Of Victims and Scapegoats

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“In Athens, Socrates was a victim of a pure democracy, a passive submission to a pagan authority; In Russia, the family of Czar Nicholas II, was a victim of pure communism, an explosive subjugation from a godless revolution. Which is a better ideology? Any political entity would fail the people it serves when it is without God. And yet, perhaps one would ask, why in Jerusalem, under the Roman puppet kingdom of the Herod Agrippa, Jesus Christ was crucified or why in the Hejaz, in the Arab wasteland of the Nomads; Mohamed, the greatest prophet of Allah and his band were killing tribesmen; both in the name of God.”

Ricardo B de los Santos
Principal, SAID, -July,1984
“Leadership Training”, LPMHS

This is a simple quote from the guest speaker of a leadership seminar for student leaders sponsored by the English Dept. as invited by his classmate from the Lyceum, Robert V. Alada in the very first municipal high school in the country. But its comprehensive application to the human political experience may be said to be accurate. And one of the subtle ways of gauging political maturity or possibly the presence of God in a political system is by focusing on its victims and scapegoats. If one would look at the history of the Valley of Hinnom which Judas Iscariot saw last before he committed suicide, one would remember the topheths built there to offer children for Molech. Tophets are actually hearths or fireplaces made for human sacrifices particularly children. Thus, the prophets had long-standing disputes against idolatrous practice in this valley in this valley.

The wisest king, Solomon made a mistake of marrying a Moabite princess and through her, the worship of Chemosh, which also demanded child sacrifices crept into Isarel. And her people taught the Israelites, too, to worship Chemosh in this same way. Such mistakes of Solomon, although, he was the wisest king, led to the division of his kingdom into Israel and Judah. It was indeed the reason why the Mosaic law demanded punishment against idolatry especially that which deals with negating human life as a form of sacrifice. Even the three kings who figured in the Epiphany were reformed astrologers who abandoned child sacrifice in their religious practice. For this was even more horrendous than the practices o pagan empires (Maya, Aztec, Inca, etc.) in the new world which were duly punished into oblivion with the Spanish conquest. For what can an innocent child do to protect itself? At least, the older victims in the new world could cry up to heaven and curse their murderers during their distress. But a child would simply cry, never to understand what it was all about.

And yes, what’s it all about, Alfie? When right now, in Christian countries as well as in communist countries, infants are being aborted even before they are born? But is what is more blood curdling is that baby parts are being stewed to revitalize men or used as part of, even the placenta, as beautifiers! And what of the nameless others brought forth into this world with demons participating in the experience of orgasms so that these babies in turn can be sacrificed in the mock mass of the satanists?! What’s the world coming to? But the Most loving father has a provision for everything. He had assigned His Mother as Lady of the Abandoned and designated Saint Barachiel, the Archangel to be with her. There would be priests who are ignorant of this tradition and I’d say, how sad, because for them these are uncanonical. The protestant modernism had rubbed onto their souls.

But even as early as Abel, God never assigned human lives as sacrifices. Though he, himself was murdered by the jealous and envious Cain. During the time of Moses, only animals started being sacrificed and their blood was used for the expiation of sins. The silent lambs were the prototype of Jesus indeed as the Agnus Dei, the Ultimate Sacrificial Lamb. Hence, the paschal lamb of the Passover was instituted by the Jews. But we must not forget that on the day of reckoning, the sheep will be separated from the goats. For the slothful sinners who do not want so much effort, the goat, the greatest of them all; among beasts, the scapegoat will simply be chosen from the heard and they will just let the poor animal go so that the demons can toy and feast on it. For me, this would represent the unrepentant sinner which would continue to roam free, cavorting with the fallen ones. Small wonder that among the pagan Mongols, the head of the goal will always serve as the ball in the prototype game of polo, bushkasin. Small wonder still, that Baphomet who presides over the Black Sabbath of witches has the head of a goat. This is why the mountain goats who frolic dangerously over cliffs represent the libertines and modernists who hate church.

Jesus, redeeming mankind with His most precious blood therefore would represent the Hostia, the Perpetual Sacrifice of the Mass for Whom the Eucharist, or the thanksgiving is made and with whom the Viaticum, the souls of pious men are given on their way to Eternal Life. But the periti of Vatican II made sure that all these are dressed down and forgotten as the novo ordo mass becomes a simple meal presided over by the priest. His antecedent was Isaac which was wantonly exchanged in the Muslim faith as Ishmael, and was even the one represented as the one encouraging Abraham to perform the sacrifice because he lacked the determination! For God, the Most Loving Father who loves His Son very much so loved the world that He was willing to sacrifice His Only Begotten Son.

Mesha of Moab, in his battle against Jehoram and Jeroboam and the unnamed King of Edom burnt his firstborn on the city wall so that the Abrahamic alliance; for they were all children of Abraham, would leave Moab alone. This burning of the crown prince, made the desired effects and the triple alliance abandoned the siege. In fact, Moab was undisturbed for two centuries. The sacrifice of the child seemed wise and perhaps the novus ordo mass is also wise since the table used during the mass is also called mesa (Mesha). The Phoenicians who worshipped Baal also sacrificed 200 noble children to this cruel demon when the Romans besieged Carthage. This was also suggested when Alexander, the Great, was invading the Phoenician port of Tyre but thankfully the harrowing deed was not done. So, indeed, the sacrificing of children was almost commonplace during the ancient times of which evil the practice was successfully mitigated with the Coming of Christ. The sacrifice of the innocents by Herod, the Great, was after all not in vain.

But indeed, if victimhood was a reflection of how evil a regime is; consider the number of Christians Rome sacrificed under its emperors especially with Nero, who place the blame upon them which is actually due to his negligence. Or the Jews which fed the holocausts of the Nazi regime under Hitler, or the experimental people of the revolution under Mao Ze Dong and Joseph Stalin. You must be cringing as you recall this but aren’t the abortions being done under the Lillith fund and in Lillith Clinics and their like, doing the very same as they surpass the casualties of the Vietnam War and the Khmer killing fields every day? The errors of Russia had indeed spread all over the world, for it was the architect of mass abortions so that women can continue to work in its factories, and of transgenderism so that men and women who are sexually promiscuous could continue their vice without let up as produced by nine months of pregnancy in natural sex.

As suggested by the implicit events of Garabandal, the Lord God still wants the procreation of children under the sacrament of marriage. This is implied by the fact that only the blessed matrimonial rings of married couples are kissed by the Virgin Mother. In earlier apparitions, virginity and chastity were emphasized as great values for the female visionaries. But the most prominent seer of Garabandal when she wanted to become a nun was told by the Lord Himself that He wanted her to raise a family. Hence, today, virginity and motherhood have become the greatest achievements that a woman could attain on the road to sanctity. These virtues are exemplified best by The Virgin Mother, Mary; the Mother of God who herself supplanted the Artemis/Aphrodite of the Ephesians.


FRMG Macario “Cari” del Sol
Magdiwang Guardians Clan

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