The Logic of Garabandal

Platito Mythos Torinkaya

I am no theologian, what shall I say? I’m just a layman whose interest in philosophy, and especially the logic of things makes me some sort of a reformer. Of course I would like to see changes but they better be for the good and not for anything worse. This is why when I learned about the Garabandal I saw the changes in the Church in a new light. I began to think about the logic of the changes brought by Vatican II in the context of what has happened in Garabandal and everything that is still to happen.

Like an expectant Father, Pope John XXIII, was excited about the Vatican II Council he was convening. He had this idea of updating the church with his aggiornamento and hoped that the sealed Third Secret of Fatima had something to say about it! But his optimism, for it was only 1959 and he was supposed to open it in 1960 according to the Virgin Mary’s instructions to Lucia dos Santos, was greatly doused when apparently the prophecy contained therein was anything but hopeful or happy. Thus, he called the visionaries of Fatima doomsday prophets and declared that the contents have nothing to do with his papacy. In 1962, he opened the Second Vatican Council believing that fresh changes in the Church will bring the mystical body out into the world and never foreseeing that the reverse will happen; that the world will enter the Church with of course, its worldliness. There was a wish I had then as a layman; I wished that the Holy Father saw a vision, a beatific vision, not imagined or sourced from other sovereignties or powers; that convening Vatican II is divinely-inspired.

Like in Fatima, where great miraculous things unravelled uplifting the human spirit, an angel appeared first in Garabandal preparing the four girts, Conchita, Loli, Jacinta and Mary Cruz for our Lady’s apparitions. Though her apparitions in Garabandal are plentiful compared with Fatima, in humility, I see their necessity. Beginning earlier than the actual council’s advent, the Garabandal apparitions started in 1961 but even then, the schema of what would be taken up in the council was already prepared and here, the infiltration has prepared to undermine, the Eucharist and therefore the other sacraments affecting family life and morals. In fact, the Traditionalists ready to defend the sanctity of things that belong to the Church were simply railroaded and sidetracked so as to be silenced and/or outvoted. A worldly updating of things divine actually happened for the cause of modernism which St. Pius X earlier condemned as the synthesis of all heresies. Heaven of course saw this and therefore no less than humankind’s Advocate on Judgement Day, the Blessed Virgin Mary, came to let the people of Garabandal experience the sanctifying graces of the sacraments and uplifted into decency family life and morals. For instance, it is only the rings of people properly married which the Virgin would kiss and would politely return those which are not really used in matrimony. Even a powder case was strangely kissed by the Lady to the crowd’s amazement till they learned that it was used to hide the Sacred Hearts from evil soldiers during the war. Then there was really a wonderful amazement even as priests in disguise will be asked to kiss crucifixes till they confess they are indeed priests!

Unlike in Vatican II where Pope Paul VI confessed that “by some crack, the smoke of Satan has entered the church” and therefore we see an admission of fallibility, the “Illumination of Conscience” promises purgation for each individual, one was an obscurity while the other brings light. Pope Paul Vi described Vatican II as not being theological but simply pastoral and therefore can be open to errors. But the Illumination of Conscience designed by Heaven can not afford to be fallible because it was meant to remove the fallibility residing in the human conscience being eroded by modernism.

While the Novos Ordo Mass as constituted by Vatican II needed the expertise of Protestants selected by Cardinal Bugnini, the Milagrito (small miracle) of Conchita’s communion in the tongue from an angel didn’t need the expertise of renowned photographers. The brief appearance of the Sacred Host on the child’s tongue was recorded amidst a swelling crowd. How could the child hide a trick when it was not communion in the hand employed. And yet, Pope Francis is forcing the laity today in the communion in the hand novos ordo meal which is devoid of predecessor, Benedict XVI in favor of the Traditional Latin Mass.

While Pope Francis is keen in applying extreme ecumenism such that Catholic sacred sacramentals are violated in his welcome of other religious rites which include paganism and animism. The Virgin Mother in Garabandal promises a miracle visible to all people of the world for them to recognize the One True God, the Father of all mankind. Therefore there was no need for cardinal Bea to build up on an ecumenism that would prostitute the Catholic faith to churches and belief movements which spiritual journeys do not belong to the church’s pastoral duty.

But what is the logic of Vatican II for its defamation of Fatima visionaries as doomsday prophets? Is disobeying the sealed Secret of Fatima’s instructed opening part of aggiornamento? It was already an open secret in the 1960s that the Freemasons’ Alta Vendita and the Communists’ infiltration was to come into the church, so what was done to cover the crack so that the smoke of Satan, i.e. modernism will not set in? Now there should be no wondering why the church has become so worldly. And now the mass is just a gathering for a meal and no longer sacrifice. What’s the logic of inviting protestants to change our liturgy when the Perpetual Sacrifice was already sealed from change by St. Pius V as early as Trent? What is the logic of a sense of brotherhood, i.e. ecumenism where we allow ourselves to be led by people of different faiths (our brothers!) into perdition?

But there is logic in the appearances of angels in Fatima as well as in Garabandal as heavenly things are underway. And there is logic in the Illumination of Conscience as designed by Heaven because this will give all humankind a fair chance of attaining salvation. And there is logic in the small Eucharistic miracle because the Eucharist being belittled now is the foundation of all sanctifying graces in the church. Its presence sanctifies the nuptial vows and completes the reconciliation between God and man. And Luther made protestants lose all three right away. And who needs Vatican II’s ecumenism? When in fact the miracle which will be seen by people of all faiths will be the permanent sign and reminder that all will come to worship one God, One who is True and not contrived.

Perhaps, what they intend to do is to have a new church for the new world order put together. That is the only possible logic left if everything continues the way it goes in the church today. But perhaps, they do not know that there is something left in Garabandal if they perniciously persist in this perfidy.

Perhaps, then if we allow this, we shall all deserve the Punishment of a Just God. But may God have mercy on us all because the Punishment is more terrifying than the punishment during the time of Noah which gave us a temporal sign as a relief, the multi-colored rainbow which memory is even desecrated by the lustful depraved ones. This time, the sign will be permanent but the punishment comes later.

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