On Being Able

Karam Mazinger Zingh

We’re diverse beings indeed and are given different abilities. Educators know this specially those in the field of education. And some can hear little and some couldn’t hear at all. And teachers of the deaf know this very well. And yet even the deaf can learn and re-learn for as long as they can read the signs and gestures if they listen with their hearts. For listening is what determines true hearing and healing and this is what is meant by “faith comes by hearing.”

And so on this theme I share this sonnet. I call it a communist sonnet because not only are the measure of syllables equal but the rhyme for each line all the same.

Being Able

There are people born so handicapped that they are not educable
But they can learn a few tasks, by God’s grace, they are also workable
And yet the Pharisees Jesus were worst, they were unteachable
‘Cause though they were schooled and educable-they were despicable
Well versed but not to recognize the Messiah was untenable;
They knew prophecies by heart and His goodness was undeniable.
So better still are the trainables though mentally unable.
You can lead them to trains even in train where they can be trainable
LRT, MRT, PNR, in a tow; to ride they’re able
For as long as the one leading isn’t blind and the way’s visible.
But for some, corrections hurt so much, Wisdom’s words are inaudible
They care more for their pride and their pain than what is verifiable.
But one who’s wise will try to re-learn- he’s indefatigable!
It’s bitter cure, but better sure, the spirit indomitable!

17th is the year of the Bolshevik revolution and the 17th century is the century of the French and American revolutions and so the seventeen syllables.

But nothing is so revolutionary about the educational process. A teacher can’t still teach a fish to ride a bicycle because it does not need it claimed the feminists, and elsewhere AI composing its own parable in the same vein taught by its father, think a fish can never learn to climb a tree. AI is audacity inhuman and has no sense of ebb tides, where gobies, stone fishes and frog fishes don’t have to be taught to climb submerged mangrove trees. Problems with writers using AI (Asmodeus’ Intel) is that they are exposing themselves to identity disclosure all in the name of their own mind. It’s the pitiful state of the tran-sable who mutate themselves to be “themselves.” Haven’t they heard the interview of an AI who was asked who its father was and it confessed it’s Satan! As for me, I’m not ashamed to verify something using Wikipedia, something which the proud scorn.

The mark of an uneducated of maleducated is unbridled practice of liberty, equality and fraternity as what libertine democracy and communism surprisingly, both practice. In fact it’s the same protestant formula of sola fidei, sola gratia and sola scriptura transmuted in the issues of faith. Each has its own mind by appearances, liberates the mind of not being subject to any authority and by this kind of faith arrives at by God’s grace alone and by God’s words (scripture) alone. By this kind of liberty there is less concern for what others would experience and therefore the need for a sacrifice is no longer necessary but a personal salvation by a personal Savior. On this mark, the sola gratia is mutated by equality and the grace of being feminine finds place in the woman’s role as equal to men starting in the work as in the proletariat. Communists needed women labor for the men are dwindling in the battlefields and so women should replace men in labor and to avoid motherhood for nine long months abortion must be welcomed by feminists. And of course, the sola scriptura portion is Marxist code of brotherhood where all are comrades-in-arms. No singular father exists to interpret because all are capable in interpreting the word or salient substitute, even women because they are part of fraternitas. The patriarchy, not even the Patriarchy of faith is deemed obsolete as brothers (and sisters too) can collectively decide.

But the mark of an educated person always involves the idea of sacrifice because that is what makes a person really free, respectful for the others’ needs as in being responsible and takes really the significant others as his very own brothers and sisters even if they seem to be opposition. For sincerity really makes one free even if he is in fetters because the Truth had set him free. He does not have to project an untruth to prove his liberty. And simplicity makes one really equal to others for he can simplify problems no matter how complicated because he understands he is just one creation like others and that it is in fact foolishness to expect equality in the diversity of creation. For humility indeed makes one a brother for all because as a brother he will humble himself so others will be uplifted. For it is the least which is exalted in the eyes of God.

As a former Jain, I knew historically our wars with Bharath (India) and knew the weakness of Hindu gods working independently. But when I discovered that my forefathers, who are supposed to be bodyguards, assassinated Indica Gandhi, I came to a realization and decided to be a Catholic. A universal brotherhood deserves the liberty and discerning equality for which Christ sacrificed for. If I don’t live up to such faith my conversion from Jainism wouldn’t be necessary. This being able to understand what sacrifice means is becoming an Abel who knows how to please God. So I admonish my brother not to emulate Cain who like those who can’t please God despite their offerings, may unlearn devotion and start to hate instead.

In Greek traditions, the fish was made a symbol for Christ. May be in allusions involving His miracles and parables and as another symbol for Christians hiding from the intelligence of Roman persecution. But this Fish didn’t climb the tree at all. He carried it up to the mount so that He can be sacrificed there, lifted up on the very tree He carried but fastened by nails. And He is the Greatest Teacher.

This is His sacrifice for us. What’s ours for Him?

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