The influence of the Protestants (Part 1)

Jude Missa

If you are born during and after the Vatican II council, you may not notice the influence of the Protestants among us Catholics. When Martin Luther attacked the problem and corruption in the Catholic Church. He has the chance to fix it, but instead, he left the church and created his own. He started to attack the church and teaches heresy to the people. Which he detoured the path of the poor souls of the faithful from the Lord. Then those who he influenced started to build their own churches, including King Henry VIII who was once a defender of the Catholic Church against the protestant reformation, instituted the Anglican Church because the Church does not support his divorce. Protestanism were not built because of God, but because of earthly and human desire. In short, these protestants or born-again churches are not built by God, but by man.

When the Council of Trent made the Counter-Reformation and was executed by Pope St. Pius V with fixing the problems in the Church, it maintains its glory by keeping the sacred tradition and the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who guide us to her son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As the protestants led the people astray, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Guadalupe and led the pagans to the only way, truth and life. She converted many souls to the Catholic Church than those who left the Lord’s church. But, the influence of the protestants still lurking to the Catholics until it reaches within the church when the Vatican II focused on modernism. I enlist some of the protestant influences to us Catholic.

1. The Novus Ordo Mass

Some of our brethren will be shocked or ignored this number 1 influence of the protestants to us.  Pope Paul VI executed one of the plans of the Vatican II council which is the reformation of the Holy Mass. He ordered Annibale Bugnini to lead the revision of the Mass with the help of six Protestant ministers until it was discovered that he is a member of the Freemasons. The traditional Holy Mass that was celebrated in the previous century by the saints who are priest and attended by the saints who are ordinary faithful, has been replaced by the Mass according to the protestants. It results of slowly erasing to the minds of the faithful (including the priest) that the Holy Mass is a Holy Sacrifice. Some enters the clown, the band, the liturgical dance which they never know that they are entertaining the people while we Lord Sacrifice himself to the Cross, which is a liturgical abuse. The center of the Traditional Latin Mass is our Lord Jesus Christ, but because of the new revision, the Mass centered for the people when the Priest started to face the people instead the altar, not genuflecting in the altar (only bow) and clapping after the Mass. But we are not discourage you to attend this Mass. If this is the only mass celebrated on your place, please attend it to obey the third commandment.

2. Purgatory is ignored.

We Catholics know what purgatory is, but only a few of us pray for the poor souls. Because of the protestant influence under Vatican II, some people nowadays assuming that the departed loved ones are now in heaven, not knowing that they are still in purgatory, suffering while their soul was cleansed and they need our prayers so they can finally go to heaven. Even though there is a Requiem Mass dedicated to our departed loved ones, we still need to pray for them including the rosary.

3. Some Sacraments are ignored

Most protestants believed that if you were baptized, you are already saved. No, even if you are baptized but still sinned while living in this world, there’s a big possibility that when you died, you will go straight to hell. That is why there’s a sacrament of confession where you will confess your sins, either venial or mortal, you will receive absolution. And the sacrament of extreme unction where a faithful who is in critical condition but unable to confess his or her sins, the priest will give this person absolution. Our Lord Jesus Christ said to His disciples:

“Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”

– Matthew 20:23

The protestants taught that this verse is for everyone, but if you read carefully, it is clear that these words are for the apostles who are also priests. Then in the sacrament of confirmation, it increases the sanctifying grace of the person who received it but ignored by the protestants, this influenced the church and the faithful where some schools are not prioritized the people to receive this sacrament, which results some faithful are not able to confirm unless they will get married to the Catholic Church.

Brethren, as you can see. We need the Sacred Traditions more today to strengthen our faith and to be close to God. The influences of the protestants are dangerous to our faith. Sadly, the Vatican II adopts this influence, and this influence is worldly and not godly. The modernism that the Vatican II wants and Pope St. Pius X fight is not what we need for our faith today. Let’s go back to the Tradition, as St. Paul said:

“Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle”

– 2 Thessalonians 2:14

The Apostles knew that everything that their teachings and of our Lord will not all be written, so St. Paul wrote to learn from their words, the Oral Sacred Tradition. Which are the Church Fathers whom are disciples of the apostles continued. We must also return and continued the Sacred Tradition.

[To be continued]

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