The Dogmas of the Blessed Virgin Mary  Part Three – Immaculate Conception

Gabai Tanglao

As with her lifetime virginity, this is also a special grace and privilege -the Immaculate Conception – just like her Divine Motherhood. Again the Mother of God cannot be under Satan’s power. Therefore she was conceived without the stain of original sin on her soul. That is why we see the Blessed Mother and our Lord in their immaculate perfection as the new Adam and New Eve. Pope Pius IX announced his Ineffabilis Deus about the Dogma on the 8th of December, 1854.

He stated: we declare, pronounce, and define the doctrine that proclaims the Blessed Virgin Mary in the first period of her conception, through the single grace and privilege given by God and the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of Mankind, is preserved free from all stains of the original sin.

Let us take this one by one. The Pope said it was a privilege. Why did he say that? Let us look at the greeting of the Archangel Saint Gabriel – “Ave, full of grace. The Lord is in you”. And so with Saint Elizabeth’s greetings – “Blessed are you amongst women.” The Blessed Virgin would not receive the totality of grace in her soul if it had a mark of the spiritual death caused by the stain of the original sin. Saints like St. Justine, St. Ireneues, St. Ephriem, St. Ambrose, and St. Agustine are also testifying by the said teachings. The feast of the Immaculate Conception has been celebrated in the Greek Church since the 7th century and throughout Europe in the 12th century.

In a proof stated by Saint Thomas Aquinas, the redemption of the Blessed Virgin is a preservative redemption. It was a different kind of saving from what happened in humanity. What happened to humanity is liberative redemption. In common salvation, because man is in sin, we need to be cleansed. Let us describe it this way. There was mud on our path, and we were soiled with it as we passed by the path. Then we were cleaned from it through washing. But because the Virgin has preservative redemption, she has been kept away from contacting mud even before crossing it and therefore has not been soiled by it.
That is why God, when He came down to earth, chose to be His Mother, somebody who never became a companion of evil or never became under the dominion of sin. Because He will live in her womb for nine months, naturally, she should be immaculately clean. The Redeemer should have a Mother who was born and conceived immaculately.
Having this privilege also means that the Blessed Virgin has never had an instant of disobedience to God. She has become obedient to God. Also, through this privilege, her intelligence has never experienced a mistake. Her judgment is always correct. That’s why she is called the Seat of Wisdom, Virgin Most Prudent, and Mother of Good Counsel.

All four of the Virgin’s Dogmas are linked to one another because being the Mother of God means that the Blessed Virgin should be without sin and remain an eternal Virgin. And because she was immaculate, she was ascended into heaven with the body and soul. That is why the Dear Virgin is genuinely unique to all creations – blessed amongst women. Here is where the series about the Marian Dogmas will end. In the future, we hope to have more Dogmas regarding our Dear Mother.

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