Defending the Catholic Faith (Part 3)

Jude Missa

In our previous defense of the Catholic Faith, we defend the nature of God that we Catholics believed. Defending our faith also teaches others including the next generation. Today we defend other topics that the protestants usually criticized about us Catholics.

The Seven Sacraments

Protestants criticized us Catholics for having seven sacraments. Some Protestants believed that there are only three sacraments, some are two or one. They point out that the other sacraments are not in the Bible which is the Sacrament of Confirmation, Penance, Holy Order, Matrimony and Extreme Unction (Anointing of the Sick). While the Baptism and Eucharist was accepted by the Protestants because it  is written in the Bible, though some accept the Matrimony. For them, the other sacraments do not exist. Is this true? No. The other sacraments are also written in the Bible but, it was named by the Church or possibly named by the Apostles. Here is the list of the seven sacraments that were written in the Bible:

  1. Baptism – Acts 2:38
  2. Confirmation – Acts 8:17
  3. Holy Eucharist -Matthew 26:26-28
  4. Penance – John 20:21-23
  5. Extreme Unction – James 5:14-15
  6. Holy Orders – Luke 22:19, John 20:21-23, Matthew 29:18-20
  7. Matrimony – Genesis 2:24

The seven sacraments were instituted by God, by our Lord Jesus Christ. And it has administered and continued by the Apostles, by their disciples until the current priests. Why should we listen to the protestants who doesn’t live with Christ or the Apostles and tell anybody that they are right. We must follow the Sacred Tradition of the Church because it continues the true teachings of Christ and the Apostles. Because the Catholic Church is the apostolic church.

Mary Ever-Virgin

There is one argument of the Protestants always mentioned. That Mary is not ever virgin because Jesus Christ has brothers and sisters, which stated in Matthew 13:55-56. But this is a common misunderstanding for the readers of the Bible especially for those who are influenced by the protestants.

So, what is the cause of this misunderstanding? It is the Greek word “Adelphoi” or “Adelphos“. All of the Books in the New Testament are written in Greek because most people who accept Christianity during the time of the Apostles and Church fathers are the Greeks. The meaning of the world Aldephoi or Adelphos is “Brethren”. Its translation can be brother, sister, cousin or nephew because at that time, there were no Greek words for this relation. Even in Genesis 14:14 where Lot was called the brother of Abraham but he was Abraham’s nephew. Many protestants attack the Blessed Virgin Mary about this but not about Lot as his brother.

Mary never had children with St. Joseph. God’s will is to make Mary pure and St. Joseph followed the will of God. That is why she remained virgin until she assumed in heaven.

            Brethren, there are many things about the Catholic Faith that we must defend. The devil will do anything to sway your faith, and he will use anyone or anything to make you leave the faith. If you have many questions about your faith that makes you confused or wants some answers. You may ask your resident priest (especially the traditional ones), or you can ask your questions to us. Let us pray to God that He may strengthen our faith, and asked the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints to help us.

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