-Redemptrix. And by the continuous miracle of the Son, a permanent reminder is given for all to contemplate and repent, which is why His Mother, the Mediatrix of all Grace, chose the feast of a Eucharistic martyr to remind all mankind. And the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and Advocate Himself assigned His spouse, the Advocate of mankind on Judgement Day to prepare mankind before the punishment. And in Garabandal, the punishment is foretold, so that no matter how repulsive the thought is, everyone will know that God is just for He has already given everything so that mankind will no longer be punished.

The Council which was infiltrated, and spoken of by Paul VI as a Church, in which by some crack “the smoke of Satan entered” was in progress when the apparitions in Garabandal began. Satan must have been dumbfounded because while he was busy undermining the church, the Blessed Virgin Mary has strategically posted safeguards for her Immaculate Heart to still triumph beside the Sacred Heart of Jesus and made a strategic defense line starting with Garabandal.

Now, in my own little way I hope and pray that the Warning reaches you on time with 5G speed and clarity or if it’s only 2G, the two books of God, the old and new testament, which could be adjudged as gospels themselves, or 3G, the Three Persons of one God manifesting Himself, or the recent 4G which brought the gospels of the four evangelists to the four corners of the world perhaps swiftly or for those whose technical savvy lags behind their grandchildren, imperceptible in its slow movement “like the rays of the sun”.

I’m a pleasure-seeker. It is now my true pleasure to believe.

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