The influence of the Protestants (Part 2)

Jude Missa

As the world changes, the modern times have arrived and so is the modernism. The Protestants, in order to pull many faithful to their sect, choose to adapt modernism which results in the birth of the Born-Again Christians together with its prosperity doctrine. Many modernists including the clergy, wish to adapt and unite with the protestants which resulted in the Second Vatican Council. During these changes there are protestant influences which the church adapts including the Novus Ordo Mass. In the first part of this article, we enlist the first three of the influence of the Protestants. In this second part we will add another three:

4. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist is just a symbol.

This is the bad influence of the protestants to us. To believe that the Holy Eucharist is just a symbol, that is why many of our Catholic brethren have no doubt about using their hands during the Holy Communion. Jesus Christ declared that the consecrated bread and wine is His Body and Blood. It is never a symbol. Another thing is most of our brethren are not genuflecting when they pass at the center of the aisle in the church, which the Blessed Sacrament is present in the tabernacle of the altar. Then during the consecration, communion and the procession of the Blessed Sacrament, some faithful does not kneel before the Sacred Host, the body of our Lord, our King and our God. As modernism believes that monarchy is no longer needed to be kneeled and the protesters believe that until the Eucharist is only a symbol, giving a proper reverence to the Blessed Sacrament is now only an option.

5. Sola Scriptura

The Protestants teaches the Scriptures Only. When they want to to convert a Catholic to their church, they will tell you that the teachings of the Catholic, including the saints, the purgatory, the sacraments like the images, the Pope and the sacraments are not in the Bible. They target the people who are not educated in the Catholic faith because they are easily swayed (This is the effect of Vatican II when they removed the Catechism in every school). They will say or show the Bible to you and point the scripture that against the Catholic teaching and some of the scriptures are not in the bible. How is it possible? Simple, they removed the books and scriptures which favor their sects. Then, they have their own version of their bible like the King James Bible, NIV, etc. which they have their own translation that makes the reader believe that the Catholic Church is wrong. Because of this influence, many Catholics including the charismatic movement never notice that they are now on their way to believing the Sola Scriptura. Let’s pray for them not to be swayed.

6. The Charismatic Movement

Lastly, this the mostly influenced to us by the protestants, the Catholic Charismatic movement. Though, some of this Catholic Charismatic Group agenda is to renew the faith of some Catholics, including of the young people to keep them to the Church. They attend the Holy Mass and pray the rosary, but, has lack of teaching of the Catholic Faith as their ways are similar to the protestants. According to Samuel Rodriguez, an American Protestant leader, this movement helps increase the protestants. In short, a protestant way in the Catholic church has more tendency to make the faithful to leave the church. How his words are true? First, the protestants used feel good words to attract the faithful, the Catholic Charismatic group does the same to renew the faith but lack of essence of the Catholic faith. Second, they will also have bible study, which I notice to some of our brethren in the charismatic group that they like and only posted on the social media the verses from the bible, but the version and translation are from the protestants. But when it comes to the quotes from the saints, they are ignored. Third, they also use gospel songs in a pop or rock genre. But not knowing that this song is from the Born-Again Christians such as the Hill Songs. The Charismatic group not only invites youth, but also the people who experience challenges in life and they want to feel good. They are Catholics, they also help and donate to the church, but their ways are protestant.

As you can see, the protestants used the feel-good words or method to attract. Some Catholic faithful including the priest also used this method. But the protestants method is not working to strengthen our faith, instead it detoured us to the right way to the Lord. May be some will say that the Catholic Church teaches not to be happy which is not true. We have a freedom to celebrate birthday, anniversary, go to other places and enjoy. But when it comes to Christ, we have to make sacrifices. As our Lord said, in order to follow Him, we must take our Cross. The cross are the challenges and burden of this world. To bear it, we must pray to God that He may give us strength, and also asked the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Angels and the Saints to help us.

As for the influences and the method of the protestants to us Catholics, the promoters of Vatican II adapt this. Many good faithful clergy agreed to this so that the church will unite with the Protestants or to other religions, but it didn’t work. Instead, it gives us ununified and disorder in the church. Novus Ordo may be a valid Mass, but it many resulted of liturgical abuses. The Charismatic Movement used the protestant method, but it still doesn’t give us the proper way to worship God. Brethren, the protestant way is not working. Let us go back to the Tradition, this is where the Church fathers, the previous Christians including the saints followed and strengthens their faith.

“The best advice that I can give you is this: Church-traditions— especially when they do not run counter to the faith— are to be observed in the form in which previous generations have handed them down… The traditions which have been handed down should be regarded as apostolic laws.”

– St. Jerome

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