Subverting The Priesthood

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It seems that priesthood in the Catholic church continues to be subverted.


It seems that priesthood in the Catholic church continues to be subverted.


As far as I can see it, the Cardinals and the Bishops continue to be the ones proving the authenticity of apostolic succession in the Catholic church. With their presence, the Magisterium, the depository of knowledge which is unique to the Catholic church is safeguarded. All these conspiracy theories of the church hierarchy’s being infiltrated and being transfigured into an evil curia and apostolic college in the handiwork of some rumor-mongers bent on discrediting the church.

In fact, all the changes brought about by Vatican II is only the flowering of the church’s becoming more relevant to needs of the global faithful which needs aggiornamento or updating so that it could be abreast with the modern times in line with the advances of modern technology, new discoveries in science, and a new look at human behavior including a more charitable ecumenism.


It is sad to see that resistance to positive change can bring about drastic and rash judgements about progress and development. Even a hundred of years and more after renaissance and even the recognition of human rights ushered in by the French revolution, the traditionalists continue to hinder human understanding and progress. Instead of celebrating with the church in its update in order to become more globally relevant, these traditionalists continue to give trouble for those who are exerting laudable efforts for the sake of progress.


We compliment Paul VI’s updating of the Catholic Church. It was very intraceptive of him to have assigned Agostino Cardinal Bea to build up on ecumenism while Hanibale Cardinal Bugnini was updating the liturgy. John XXIII’s choice of Bea, Bugnini and Montini indeed paved the way for the needed reforms in the church.

The new theology of the church (nouvelle theologie) owes much to the likes of Marie Chenu, Edward Schillbeeckx, Karl Rahner, Hans Kung, Henri de Lubac, and Eves Congar. These six contributed much to the foundation of a new theology that will revolutionize theological studies. But of course, we have to mention six others like Von Balthazar, Louis Bouyer, the pair of Jeans, Danilou and Mouverax, Wilhem Kasper and of course, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Exactly during the Vatican Council, six periti (expert advisers) where in voted to work in the ecumenical needs of the liturgy which Bugnini found to be needing updating. Hence, the following were nominated and all six helped in the liturgical changes of what is now known as the Paul VI novos ordo missal. Max Thurian (reform community of Taize), Ronald Jaspar (Anglican), Friedrich Kunneth (Lutheran), Morsey Sheperd (Anglican), Eugene Brand (Lutheran), and A. Raymond George (Methodist).

Lately, Francis I accord with the highest Islamic official of Abu Dhabi has produced a very commendable project for global ecumenism. Here in Abu Dhabi, three Abrahamic faiths are given almost identical places of worship and brotherly activities. Two of the buildings were named after Francis and the religious leader of Islam, respectively for Christians, Muslims with the last one for the Jewish people even though no Jew took part in the ecumenical agreement. This indeed will pave way for global ecumenical practice.


As presented above, we are all in agreement to muster such vital reforms and therefore, every effort must be made to subjugate the traditionalists who continue to hinder progress and development within the Church. These traditionalists must understand that Jesus Christ died in history but in the existential perspective His resurrection did not occur at all historically-speaking. Actually, He is the one saved and therefore we are saved because this man who is one of us was saved by God. God has therefore made His salvific will present in the world. It is therefore, imperative that we keep these traditionalists at bay by doing the following.

  1. Stop them from spreading conspiracy theories that aims communist brothers, the Illuminati and our Freemason brothers, who are only civic-minded businessmen have made young men who are their agents infiltrate the church to bring about its downfall. (e.g. Taylor Marshall, Manuel Piñon, etc.)
  2. Instruct all bishops to make their priest conform to the novos ordo missal only. All those who do not conform to Paul VI’s aggiornamento are harboring obsolete ideas and therefore, if they don’t obey, they must be accused of disobedience to their bishops after which they can now be softened into following. Hardliners must be charged as schismatic and can therefore be excommunicated. Latin Mass must be prohibited.
  3. Those who are already excommunicated or are humiliated with its threat may therefore now be systematically prevented from saying the Latin Mass which is a great obstacle to the updating of the church. A sacrifice like the Latin Mass is already outdated because the Liturgy has been changed by Cardinal Bugnini and his periti to become a gathering, a feast if you may prefer to call it. Therefore, there is no more place for a sacrificial priest but there is one for the president of the gathering; someone who is a councilor, facilitator and friend to all. He must therefore enforce the communion in the hand.
  4. And if they still remain uncooperative then their medical, housing and other retirement benefits should not be given them for they are not team players but are disobedient parasite of the church.
  5. However, if they are cooperative, then promise them promotion to Monsignor; to the chancery, as Bishop even as Prince of the Church as Cardinal. Because by then, they will be role models of obedience to the newly-ordained novos ordo priests. In fact, give them more rewards; better housing and medical benefits upon retirement and of course more money even before retirement.


We, however rather say: We support the traditional priests who have remained loyal to Jesus Christ. Their pure obedience is for the real Head of the Mystical Body and not to the Iscariotal bishops. We are very sure of God’s providence for them even as we are sure that real Catholics wouldn’t mind providing for them. Modernism that has been adopted by the past councilor church is that smoke of Satan which Paul VI has filled the church by some mysterious crack. He had to remove the adjective because he, himself, took part in widening that crack with his aggiornamento. Didn’t St. Pius X, as early as 1907 that “Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies” in his “Pascendi dominici gregis”? This is why he required an anti-Modernistic oath which is now ignored. In 1908, he even came up with his own Cathechism to combat modernism which is now unrecognized by present day so-called Cathechist. For St. Pius X, modernism reinterprets biblical history falsely and is imbibed after rejection of Catholic intellectual tradition. Kant, Hegel and the others try to replace Catholic faith with something “better and new”. They do this using the following:

  1. Critical analysis and de mythologizing of the bible as a “mere collection of legends redacted by powerful people to communicate a message”. This is the presumed naturalism of Freemasonry which rejects anything that is supernatural. – Look who’s talking? Is Pachemama a realistic historical figure?
  2. Secularism and universal fraternity becomes primary because the supernatural is denied. – But St. Thomas Aquinas considers grace as one that heals and elevates nature. If we follow this Freemasonic Dictum beatitude and salvation becomes simply worldly political goals making one dependent on an Anti-Christian rules. No wonder the priesthood is becoming only a pool of political activist and the pope their inspiring coach. Religion here becomes private and therefore the church is no longer relevant to the public sphere. It is now ready for an anti-Christian domination.
  3. Catholic belief in what is good, true and beautiful (morale, doctrine and aesthetics) are rejected. – The role of the priest is therefore subverted as all forms of sin are justified because redemption by Jesus Christ is abandoned and moral relativism is promoted. Small wonder that doctrine has become pastoral and arts and music of reverence are set aside and that scriptures is explained only in homilies that consider truth as mere legends.

Hence, we declare that most of the cardinals and bishops are no longer continuing what the apostles have started. What is there to update in the Liturgy when it was meant as a Perpetual Sacrifice? Why have you prostituted holy brotherhood with profanity? Why are you spreading rumors that the Latin Mass is no longer allowed? Why are you prohibiting sacrificial priests to do what they must do? Why do you persecute, ostracize and remove them from their places? Why do you threaten them? It must be that you are not working for God because your father is in fact, the devil.

Now, that the dubia raised for Francis I to answer are still unanswered expect the following continuing agenda in our church:

  1. Defense of communion for divorce and civilly remarried men.
  2. Ordination of married men and possibly even women.
  3. The recognition of same sex union, and
  4. Promulgation of new church hierarchy and civil government relation.

The subversion of God’s priesthood in our church lays the foundation of the above agenda. When our present pope (Francis I) is confronted about possible errors he just maintains his silence. How can he afford to be silent at this time when so much is happening under his watch?

The diabolical liberty, equality and fraternity of the French revolution as espoused by Robespierre, Voltaire, etc. had obvious repercussions during the Reign of Terror but these are taken lightly or of no consequence by French historical revisionists. It was a necessary thing; this bloodbath of even so many innocent people as collateral damage. And in seen church it is happening so fast right before our eyes and under the very nose of Jorge Bergoglio, the pope of enduring (rather injuring) silence. Today in our church, reforms that did not occur out of collegiality in the Vatican Council II can still be pushed through under the sponsorship of powerful cardinals who may initiate them and have pontifical bodies affirm and support them until they become part of the new magisterium. Yes! Even the traditional depository of truths which the church upholds can find renewal through these illicit techniques.

On particular countries and regions of the church can have bishops initiate on a gathering of minds to brainstorm new ideas under the nouvelle theologies and come up with demands or resolutions which the Pope and his curia must promptly act upon. Therefore, through synodality and subsidiarity, traditional priest and the traditional laity have no chance of hindering the fast belly-crowd of modernism. And yet it was very hard for these bishops to remote even under the call of the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We, the traditional laity of the Militant Church should be brave enough to support our traditional priests so that they can remain our stalwart hope so that the dragon’s continuous war on the Saints can be mitigated if not stopped completely. We should open the minds of our Catholic brethrens to continue asserting the good, the true and the beautiful. Otherwise our morals, church doctrine such as those concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary and our traditional church will be greatly compromised.

It does not matter if the others will call you backward for as long as you uphold what is true. It doesn’t matter if they call you outdated for as long as you still regard Mary, the Immaculate Concepcion as Queen of Heaven and earth and Theotokos, even Co-Mediatrix. It does not matter if you are considered an outsider, for as long as you can still discern the Hinder gods ugly and Pachemama, an ugly over weighted object of idolatry, you are still in Christ’s mystical body. Let no gentle persuasion of sophistry or blatant cursing threat trouble your mind and heart.

Because sooner or later they will tell you that divorced and civilly-remarried people have all the right to receive the Eucharist in their hands. Anyway, they would say, Eucharistic ministers’ hands are also non consecrated is what’s the difference? That would be short of telling you what’s the big deal, for anyway, it’s just a meal, a celebration, in fact. And why won’t the divorced and civilly-remarried men not be invited to the feast? Of course, God must love them too, right? Wrong! It’s not just a meal: it’s His Real Presence and people living in sin should refrain from His Holy Presence.

And they will push through with the ordination of married men, and even of women calling to mind that there is a lack of priests serving the faithful. But whose fault is that? You have removed the faithful priests from the service. And now you rush your undeserving candidates especially the women! And so, you would insist with your susi (the devils master key of subsidiarities and sinodalities to recognize same sex marriage and union. Then, you have really perverted even church doctrine and trampled upon the sacrament of matrimony. By then what only remain for the complete route of traditional defense is the promulgation of a new church hierarchy compatible with anti-Christian government. If this happens, the church is now open to the reign of the Anti-Christ for his new world order of one church-government directly in opposition to the Will of God.

Is this now what novos ordo call active participation. It’s all up to you if you want to take part in this diabolical tableaux. Did rather resort to Deux-ex-machina.

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