The Curious Case of Our Lady in Lipa

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On September 15, 2023, The Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace Facebook page has updated their cover photo stating “We request and pray for REOPENING of the 1948 Lipa Apparition Case”. In 2015, former Lipa, Batangas archbishop Ramon Arguelles declared that this apparition is true but Vatican declares it has “No Supernatural origin” which contradicts the Archbishop Arguelles statement. We have previously posted about the Marian Apparition in Lipa to prove that the Blessed Virgin Mary truly appeared there.

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Though we are not affiliated with the Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace Facebook page, we also believe in the authenticity of the apparition.

When the believers of Lipa Apparition celebrate its anniversary, there are still faithful do not believe in this apparition including the Some Modernist and also the Some Traditionalist. Let’s look at their views:

Note: I will only declare the Some Modernist and Some Traditionalist so you won’t confuse that all of them does not agree to this Apparition.


We do not believe this Apparition because Jesus Christ is our only mediator to God. We love the Blessed Virgin Mary, but this title is not for her.


We believed that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mediatrix, but we don’t believe in this title because Pope Pius XII’s declared in 1951 that this apparition has no supernatural origin.

So, what is the reason why they are saying these words without also a proper information about the Marian Apparition in Lipa? Let’s answer it one by one.


It’s true, Jesus Christ is our mediator to God. But the Blessed Virgin Mary also help our Lord because she is His handmaiden. He helps started from the day of the Annunciation. That is why she often called Co-redemptrix. Just like in a plane, the captain has been the main pilot while the Co-pilot only helps the main pilot.


We are not stating the Pope Pius XII is wrong because his decision is based on the investigation. But there is a problem in the investigation. One of the bishops during his death bed stated that they were forced to sign that this apparition is a hoax which results of this kind investigation. But in 2015, the decision about the apparition of Lipa remains unchanged based on Pope Pius XII’s approval. Then when the Communist party of China rises to power, the Blessed Virgin Mary’s words came true when they are illegally claiming the islands of the Philippines, built a military base and creating a man-made island that may destroy the coral reefs. They are also building projects in different countries under their Belt and Road initiative which some experts say that China targets the countries that have high corruption rate which they will control it in the future using money. And this analysis will make us go back to the warnings of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lipa:

“Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction.”

Many Traditional Catholics are against this apparition because Pope Pius XII is the last traditional pope before Vatican II and does not want to be branded wrong. As I said earlier, we are not stating this Pope is wrong, but we also remember that most bishops and cardinals around him are the ones who participate and agreed to the changes of the Second Vatican Council.

Vatican will remain its decision for this apparition because they have an unknown agreement with the CCP which if they investigate and approve this apparition, it will give stain to their relationship with China. For our brethren modernist and traditionalist, the proof is already in front of us. The words of our Blessed Mother came true. Are we going to divide ourselves or we unite and pray for the investigation and approval for this apparition? Let us remember the previous apparitions and her messages. Mostly, it was ignored or does not follow her words while stating they believed of the apparition. May some will say that it is okay if it is not approved because the important is we believe it. Yes, BUT reinvestigate and the approval of this apparition will also give additional grace to the faithful.

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