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There are so many accounts of unidentified flying objects (UFO) now called UFVs (Unidentified Flying Vehicles), but in our studies let us consider one of the most controversial ones; one which involved a high-ranking naval officer that one which involved Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd of the United States Navy.

Although Admiral Byrd was not the top mammal of Operation Highjump, he was among the most influential ranking officer of the operation which was also dubbed as the Antarctic Development Program during the close of World War II. Actually, even if it was disguised as developmental mission it included a fleet of invasionary force to secure an area for a possible continuation of conflict with the Nazis who were fleeing from the European Stage of the War. This was in response to a high command report of the remaining Nazi forces to provide escape to high-ranking military commanders as an alternative command alongside many Nazi scientists still capable of bringing about a reprisal action in the future should the Allies defeat the axis powers. However, it was detailed that at least two U-Boat submarines could not land in Antarctica to establish a new Nazi high command station because the submarines running only on diesel and other World War II power systems were having a hard time with the thick (ave. 2 meters) ice with aeration as they were underneath these ice. The result was that they have to turn to at least two South American countries where they immediately merged with the native populations.

With the invasionary force settled to start building up the base camps, Adm. Byrd flow with a trusted co-pilot on a reconnaissance flight intended to find a better place to hold the permanent base and also to still possibly find the Nazis evading capture. In the “logged” events which followed, Byrd and his co-pilot saw first a living mammoth in a surprisingly green patch of land. Wondering how it is possible that a living fossil can still live, especially in frozen Antarctica the next mysterious event occurred. There seemed to be a problem with their control instruments and next thing they saw were to flying saucers typical of those being seen already during those times and they seem to be in control of the plan as they guided them into an unpiloted navigation. Evidently, the UFOs have swastika marks (alluding to the “fact” that they are part of the Luftwaffe, or the air force of Nazi Germany but they could not go against its course. Then they were led by the saucers into a great cavern and landed within a “shimmering rainbow city” where they were met by two Aryan looking creatures; Nadic with blonde hair, white and tall with blue eyes. These same “men” brought them immediately to the Master who simply warned them against the evils of using atomic energy in warfare. At that time, the Americans had just attacked the Japanese of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the “Master” said that if mankind, not only the Americans, will continue using such weapons, the world could not survive another war. Admiral Byrd was simply tasked to tell the leaders of his government so that the atomic bombs will not be used. Here the Thomas Beckley and Geoff Douglas accounts have identical “proofs” for Agartha, the same of the alleged city and the Arrianes, the dweller of the “shimmering city and the very fast transports fueled with Flugelgrad. They were ushered back to the point of interception and regained their control to fly back.

We are not sure if the other Arians have had additives to this fuel of mystery but I mentioned only two sources among many so that those who are interested can follow through with the story. Admiral Byrd who was already a hero in his own right returned back to America with another heroic welcome. Only this time, he had to report right away the President for debriefing. For six and half grueling hours, Adm. Byrd was bombarded with questions and cross-examinations. He never wavered but in the end he was ordered never to mention again the interception by the UFOs and the consequent meeting with the leader who warned against America’s war policy of making war for the sake of peace.

For arduous decades of remaining silent Adm. Byrd finally saw that his own end is near, and so shortly before his death he told Richard Byrd Jr., who also had a promising career as another naval officer, the secret and gave him his secret memoirs as a legacy. Upon his death in 1957, Richard lost no time in planning and finally divulging the “secrets”. For others, his mysterious death later when the secrets were “revealed” was another testimony of the importance of the vital secrets. Hence, the controversy.

In fact, it was pointed out later that the “addition” of Agartha, the Arrianes (Aryans) and Flugelgrad spoiled the truth that was in the Admiral’s account. There had been existing theories already of the existence of an underground world and a city within that inner world named or sounded like “Agartha”. There was also the existing theory of the super race called Aryans espoused even by Adolf Hitler who would like to create a new geneful of this. And likewise a superfuel that allows UFOs to maneuver in air the way they could.

Perhaps the Vril Society which was trying to explain the superb performance of UFOs spoiled the Bryd Heritage may be in objection to how the Germans named it or even consonance with the theory they posted that such a fuel exists. Or perhaps Nietzsche or some Nazi scoundrel muddled either for and against the issue on the Aryan race. Or the followers of Halley (Edmund of the comet legacy) or some others who believe in the concentric world theory and its relative inner space theory where responsible.

But I would not apologize for any of them. I for one does not believe in outer space aliens for they are out of the question. What is substantiated by the bible and phenomenology in the fact of demons going to and fro around the world. Recent discoveries of vast caverns in Vietnam, and China, to name a few point to another possibility; that civilizations as accounted for in South America and elsewhere point to underground locations, it does not have to be the Antarctica adventure.

Likewise, supernatural encounters with different kinds of “aliens” fill the trove of ancient fairy tales. Yes, they may be also “aliens” relative to us but they are not necessarily from outer space. In the Philippines alone, folklore is filled with “people” who do not actually look or behave like people. Perhaps, the wise investigator does not have to start his “alien” search in outer space but rather focus on the inner space since accounts as compared point out to the mysterious fact that they have come from places even within the scope of nature such that they would qualify as studies in phenomenology.

Or perhaps we are too modern and “scientific” to admit that we have forgotten the modern way of demythologizing stories. On that we have forgotten the story told us that some elements of the rebellion that was defeated by the heavenly host that some fell on waters, some on terrestrial forms, and some inhabited the fire to which they are accustomed to. And some are even referred to as spirits of the air.

Of course, I can also doubt the Bryd’s story. Especially that some used AI to enhance arguable evidence. For some Richard Bryd must be a self-sacrificing hero who had to endure silence in spite of truth because the Commander-in-Chief told him so. Richard Bryd, Jr. in fact may have suffered the same fate of enforced silence. I would be one to ponder the swastika sign of the UFOs; which may be meant to mislead the witnesses to think that they are on the side of the Exis and that they have tremendous resources and possible more destructive weaponry if Bryd’s side would not listen. If the Bryd story is true it would suffice to be used as an ontological argument to the existence of UFVs. But since there are valid reasons to doubt, we are far from possible conclusions.

True or not however, the Bryd account points out to the nature of military actions and the haunting truth that war was only taught by creatures lesser than God, for who need saucers which are not for humanity’s cup of tea.

Perhaps there is a certain truth in the team of Richard Bac’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” that there are indeed Richard Bryd’s who over achieve and find areas too fantastic for human imagination. Perhaps, the heroic admiral has finally spaced out.

For the meantime however, I would advise that Homo sapiens remain spaced in and focus his conjecture and investigation somewhere in like inner space.

Arci del Sol
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