Traditionis custodes: Imprisoning the Traditional Latin Mass

Jude Missa

When Pope John XXIII called for the second Vatican II Council, reformation has been prepared until it was executed by Pope Paul VI. Many changes have been made that swayed from the Sacred Tradition such as the religious freedom, removing the minor orders in the Holy Orders and mostly, changes in the Holy Mass which is the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Missale (New Order of Mass). Many bishops and clergy are againts to this reform which results on institutions of Traditional Catholic Societies. While the Vatican II changes occurred in the church and to the faithful. There are clashing of clergies happening inside the Church, this is the Traditionalist against the Modernist and the Traditionalist against the Traditionalist.

The traditionalist defends the Catholic Faith according to the Sacred Tradition while the modernist defends the Vatican II’s changes and errors. In the Traditionalist against the Traditionalist, one is against the Novus Ordo Mass and other reforms the church while the other, follows the tradition but accept some of the reforms. In order to fix this issue, Pops Benedict XVI issued the Summorum Pontificum to continue the Tridentine Mass or the Traditional Latin Mass under the name “Extraordinary Form of the Mass” to unite both parties.

But in July 16, 2021, issued an apostolic letter called traditions custodes (Guardians of the Tradition) to restrict the usage of the Traditional Latin Mass.

What is the Traditional Latin Mass?

The traditional Latin mass or the Tridentine Mass is a Holy Mass that was promulgated by Pope St. Pius V in 1579 according to the Council of Trent. Its form was originated from the time of the Apostles then was made in proper form by Pope St. Pius V. This Mass was celebrated and attended by many saints.

Why Pope Paul VI promulgate the Novus Ordo Mass

One, the goal is to unite with the Protestants so they reform the Mass similar to them. Two, most of the people at that time likes the Protestant’s Mass which follows the trend of the world that has ballad and using bands. The Holy Mass was revised by Arch. Annibale Bugnini which later found out that he is a member of the Freemasons, the church’s longtime adversary.

Why Pope Francis restrict the Traditional Latin Mass?

During the spread of Coronavirus 2019 or Covid19, the government around the world restricts public gathering in any establishments including the Church. This results of celebrating Holy Mass Online. But out of fear of this deadly virus, most of our faithful wants to go to church, to confess and also to attend the Holy Mass and received our Lord personally. Then in the US, the SSPX wants to open the church for the faithful so they made a legal battle which they won. After this news, every Traditional Catholic Societies in the world open their churches with caution and social distancing. Which is why the faithful who do not experience the Traditional Latin Mass attends it and mostly loved it. When the churches slowly open their doors and offer Novus Ordo Mass in public, the faithful who attend the Traditional Mass increased. Rome, was alarmed about this because Vatican received more recollection money from the Traditional Latin Mass than the Novus Ordo Mass. Pope Francis who is not a fan of the Latin Mass restrict it which is against the Late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum in his Apostolic Letter Traditionis Custodes. The modernist clergies including the Cardinals are afraid that the Mass that the Vatican II reformed will be ignored and the faithful will return to the Mass of Sacred Tradition.

What are the contents of the Traditionis Custodes?

There are 8 Articles contains this Apostolic Letter, but I only point you the key items:

  1. The liturgical books that Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II issued are the unique expression of the Lex Orandi (Law of prayer) of the Roman Rite.

  2. The diocesan bishop has the power to authorize the 1962 Roman Missal in his Diocese according to the Apostolic See Guidance.

  3. The Diocesan Bishop must determine that this Traditional Catholic Societies accept the Validity of the Novus Ordo Mass.

  4. If there’s one clergy or more who celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, the Diocesan Bishop must designate one or more locations for it without erecting another parish.

  5. In this designated location, the Diocesan Bishop will establish the days of celebrating the 1962 Traditional Latin Mass according to Pope John XXIII.

  6. The Diocesan Bishop must ensure that the readings of the Traditional Latin Mass are in Vernecular Language.

  7. The Diocesan Bishop are no longer authorize new Traditional Catholic Societies.

  8. A new ordained priest who wished to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass must submit a formal request to the Diocesan Bishop with a consultation to the Apostolic See before granting authorization.

  9. Every tradition that does not follow the provisions of the Traditions Custodies are abrogated.
What are the effects of the Traditionis Custodes?
  1. A priest or group of clergies who wants to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass are designated for the location far from the parishioners who usually attend it.

  2. Instituting a new society or order that continues the Sacred Tradition that was passed down from the apostles and saints of the previous centuries that contradicts the teachings of Vatican II council is no longer allowed.

  3. Parishes who celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass will be restricted and must celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass.

  4. If there’s a priest or newly ordained request a permission to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass will receive a high percentage of rejection.
What society or group that was not affected of the Traditionis Custodes?

After the Traditionis Custodes was issued. Society of St. Pius X’s (SSPX) Superior General stated that the society is not affected since they already disobey the Vatican II changes. Also, Pope Francis declared that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) are not affected to the Traditionis Custodes. But there are Bishops whom celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass have their parish priest to continue celebrating it. While others totally removed this Mass in their dioceses. Because of this issue, many people including the young are curious about this Mass and started to seek it. One of the examples is the increase of members of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales in United Kingdom.

Brethren, we are now living in the end times. We must discern what is truth and the most important, what is good and bad for our souls. We must defend the Catholic truth and the sacred Tradition even we are against to the Pope, bishops and other church leaders. But we must also pray for them because they are still the leaders of our church. They must lead us to the Lord not the other way around. If they are making mistakes, they must be corrected and do not be afraid to correct them because they are also human. Sometimes we have to be reminded who we are and who we are for, we are for Christ.

The Tridentine Mass or the Traditional Latin Mass gives enough grace to our soul and to help us discern the truth and strengthen our faith. We must fight for it and defend it. It is the most proper way to worship our Lord and it will never be abrogated. Sadly, Pope Francis restrict the Holy Mass that gives proper worship to God but not the Priest who make fun the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass including the Clown Mass, Palayok Mass and the DJ Priest.

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