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In the coming feast of All Saints, we, as Catholics, should honor all the Saints instead of participating in evil costume parties like wearing nightmarish creatures. These Saints are holy men and women who are already in Heaven with the Lord. However, most of us do not know that there are Saints that was removed from liturgical calendar and the media called them downgraded saints. Some of these saints are very popular in the Church in many centuries, including St. Christopher, St. Ursula, St. Nicholas (popularly known as Santa Claus), St. George and St. Philomena.

The Faith of Bernadette

“I shall spend every moment loving. One who loves does not notice her trials; or perhaps more accurately, she is able to love them. I shall do everything for Heaven, my true home. There I shall find my Mother in all the splendor of her glory. I shall delight with her in the joy of Jesus himself in perfect safety.”

The Angelic Doctor – St. Thomas Aquinas

Many saints provide big help to the Catholic Church especially to its doctrines. One of them is Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican priest, a philosopher and one of the Doctors of the Church. Saint Thomas Aquinas was born from a noble family. When he was young, he was transferred from Monte Cassino to Naples to study. During his stay in Naples, he was influenced in philosophy including Aristotle. He also met John of St. Julian, a Dominican priest who influenced him to join the Dominicans.

St. Bernadette and the Immaculate Conception

Saint Bernadette was a daughter of a former miller. Saint Bernadette’s Family was so poor and forced to live in a former prison in Lourdes, France. Compared to her siblings and children with the same age, she was unhealthy. When she was an infant, she was infected by Cholera and she also had an asthma. Her unhealthy body hindered her to attend school that resulted to her lack of education. She also had a little knowledge about the Catholic Faith.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and the Holy Eucharist

The Eucharist is truly the body and blood of Christ, it gives nurture to our body and to our soul. In the previous centuries, the Holy Eucharist was always given respect and adoration. But sadly, our generation today never give importance to the body and blood of our Lord in the Eucharist. Let us tell you a short story about a person who fell in love to the Holy Eucharist. Her name is Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Saint Francis Borgia – From Duke to Priesthood

Many people will choose to have a title or position or become a member of the Royal family. But in the 16th century, one man chose to serve our Lord Jesus Christ than titles, positions and even his loyal name. This man was Saint Francis Borgia. Saint Francis Borgia was the son of the Third Duke of Gandia and great grandson of Pope Alexander XVI. When he was young, he wanted to become a priest, but when he was 18 years old, he was sent to the Imperial Court by his parents under the Emperor of Rome and King of Spain, King Charles V.

Who Are The Saints?

As Catholics, we often encounter the word "Saints" - in the church, in a Catholic website, from priests, nuns, people who serve the church or from religious people. In our generation, we often hear about some well-known saints like the Blessed Virgin May, Saint Joseph, Saint John, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Rose, Saint Therese and Saint Padre Pio. But what are "saints" really? Who are they? Let’s talk about them and how does one become a Saint.

God Heals Through St. Raphael

Since we are experiencing a global pandemic, the majority of sick people lack such an act. Even basic prayers like the Hail Mary and Our Father could make a difference in you and your physical and spiritual life. Do not just use your devices to look for solutions with lifelong effects for your everyday needs. Ask for help from God and His servants above without hesitation! If you are afraid to communicate to God directly through prayers, ask angels and saints to bring your prayers to God. They will also shower you with grace and blessing upon calling them. One saint that you may call during times like this is Saint Raphael the Archangel.

Our Beloved Padre Pio: A Heart full of love

When the heart relic of Padre Pio was brought to the Philippines in October 2018m, a fitting celebration was held for the 50th anniversary feast day of Saint Padre Pio who died September 23, 1968. The heart relic of the saint was brought to the different parts of the archipelago and a great number of devotees flock to the incorruptible heart of the saint. Traffic jam was experienced when it was brought to the National Shrine of Padre Pio in Batangas. Everyone headed to the south of Manila. Pilgrims even had to park their cars distant kilometers away from the shrine, and many people walked in order to reach the place. A great number of people flock to the shrine day and night to show their reverence, faithm, respect and love to him. But who is Padre Pio? Why is so much love and reverence are given to him by his devotees?

St. Andrew Kim Taegon

St. Andrew Kim Taegon is the first Korean-born Catholic priest and also the patron saint of Korea. He came from Catholic parents who were martyred for practicing Christianity, which was prohibited during Joson Dynasty. Andrew Kim studied at a seminary in Macau. He went to Philippines to study at Lolomboy, Bocaue, Bulacan, where the Shrine of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon was built in his honor. After being ordained as a priest in 1844 he returned to Korea to preach and evangelize.

The Pope of the Blessed Sacrament – Saint Pope Pius X

The pope is the leader of the Catholic Church, the Vicar of Christ, the successor Saint Peter, our spiritual father. In previous centuries, the Catholic Church has faced many difficult challenges - from bloody persecution to protestant reformation. But the recent challenge that the Catholic Church is now facing is "Modernism". Modernism offers good things that make our lives easy and comfortable. But there is "evil" in Modernism when it is applied to faith. Many faithful including some priests embrace modernism without analyzing the errors it brings. One of the errors of modernism is the belief that Holy Eucharist is not the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is a heresy. Some popes in the previous years became silent or had no solution to this problem. But there’s one pope, who faced the evil of modernism. That pope is Saint Pius X. 

St. Athanasius – Champion of Christ’s Divinity

The Catholic Church faced a great problem when the heresy of Martin Luther spread all over the world and branched out to many Protestant churches like the so-called Born Again Christians. This wasn't the first time that the the church was challenged by false doctrines. Let recall the story of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria.

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