A Solution from a Harbinger of Doom

Rico del Sol

I’d like to make a confession. My elder Arci is right. I’m indeed a hopeless romantic. Not that I don’t have hope but there’s no hope changing me from being a romantic. And for this I have prepared a sonnet confession.

          The Errant Knight’s Confession
I can accept my assigned fate
For as long as I keep the faith
In being a hopeless romantic
But never in any way tragic
This is what my brother’s true hate :
Truly, I’m not up-to-date
I’m a unicorn energetic
To gore modern bulls demonic
Sent forth from any Hades gate
Who dare the Church guised infiltrate.
Virgin Mother’s love catholic
I’ll defend from the horrific
          Modernists find my ways errant
          But it’s the errant knight’s warrant.

It’s not the pope’s person, we loathe but the apostasy and heresy attached to him that we hate. And yes, we do believe that Christ’s church will not die as the gates of Hell will not prevail over it. But yes, we see, too, the attempts to supplant it right before our very own eyes.

Categorically, may I please state that as Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis is the most responsible person if an apostasy and heresy would happen. He would be in the best position to respond against them. Unfortunately however, he was the one seemingly heretical as in the following instances:

  1. Saying that those who commit mortal sins will not go to hell but would simply vanish. (Then, those who commit mortal sins don’t have to worry about suffering eternal fire since they will simply vanish.)
  2. Saying that nothing can separate a Catholic from the Church, not even death. (But blasphemy is an ipso facto act, and canon law says that heresy, schism and apostasy can make one separated from the church.)
  3. Saying that he can not and will not condemn homosexual people because they need compassion not condemnation. (But homosexuals who practice profanity and perversion should be adjudged according to their very acts. Jesus didn’t condemn the woman about to be stoned but Christ told her. “Sin no more “. There is a standard for morals.)
  4. Saying that the Vatican II is the new magisterium (Truth can not be changed by a council, especially if its nature is pastoral and not theological, as Paul VI himself claims.)

He was the one seemingly apostate as in the following instances:

  1. Forcing traditional Latin mass priests to use Novos Ordo instead and communion in the hand through bishops or they would here their retirement home and pension, stipend, allowance and even health benefits. (He replaced the ban against Latin Mass which Benedict XVI lifted.)
  2. Joining people of other faiths in their strange rituals. (It’s in the Pachamama rituals before and after the Amazon synod held in Vatican.)
  3. Being instrumental in the Abu Dhabi Declaration of World Brotherhood and the building of the three buildings of Abrahamic faiths of which one is named after him. (For me they look like tombs.)
  4. Openly supporting individuals with questionable morals. (Some are even immoral clerics like Cardinal MacCarrick who was openly gay before Francis was pressured into laicising).

I’m sorry to inform my brother Arci that, yes we know heaven is watching but for us, the Lipa apparitions are more credible as it has seen the rise of China. May God forgive us if we are wrong but the Lady of All Nations for three titles: Co-Rodemphis, Mediatrix and Advocate as the fifth dogma of the church on the Blessed Virgin Mary is a bit strange for us because there is such rush. Even the Lady of All Nation’s favorite pope, Paul VI even declared Our Lady as Mother of the Church in Vatican II instead when such title is already a given and not too relevant for a timely cause anymore. Even the Amsterdam secretary had no secret to unravel.

We are nobodies but we also have some omens we saw in the sky. Pope Francis set two doves free in St. Peter’s square probably as signs of peace and holiness. One was attacked by a raven and one was attacked by a seagull. Also, on the day Pope Benedict XVI resigned lightning struck the dome of St. Peter’s basilica.

Indeed the bishops gathered in Vatican II and as the Lady said though the teaching was already correct, the laws were changed and “timely reforms” were introduced. The church was modernized and adapted to present day conditions. But though “better formation” was in place, there are now fewer priests and nuns, fewer seminarians and novices; more churches have closed and fewer missions. In fact, there are now fewer converts to Catholicism. Need I say more, ye shall know them by their fruits. But somehow, the Lady was right in some respects: there was indeed chaos and struggle.

Even in the message transmitted by the secretary there seems to be a contradiction. St. Pius X and Paul VI were identified by the Lady as fighters but in another pronouncement he said Pius XII was the fighter. In those not too very early modern times the Lady was already pushing for ecumenism. But we are not in the rush because we want to know first where the rush is headed. We want to know where the flock is being led.

In the Amsterdam apparitions, the eucharistic miracle of 1345 was being called to mind. Yet it had been shown by our brothers that these miracles are sometimes Heaven’s reaction to maltreatment given to the Eucharist. And besides holy reverence and atonement had already been given in Amsterdam as anywhere else in the world where a eucharistic miracle has already occurred. And so, why seek yet a reaction of a greater scale? Let us recall that in this miracle, the priest brought a dying man viaticum and told the family that if the man would vomit the holy bread, it should be burnt in the fireplace and let the wafer be consumed by fire, only it didn’t burn when it was vomited. There you have it, this was the city, where the rejection of the sick body of the Sacred Host took place. This was in fact a city where the reformation took strong hold and where the communion in the hand originated, too. So much for Amsterdam. But yes, there’s the possibility but don’t blame us for our doubts.

Here’s a solution, I wish to offer, review Quito, Fatima and Garabandal apparitions. You will find a definitive pattern from which the Amsterdam apparitions differ.

And a word of caution, too for my brother Arci and the modernist. Do you really believe that those who would like to do havoc on the church will tell you about their plans in advance? Rather try to discern that in the things they do and the fruits of their actions. You will just be surprised if the doom they have effected is already in place.

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