Madness by St. Anthony the Great

Jude Missa

St. Anthony the Great is a 4th Century Christian Monk from Egypt, and was known as the Father of All Monks where his life is the inspiration of Christian Monasticism when St. Athanasius of Alexandria wrote his biography. He has so many words of wisdom when it comes to faith, but there is a certain word quote that prophesied the future:

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.”

The time that St. Anthony stated is our current timeline where most of God’s law, Christ and the teachings of His Church has been ignored, ridiculed and persecuted because the world hates it. Worldly things are what most people want and not the true Christian teachings. If you are against of these worldly things, they will persecute you and demand respect and you will be branded as mad or evil. But, the respect that they want is a disrespect to God, our creator. Here is some list of madness that possibly included in St. Anthony’s quote.


This is the number one of the Madness because once you against it, many people will judge you as a bad person. Homosexuality is forbidden not only in the church but also in the whole world because it contradicts the nature of Man and Woman where the opposite sex is only meant to love each other and united under the Sacrament of Matrimony. Many LGBT community will say that the Bible does not condemn homosexual relationship which is not true. It is written that homosexuality is a sin and it is one of the reasons why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Some will tell you that against to Homosexuality is not in the Bible and there’s reasons why they cannot find it because of the Protestant Bible where the translation changed. There are many verses in the Bible that condemn Homosexuality including the epistles of St. Peter, St. Jude and St. Paul. God only create Man and Woman to unite. Recently, a Philippine LGBT and Drag Queen named Pura Luka Vega, insult Jesus by wearing Jesus of Nazarene clothes. Sadly, some Catholic priest does not condemn this, but other Christian Sects and mayors of some cities banned the drag queen. This is one of the examples of giving some respect on something mad but insults God. And coincidentally, when Luka was arrested, HE wore an Illuminati shirt.


When Pope Paul VI declared religious liberty or religious freedom in his Dignitatis Humanae at the Second Vatican Council, many Catholics accept this and respects the faith of other Christian Sects and other religion. But when you are against to this or against the teachings of other Christian Sects and other religions, they will brand you Mad and demand respect. Or worst, they will tell you that you are evil. But respecting and accepting their teachings will also disrespect God. We disrespect God because we respect pagans whom worship false gods which is against the first commandment. Accepting the teachings of other Christian sects disrespects the teaching of Christ and His Church, including His mother who was always attacked by this Sects. But we are not encouraging you to attack other religions, but to teach them about our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. We should tell them the real creator of this world.


Many women want to legalize abortion in the whole world. Abortion is killing a human being which is against God’s fifth commandment. Many will say that this is unwanted child and they have no strength to support its growth. Second, rape victims have unwanted babies and the third is the worst, they treat the baby or fetus in the womb as non-human being or not a living creature. They also have a motto which is “This is my Body” which is also the word of Christ during the Last Supper and saying those words to kill a child¬† is also a disrespect. When you killed an unborn baby, you are against God because you killed a human being. If you have an unwanted child while having a sexual intercourse outside marriage, you and your lover must take responsibility. For the rape victims, the child did nothing wrong and he will never inherit the evil of his father. The child is also a victim. I understand your situation, but you must have the courage to take care of the child. The child is innocent.


Recently, the Church celebrates the feast of All Saints that commemorates the people who are now in Heaven together with God, whom are acknowledged by the Church and those that God only knows. But the world today celebrated in another way, by wearing Horror and Evil Characters including the devil. Many people defend this Halloween costume because it is for fun and faith has nothing to do about it. Not just this Horror Costumes in Halloween, but they also defend things that offend God. Some people will say have some respect because they only enjoy this event and mean no harm. It may not harm you physically or mentally, but it will harm your soul. They will also demand you respect and branded you Kill Joy. It is better to be a kill joy than an idiot. It is greater to disrespect evil than disrespecting God.

Brethren, worldly desire does not make us truly happy. We will desire of it and wanted it more. But no matter how much we want it, it will still end in sadness, depression and madness. It is like a drug, no matter how you take it, it will not make you feel better, you will end up to worst. But when we desire God and heaven, it will make us truly happy even though will face many challenges. We know what is right and more importantly, we know the truth. And as we know it, we must choose. Either we became mad and attack the truth which offend God, or we became mad in the eyes of the world but defend the truth.

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