Plato’s Law of Opposites as Amended

Platito Mythos Torinkaya

The first century of Christianity witnessed the pendulum clashes of dignified values learning in philosophy and theology. There were the Jews, the traditional keepers of the depository of faith who the Samaritans accused as adding apocrypha to the canon. And among the Jews the Pharisees whose application of theology made them the separated ones and the Sadducees who were the righteous and aristocratic ones. Then, there were the Gentiles who were shunned by the Jews because of their Hellenistic and foreign leanings that defy Jewish traditions. No wonder that even Saint Peter and Paul had a confrontation concerning the apostolate of these peoples.

Aristotle had markedly influenced the method of arriving at the truth at that time and so St. Paul, as the former prosecutor, Saul had to be cautious about Christianity. And even the fisherman Simon was exposed to the seemingly dilemma-filled actuations of the rabbi, Jesus whose unique ways of arriving at the truth taught him, as Peter, to choose well between a dichotomy. No wonder that the ugly paunch of the gadfly of Athens, Socrates was accused of being a bad influence to young people, and was ordered to drink hemlock by the democratic republicans of the city state.

Now, this is obviously the problem when the spirit is involved with matter, and matter, the spirit. The problem is made apparent when Plato’s law of Opposites apply such as hot becomes cold and cold becomes hot, and holy becomes profane and profanity becomes holy. Such that the Zealots criticize the Herodians for being subservient to Rome and the Herodians mock the Zealots as bands of brigands causing trouble in the country. But He could tell who the hypocrites were and could tell whether one is a good Samaritan or that someone can come out good from the place of Tolmai. The Messiah has indeed found the seed of grace from an adulterous woman and an outstanding faith from the Syrio-Phoenician woman. He must have been the secret tutor of the pagans Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

St. Paul ministered to the gentile cities of Philippi, Corinth, Ephesus, Thessalonica and Rome as well as several other towns and had been gentle and genteel to the multitudes there. And he was exposed to the vacillations and ambivalence of their people. But the wisdom given him was so deep that he even used the pagan appellate of the Unknown god to introduce Christ. Yes, accordingly, supposing indeed there is such an unknown god, would you not like to know Him? For great indeed is the prospect of knowing the unknowable, especially if He is God Himself.

But I think even the apostle to the gentiles himself will be baffled at the dualism and ambivalence of the present times. For the time has come that the Known God is being made unknowable by the all-knowing scum of this end times. For observe briefly as I would only give a few examples among so many that move within the Brownian movement:

  1. The children of farmers and fishermen abandoning their father’s trade since they find farming and fishing dirty jobs. Dirty politicians exploiting farms and seas finding their retirement days blissful as gentleman farmers or as hobby fishermen.
  2. Children losing their innocence because of the internet and the lewd characters they meet there. Lost infidels rediscovering the value of being childlike in faith and renouncing childish whims.
  3. Traditional Latin Mass priests giving up their sacerdotal life for fear of losing their salary, and health benefits and housing benefits upon retirement. Novo Ordo priests allowing lay ministers, whose hands are unconsecrated to handle the Eucharist when in fact they use their hands for gambling and their other perverse vices.
  4. Teachers who teach children evil rather than goodness and students opting to learn evil with their evil teachers rather than studying how to be good.
  5. Virgins yearning to be defiled as early as possible so that they can score much in sexual life and adult non-virgins having their hymen repaired so that they can fool men and/or obtain the lost feeling.
  6. Police officers breaking the law and lawyers helping them escape punishment. Former thieves posturing themselves as philanthropist and lawmakers creating laws to perpetuate evil in the land.
  7. Nameless children being abducted as slaves and sex slaves. Sex slavers and traffickers being recognized in society as big donors of orphanages and children’s clinics.
  8. Childless parents dancing in Obando or spending much in order to adopt children. Insensitive mothers aborting their babies using the Lillith Funds and Clinic. The American nation in fact has protection for the eggs of the American eagle so that this emblematic species can survive through the generations to come but has nothing to do with clinics that kill fetuses of humans.
  9. Popes desecrating their holy office in the name of ecumenism. Heathens entering holy places to use them for their pagan rituals.
  10. Boys wanting to become women. Girls wanting to become men. Straight people trying bisexuality, pedophilia or other perversions just to be in.

There are many more that I can give as examples for this age of supposition whence the devil’s antithesis to the truth is laid out as a bait akin to the fruit that was forbidden. Suppose you have a taste of it, so what? You will not die. At least you have experienced. Experienced what? Becoming a minion of Satan?!

And so, the Law of Opposites is hereby amended to make it more subtle than those of Plato’s. As a philosopher, then may I ask; Suppose we amend it to be called the Law of Suppositions, since being opposite may be too obvious for comfort. Then let us call those who initiate these strange suppositions as suppositories. I think that that would be in order in accordance with this chaotic world where they are starting to establish the new world order.

Now, there are two kinds of suppositories the frontal and the rectal. The frontal suppositories are the dignitaries who propose suppositionay stances in order to bring about conflict and chaos in the land. For example, these are some of the SOGIE bill respectable solons who sponsor the SOGIE bills who would like the votes of the LBGTQ+ community who are too loud and aggressive in their campaigns even to the extent of disrespecting straight ones. The rectal suppositories are the dignitaries who are simply reacting and riding on the issues so that they are politically safe. Do you remember a bible-based Christian who changed his stalwart Christian views on the matter after the gays threatened not to vote him. And so, during the pandemic try to remember those who were very aggressive in spreading the rumor that every one has to this or that? To buy this or that? These were the frontal ones who supported the global campaign to teach obedience to all citizens of the world so that in the next round everyone will easily obey blindly. And do you recall those who profited in their businesses riding on the crest of the pandemic waves? These are the rectal ones. Now, you will know why the relatives of the casualties of the pandemic times are made to sign papers that their family member died because of Covid 19 even if the real cause of their deaths were not the viral infection?

Frontal or rectal, there is something fishy about all these since they both emit a foul odor! May God have mercy on their foul souls and still give them a chance to confront themselves into repentance and rectify themselves in the process!

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