Offering Solutions Rather than Being Harbingers of Doom

Arci del Sol

I know that Rico del Sol is one of you. I can’t blame my younger brother because he had always been a hopeless romantic. But I am a man of science, I even wrote a book in science but this does not make me a slave of modernism either. However, your tone and orientation in In Factum is always subjective, heightened by emotional appeal and may therefore be considered ad hominem. I hope that you will disprove me as I do not ascribe to your ideas of a pope leading his flock to apostasy and especially of the church dying right in front of us, the militant church. As proof of your objectivity, therefore, I request that this article of mine will be published in your forum, in its whole length, form and context. And with that I will have done my part as probably you believe that you have done yours.

Categorically, may I please state that the Pope remains the Vicar of Christ on earth and as such, I am confident that the Holy Spirit will guide him in his pronouncement whenever it is about faith and morals. I do not need to remind you about the sacred documents that prove this. You are intelligent Catholics and as such I know you will understand what the magisterium says about the Roman Pontiff. I have to doubt what is attributed as the Prophecies of St. Malachi. There is a great gap between its supposed rediscovery in the Vatican archive and the time of its writing. And a gap of time yet when it was allegedly explained to having been intimated to a Pope who decided to keep it. Furthermore, ‘visions’ or ‘internal’ locations against the papacy ‘revealed’ these days are usually spurious such as that one in Colombia. It is the pope who decide on these matters, not a cleric, not even an archbishop, for his identity may just have been used. Rico knows this and you should know too. Do not fall in this romantic notion that you are serving God in your trying to defend what you believe is the real tradition of the Catholic church. This is not your duty, as mere laymen. Your duty is to obey the Church’s authority and do the prescribed good works. That is the active participation which Vatican II calls for. Have you forgotten? The Catholic Church was built upon a nock (St. Peter) and the gates of hell shall not prevail over it. If you speak against the successor of St. Peter who was the only one given the keys, are you not contradicting Jesus Christ Himself? Are you not being just harbinger of doom? Why don’t you join up by offering solutions rather than stirring problems.

And more importantly, why are you expressing the church as if it is already in its death throes!? Are you again oblivious that Hades wouldn’t be able to do that? Or are you lacking in faith, in fact, just to give you idea that Heaven will not permit such a tragedy and that what is happening is the work of the Holy Spirit which was invoked by St. Pope John XXIII for his convocation of Vatican II to which you gentlemen are so against. You may be surprised that even right after the second world war, Heaven was already closely watching over the Church. We are children of hope, why are you like harbingers of doom?

To be more specific, I would like you gentlemen to refer to the visions of Ida Peerdeman, a Dutch secretary in Amsterdam who was given the solitary privilege of seeing the Lady of All Nations. May I gladly inform your group which is working also for the Marian dogmas that she is

co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and also Advocate, that all these are the very ones considered by the Apparition, as the only remaining dogma, the fifth one, which she would like to be known. You should be happy to note that what you guys are vouching and praying for were already instructed by the Lady of All Nations, herself in the 1950s beginning with her apparitions to Ida Prerdeman as early as 1945.

I tell you now that the Amsterdam apparitions, though not yet fully approved, manifested the urgency of aggiornamento or updating in the church which St. Pope John XXIII and St. Pope Paul VI started and effected, respectively. These are shown in the following quotations which the secretary and instrument took from the Lady:

(The Lady pointing to a black dove hovering over the church [Rome] said) : “That is the old spirit that must disappear.”

(Then the black dove changed into white one and the Lady said) : “This is a new dove, it sends its rays in all directions.”

(In reference to the Pope and the bishops gathered around him, the Lady said) : “Look well, these are bishops of all countries.” (All at once, it is as if the Pope has a bulky book in front of him and she said) : “Listen well, my child, some changes have already been made and others are under discussion, but I want to introduce the Message of the Son. The teaching is correct but the laws can and must be changed.”

(At this, the Lady joins her hands and I see the Pope, the cardinals and bishops standing up. Then the Lady says as if addressing the Pope.) : “You can save the present world. I have said several times. Rome has its opportunity. Seize this chance now. No church in the world is equipped for it like yours. But don’t lag behind; and insist on your timely reforms being introduced.”

“Much has to be changed in the church… The training of the clergy will have to be changed” (I see rows of young clerics walk past and the Lady remarks emphatically) : “It will have to be modernized and adapted to present day conditions.”

(Again I see long rows of priests, students, nuns, etc walk past me and again the Lady shakes her head and stressing every word, she comments) : “It’s a great pity but it is just all wrong.” Then pointing to the students, priests and other clerics, she adds) : “a better formation is required, one moving with the times, more up-to-date, more social in its outlook.” Here, you can offer solutions, support aggiornamento!

Returning to the subject, a few months later she said, “The follower of Christ will get weary of struggling.” Another time she said, “Religion will have a hard struggle, its enemies want to crush it. The attempt will be made so slyly that scarcely anyone will be aware of it. But I give you warning.” Shortly before this she said: “Right will be the point at issue. Within a very short time serious things are going to happen. They will be preceded by chaos, disorder, doubt and despair. Heavy clouds will hang over St. Peter’s, and they will be scattered at the cost of much fighting and toil.

“The Church – Rome – will have to face a terrible struggle. Before the year 2000, much will have changed in the church, the community: but the kernel will remain.” Then I saw as if it were the sheep around the world – all scattered and others will take flight. However, the Lady of All Nations will lead them back into one fold. So, there is hope, let’s not be harbingers of doom, then.

In the changes in the church, Ida Peerdeman was shown a vision of three popes which she identified as Pius X, Pius XII and someone which she said she only saw on television and looked like Pius XII, Paul VI. The Lady said they represented an era. On Feb. 19, 1959, the Lady correctly predicted Pope Pius XII’s death in October of the same year. According to the Lady, Pope Pius X and Pope Paul VI are the fighters.

Concerning the Eucharist you defend so much, the Lady said in 1951, “A decree must and will be issued that people no longer be fasting when receiving holy communion. (and pointing to the last supper; she added: “Those men, too, sat down to the table straight from the street.” On March 19, 1957, Pape Pius XII issued the decree that only three hours is needed for fasting.

Our Lady also encouraged the Pope in 1951, “Tell the pope that he is the fighter, the pioneer of this era.” and in 1952 stated, “You do not know how serious and difficult the times are. The Pope of Rome has a harder task than any of his predecessors. Men and women, do assist the Holy Father, emulate his example. Follow up, the encyclicals. Let the world be filled with their spirit, the spirit of untruth, lies and deceit will not stand a chance. As early as 1949 she had been encouraging ecumenism as “She showed St. Peter’s next to it the Anglican church, then an Armenian church, then, the Russian church. Encircling them all a line appeared, the Pope was seated at the head, holding the two ends of the line which links up the churches.”

There’s always hope, my dear brethren, do not doubt it. As the Lady of all Nations expressed, there will be unity. The updating of the church therefore is a necessity for the church to be relevant to our times and ecumenism is a must for all christian to unite as the Lady said in 1951, “Throughout the world the Christians will join hands.” “Again I appeal to all christian nations: Time presses! Stand shoulder to shoulder.” Then in 1952, she said, “I warn all the Christians in these words: Do realize the seriousness of the times! Do join hands!”

Therefore, my dear brothers, stop being escribes, pharisees, sadducees, herodians or zealots. Just simply be christians. “Do join hands.” Obey the Vicar of Christ on earth. Be christians in the relevant unity and compassionate brotherhood. I rest my case concerning your cause.

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