Petrus Romanus

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

The prophecies of St. Malachi, an archbishop from Ireland, were expressed in a very unconventional manner. It consisted of graphic representations of the coats of arms or banners of popes since the time of Pope Celestine II (circa 1124) and phrases which describe their pontifical reigns. It stated further that after the pope at that time, Celestine II, there will only be 112 popes after which a major change not favorable for the church will ensue.

If official Vatican count is reckoned we may really be up to the numbers St. Malachi, Bishop of Armagh (born in 1094 and died in 1148) may have intimated to Pope Innocent II the contents of the prophecy when he went to Rome in 1139. Meek, humble and unassuming, according to his biographer, St. Bernard of Clairvaux (where he died), this Irish archbishop is not likely to call to attention to his prophecy and this could be the reason why St. Bernard is silent about it. However, this silence, is in itself cause for a lot of doubts cast about its authenticity. Italian periti Anura Guruge in fact warns of the possibility that this is just a medieval forgery. Fact is the manuscript was rediscovered in the Vatican archives only in 1590.

Of popes of recent and vicarious memory this strange manuscript sometimes referred to as the Celestine prophecy (because it was written at the time of the aforementioned pope) have the following popes, on which this writer only to start with Leo XIII:

Prophetic description
Major Achievements
Lumen in caelo (light in the sky)
Leo XIII (Vincenzo Gioacchino Pecci)
Added his own St. Michal prayer to prayers recited after all Low Masses, said to have prophesied that Satan will attempt to destroy the church within a 100 year period starting his pontificate.
Ignis ardent (burning fire)
Pius X (Giuseppe Pecci)
In 1911, introduced a new psalter arrangement for the breviary fought against all forms of Modernism, canonized.
Religio depopulata (Religion destroyed)
Benedict XV (Giacomo Della Chiesa)
Pope of World War I, when too many Catholics died from the ravages of war.
Fides intrepida (Firm faith)
Pius XI (Achille Ratti)
Tried to keep the flock together in very difficult, challenging times. Criticized as Hitler’s pope, but recent evidence shows his influence saved many lives.
Pastor angelicus (Angelic Shepherd)
Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli)
Reduced eucharistic fast to three hours, gives permission to give lesson, epistle and gospel in the vernacular
Pastor et Nauta (Shepherd and Sailor – Navigator)
John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli)
Vatican II opened, hoped that the Church will go into the world. But the world entered the Church, constitution of Sacred Liturgy calling for the vernacular and more lay participation.
Flos florum (Flower of flowers)
Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini)
Changes rite of ordination for bishops, priests and deacons, Novos Ordo missale published, Ministeria Quaedam removes porter, exorcist and subdeacons despite anathema, Eucharistic lay ministers allowed.
De Meditate Luna (From half of the moon to the next half)
John Paul I (Albino Luciani)
Pope for only 33 days (½ month to the next 1/2) was bent on investigating IOR and to punish the culprits.
De Labore Solis (From the sun’s labor – eclipse)
John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla)
Priestly Fraternity of St, Peter is created, altar girls are allowed, Marian pope, discernment where Eucharist is present.
Gloria olivae (Glory of olives)
Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger)
In 2007, option to celebrate the Latin Mass is granted to all priests through Summorum Pontificum
Petrus Romanus? (Peter the Roman?)
Francis I (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
Puts back ban on Latin Mass, punishment of traditional priests through bishops, Abu Dhabi accord, Amazon Synod

We are praying indeed that the Benedictine Monk, Arnold Wion was mistaken when he rediscovered the papal prophecies as delivered to Innocent II. One criticism about the “mattos” is the fact that they may be given unrelated or very convoluted interpretations by experts studying the lives of past popes. There was even a claim that it was used to influence the election of a pope.

What is frightening is the fact that Conchita Gonzales, one of the visionaries of Garabandal (in Spain) quoted the Blessed Virgin Mary as saying that there will only be three popes after John XXIII. We have actually five namely: Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis I to date. But Conchita, at that time said John Paul I does not count because he was only pope for 33 days. Thus, the count would only involve Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The count therefore does not include Francis among the popes.

The name Petrus Romanus corresponds to the reign of Jorge Bergoglio who if aptly applied speaks of a pope who will “feed his flock in many tribulations after which, the seven-hilled city will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge the people”.

According to some analysts, Petrus Romanus fits Jorge Bergoglio well because his father is named Petrio (Peter) and is therefore the second Peter. Likewise, his family is actually Roman (Italian) and only settled in Buenos Aires thus making Jorge Bergoglio, Argentine. Then why is he not counted?

If the papal count had been accurate perhaps the established church which was built upon the rock of Peter, the Jew Apostle turned Christian, had already ripened into apostatizing building counterfeit and substitute church upon a different rock, Peter, the Roman; bishop turned apostate so that 28 of the 1879 version of the secret of La Salette is already underway, “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.” Paragraph 32 even says that “Pagan Rome will disappear, and the fire of heaven will fall and consume three cities”.

From the Lady of all Nations comes this warning about the Church; “The enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ has done his work slowly but persistently. The posts are manned. His preparations are nearly finished. Nations be warned! The spirit of lies and deceit is seducing many. It won’t be long before the breaking of the storm. Great evils threaten the world. The churches will be undermined yet further. Please realize why I come as Lady of all nations; I come to assemble all nations in the Spirit – the True, the Holy Spirit. Men and women, learn how to find the Spirit of God. Do strive after justice, truth and love”. (M.O. 8-12-52)

Let me reiterate that I am not calling Jorge Bergoglio the Anti-Christ. I am saying his anti-Christian ways are helping set the stage for the Beast and the slave beast to operationalize.

Meanwhile there is real hope if mankind listens to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to triumph. For the last dogma that the Blessed Virgin Mary is indeed Co-Redemptrix, Mediator of All Grace (graces) and Advocate for Humankind as Our Lady of All Nations urge. Her cause, already in the Vatican II schema was pirated by periti working for their other father. Her being Mediatrix was also shelved as being not supernatural in origin when the appeared in Lipa, all for signatures made under duress and recanted by two bishops before their deaths.

Now, judging from the information and ideas presented above, can we truly be relaxed when the church established on the rock is now being rebuilt yet on another rock. Do we need another foundation for our faith?

Pope Francis has spoken, for him, Vatican II is the new Magisterium on which therefore a new catechesis stands. But how can we have a new magisterium when in fact, the depository of dogmatic knowledge is not supposed to be altered? So, is this a new church that Francis is talking about or as he overhumbly refer to himself as just the Bishop of Rome, was he calling to mind the early Christian days of St. Peter not proclaiming himself yet as Supreme Pontiff refers to his pre-eminence as simply the Bishop of Rome.

In a general audience he gave with the monstrous piece of sculpture behind him Francis declared that not even death can make a Catholic be separated from his church, emphasizing that there is nothing that can make a believer be separated from the Mother Church. This is heretical since there is heresy, schism and apostasy to contend with. Cited by a lay man, he even wonders what was wrong with the man. Well Francis, it’s not everyday that a pope would say something heretical.

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