The PISA Philippine Results

Thank God, we outdid four countries in the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). This assessment given to 15 year-old students specifically on their performance in reading, science and mathematics. Otherwise, the Filipinos would be at the bottom of the 81 countries which participated. There was a slight improvement from the 2018 results which former Deped secretary hoped for but this was negligible prompting VP Sara Duterte to launch “Catch Up” Fridays where students are expected to read books, articles or anything that interests them on Fridays.

Waking Up WOKE: Gaslighting

The term "gaslighting" means a deliberate attempt to make one guilty even if he should not be. It is a simple procedural projection of having a person feeling remorseful about his act even if he shouldn’t be. Actually, the act wanted the culprit or culprits to change the situation or condition so that he or they would no longer feel guilty in the eyes of others or to escape the feeling of remorse. At its worst, gaslighting works in an extended period of time as a form of coercive control and even makes those who use it as the ones suffering or oppressed. Consider the recent brouhaha over Francis M and his mistress actually making a stir for having been silent for fifteen years. It is as if the world owes her an apology for being silent about her illicit relationship. This indeed is very WOKE.

Suffer Not the Little Children

The senate hearing in aid of legislation which focused on the events that transpired in Socorro, Surigao del Norte show the remarkable effects of education in the lives of people and conversely the disastrous effects of maleducation. Apparently, the eight young people who escaped Kapihan knew their rights and how they were abused and enable them to take ultimate refuge with Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Analyses of Two Ontological Arguments

The very basic foundation of goodness as manifested in society is the belief in God. One may say that a person can be good even if he does not believe in God but one can not actually say if that person is indeed good until his lifetime is finished. It seems that what determines a person’s goodness is his end result. This may be the reason why a saint can only be canonized or ascertained to be holy when he has already died and a thorough investigation of his life suggestive of the odor of sanctity has been made. There are only two kinds of saints; one who has reformed and one who has shown holiness throughout his lifetime. The first one’s conduct can only be attributed to be ethically exemplary after his actual reform while the latter can be an exemplar throughout his lifetime. Of course, nobody is perfect but man’s striving into holiness makes him good.

On Being Transhuman or Transable

At the first glance, especially when we were younger, the TV cartoons and comics serials were depicting non-harmful elements into children's perception. Then some adults started observing seemingly violent behavior among children when they started imitating superheroes and their antagonists and yes robots who do not experience pain.

On Being Able

We're diverse beings indeed and are given different abilities. Educators know this specially those in the field of education. And some can hear little and some couldn't hear at all. And teachers of the deaf know this very well. And yet even the deaf can learn and re-learn for as long as they can read the signs and gestures if they listen with their hearts. For listening is what determines true hearing and healing and this is what is meant by “faith comes by hearing.”

Truth Inconvenienced

The die in cast. Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin. The handwriting is on the wall and the cryptic graffiti is warning us about the new world order that is coming. First there was the sad truth about a boy being arrested because he spoke the truth that there are only two sexes: the male and the female. Then there was the inconvenient ban on the use of urinals. Then we have now a speaker being arrested for exposing a great philanthropist who he said is actually pushing for the gay agenda. A long time ago, an American politician, former Vice-President Al Gore spoke on how we must urgently try to save our planet through his widely-acclaimed “The Inconvenient Truth".

The Cain Identity

The Cain Identity refers to person who is chosen from questionable selection process, especially because there are no more candidates available for recruitment by lowering the norms or standards of selection which we in turn call the Cain principle.

Actors in Politics, and in the Classroom, Too

I have nothing against actors who meddle with politics although some may have indeed muddled the issues. When I was still into talismanic magic, being a Caviteno, I didn't mind Ramon (Bautista) Revilla canonizing hoodlums in his "anting-anting " movies but it seemed that despite the span of time, the amulets didn't work so much in the legislature except that staying in politics indeed charmed the voters. And so with the senate performance of Lito “Pinuno” Lapid.

Woke Psychology: The Devil’s Mob Yoke and Its Implications

The Devil has rediscovered an old tool; the power of numbers. The French Revolution has sparked a nascent belief of vox populi, Vox Dei that is the voice of the people is the Voice of God. And its prevalence has come to the fore in modern though particularly in the field of education and social justice.Later, we will try to see how the concept of multiverse plays within the Mystery of God’s Creation.

Of Teachers and Thieves

Only lately did I read an ingenious story of a teacher who prevented disclosure of a thief’s identity in class which made him an idol of the thief who decide also to become a teacher because of the great example given. The perpetrator stole the watch of a classmate and sagaciously the teacher decided that since the theft was made inside the classroom then the problem had to be resolved within. The students were made to form a circle with their eyes closed and were all frisked and there, the watch was recovered with as one knowing who the thief was.

Neutralizing the Patriarch: Putting Things in Disorder

A little review perhaps is necessary so that the continuum of thought would prevail. First, we explored how it all started in school in the midst of evil teachers. The student’s search for truth was reimaged and reimagined as really search for power and pleasure. In the name of the exercises of natural rights the child seeking to be god-like gets perverted.

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