The Inner Space

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

It seems that Erich von Däniken, George Tsouakalos and other outer space alien theorists a preponderance of evidence for extraterrestial or actual contacts from different world civilzations.


It seems that Erich von Däniken, George Tsouakalos and other outer space alien theorists a preponderance of evidence for extraterrestial or actual contacts from different world civilzations.


As fas as I see it, there are plenty of evidence for extraterrestrial to be dealing with humans of different civilization even perhaps teaching them skills beyond their knowledge during their times. These are found clearly found in clay tablets, ancient paper, solid steeles, totems and obelisks, buildings and monuments found by archeologist suggesting that ancient civilizations were observing stars and are welcoming outer spaces aliens riding in UFVs.


Sad to say, there are no conclusive records of such cultural exchanges but they are hinted only in pictographs and artifacts produced in ancient times through unique pictures renditions in tablets, paper, rock and other media. However, these pictures of astronauts, space ships, rockets, wristwatches and other gadgetries are very clear in these archeological artifacts.


Yes, for how else can we explain the mastery and precision of different pyramids occuring in different continents, sarcophagi and other megaliths, the similarities of separate legandary accounts as well as the practice of skills possible only through the teaching-learning mechanism of precision technology? How could those megaliths be carved and brought to far distanced sites and be put up alongside each other without the presence of huge machines and their related technology? How else can one explain the aerial markings that seem to be telling aerial vehicles especially their pilots where to maneuver navigation and therefore land safely.


And where else can such visitors come from except from outer space? There are theories that they come from far way as the distant constellations are at least from a still under cornered planet beyond the planets that humans know as the only one existing in the solar system! The latest theory is that they come from Nibiru and they come to mine or extract gold which had become scarce and are needed in their atmosphere. That they artifacts discovered from different civilization which are continents and oceans apart.

But rather we declare that these so-called aliens are also inhabitants of the planet earth. They are actually not from outer space and therefore are not extra-terrestial. Our claim in fact, is that they are from inner space and are actually intelligent spirits.

The Bible speaks of the nephilim whch are the sons of God (or are spirits) which were attracted to the daughters of men (or are earth mortals) and their union resulted in the adulteration of mankind which God created to be pure as His creation. The assigning of the terms “sons” and “daughters” does not mean that only incubi cause aldulterated humans. The nouns rather ascribe the occurrence of sex between spirit beings and flesh and therefore will also involve the succubi. This in fact, was the reason for the great flood which was the measure to cleanse humankind from such adulteration.

The so-called preponderance of evidence from E.T.’s influence of mankind does not prove them to be outer space aliens. Rather, be exact are still interacting with humans as they did in this ancient past. Consider the following liness where the phrase “Sons of God” were used; Job 1:6-7 and Job 2:1-2.

Take notice that in these lines the sons of God were in attendance to Yahweh and in that council, Satan was also in attendance. In the first two chapters of the Book of Job, it was Satan who proposed to put Job into horrible tests. Notice how demonic proposal were made and realized. It is notable too, that Satan was roaming around the earth (Job 1:7-8 and Job 2:2-3) just like the unidentified flying vehicles so obviously, Satan qualifies as a demon (from greek word daimon) a spirit that harms and roams around the earth. And so, it is our belief that they are indeed demons. If however the theorists maintain that the E.T.s rather are beneficial to mankind, that is not proven yet but the opposite long term effect is more apparent for said civilization which benefited were lost and archeology proves that evil acts permeated such civilization such as wars and human sacrifices. Such failure is inevitable among empires or civilization where such evidence were promulgated as Job 18:15-21 testifies along with Psalm 9:10 ; 5-6 (Ghimel).

And yet these beings alluded to in the wisdom literature are afraid od God’s intervention because:

“The Shades tremble beneath the earth and the waters and their denizens are afraid”
– Jobs 26:5

We find it therefore unnecessary for mankind to be beholdened to what they believe to be aliens for mankind does not owe them anything truly beneficial for in fact, their presence may even be harmful. If however, modern theorists doubt our claim because demons keep their habitations secret they ought to consider the fact that vast subterranean caves are already found and starting to be mapped in China and Vietnam.

In the Philippines where many of their portals have been described in separate accounts there are even mentioned cities of elementals i.e. Biringan in Samar. Such spirits arevery much interested in mankind and there are reports of humans coverting with them such as when they appear as doffelganger and lure women into believing that they are having intercourse with their husbands when in actually, they are only incubi in disguise.

It is our ardent hope that modern man stop at these proclivities that endanger the soul otherwise the adulteration of God’s beloved creation would now suprass tome destruction of the five cities and the great flood for the minions of Satan had its diabolically deceiving means which are even better than mankind’s best technology.

As to the so-called preponderance of evidences I raise a few objections out of the many I have as follows.

  1. The alleged wristwatches are part of the soluna worship prevalent among ancients for sun and moon deitism (sol-sun, luna-moon). In fact, even the ascribed spaceships are also the presence of the sun and moon. Even paintings of i.e. The Nativity have a cloudburst of angels commemorating the angelic choir which sang to the shepherds and this they (alien theorist) forcibly interpret us a spaceship with aliens.
  2. The so-called sitting astronaut holding a spaceship gadget is clearly an South American Indian and where he was located isn’t a spaceship. Gadgetry is inconceivable as the “Astronaut” is not even in a spacesuit.
  3. Weight of megaliths are grossly exaggerated and are still workable with ancient techniques. Why do we underestimate our ancient forefathers when they are created in the image of God? (Homo sapiens)
  4. Winged antromorphs remind us of nephilims or angelic links and not of out of space aliens.
  5. So-called airstrips and aircraft guides are false. Even the stone designs seen from above are easy to reproduce as these rocks can easily be swept aside to form shapes.
  6. The demonic link is easier to prove in civilizations lost. For example the Bharat Hindu religion is repute with demons of diverse forms which they identify as Gods.
  7. Similarities in construct and artifacts does not prove any alien link from the outside (outer space). Granted that the congruence is indeed present then it only shows a diabolical plan to lure mankind into apostasy. The bible therefore is correct in identifying demonic intervention.
  8. The Nibiru theory is simple fantasy. The gold extraction Theorem is simply superfluous because in the Philippine alone gold is being mined in Benguet and Davao de Oro, the presence of extra-terrestial miners and their crafts are undetected, not even Paracale. Discovery of the tenth planet had been disputed although it was already named Zoe but theorists of Nibiru, since they are in contact are never wrong. This is because its just a cult theory and they would already been long dead before they are found out. Presumably, before the need to extract gold from the earth, Nibiru must have had a golden sky perhaps never needing a golden sunrise nor a golden sunset. Sheep there must have the golden fleece and the golden retrievers to guard the golden fleece.
  9. Perhaps rather, the parellel universes are also here on earth, ravelled and unravelled by the magical multiverse technology of the elementals most of whom are attracted to people, who even abduct them for various needs including the need for slaves. There must be some grain of truth in Tolkien’s Middle Earth or Verne’s Center of the World combined where anthromorphs and other forms of flora and fauna flourish.
  10. I therefore propose for theorist to try discovering the I.T.’s rather then the E.T.’s for there is more preponderance of evidence there from the ancient lore to modern core; there is more. Why haven’t you heard of performing artists selling their souls to the devil for fame and fortune? Thus, perhaps for your stories like Goethe’s Dr. Faustus will just remain a story and would never suggest anything true. Yes, indeed it is easier for modern man to believe anything in internet trolls than in their dwarf counterparts; easier a modern muslim man to believe he is not commiting pedophilia when he marries and consumnates that marriage with a five-year-old girl, or for a modern Christian to believe he is not fornicating when he cosumnates a gay same sex marriage, or for a modern Jew to be wailing at Herod’s retaining wall thinking all the while that it is part of the temple. Yes, indeed let us think out of the box but why confine ourselves later to the oblong box?
  11. Because the Catholic religion came only about 5 centuries ago, outer space alien theorists have no identifies to relate too. Thank God! Otherwise, it will be unfair for them to photograph INC steeples which are neither art deco nor gothic and call them proofs again as they resemble rocketships. They are however originally modern and proudly Filipino. It would be unjust to photograph INC members before their large “kapilyas” and label them as aliens in their own country. Velarde’s El Shaddai group called only boast of a UFO-like edifice in Parañaque, (not the whole of it, though) and must have been reeling presently because of gay break-away group. “Dios ko, Day” which took advantage of it’s getting cold. Ang Dating Daan (ADD) has nothing to add since it has no unique liturgy of praising God and it is just content with renting only function rooms for the Eli Soriano bible study classics. So it just leave just one church which is the Catholic Church which they can relate too with several spired and gabled churches but the best candidate would be San Sebastian Church in Quiapo which has gothic architecture. In fact, the Catholic Churches the whole world sometimes does not only have spires but also flying buttresses (see the connection) to strengthen the length built. But of course, alien spacecraft were never seen near them. Unlike in Banahaw or other ranges with elemental portals but do have consecrated churches. And so, you see the disconnection. And please leave out the Philippine arena and the muslim mosques out of this in spite of the moon and the star on the minarets of the latter, there are no other spacey things about them for they do not like graven images amateur archeologists can use to identify demons!

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