The Sacred Tradition in the Modern Time

Jude Missa

Have you gone to Japan and tried their authentic Ramen? Or went to the United Kingdom and try their Beef Wellington? Or have you tried the Puto Calasiao in Pangasinan, Philippines? This is one of the Traditional Foods that is very authentic of these places. But what if someone will say, the way of cooking of Ramen is too old, let’s change it. He removed the usual ramen ingredients and replace it with something new. Then when you taste it, it tastes like a cup noodle with less salty flavor. Or someone will say let’s remove the breading on the beef wellington to look more appealing. Then when you introduce this to the British. They will say to you that “This is not beef Wellington”.
This is the taste and appearance that we are now experiencing today when the Second Vatican Council decides to change or remove some important ingredients of our Catholic Faith, and this is by removing some of the Sacred Traditions. The Second Vatican Council teaches that the tradition does not work in modern times today. So, what are those sacred traditions that do not fit today?

1. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

When Pope Paul VI reform of the Holy Mass, it results of many liturgical abuses. The special ingredient of what makes the Mass Holy is removing the Holy Sacrifice by changing it to a joyful celebration instead of keeping it solemn. Liturgical dance was added including to the so-called Children’s mass, clapping during and after the sermon and also after the mass was also added. Making the faithful to forget or not to inform that the Mass is a Holy Sacrifice.

I remember when I posted a picture from Dr. Taylor of the words of St. Padre Pio about Clapping the Holy Mass, a friend of mine reposted it and a friend of her leave a comment stating that situation before is different. Even if we are living in different generations, era or let’s say in a modern time, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that Christ instituted remains the same. How will you feel if someone you love was tortured to death while someone is dancing and singing in front of him?

2. Modesty

In the previous century, it is important for a female to wear proper clothes such as long dress or long skirt then the male is wearing polo, shirts and pants. In short, not exposing part of the body that tempts others to lust or an inappropriate dress. And it is important for a woman to wear veil while inside the church. Now in a modern time, we see women wearing short skirts or shorts, see through dress or shirts, backless shirt or any clothes that reveals the part of their skin that should never be exposed. This is by following the latest fashion trend. And the worst part is they will bring this fashion inside the church. Some people will defend it and say “I want to wear short skirt inside the church, it is up for the men if he will feel lust” or “men will not feel lust if I wear sexy clothes”. Whatever they say to defend the clothes that they wear, still it will tempt others. And the words “God still loves me whatever I wear in the Mass” is invalid reason. God’s temple is sacred, and wearing a proper dress will give respect to our Lord. Look at the Blessed Virgin Mary, she wears a long dress and a veil, but she remains beautiful. That is modesty!

3. Homosexual relationship and Same-Sex Marriage is not acceptable.

Homosexual people or most commonly known as gay, wants the church accept them. Many people including the LGBT wants the church to have a same sex marriage. But the Church cannot do that even the Pope accepts them because it will lead us to sin. These are one of the reasons why God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Even if science builds a gender changing technology, the soul of this person remains its original gender. The LGBT people are welcome to the church, to attend the Mass or help, but they have to change their ways and follow the will of God.  If God creates you as a Man, you are a man. If God creates you as a woman, you are a woman. As God created a tree, it will remain as a tree, it can never become a rock. Even if we rant the church about this, the church must defend the truth.

4. The Catholic Church is the only religion instituted by our Lord.

In the previous century, the Catholic Church does not accept other religions including the Jews because they didn’t accept Christ. The people today thought that the previous wars happened because of religious indifference and blame the church. For example, when the Muslim empire, the Ottomans wanted to invade Europe and change its religion to Muslim, Pope St. Pius V unites the Europeans against the Muslim invaders. With the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary through the Holy Rosary, the Ottomans were defeated in the battle of Lepanto and the European countries remains under the Church of God, including the Rome. But when Vatican II change the teaching that the other religions are under the church because that is what modernism wants, many people think it is right to convert to another religion. Some Catholics who remained but when they visit Buddhist temples, they pray, they pray to a pagan religion who does not accept Christ. May be the difference of religion cause the dispute to others, but Christ’s instruction is very clear, teach all nations, convert them to Christ and there, they will know peace.

5. Purgatory

The protestants preach that if someone died, they will go straight to heaven and there is no purgatory because it is not in the bible. Yes, the name Purgatory is not in the bible but its description is in the bible. The church name this place just like naming a street, a road, city or country. The concept of purgatory was not accepted by the Protestants because they believe that when Christ died, all sins are already forgiven and we are not sinners anymore which Joel Osteen claimed. That is why our only destination is heaven (sometimes they also teach that there is no hell). Now this teaching has been accepted mostly of our Catholic brethren today, which results assuming that our loved ones are now in heaven, ignoring the fact that some of them are currently suffering in purgatory while cleansing some stain of sins in their soul. They need our prayers, but since we already assumed that they are in heaven, we are ignoring their suffering. One of the reasons why we choose to believe this because we don’t want to stress ourselves if they are in purgatory, and that is a sad truth. So let’s continue to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory until the day we also leave this world. Praying for them is not a stress or anxiety maker, it is love.

If you think that these sacred traditions are bad in this modern time, you have to think twice. I remember when I taste a Puto Calasiao done in a new way, it does not taste the original but just a plain puto. Why? Because they change their methods of making it which removes the true essence of why it is a Puto Calasiao. As the Vatican II council follows the desire of the world, it removes the true essence of the Catholic faith. For us who knows the truth in Sacred Tradition, it’s time for us to spread it. So, they can receive the true taste of the Catholic Faith that nourished our poor souls and for others.

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