Why we should not leave the Catholic Church?

Jude Missa

There’s a recent news that more than 500 thousand of Germany’s Catholics left the church. One of the main reasons is the attitude of the church towards sexual abuse which they seek justice. Second, they want a bigger role for women in the church. Third, acceptance of the LGBT and lastly, allowing divorce in the Church. These reasons are not only happening in Germany but also in other parts of the world. Many faithful wish to have another reform for these matters. But, is it right that we leave the church because of these scandals, crimes which involve some priest and then no actions were taken? Or we leave the church because it does not do what we wanted such as same-sex marriage and women clergy. Here is why we should not leave the church.

1. The Catholic Church was built by our Lord Jesus Christ

In Matthew 16:18, Christ built His church upon St. Peter the Apostle, the first Pope. Our Lord only built the Catholic Church and He never built another church or religion. The protestants taught that anyone can build their own church of God which resulted of many Christian sects such as the Born Again. Some claim that they continued the church of Christ but not following the Sacred Tradition. Some said that the Church was dead and need to build a new one which contradicts Matthew 16:18

“The gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

It means, no one even the devil can destroy the church.

2. The Catholic Church does not sin, but the people are.

Because of the recent scandals involve by some clergy. Many people left the church because they thought that the church is evil, but it’s not. Our Lord instituted the Catholic Church as a Holy Church, but it does not mean that the people within it or the men are automatically becoming Holy when they enter the seminary (also the women in the convent). They are also humans who are prone to mistakes, prone to sin. Some of these clergy before they enter the seminary, they wanted to become a priest. But because they want to take the path of Holy Life, challenges will come to them, it includes the temptation of the devil. They have to maintain chastity, but the devil will tempt them to lust. They have to live in simplicity and poverty, but the devil will tempt them to become greedy. They have to become righteous, but the devil will tempt them to teach the wrong teaching according to the world’s desire so the people of the world will love them. Priest or any people who are serving the church and God are only human. That is why we have to pray for the priest, our bishops, cardinals and also the Pope. So, they will do the will of the Lord and lead the faithful to Him.

3. The Spirit of Truth flows to the Catholic Church

Our Lord Jesus Christ told His apostles that the Spirit of Truth will guide them all the truth (John 16:12-13). The Spirit of Truth that our Lord mentions is the third persona of God, the Holy Spirit. As the apostles are under the Church of God, so the spirit of Truth that flows into it. While the Protestants only believe in sola Scriptura (scripture alone), the Holy Spirit guides the apostles and the first christian fathers which resulted the Sacred Tradition. But the Holy Spirit still guide the people of the church in the previous century including the saints and our present generation. When the protestants told you the church died in the past, that is not true. The Holy Spirit will never leave the church that He created. If you are confused on what I just said, to be clear, the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit are one. If we knew the truth of the Catholic Faith but choose to leave because of these scandals, we are leaving the truth. Then when we left the church and decide to attack its good traditional teachings because you are becoming a minister in a Christian sect, you are attacking the truth. One of the truths that the Holy Spirit teach is one, only a male can become a priest because the 12 apostles are all male. Second, same sex marriage or homosexuality is a sin, this is why God punished and destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The world is changing, but not God. Christ promised us heaven and it will never change, but the promise cannot be obtained without sacrifice. As He saved us from our sins when He sacrificed Himself, we must follow Him in the same path because He is the Way. Even many people follow the world and leave the Church, we, who knows the truth, know His love must remain. Because this is the path to sainthood. The path is not for fame or love of the world, it is about saving souls and to love God. Numbers are not important, but the quality of the souls that has strong faith in God is the most important.

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