The Traditionalist and the Modernist Catholics (Part 1)

Jude Missa

During the early 19th and late 20th century, modernism slowly entered the church and the modernists wanted to reform it. But it was easily defeated by Pope St. Pius X when he restored the Tridentine Mass to its original form and spread catechism to every church and school. The modernist clergy cannot do anything but return to tradition. Until a modernist pope, Pope John XXIII opens the Second Vatican Council. And made many reforms until his successor, Pope Paul VI, executed most of its plans, including the reform of the Holy Mass, known as the Novus Ordo Mass. This event divided the Catholics, which are The Modernists and the Traditionalists.

Today, these two types of Catholics are having a battle of words including social media. In this article, we will discuss these two Catholics, their beliefs, and their attitudes. We will also share how we approach them and give advice to these two.

What are the Traditional Catholics or Traditionalist?

A type of Catholic who upholds and continues the traditional teachings of the church prior to Vatican II. Although they largely disagree with the Popes of Vatican II, they still respect them as Popes.

What is the Modernist Catholics?

A Catholic who is in favour of modernism. They were more obedient to the Popes of Vatican II.

Who are the Vatican II Popes?

Popes that were involved and product of Vatican II Council and its changes. Pope John XXIII to Pope Benedict XVI was involved with the council. Though Pope Benedict XVI favours the Traditional Catholics but still continues the teaching of the Vatican II, so he can unite both modernist and traditionalist. While Pope Francis was the product of Vatican II and continues to implement it.

The Beliefs of the Modern Catholics

They believe that the teachings of the previous centuries including some of the sacred traditions are no longer applicable to the modern world. Here are some examples:

1 . Religion

They believe in religious freedom that all religion was created by God and it is part of the Catholic Church. Because religious indifference is the source of war in the previous centuries.

2. Holy Mass

They believe that the Holy Mass must be happy. Clapping hands, joyful music and dancing is normal for a Celebration. The traditional Latin Mass is not a valid form of Mass.

3. The Pope

The pope is infallible. Every word he says as the Shepherd of the Catholic flock are true and good.

4. Homosexuality

Everyone is created by God, including the gays, and God loves them. They have the right to choose their gender and love someone who has the same sexuality.

5. Fashion

Everyone has a freedom to wear any clothes even is revealing or cross-dressing because God still loves us no matter what we wear.

The Beliefs of the Traditional Catholics

They believe that Traditional Teachings are necessary to strengthen the faith and the soul just like the Saints in the previous century. The traditional way also teaches us the proper way to worship God. Here are some examples:

1 . Religion

The Catholic Church is the only church created by our Lord Jesus Christ:

“Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
Matthew 16:18

2. Holy Mass

Traditionalist Type 1: The Traditional Latin Mass is the valid Mass because it is an apostolic tradition. The Novus Ordo Mass is an invalid mass because it is a Protestant Mass.

Traditionalist Type 2: The Traditional Latin Mass is the valid Mass. But, the Novus Ordo Mass is also a valid Mass, as long as the Holy Eucharist is present.

3. The Pope

Traditionalist type 1: The Pope is the Supreme Pontiff and the leader of our Church. But he is still a human who is prone to make mistakes, if his words are wrong and will cause a danger to the faith of the people, he must be corrected.

Traditionalist type 2: the Popes after Vatican II are invalid popes.

4. Homosexuality

God only created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam (or Steve from popular Catholic social media post). Homosexuality is the reason why Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed.

5. Fashion

Yes, everyone has freedom to wear whatever they want, but modesty must remain.

Which belief is true?

The Traditional Catholics hold the true belief. For the religion, the Catholic Church is the only religion that Christ built upon St. Peter. Accepting other religions, including paganism is an offence to the first commandment. God created the Jewish Religion, but the Jews denied Christ. The Catholic Church is the continuation of the Jewish religion because Jesus Christ and God father are one.

For the Holy Mass, the Traditional Mass is the right and most proper way to worship God. But, the Novus Ordo Mass is also a valid Mass.

For the Pope, we are in favour with the Traditionalist type 1. Even if the Pope made some errors, we must recognise his position. But, it doesn’t mean that we also obey or follow his wrong actions. Rebuking even in public is not a problem.

For the homosexuality, we must face the truth. Spiritually and scientifically, there’s only two genders, Male and Female. Which is also applied in every creature here on Earth.

For the Fashion, we may wear anything we like, but we must also give respect to ourselves so we cannot produce any malicious or lustful thought to others. Even if we say “It’s up for that person” or “it will never make someone think dirty”, the truth is, it will still result that someone will think dirty of you. Next, when we attend the Holy Mass, we must wear a proper attire to please God, not the people. Just like applying for a job, attending a client meeting or attending a special event.
Here we see the difference of this two Catholics, the modernist even their Catholics, their beliefs are in the side of the world while the Traditionalist mainly focus on God and the Sacred Tradition of the church.

[To be continued]

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