The Janus Principle

Col. Icarus Leido (Ret.)

Anyone familiar with the two-faced god from Greek mythology knows the application of a new beginning, say in the new year. This is why the start of the year is the month of January, from the name of the god, Janus.

Benedict XVI died at the end of 2022, being the resigned Pope Emeritus. For traditionalists, there is a double grief because it seemed that he was the last of the Traditionalist Popes; the first blow was his resignation and the second his death. There was still some hope when he was still alive; the Katechon Principle, or the power to still restrain the gates of hell from flooding the church. Were he still alive, he can still make declarations and express his thoughts how the flock may be fed and protected. He had to die.

Now, a new face emerges, finally supreme as Pontiff, there is no other recourse for Catholics for shepherding, for now there’s only one: Francis. Now, perhaps, there is no stopping for the modernistic reforms meant to be, the real aggiornamento or updating of what is already an irrelevant church.

The Katechon Principle begins with the profession of faith made by St. Peter, a Jew, not a Roman, the papal primacy that could hold back the evil. St. Paul was not wrong when the invoked his Roman citizenship, he needed it as the Apostle to the Gentiles. But while St. Paul was focused on the spread of Christianity, the inspiration given to St. Peter was to have a depositum fidei. And so in the answer to the “Quo Vadis?” asked of him, his answer was a chosen center for the faith. And this was an effective protection against evil politics, or ideology which might threaten the growth of the church which was thinly spread in the diaspora. To give meaning to this commitment, he had to die, even as a martyr on an inverted cross because he was humble to pronounce that he was unworthy to die as his Master did. Even St. Paul had to die, also as martyr for this pre-eminence of Rome to be recognized, in the same city. The political ideology was powerless against two remarkable martyrdoms; of the leader and the zealous follower. Too many will follow, overwhelming the system, the Katechon Principle was in place, and the seeds of Christianity were sown right in the city. Now, right under the noses of the jealous Roman emperors, the Universal Church had a center, a depository of faith which will be the magisterium for two millenia, may be symbolic but mostly operational.

The Katechon Principle draws the line between the good of the church and the evil that threatens it. St. Pius V, who only began his life as a mere shepherd knew how the two swords in the Papal emblem would operate. In so short a time, he was able to rally a Christian fleet against the Islamic threat that was to devour not only Rome and the Papal states but the whole of Christendom as well, for Europe was not yet intoxicated by Protestant thought. And with the apparent miraculous assistance of the Blessed Virgin Mary invoked through the rosary, this holy pope knew at once that the weaker and outnumbered Christian fleet had won over the armada of the invaders in Lepanto.

But for the Katechon Principle to operate, it has to be preceded by the Janus Principle, the death of one and the emergence of another as necessary belligerents. In reference to the restraining principle Cardinal Henry Edward Manning says, “In Christendom, it’s hard to hold it, it must be taken away in order for evil to operate. It is the Pope’s right to intervene”. Obviously, the pope has the power to draw the line, to protect the church, and disable the gate of hell trying to prevail over the Mystical Body. Personally, Cardinal Manning drew the line, he converted to Catholicism.

Is there a threat so powerful and evil right now trying to overwhelm the church? Yes, there is and if the reader is unaware then let me introduce him to the Deep Church. This is the shadow church already present in the Catholic Church undermining its sacred traditions and helping provide an ecclesial global reset for a new world order. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is trying to expose it, and I as a Catholic would like to help him, in my own little way.

The Deep Church is the result of the Alta Vendita in support of the tyranny of Satan, using social engineering inducing social crises, power lobbies and even the pandemic so that global testing can be made evaluating how people will obey to an induced crisis by way of e.g. social distancing, isolation, closure of churches, new norms such as face marks, handwashing akin to the Pharisees, enforced cremation the signing of fake covid findings to lessen hospital costs for families with patients, but for businesses to be more lucrative which are in fact violation of human rights which will be the practice of the new world order (NWO).

The reset is signaled by the Vatican meeting of billionaires Klaus Schwabb, George Soros and representatives of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. Of course Dr. Fauci was there because it was about universal health care. They found that an induced pandemic can make peoples of the world very obedient. And so why the Vatican? Simply because universal health care is akin to a Catholic truth of Catholic care and charity! And why not? This is all in the name of Catholic ecumenism. Even before becoming King, Charles III had already this idea of a supranational interest by an institution enumerating present and possible efforts of the IMF, WHO, NATO, the Canadian government as model, EU, the Economic Forum and big businesses. As head of the Anglican Church, he too may practice caesaropapism governance of both church and state.

Dr. Ed Mazza likens the Katechon to the magic circle; a small part of the vast earth where the devil is not allowed. But in today’s induced social order, even the Katechon may be imitated if someone in charge is two-faced like Janus. Leo XII in fact, cautioned against religious indifferentiation, moral relativism and deceitful simplicity. But a two-faced Janus pope can easily use these duplicities as a doppelganger would.

Therefore, in the reset society being engendered leaders of technology, WHO leaders, geopolitical leaders, and world finance leaders would likely use their expertise in craving for more powers e.g. neonazi likeness of army to keep peace, endorsing NWO acts of politicians, pro-abortion, LGBTQI+, the reason for the hike of oil and container ships, humanity obliterating God and deifying man, etc. And this is why Rome is important where universal health issues are addressed and even that of ecology (Amazon synod).

Pope Francis’ following up on Cardinal Augustin Bea’s masonic thesis of formulating world dictatorship via social power comes naturally. The Vatican magic circle of solvet coagula taken from alchemy is to destroy then build a new society. This is obviously a cultic practice of evil akin to the Pachamama rites attended by Pope Francis for the Father and Mother of life; the spirit of the rainforest which is both syncretism and naturalism, and subtly still part of modernism. So was the Beijing Agreement which was a betrayal of the Chinese Catholic which went underground (remember the catacombs?) The deal was brokered by the notorious homosexual Cardinal Mc Carrick which may have considered many handsome men in the Church put up by the Communists. Of course, you can cosmetize yourself better if you’re not underground.

Pope Francis’ follow through of Cardinal Annibale Bugnini’s Novos Ordo Mass is a Protestant thesis of brotherhood, one wherein Catholicism is compromised in a protestant service which is just a meal and not meant anymore as sacrificial which I, as a layman, find awful. For why in God’s name is he persecuting the Traditionalists who are loyal to the church but are graciously allowing the heretics to put forth their agenda under your very watch as Shepherd? Why didn’t Cardinal Bertone use the fourth memoir of Lucia dos Santos and why Pope Francis bent on making the Third Secret of Fatima still hidden? Is his reign alluded to in this secret. If we find the prophecies of St. Malachi untenable for its unique style then why don’t we watch out on Garabandal visionary Conchita Gonzales’ enumeration of the last popes because Pope Francis seems to be unaccounted. For St. John Henry Newman, Rome is the fourth Kingdom, the holy Roman empire which is hollow. For this cardinal who drew the line, too, as a convert from Anglicanism like Cardinal Manning, the shepherding church of the 1960s signals the eschatological countdown that must be taken away. Is the Malachian Petrus Romanus therefore the beginning of a new church beginning with a new Peter, which is a Roman?

I hope and pray that Francis will not fit in as Petrus Romanus who will allow the deep church to finally emerge and become a substitute and counterfeit Church that would deceive the Catholics. I’m too glad the didn’t choose to be Peter II and that he is Argentine, not even lta lian. But some of my colleagues have a different interpretation to this. They even quote Leo XIII on religious indifferentiation (ecumenism), moral relativism (non-condemnation of moral depravity) and deceitful simplicity (he doesn’t want his papal ring kissed, and started by calling himself only Francis, and as such only Bishop of Rome). They do that but I wouldn’t dare.

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