It All Started in School

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Only recently the virtuous teaching of the Truth became undermined once more
through virtual teaching or what is outwardly good but actually is evil teaching.
Our battlecry in education is grace because teaching should be a gift of the Holy
Spirit but as it is unfolding today in many educational systems, what is being taught would later on prove to be a disgrace.

In what could be attributed to be mankind’s first disobedience to God, the Serpentine intelligence duped Adam and Eve to the belief that if they partake the forbidden fruit they shall be like gods. Unfortunately nowadays, we have
teachers who feel as if they are gods and would like other to feel the same way.

Foremost is the feeling that they were being deprived of something inherently belonging to them, this simulated freedom of learning something like God. The teaching force today felt like they have so much knowledge especially about freedom and they are now here to teach the same concept of freedom that they cherish and value. But woe, this freedom did not teach its complement: responsibility.

This is why teaching is only bread and butter for them and this is why it easy for them to sell their principles. Take a teacher whose legs are heavy when the bell beckons their presence in class. And those who do not care whether their classes are leaving or not. And especially those who would not give a chance to their students who are willing to make up for their absences because of sickness or trouble in the family. It’s not their responsibility, they would say, they are teachers not social workers.

And yet when the issue being discussed during seminars and other certified conferences is social justice, they are in the forefront. They would say their heart bleeds for their marginalized students who have lesser social justice than those who are rich. They claim they want more of their students what belongs to their rights and it doesn’t matter whatever responsibilities there are.

Hence, they will tell their students: “Do you want to enjoy your rights? Oh yes, we are your teachers , we will tell you how . First do not listen to your parents, they themselves do not know their rights. And if they impose on you, resist them. And if you resist them and you get punished, retaliate by telling the police. Never, never allow them to give you corporal punishment!”

And they will tell them never have anyone try to touch your body. That Body is yours. Sound right, huh? But then they will say because that body is yours, you can do anything about it. It is your choice. And so if you’re a boy and you want to be a girl, it is your right and vice-versa. And yet, having chosen a gender needs a physical affirmation, then that again is the students right. He/ she may now have sex as he/she would like it. And it will not be his/ her fault if he/ she is exploited. He/ She may even have the choice if he/ she would want to be called it or they.

It is this her body then let him/ her dress it the way he/ she likes. But more than that, he/she can have its appearance change even if a mutilation is needed first. It is his/ her freedom, and he/ she is not responsible how others are affected: his/her parents, his/her friends, etc. If they do not understand then they are cruelly repressing his/her freedom. They are oppressing him/ her. And those who say they are straight, they are the number one oppressors; the real suppressors of a God-given freedom.

And so this is how to be god-like. To curse those who are against your will even if your will is perverted. And to impose your will on others who do not think the way you do. To live only responsible for one’s self and live it to the fullest.

To the fullest, nay, to be ultimately foolish! For how can he/she live to the fullest when such life is not real. How can it be real when only half of it or part of it is true.

Deep in your heart, you’re a man but being a transgender, the corporate people address you as miss. Or deny in your heart, you know you’re a woman, but the corporate people addressed your as Mr.. But just because the corporation is true to the rainbow color it displays you are either called they or it, as the case may be.

So, now we know it all started in school, this foolishness. When those who taught social justice exaggerated on the rights of children by adulterating them. That since they have the right to their own bodies they can be wrong in using it. They were therefore taught to abuse it, misuse it until the tome of its disuse.

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