On Being Transhuman or Transable

Daniel Santos

At the first glance, especially when we were younger, the TV cartoons and comics serials were depicting non-harmful elements into children’s perception. Then some adults started observing seemingly violent behavior among children when they started imitating superheroes and their antagonists and yes robots who do not experience pain.

Unwittingly, as multi-media progressed more and more transhumans and androids were being made heroes in movies as well as in games absorbing the life of young people more than their studies and what was left of their meager tasks at home. Cyborgs and bionic heroes were in and it doesn’t matter if they were directly hit and the human body is no longer intact, maybe just a small part of the head where the consciousness operates and presto, we have a new hero with a very superior robotic body which responds to the robotic body which is even programmed to suggest an action to be taken a la terminator.

In the perception of superiority and under the impression that this was good the children of this generation had known all these imagined and fantastic heroes as their models while totally being ignorant of their friends in heaven, the saints.

Then again the psychological bombardment of very cute heroes and heroines in superficial plots where the manga and anime being expression to the very big eyes and long eyelashes and bodies which doesn’t seem to change in peril or in facile. And these are reinforced – with new body attachments not only with robotics but with mutation which had been brought about by spells and charms but by the science laboratories. Creating more myriad characters of manifold origins but all attracting young people to a future dream of: a world of fantasy wrought by both magic and science or a combination thereof. And the rewards are great because cosplay and the imitation of any form of these heroes and even villains sympathized for in different occasions such as parties, pageants and what have you are donned in great display.

Such that transhumanism or the tendency to transcend human limits is achieved. Modernism has actually played on young human psyche for it to have a longing to be different from just a mere human being. The mind is flooded by the will for power and leisure that by the time he grows up he feels uncontented unless he experiences of a semblance in the virtual reality he grew up in: an unreality devoid of real virtues but teeming and clustered by human vices.

So that even the body where one is born into become shady and unreal and needs to be improved in accordance with one’s will. Therefore, sex and body build can be enhanced or even reduce so that one’s will is achieved. As I express in this short poem:

The Will of Discontent

Born in a body, he considered prison
His will for the power and the pleasure,
Surprisingly rekindled with measure
In school where he sips poison.
From evil teachers he learned discontent
And spored the rod, spoiled at home.
Disgusted with God who made him from loam
Turns to clay, hardened malevolent
Add this and remove this; from head to toe
His Creator won’t recognize him now!
He had chosen to be deified and how?
It’s not the Truth he seeks but true woe.
As long as he’s his own creation
He would choose fire, an endless cremation!

The same mindset is already penetrating our schools and more and more of these perversions are being tolerated and even reinforced in our society. It is a horrendous thought that there will be more people resorting to plastic surgery, to beautify themselves, as that is acceptable in cases of accidents, but just to be different. And when I say different what I mean here is the unnecessary mutilation of the body such as blinding oneself purposely and removing appendages intently so that they can live their willed life as transable humans.

We have come to a point in time wherein the influence of demons had penetrated the human psyche so much that since the demons manifest themselves in many horrible forms, human beings have taken the same initiative so as to have the same horrific appearances so far from what God had intended them to be like.

But why do we have too look different from the way God has created us in His own image?

I say that this can only come from a diabolical influence which taught mankind that each can have his own mind and therefore design for himself.

But this is untrue. We can not refashion ourselves essentially. Whatever we alter in our body is unessential. The reason why we have clothing is for us to alter our look for decency as Adam and Eve were ashamed of their sin – induced nudity. They did not need clothing before the fall something has changed in the way they see things: there was already the presence of malice, hence, the need for clothing.

And this is not good. It departs from the very design of God and as a departure it can only be bad. The animists and pagans scar themselves and even mutilate themselves so as to make themselves look good. The blackening of teeth, the gradual enlargening of earlobes to allow a circular ornament, the scanning of the body and all the piercing from the nipples to the nose and tongue, there’s no more limiting to these vices. Some simple tattoos are

And of course, this is ugly need I to write more about mutilation and dismemberment of limbs. In China before, there was this vice of making the feet of females smaller that they needed to be carried even as grown – up women as sexy statement of feminine helplessness. Or for noble men for the fingernails to grow within the palm of a clenched fist to manifest that he may not work in order to eat. In the Philippines as well as in Europe there was the binukot or the aristocratic ladies, respectively who have to be carried and not allowed to walk. Scenes one can also see in many oriental movies. But at least, the last examples were not mutilated.

And so, mankind has gone a long way imitating the nephilim, the disobedient beings who have wanted to be equal to if not to surpass God and later in their spite have chosen to be deceitful, evil and ugly.

So, is this his expression of being free? Of being able to express himself within the devil’s dungeon where there is the gnashing of teeth? Or is this his expression of equality? Of being equal to the demon in it’s harmful ways or being equal to the devil in its seduction? Or is this the expression of his fraternity of being one with evil men and women in the confraternity of hell?

Martin Luther has dreamt of the truth, the good and the beautiful, too. He was in fact, a priest but his dogma of each has his own mind, though looking dignified and full of integrity had to be expressed differently. The abhorrence to the sacrifice of the mass had to be sacrificed for the principals thee and sovereigns of Europe and so, the mass had to be altered into a simple memorial. Each has his own mind, there is no need for hierarchy and therefore from a singular grace one expects salvation; from a singular scripture, the same though each individual had to freely interpret it with his own mind and of course with a singular faith, the same although one’s own mind dictates a personal faith requiring a personal savior and salvation.

Caution because what I say is nothing personal against those who want to practice unrestrained freedom. The Lord intends to give a general judgment in the witness of saints as a Judge where His Mother, His Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix will stand as an Advocate in defense of mankind. But the accuser is K.S.P. because it keeps souls personal that is why it shows itself untiring for its efforts. So, were you impressed by its efforts?

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