Feminism in the Free World

Ricardo De los Santos and Simon Fe Dolor

It seems that feminism, or what was known before as women’s liberation movement has finally found its niche in American society.


It seems that feminism, or what was known before as women’s liberation movement has finally found its niche in American society.


As fas as I can see it, as part of the growing garland of achievements for the enhancement of the social justice system and the schema of gender equality, it is but natural for what used to be known as the women’s liberation movement or feminism to finally progress as a salient part of modern society mechanism so as to influence government legislation and its application thereof, and consequently developing a new set of norms and mores that would involve the fairer sex.

Women even in the modern world have to be treated as second class citizens who do not have the rights for better career opportunities as men did just because they are woman. Equally phenomenal is the fact that woman today don’t just resign themselves as full time mothers who have to stay at home pregnant with babies or just raising kids and waiting to serve their husbands when they return from their jobs.


It was sad to see that the women before the sexual revolution had only to choose from among men to gratify themselves. But today, as feminists discover new freedoms in their sisterhood have sexual options as sexually liberated women solidifying their feminists commitments better as lesbians.

Likewise, they are better equipped to have their choices, even as bisexuals living the pleasures of both heterosexuals and homosexual practice, and being pro-choice in the manner that they can now make use of Lilith centers and make use of Lilith Funds for their abortions such that they do not have to be responsible anymore for unwanted babies, much less with unwanted pregnancies.

With the advent of the LGBTQI+ communities, they find more support groups helping out in their quest for self-actualization and of course , happier lives.


The construct of the Lilith myth from the alphabet of Ben Sira to explain away the two Genesis accounts of the woman is ingenius as Lilith now becomes a symbol of women empowerment whose disdain for an inutile Adam who takes her for granted as the real first woman. The women who have thought of the Fund named after her and those who constructed the abortion clinic that bears her name are commendable indeed. Finally, the woman today now fully owns her body and knows just what to do about it as a liberated woman.


In the 1960’s Feminist zealot Betty Friedan was already arguing that mothers are overnurturing their children even when they were already living in the modern times. Actually, she was right when she said that career women heading for their work are prevented from something or spoiling them. In fact, Germaine Greer pointedly said that child bearing “was never intended to be as time-consuming and self-conscious as a process as it is. Accordingly, she calls it “one of the deepest evils in our society” and labels it as “tyrannical nurturance”. Indeed, the equality feminists with their zeal have prevented women from becoming men’s parasites and leeches.

However, we rather say that the claim that women are being prevented from having a career in a patriarchal society is a myth which was created by the communists to generate more work force in their government programs which needed a more gullible work force inspired with new rights for women who would like to be equated as capable like men. One must remember that historically these communists regimes needed more “manpower” to come up with their so-called achievements. The respect for mothers and virgins before Marxism was paramount among men in civilized societies with Christian outlooks.

And yet, during the sexual revolution, and also to answer the Saducee the woman adduced to be taken only as a sex object before the said revolution, has not only become a sex object for men but also for the same sex, by the lesbians putting the victims into a far worst stature. In fact, the woman in liberating herself, even treated herself the “sex object” as a libertine. Consequently, with the advent of the LGBTQI+ community she is now free to explore more channels for sin and the erosion of her conscience.

This is now the consequence of putting Lilith on the pedestal as she will now captivate women as abortionists and activists for immorality even while thinking that they are laden with new found freedoms.

On the contrary, as claimed by the Lilith followers, abortions have replaced wars as the most outstanding cause of deaths. More children (babies) die by abortion everyday compared to the casualties of the Vietnam war and these are defenseless fetuses compared with armed grown-up soldiers. In fact, because mothers now works, we have a very weak generation of spoiled and aimless Americans! So, who are the tyrants here?

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