Esau and Jacob in Today’s Priesthood

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Rebekah may not be rebuked for her connivance into deceiving Jacob’s father, Isaac for giving Jacob the blessing reserved for the firstborn son. This is because even when the twins were still in the womb, Rebekah was already told by the Lord:

    “Two nations are in your womb
    and two people born of you shall be divided;
    the one shall be stronger than the other,
    the elder shall serve the younger
    -Genesis 25:23

Esau, being the first born in all by all appearances, the heir to the Patriarchy handed down from Abraham to Isaac. Hairy and an independent hunter he is easy to be identified with masculinity and virility. Such manliness seemed to be missing in the mama’s boy that was Jacob. He was not hairy as Esau was and was a simple domestic help for his mother Rebekah who sees in him a hidden manliness which are very obvious in Esau. The mother covertly assured herself by teaching Jacob wisdom.

As my proof that Esau does not deserve the birthright firstborn blessing, there was this instance when the hunter came home very hungry and ordered Jacob to quickly cook for him the red lentil soup he likes. Jacob would oblige but only after he would sell him his birthright. Esau, thinking that it was not a serious deal, agreed thinking only out of his guts. But any behavior of people who have innate covenants with God are manifest signs of inner character and this would not be covert to god. For seriously, why would a wise man sell his birthright just for a bowl of soup?

Esau was born very red with hair as if covering him like a cloak and after him came Jacob who was clutching the firstborn’s heel as if ominously saying, “Hey wait, the race isn’t over yet. Wait till we have settled outside.” Esau’s redness at birth and his predilection for the red soup earned for him the name Edom – pertaining to redness. Jacob actually gave him bread and the soup he requires and after eating and drinking he left. It was written, “That was all Esau cared for his birthright.”

And so when Isaac was about to die, Rebekah prepared savoury and bread and dressed Jacob in the skin of kids and made him present himself as Esau. Isaac had some doubts first because his voice was Jacob’s but when he kissed and touched him the smelled of game and the hair deceived him. And so, he gave Jacob the blessing intended for Esau. When Esau came, Isaac understood the deception but since Esau insisted on a blessing even if he knew it had been given, the good patriarch blessed him, too, even with a lesser blessing as he burst into tears. Esau hated Jacob for what he had done and planned to kill him, oblivious of the fact that he actually sold his birthright. This is the reason why Rebekah sent Jacob to Laban so that he would be safe from Esau.

After being made prosperous by God while staying with Laban, Leah and Rachel, Laban’s daughters complained of their father’s treatment to Jacob and them and so Jacob decided to take flight. Laban pursued them and there was an amicable settlement between them over a cairn which Jacob called Galeed. Also before reconciling with Esau, Jacob wrestled with the Spirit of God and he would not let Him go unless He gives him His blessing and He was indeed blessed with a new name, Israel because he had been strong in God’s test.

Perhaps, the modernists and revisionists posing to demythologize scripture will dismiss these as mere symbolical stories with hermeneutical meanings but I stand on what is written and declare that up to this very day the sibling rivalry is still being fulfilled between two great nations which are both from Abraham and Isaac.

For instance, it was the Edomites who gave the Israelites unending trouble and provocation when they wanted the Kings’ Highway enroute to the promised land during the Exodus. By the fourth century, the Edomites in Negev were already called Idumeans. The mother of Herod the Great was an Idumean who married a Judean. Thus, you can see how Herod’s son, Herod Antipas,was curiously antipathic to the Real King of Jews. Even today, the Arab League which hail from the Edomites and Ishmaelites are a perennial threat to Israel and was part of Israel and renamed Palestina by the Roman emperor Hadrian. This is the country trying to emerge today as Palestine.

But it is not the Anti-Semitism today that is the subject of this interpretative essay when I refer to the Esau of today’s priesthood. I am referring to the priests who have given their birth rights as men of God for some good or comfort in return. For instance, there are the Edomite priests who abandon their spiritual and moral convictions for material or earthly gain. These are the former Traditional Latin Mass priests who pressured by their bishops that if they will not change into novos ordo priests will be removed from their comfort zones into assignments and designations which would humiliate them and make them lose their salaries, allowances, health benefits and even the chance for a comfortable retirement for those who will be needing homes for aged priests. Of course, they will also lose their chance of becoming bishops or cardinals or any other means of promotion. Therefore, because of the promises of material gain if “one religiously follow his bishop” and the threat of disenfranchisement such as the laicesing (removal from a clergyman status to one of being just a laity), there are now more Edomite priests.

However, even if there are only a few Jacobs as they are indeed Israel because they remained strong in the test, the Traditional Latin Mass which was sealed by St. Pope Pius V as the Perpetual Sacrifice and which St. Pope Pius X tried to protect against the onslaught of modernism, at least, Jesus Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist continues to be revered and to provide an immeasurable sacramental blessing in some churches not subject to the Edomites.

Considerably, Edom pertaining to redness is also a clue to another red threat which was started when the Communist Reds started sending their agents to the Vatican to infiltrate, along with the Freemasons, the Church established by God.

Also unnerving is the fact that the “Edomite” practice of pedophilia, such as in child marriages in some Arab countries has been adopted by the “Edomite” priesthood. I won’t be surprised if some of these lustful priests resort to bestiality as some Arab who can not afford dowry nor decency to use camels because they are restristed from brides. Or have you not heard of some cardinals painting the town red using I.O.R. money for their fornication vices including the hiring of men prostitutes. Alas, the sodomite-edomite brotherhood of Sodom and Gommorha had been revived and they are holding parties right there in Rome.

The belligerents in the spiritual battle within the church itself are now identified. We have the Cain-Ishmael-Edom priesthood on one side and the Abel-Isaac-Israel priesthood on the other.

May the Good Lord finally send the real pure, humble and obedient priesthood into our midst; something like our father Abraham had mystically experienced; the order of Melchizedek!

– Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos

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