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It is a tradition of a devout Catholic to follow the pastoral guidance of the Pope, for in fact, as Vicar of Christ and speaking as the Spiritual father of the Church, he is infallible.


It is a tradition of a devout Catholic to follow the pastoral guidance of the Pope, for in fact, as Vicar of Christ and speaking as the Spiritual father of the Church, he is infallible.


As far as I see it, the Holy Office of the Pope is the most influential factor in the life of a Catholic faithful and in such exercise, is perceived as infallible. The ontology of such claim rests in the fact that, although being a mortal being, it is possible that his being a mere imperfect being as a man is supplied by Christ Himself who appointed him as Vicar and by the Holy Spirit with sufficient wisdom to be infallible. Such a possibility is also necessary because the Godhead can not possibly abandon the church He established to be prevailed upon by heresy or any teaching coming from the gates of hell. The guidance of the Pope is therefore deemed infallible.


It’s sad to see that although the ontology seems to be logically true, the syllogism may fail in form and substance. We are speaking here about pastoral leadership, or the manner by which a shepherd leads his flock on the way to religious fulfillment. It is therefore by way of a wise shepherd to explore or shorten and more comfortable route for his flock so that they can easily enjoy the pleasures of a greener pasture or the comforts of their corral. The shepherding suggested by the Vatican II is dependent on the confidences of his flock.


And yes, by confidence it means the pleasure of the mystical body itself. Performance of the leader should not be dependent anymore on some traditional legacy. As can be proven historically, a King of Israel does not have to come from the House of David to perform better as a King. David himself did not qualify to build the Temple of God, but Herod as recognized by Imperial Rome, which is legally-recognized authority was able to do so even under Roman rule. Even Christ recognized as a Messiah was not able to build a temple and even used temple built by Herod a faithful Jew should.


And yet the Jews see Herod as a usurper! Jesus Christ may not be the Messiah yet for the Jews themselves, God’s original chosen people are still waiting for their Savior. Jew or Catholic, the zeal of one’s faith is the seal of his salvation. Let the people of the Book unite under one true Messiah.

But we dare say: 

That the fallibility in question is not just a matter of logic nor form or substance. A sound pastoral leadership should be theologically and therefore dogmatically sound. The infallibility of the church is in the doctrine and not on any person. Popes are only instruments, as they are just vicars of the Immutable God. Church dogma or doctrine does not change following the whims of someone leading or those following. Pastoral leadership must depend on God’s teaching because He is The Way. A militant Catholic must not only be militant but also vigilant because God works in mysterious ways and comes like a Thief in the night. The comforts of the flock are subordinate to their safety and there is no other truth than a good shepherd should find other than those of the Good Shepherd because He is the Truth. A good pastoral leader and a good follower (who knows His Voice) no longer looks for another light because the Good Shepherd is the Light. 

There is no shorter or safer route towards the Truth for the narrow and uneasy path of via crucis had already been designated. The Militant Catholic today does not to follow the pope even if he appears to be a good pastoral leader. Truth is never a popularity game and therefore the ballots cast influenced by the St. Gallen Mafia do not count for a vigilant Catholic. Conciliar fathers who imitated Solomon, despite their wisdom, prostituted their faith by tending to pagan and anti-Christian rituals and programs, in the name of ecumenism, should not be followed in their examples. And so it is the pleasure of the mystical body to eliminate the essential sacrifice of the mass to simply transform it into a feast? By God, how could John Paul II make the Code of Cannon Law too relaxed so that other sexual perversions are no longer defined such perverts in the church can now go Scot-free to continue victimizing members of the flock? 

[Please compare 1917 (Pius X) against the 1983 revision] John XXIII violated the instruction of the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, when he opened the sealed Secret of Fatima in 1960 only to pronounce the visionaries of Fatima as doomsday prophets (who may affect the Vatican II Council opening negatively) and tasked the same secret to be kept in oblivion selfishly claiming that it does not refer in anyway to his papacy. 

Francis, having been elected pope through the intervention of the Sankt Gallen Mafia is the implementor of this group’s agenda that is why he conveniently saying that his papacy is focused on being pastoral and not theological. Goodness! Can the shepherding of the Pope even depart from being theological. So, this must be the reason for his pronouncements which undermine belief in the existence of hell (which is part of the Fatima secrets and celibacy and sympathetic to immoral arts. Paul IV himself said that the Vatican II does not claim to pronounce any dogmatic claim but a pastoral orientation to update the church (aggiornamento). Therefore, its pronouncements clearly can be fallible and not binding to any devout catholic. In fact, we can witness that he himself is fallible by handing himself to Satan. This anathema he did to himself when he violated canon law by removing the offices of subdeacon, acolyte, exorcist and porter. In fact also he made himself witness against Vatican II when he said that “through some crack (which first described as mysterious) the smoke of Satan entered the church.” There was no mystery here since he and John XXIII are instrumental in inviting the following protestants as consultants: 1 from the Reformed Community of Taize, 2 Lutherans, 2 Anglicans and 1 Methodist. Small wonder that the practice of ecumenism is abused and the liturgy of the church is radically changed. It was this instance of modernist attack that St. Pius X had been struggling to be avoided in his short but glorious papacy. 

Alright, we may set aside the damning third secret of Fatima but can the Holy Mother be wrong when she prophesied in La Sallette that the papal throne or the highest office of the church will be reached by evil? This is the crisis in the church that we have written in our first installment so we are asked as members of the militant church to be vigilant enough o discern wrong teaching from that which is sound and to really engage the enemy which has entered within. 

They were in a hurry, these modern barbarians, to declare the conciliar fathers as saints so that what they say and do can be considered as good, true and beautiful. And yet for their antiphon they have called on Lucifer, their morning star as the father of Jesus. How blasphemous. 

We would rather stick to our Morning Star, the real Mother of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Can you join us please.

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