What are the Sacramentals?

Jude Missa

Sacramentals are places, objects, dates, actions or gestures that give us grace. It reminds us of the grace of the Sacraments, gives us good thoughts, and increases our devotion to God, angels, and saints. It can also give us good health, protection from evil spirits, and help us receive blessings for those who use it. The difference between the Sacraments and Sacramentals is that the Sacraments were instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ, while Sacramentals were recognized sacred signs, objects and acts by the Catholic Church. The Sacraments give sanctifying grace, while the Sacramentals give actual grace. Sanctifying grace makes the soul holy and becomes a child of God, and it is permanent unless we make a grave sin. Actual Grace is a temporary grace that enlightens our mind and strengthens our heart to do good and avoid doing evil.

Every sacramental aspire to bring every Christian closer to Christ. It is an outward sign, a physical reminder of our devotion. Sacramental objects are not meant to be used as amulets or good luck charms, and should not be used in an improper manner.

Here are the examples of Sacramental Places
  1. the Holy Land in Jerusalem
  2. Peter’s Basilica in Rome
  3. Pilgrimage Sites, Churches
  4. Basilicas
  5. Adoration Chapels.
Sacramental Days
  1. Christmas
  2. Holy Week
  3. Jubilee Year
  4. Feast of the angels and saints.
Sacramental actions and gestures
  1. Making the Sign of the Cross
  2. Praying
  3. Kneeling and Genuflection
  4. Giving blessings
  5. Exorcism
Sacramental objects
  1. Crucifix
  2. Rosary
  3. Scapulars
  4. Medallions such as the Miraculous Medal, Benedictine Medal and Medals of Saints.
  5. Holy Water
  6. Holy Bible
  7. Palm used during Palm Sunday
  8. Incense
  9. Holy Oil
  10. Holy Images
  11. Holy Statues
  12. Relics of our Lord and the Saints.

Catholic families normally have in their homes holy images and statues. Despite the protestants claim, we do not worship these statues. For these sacramental images strengthens our devotion and reminds of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels and saints who are now in Heaven.

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