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Accusing Jesus

I always wanted to be in. To be in nowadays, as a modernist, is to accuse Christ of anything. Anything at all. And I , someone who has found immortality has found youth, through witchcraft, and filthy wealth as my lasting inheritance. My name is not important for you but I would sure be remembered by those who somehow, for any reason at all, like the modernists, in order to attack Christ, will endeavor to remember. I am the young rich man who has approached Christ and told Him that I follow the commandments. And yet, what did He do, he even insulted me by saying that the rich will have a hard time passing through the eye of the needle. Goodness, after following all the commandments, this is all I would get. For some, Jesus, the rabbi may be such a gentle person but even more than 2,000 years ago, all I have in my recollection is the pain of being rejected. For how would you feel if someone tells you to leave all your riches behind in order that I could follow Him.

Perverting the Sign of the Covenant

Proudly and grandly, they unfurl The obnoxious multi-colored flag Damning indignities they hurl; Real straight ones they vex and nag. Demiurges, they protest loudly Concerning their dire sexual rights As if they’re oppressed totally, Pushing, generating fights. But look who’s cruelly bashing The now truly marginalized Other’s rights they trample truly, Let all the truths just be denied.       And make the children grow horny;       Let the world be disorderly!           Look Who’s Oppressing?! -- Daniel Santos

On Being Able

We're diverse beings indeed and are given different abilities. Educators know this specially those in the field of education. And some can hear little and some couldn't hear at all. And teachers of the deaf know this very well. And yet even the deaf can learn and re-learn for as long as they can read the signs and gestures if they listen with their hearts. For listening is what determines true hearing and healing and this is what is meant by “faith comes by hearing.”

The Sanhedrin was the forum for the pharisees, who believed in the resurrection and in angels, and the saducees, who are akin to new theories and philosophies. All beliefs and philosophies concerning God and His creation are allowed to be expressed here.
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