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It seems to that the Sankt Gallen Mafia has finally done it; they have now the Church allowing the blessing of same sex couples with the document Fiducia Supplicans.


It seems to me that the Sankt Gallen Mafia has finally done it; they have now the Church allowing the blessing of same sex couples with the document Fiducia Supplicans.


As far as I can see it, the Church is a Universal Church and as such, it must always work its way towards achieving universal justice. Whenever any part of it becomes marginalized, there is a tendency for it to be considered a failure. This must be the reason why this relevant document was released by the Church. It seems that after a long and tedious study, even precipitated by the groundbreaking Synod on Synodalities, the LGBTQ+ community within the Church is finally given cognizance in the dispensation of graces as behooves any Christian church claiming to take care of its members’ spiritual needs.

As Pope Francis always say, it is not for him to judge any child of God so as to condemn him but is open to the means by which the same child may be restored back into the Church. This must be the main reason why Gerhard Cardinal Ludwig Muller, a German traditionalist like Pope Benedict XVI was replaced right away by Victor Manuel Cardinal Fernandez , an Argentinian progressive in what is now called the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.


It’s sad to see that there are still Councils of Bishops which do not see this great out pouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, being spontaneous have indeed “changed the face of the earth” in the manner by which It has inspired the blessing of same sex couples so that they can be seen by other members of the Catholic church in a new light. Now, that they can already receive the blessing of priests, though not in a manner that it may be mistaken as the sacrament of marriage, their dignity as persons are given back to them and they will no longer feel marginalized.

Though pastoral in nature, since this document was released by no less than the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith makes it a binding teaching of the Church that even those who have a different orientation to their human sexuality are still children of God and as such are entitled to Church blessings.

This is very divergent from the traditional teaching of the Church before the Synod of Synodalities which treats the members of the LGBTQ+ community as a marginalized group needing reform.


As a Herodian whose usual goal is the betterment of mankind and the development of communities, I would like to congratulate the Councils of Bishops who are first to embrace and welcome this new development. As the Swiss bishops took note, this is a continuation of what Pope Francis began in his work Amoris Laetitia. An Austrian Bishop Franz Lackner of Salsburg finds joy in the fact that he finds love and fidelity among same sex couples and that finally, the Church has recognized them, too. German Bishop Georg Batzing, the theologian from Limburg who had been encouraging the German Catholics to join the Synod on Synodalities (SS) to express their desires to support the marginalized also welcomed the 18th of December decision. Lithuanian Archbishop Gintaras Grusas of Vilnus who had always advocated same sex unions also welcomed the step as closer to the realization. Belgian Bishop Johan Bonny had expressed optimism on what the Synod could do and wasn’t disappointed. From Hongkong, state-appointed Archbishop Joseph Li Shan, who is considered by some scholars as an illegitimate archbishop who is the result of the “Vatican betrayal” of the Chinese clandestine Catholic Church which really represent the faith, welcomed the development through Bishop Stephen Chow.

Latin American countries aligned with the Vatican II “aggiornamento” such as Mexico are also expected to welcome the development. At least for some of the Bishops’ Conferences, the FS has enabled the priests to define better how the blessing would be effected. Some are of the opinion that its being done outside the liturgy made the point clear that it does not legitimize the same sex union.

Imperial Roman:

Back in the Vatican, it seems that the expectation was a “flash in the pan” as more universal support had been expected. In fact, part of the hysterics is the media hype of how it will be received by the different Bishops’ Conferences. In fact, Holland’s Bishop John Hendricks of Harlem-Amsterdam has criticized media for the overly-sensationalized coverage just as Christmas preparations are underway.

Some of the seasoned media stalwarts lashed back by saying that it was Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez who should be blamed for grandstanding the FS announcement right in the heart of the Christmas season. “He must have meant to give it as a Christmas present to the LGBTQ+ community,” a reporter said. In fact, the poet of the “wet kiss” had been theatrical enough to wear an elfin costume or a green Santa Claus costume.

Of course, it is expected that Rome will be swamped by petitions which were petitely disguised in the SS as mere three-minute remarks. Very soon divorced and remarried men and women would be asking for the same dignified blessings and everybody else in the Sankt Gallen list will have to follow. In the SS, Gerhard Ludwig Cardinal Muller found bishops like himself being taught elementary theology which they already knew in three-minute lecturettes but found strange agendum i. e. on a three-minute anecdote of a clergyman who suffered trauma because his homosexual relative committed suicide because of perceived non-acceptance.

For all its pomposity and legality, Rome couldn’t stem the tide of heinous and capital crimes. Rome already had its divorce law and yet, when Julius Caesar paraded his other woman, Cleopatra, in Rome, the Romans was greatly offended for the patrician Calpurnia who was faithful to him, hence the assassination plot was hatched against this scandalous abusive uncrowned emperor by the senators. Later, the plotters Cassius and Brutus had to die as traitors during the civil war that ensued. Now talk about dignities and legitimacies in Rome! First they asked for tolerance (tolerantia) then they were given the Supplicans, now just wait till they ask for elegance (elegantia) in their rites as Cleopatra did. By then, that would be too scandalous as the I.O.R. paying for the dogs who entertained the cardinals at night.


But we are amazed at the deep spirituality of the African churches which majority did not want to be involved in what they call a non-issue. Which calls to our mind the manner by which Barach Obama told the then president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta that he should be involving the LGBTQ+ community in his government programs and was flatly told that LGBTQ+ is a non-issue in his country. This is also, the stand of Fr. Anthony Akiwale, O.P. of Ibadan, Nigeria. He simply wouldn’t want it publicized so as not to create confusion in the lives of many of the faithful. This is echoed today by those in not only Kenya, but also, Angola, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Zambia and Cameroon would like more reflection and deeper study before committing to any action. Besides, Burkina Faso and Ghana are under military juntas and they won’t tolerate anything like this.

Perhaps, these countries never had the tolerance and proliferation of this lifestyle “vice” which makes them fortunate when issues like this are addressed by the Church. Perhaps, too, the prefect of the dicastery concerned is surprised at this turn-out because Africa seems to be a backward continent just starting religiosity but the way it turns out is that there is still the pristine and unadulterated culture untouched by these so-called lifestyles.

But we, in the brotherhood would rather say that there are still many bishops who are still imbued by the real Holy Spirit such that they can still dauntlessly say what is true concerning the matter of same sex couple blessing. In war-torn Ukraine, the bishops are concerned that the blessing may rather encourage sinful life since it does not call to leave the sinful life. Although, many Filipinos are obedient to the pope, Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan without necessarily opposing the Argentine tandem said simply that we can not ask God to bless something that is not conformed to God’s Will through the teaching of the Church. Spain’s Bishop Jose Ignacio Munilla of Orihuela-Alicante concerning FS’s “pastoral nature” says, “Pastoral charity is a call that all sinners may be blessed, but not to bless our sin. The gospel invites us to bless all those who open themselves to the Gift of God(gratia), including those who live in irregular defective situations, (but) it does not grant us any power to bless their unions that are contrary to God’s plan.

The Archbishop and Auxilliary Bishop of Kazakhstan, from St. Mary in Astana namely Tomash Peta and Athanasius Schneider, respectively, are one in saying that “the text endorsed practices that contradict Divine revelation”, is a “mockery” and “sophistry that is subject to many interpretations” and that invoking the Name of God in such a blessing is “most abusive” as it is against His Will.

From outside the Church, Patriarch Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church, who is the Metropolitan of Budapest and Hungary is simply “shocked” because he believed that the Roman Catholic Church is a beacon of traditional Christianity but because of the FS it not any more.

We therefore charge the Pharisee’s contemptible stance that this is oriented towards universal justice when it is simply woke to marginalize the LGBTQ+ community in some modernistic countries when in fact, they do not even exist in some areas where deep spirituality had been rediscovered not to have any homosexual sector to name.

And we are dismayed at the Sadducee’s pronouncement that this is even the work of the Holy Spirit. We invite him to once again see, how the growing churches in the African continent are actually roused by the Holy Spirit not to mind this misleading document or simply put it in abeyance for further reflection and deeper study.

We are no longer interested in the Herodian declaration as those were expected but the comments by the Roman are quite noteworthy even on the way the SS had been made in accordance with the observations of the prefect deposed by Pope Francis. The three-minute talks may be very short for a real inspiring speech but the injection of emotion with regards the agenda familiar already not just as that of the Sankt Gallen’s Mafia but now the pope’s own are subliminal injections indeed that could clinch the consciousness of the participants. The manner by which he correlated caprice and avarice to the disregard for Roman law and order is commendable by simply putting up the patrician symbol of fidelity in Calpurnia and the alien symbol of tyranny in Cleopatra. How else would tolerance + supplicans + elegance/opulence (paradosis)=perdition be alien to the homosexual princes of the Church?

But how refreshing and insightful for us to witness the Zealot’s remarks about the zealous stance of the African nations against this invitation to sin. Truly, God has blessed these nations for not having any semblance of this unnatural problem. How it brings to mind the attempts of the churches in Canada on how to reverse the spread of homosexuality by simply removing tolerance. And how the psychological associations of developed countries howl against the attempt as cruel, inhumane and unethical. And so, their woke therapies which tolerate them and make them feel good are not cruel? You are sending them to hell when you say the way they sin is good for them. So, your therapies that allow them to continue wallowing in sin is humane? What wolves you are! And then you claim you are ethical? We see your hyena grin even for rotten carcass. Then you can laugh in delight over your client victims.

But we in Philippinensis, Ecclesial Province of China, Diecastery of Sodomy, Chancenow-lerry of Gomorrhea, do not just tolerate gays because we are a fiesta-loving people. We are in fact, short of worshipping them. We allow them to dress up with the reverential dignity of the Virgin and grace the santacruzan. We put them up in all our shows even before Hollywood thought of placing them in cast for gender equality. We delight in giving them their own pageants, their own powder room and we are thrilled in making them emcees in every affair we have in school and home. Of course, our priest will bless them; we are always ahead of our Church. We just don’t know where we’re going. Do you?

Rico del Sol
Simon Fe Dolor
Felipe Fortitudo
Karam Mazinger Zingh

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