Volume 5: On Islam

by Tariq Sulaiman

Is the present Catholic ecumenical stance compatible with Islam?

The masonic genius, Benjamin Franklin posited that “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” This must be true because freemasonry has already conquered many godly institutions. And behold this could be more true in Islam because of its phenomenal growth even among predominantly Christian nations.

Given the energy of the Muslim fundamentalists and the persistence of their jihad, the Islamist fundamentalists using terror and violence is spreading its vermin like wildfire. We intend to look at its energy and persistence in the hope of understanding more its compatibility with what the modernist church is trying to apply as ecumenism.

“Great is the power of memory,” Saint Augustine said. In this light, I would like to remind us with those times when those who tried implementing Islam used energy and persistence to use terror and violence through terrorism and violence by trying to harass, intimidate, subjugate and even annihilate the Christians.

Remember 9/11: so many people were killed; even Muslims, I believe, in the Twin towers attack by men who believed that what they were doing is the will of God. Right after the incident, Christians filed to fill the churches filled with indignation and hatred against the perpetrators. The story was told about a catholic priest who asked the congregation who among them were there to pray for the victims. Everyone answered in the affirmative. When he asked who among them were  there to pray for the perpetrators, nobody answered. Then the shocking rebuke came. He said that the Catholics assembled should pray from, too. Undaunted by the angry silence of dismay and disbelief, he explained that it was what the Virgin Mother and her Son wanted; the conversion of sinners! Of course, , in some ways, the flabbergasted audience, could be right in thinking that such an act would have been late already, but praying for the enemy is absolutely correct. It was ecumenism in its purest form because even the Christ prayed for the forgiveness of those who commit sins because they did not know what they were doing ( as sinful ) while He was crucified. Catholic prayer has value also in the afterlife even for an enemy. The priest shocked the churchgoers out of their wits but he was right.

And this is what separates the real Catholic from the real Islamist. The real Catholic must nurture unconditional love while the Islamist must harbor unconditional hatred. In discerning this, one must be very careful because Christianity does not teach masochism naivette making possible saints as wimps but rather militant men who understand their confirmation as soldiers of God. On the other hand, since Islam is total submission to a merciful Allah, and a religion of peace; it should not foster the culture of macho men killing captive and maimed men and violating women and children. The pope therefore, and his cardinals and bishops should not condone nor tolerate such crimes against humanity. Otherwise, the church leaders in the past who rallied and prayed against such men must be wrong; but history had proven them right!

To a certain degree, the 9/11 perpetrators are admirable in some shallow sense, because how many of us Catholics are willing to die for a cause that you think is the will of God? But no, we better not admire them but rather show mercy because their blunder is so great that we should pity them. Such murderous and tyrannical mindset fill human history with catastrophic events beyond our imagination except when Heaven intervenes!

History tells us that the Ottoman empire became immensely powerful that it controlled the seas. Its navy will attack and pillage all Christian ships and take the captives to be sold as slaves in its cities. The Christian warriors are no match to their fierceness and superiority fired by their Islamic spirit of their right to slave and war booty over infidels. The Knights of Saint John of the Hospitallers was one such victim of their military might. They had to retreat from the Muslim onslaught to island of Malta. But in the siege of 1563, the knights resorted to prayer for military logistics was against them. Jean de Vallete, in an act similar to that of Saint Ignatius, dedicated his sword to heaven. Despite the numerical superiority of the moors, the Catholic knights and their followers, resorting to prayers to the mother of Isa (Jesus in the Quran) routed the Muslims. Out of the 6,000 defenders around half was left but out of the 40,000 Moors who attacked Malta, only around 20,000 were able to return home.

This is Lepanto in 1571. If not for Our Lady of Victories and her rosary by which the Pope and the Catholics implored heaven, the whole of Europe could have been Islamized. If John of Austria and Andrea Doria, as well as the other Catholic defenders, did not ask for her help and pledged themselves to Christ, the miraculous naval victory off Nafpaktos, Greece, may have ended heroically but tragically for they were vastly outnumbered by the Ottoman Turks who, in déjà vu, called the Christians infidels who are worthy of annihilation! The Lepanto admiral, Andrea Doria had the “La Conquistadora (image of Our Lady of Guadalupe)” which was a gift of King Philip installed in his ship as the real commander. Our Lady had been given such honorary epithet for the conversion of the Pagan Indians of South America balancing the loss of reformation converts in the European continent. Moreover, the hero of Lepanto, Don Juan of Austria required the praying of the rosary to all his men and prohibited the women from boarding the ships lest the married men fall into the trap of an adulterous relationship before the battle. During the battle, Don Juan, possibly possessed by the Holy Spirit danced like the Prophet David when the Ark of the Covenant was brought to the citadel on the deck of his ship. This strange behavior curiously emasculated the Ottoman commander Ali Pasha and pricked his pride who thought it was a personal insult to him and caused him to expose himself on his own deck. As he was exposed, a bullet hit his forehead. A Christian captive took advantage setting himself free as a galley slave and decapitated him. This act further demoralized the Muslims into their utmost defeat.

Consider an earlier victory, on July 22, 1456, the Battle of Belgrade in what is now Serbia. Another John (Hunyadi), the Hungarian king, launched his counterattack where Mehmed II, another Muslim conqueror of the Ottoman empire, got wounded and was forced to lift the siege. For this decisive battle, the Pope earlier instructed the 70-year old Saint John of Capistrano to form a crusade. For this priest, who is the son of a German knight, this was a tall order for the European nobility was hesitant to commit for a rush formation of an army to meet the formidable Turkish invasion. The aging priest had to turn to the peasants to save Europe and with great devotion and countless prayers organized what is now called the Peasants’ Crusade which miraculously saved Christian Europe. This crusader army led by John Hunyadi first broke the Muslim blockade on July 14 and effectively sank three Ottoman galleys and captured four more including 20 smaller vessels so that they can approach Belgrade faster. During the counterattack, Tituoz Dugovic, a peasant crusader, grabbed the standard bearer who stood on the wall and even if he went down with him to his death, the feat further demoralized the Turks. The victory was Saint John Capistrano’s last great effort for the glory of God. He said, “The Lord Who made the beginning will take care of the finish.” He died in Illak, Croatia with the plague which also caught up with the moors who retreated to Constantinople bringing with them the sickness. The other hero, John Hunyadi died also of the plague only three weeks after his victory. Apparently, this successful attempt to defend Christendom was a miracle in itself for the army organized was an army of inexperienced warriors whose only esprit de corps was devotion to Christ. For this victory, Pope Callixtus III instituted the ringing of the bells in all churches in Europe at noontime.

Then again much later, reflect on Vienna, Austria in 1683 still with another John! Had not John Sobieski and his “winged” Hussars, which was just a ragtag cavalry, won over the Islamic Turks, the whole of Europe must have been already islamized. Then a prince, and later Polish king, Sobieski prayed for victory to Our Lady of Czestochowa on the Feast of the Assumption before mounting his charger to lead his cavaliers. This cavalry horrified the Muslim troops when they suddenly emerged in the thick of battle wearing wings on their backs. The Moors were shocked and in awe because they were being attacked by “angels riding on horses”. This victory, (take note of the date) happened on the feast of the Holy Name of Mary, September 12. Catholics today, may not be aware that the baking of croissants (crescents) commemorated this victory because of the flour left by the retreating Muslims who outnumbered the defenders to a large scale. Mary Antoinette is credited by some for bringing the bread to France which reflected the crescents in the flags of the Mohammedans. Furthermore, the Viennese defenders were curious why the Turks could fight both in the day and at nighttime continuously. This was when they discovered coffee left by the invaders who brought with them a large amount of the beans from Ethiopia, grown by the infidels there and that is why they were called kafir (infidel) for Muslims discriminate against non-Muslims and call them unfaithful or without faith. Thus, the first cafes were established in Vienna especially when what was called the “devil’s brew” was christened by the pope as a Christian drink after having tasted it so that it was no longer exclusive for Muslim consumption. One now can deduce with findings on caffein that the devil must have made the Moors besieging Vienna nervous as another factor for their horror upon seeing the Polish hussars ride from the woods! After his victory, John Sobieski made a parody out of the pagan Julius Caesar’s famous quote: “Veni, vidi, vici.” His version is “I came, I saw. God conquered.” It was no longer a surprise when Bugorodzice, the national anthem of Poland was sung by the victors as it exalted Mary, the Mother of God and Saint John, the Baptist. For me, these three victories also add up to three “coincidences” of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s intercession with the Johns being the protagonists of each. Such that, it is expected of a Yahya, Yunus, Johann, Jon, Jean, John, Giovanni, Jonah or a Juan to be dedicated to Mary for whom it was implied of the beloved apostle and therefore for every Junior by the Son of Man, Who also wept for His cousin, John; “Behold the Woman. ” May I therefore suggest to all the Juan de la Cruzes reading this to show more dedication to the Virgin Mary. I also exhort all the Yunus de la Media Luna, reading this,to emulate Muhammad who honors Maryam and better still surrender to her will someday.

But let us leave the Joneses and go to another kind of an apostle, a doubting Thomas: Thomas Jefferson. One day, this American hero sought a diplomatic solution to the piracy, which is a medieval practice of misguided Muslims even to this day. It came to his urgent attention that American civilian ships were being attacked off Tripoli down to the Barbery coast by Arab pirates. But the Arab diplomat was unperturbed and told him bluntly that it was their right as Muslims because Americans are sinners for being non-Moslems and therefore, infidels. Thomas Jefferson (not Ibn Jaffar) had no more doubt and acted promptly. And this is how the United States Marine Corps came to be organized. I only added this part to show how threatening an extreme religious ideology is such that it would necessitate the formation of another military arm. To thwart offshoots of such religious intolerance, a military innovation had to be made and now, the pope wants his flock to be give in to a foolish notion of unconditional ecumenism like when he participated in for a Pachemama ritual for mother earth. Francis should take note of what Jefferson did to protect those who travel using mother sea. I do not mean that he should overreact and form a Vatican marine corps. At the time of this writing, Francis is even said to be having plans to go to Latin America to apologize for the stealing and eventual throwing of the Pachemamaw (Please forgive the editor the misspelling, Fr. Francis )idols to the which were displayed at the Basilica. Let us not be wimps and overdo our ecumenical fraternalization.

Consider the strange phenomenon of the Boko Haram in Nigeria at the onset of this century. Members of this Islamic fundamentalist group decided they could do the best jihad by kidnapping school girls for ransom and even went to the extent raping them or selling them as slaves as Islam had considered this lawful. The act of rape was defined as a licit act since there will be more Muslims. Children born from the rape perpetrated by the rapists will become Muslims and the girls have to convert into Islam or face death. But if they did this because of their belief, the Orthodox Christians of Serbia may have greater accountability come Judgement Day when they did the same to Bosnian women for the same reasons of increment of church membership because that is not what their faith taught them.

In December, 2014, Bishop Dashe Doeme of the Diocese of Midugori had a vision of Jesus Christ handing over to him a sword. At that time, as a human being, the bishop was distressed over the plight of his flock and angry and hateful he was contemplating on seeking a bloody military solution for Boko Haram. However, when the sword reached his hands it transformed into a rosary. The Lord promised that the Boko Haram threat will be gone. The bishop understood that praying the rosary will help bring this about and so he shared the message to his people. On October 13, 2016 (take note of the date) most of the girls were released by the Boko Haram. In May, of 2017, 83 more girls were released and consequently in July, the Boko Haram surrendered.

In all of the events aforementioned, there was little or no regard for human life or dignity at all shown by fanatical Muslims. All those who are fortunate to live are only allowed to live for some profit as the Quran and its prophet encourage. But I do not mean other Muslims here but those who overdo their faith or makes it as an excuse for personal motives. No wonder that the ISIS jihadists now simply shout “Allahu Akbar!” and the decapitation of Christian captives just like the slaughter of a halal animal. Theoretically with the modern day Shariah in effect, there are at least five possibilities for a Christian captive namely: be a convert by professing Islam, pay up to be able to practice your religion, be a refugee, be a slave or be killed. Apparently, in the first one betrays Jesus Christ, in the second you enrich the coffers of the heresy by paying, on the third you may lose your homeland and or even your identity, in the fourth, you lose your freedom and in the fifth you lose your life. But Islam does not make you a loser five out of five. In the fifth, you gain martyrdom if your intention is to exalt Christ over Muhammad: God over man.

In the struggles mentioned above, I just can not help but compare them to the life of a great boxer especially my favorite, Manny Pacquiao. There was a time when I was very excited watching his fights. I would remember his mother, Dionesia clutching a rosary, and storming heavens with her prayer. I would also see Manny kneel first on a corner, make the sign of the cross and pray. He would even make the sign of the cross before each round. But it was gone just like his mother would not come anymore. Perhaps it was his Pastor Soriano who preached against this or it was part of his Christian transformation but for me as a Catholic, it was important. It was Juan Manuel Marquez who made the sign of the cross when he faced Pacman on the day of the Immaculate Conception and Manny was knocked out. Manny took on Djordennis Dugas who had a week to prepare as a substitute and lost with a unanimous decision of the day of the Queenship of Mary. My wife reminded me that on the last day of Flores de Mayo also dedicated to Mary, Pacman lost to Floyd Mayweather. I do not believe in coincidences in professional boxing. But then Pacquiao’s opponents were not Muslims and his spiritual adviser is a Christian who views the Virgin Mary in another light. But I could be wrong because I am an amateur.

What is jihad and what is in it that is incompatible with Catholic ecumenism?

Jihad as a religious concept in itself is good as a struggle within oneself for it can lead to the proper examination of the conscience. A Muslim who participates in a holy war is a mujihad . In effect, a holy warrior must struggle within himself and this is very crucial. However, how he understands this struggle will definitely affect his view of his jihad. He may be led to believe that having performed the five pillars of Islam may not be enough. He lives in the relatively peaceful world where is Islam is outwardly manifest. But some imam or ulama may lead him to believe that in the Islamic society where he lives there must be something else he may do for Allah as what Muhammad did during his time. He may want to reform that Islamic society especially when it is being influenced by infidels according to his spiritual advisors. Moreover, there is the sphere of infidels that need to be converted. Again, dependent on his advisors his jihad may take another course which he would believe is a greater way of exalting Allah. This would be an enormous task. This may entail a shahada or a martyrdom in order to bring about. This shahada, he may need to fulfill his jihad.

How the mujihaddin is raised to believe in Islamic tenets come by way of the Quran, the revealed truth of Allah which came by way of Jibreel, the angel and Muhammad, may purgation be upon him, the prophet himself and the Hadiths that are narrated so that the messenger’s life could be imitated. Of course, the interpretation of these can greatly be interpreted by the spiritual advisers who accordingly live in geopolitical spheres such as being Shiite or Sunni, or different spiritual realms such as the Wahabs and the Sufis for even the Ka’ba may a very holy place or mere superstition for some. But the interpretations of Imams and Ayatollahs could differ very much and affect the grassroots of Islam. If you were an Afghan Taliban raised in Pakistan, your jihad will involve the annihilation of foreigners in your beloved country. Your shahada may include the rooting out of Shaitan’s influence which you saw upon returning to Afghanistan. If you were raised in the outskirts of a holy site in Iraq or Iran you may also worry about the world out there which needs conversion. Your jihad may include a shahada that would shock the westerners back to their senses so that they can finally submit to Allah alone. But if you grew up in Banda Aceh as a modern Indonesian, you might be shocked why you were flogged in public when you thought you were just playing with a game of cards with your neighbors, and especially because there was no betting done; and never thought that such trivial matters would offend Allah. So, what would your jihad be?

Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, a Muslim boy could be traumatized enough by some abusive uniformed personnel such that he might not only take a vow as an outdated juramentado but as modern terrorist. His family must have been part of a senseless massacre. One must remember a historical fact, that the caliber .45 pistol was invented to stop an attacking Moro of the Philippines who became such motivated warriors because of the atrocities the Muslims suffered during the American pacification campaigns in Mindanao.

But what could finally determine the type of jihad a Muslim undertakes is his balanced thinking of what is spiritual and what is mundane which in Islam, the way it is taught, ends up in a gel confused by an angel. Upon closer examination, what fires up a mujihaddin into an extremist jihad fighter who could undertake violent attacks against infidels ( i.e. Judeo-Christians and even Muslims influenced by the west) even at the cost of his life (i.e. shahada-martyrdom) is the medieval principle of fighting a cause for the spoils of war (i.e. the captives and the booty). Of course, the jihad of the extremist has all the trappings of a spiritual warfare: the prayers of the ulama, the serious farewells of the Muslim community assembled on a Friday in a masjid, and the formal send off of the family from which 70 may benefit if you intercede for them in heaven, and including your loving mother who in her heart is wishing that you come back as a hero to the village to enjoy respect and booty in the world. But deep in your heart, although your mother reminds you of Aminah, the prophet’s mother, there are the pictures of beautiful ladies in a harem waiting for you. The prophet, fortunate that he was had Aisha, Hafsha, Jawariya, Zaynab, Mariya, Safiya, etc. even in the world, because Allah bestowed on him such fortune have the same and more in paradise! Even under a great domed mansion that stretches far and wide with opulence. Imagine you will have almost the same carnal pleasures that the prophet , may purgation be upon him, enjoys!

(Incidentally, this is the same fallacy of Vatican II seminaries, which object is still to produce holy priests and yet, the seminaries are already replete with the vices of the world that seminarians can not anymore see the difference between the world outside and inside the seminary. In fact, it is possible that the very doubt in the real presence in the Eucharist could begin in a very mundane, air-conditioned and gadget-laden formation house. Are we to be surprised if a priest would have vices similar to some Ayatollahs?)

For someone who sometimes could not afford the dowry to marry a girl whose face you have to guess and whose body you can just imagine so that you can just masturbate with the hole in the fruit which is halal rather than do it with the camel which may be haram, to have 72 virgins waiting after martyrdom is indeed paradise worth dying for! In the final analysis, the extremist jihadist has for his motive in the fundamental sense is to get the rewards of unbridled carnal pleasure in the afterlife; to live in a heaven of sexual gratification in a setting of utmost luxury, even better than what the filthy rich Muslims in their tower rooms around the Ka’ba, made legitimate by the prophet and by those who followed him, may purgation be upon him.

The real peaceful Muslims who follow Islam as a religion of peace could not possibly have the conscience of an extremist who will strap himself with explosives just to murder Jews and Christians regardless of age, sex and circumstance, ( i.e. praying in the church or just being a crowded place. That is one perverted conscience if ever there is still one. As such, the concept of an extremist Islamic jihad can not be reconciled with sincere practical attempts of Catholic ecumenism. It is impractical to entertain a murderer as a brother in our midst knowing that he has that criminal intent of annihilating us even at the cost of his misguided life. For him to mingle in an unknowing crowd in peace just to kill a rabbi or a priest is iscariotal and to include the innocent crowd is satanical. How could it be holy shahada!

True Catholic ecumenism uses discernment to be in the company of a Muslim brother who has no intent other than peaceful co-existence of mutual respect for everybody else. That is why the practice of some of our Indonesian Muslim brothers of not calling non-Muslims as infidels is an admirable stance to start with. Do not be misled. Not everybody who speaks of peace really means it. He may actually mean the peace of memorial parks. In fact, some Muslims believe in the punishment in the grave where two angels can still torture the dead. So discern what kind of peace are they talking about.

A Muslim whose jihad is a simple stance for debate and argumentation to have the Truth revealed is a brother who is worthy of an ecumenical stance because his soul thirsts for the Truth and his action seeks the Way towards the light of holiness. But you would know his real motives if he imposes on you his beliefs by bickering. A Muslim whose holy war is to win 72 plus brides in paradise and whose ambition is to have an ever erect penis should be avoided lest you suffer a surprise martyrdom yourself just because you believe in Christ as God.
Many times, these Muslim fundamentalists are portrayed dramatically by social media as a minority people discriminated upon such that in the false sense of ecumenism you may try to seek them out. No! Do not be misled. It was only a pernicious minority led by Martin Luther which destroyed so much in Europe. In the end he just wanted to marry and have his own church. Likewise, it was only a toxic minority of Brown shirts which catapulted Adolph Hitler into his Nazi regime of the Third Reich even if majority of the German people were peace loving. These same viral tendencies of minority fundamentalism turned the peaceful people of China and Russia to capitulate to rabid communism!
As a Catholic, therefore, one must have his own active holy war. His internal preparation for this is his adoration to the eucharist which unlike the adoration to the black stone of Ka’ba is never an idolatry because Jesus is a Real God Whose Real Presence is in the Sacred Host, and familiarity with the weapon of holiness, the rosary. For how one be a good soldier if he does not know his Commander and the real chain of command and if you are not familiar with the weapon you were mandated to carry. Externally, too, one needs a discerning peace of militancy when dealing with others professing another faith. Also important is the devotion to the Divine Mercy which can help the holy warrior win over his enemies including himself. Keep in mind the marching orders given to you and be confident for in the end, ”the Immaculate heart of Mary” will triumph. For Ralph Waldo Emerson (not Ibn Emr), “To be great is to be misunderstood.” But yes,for the Crusader it is great to be misunderstood but greater still to undertstand those who misunderstood. For who can be greater than Christ Whose greatness understands those who misunderstand.

In your first answer, you seem to have alluded to feast days? What were you implying?
In the Ottoman empire, Sufi mystics are consulted for propitious dates to launch their attacks. For me, the 9/11 attack is not a coincidence. It was meant to mount a day of victory for Islam because the attack on Vienna was meant to take Vienna on the same day but the defenders persisted. They even suffered defeat on September 12, the feast day of the Holy Name of Mary. The 9/11 attack however, is dark victory for the havoc it has caused made Islamist fundamentalists more undignified. October 13 in the Boko Haram account is the most important day of the Fatima apparitions.
Is it not that Christians particularly Catholics also discriminate against the Muslims? In fact, what do you mean by the term, “moro” and what is its implication to ecumenism?

You are right, there is a discriminating slur in that term. Since the Muslims have been laying siege on cities and towns they considered home of infidels, they were associated with the walls ( i.e. muros) as they await extra muros (out of the walls) to enter intra muros. Notice too, that paintings on the walls are called murals and the games played within the school are called intramurals.

The Muslims were associated with the walls because of the sieges they made especially against Catholic cities. Hence this created a psychological archetype between them and other people of the book.

Islam is not just a religion. It is a geopolitical ideology which divided the world into two spheres namely where Muslim peace exists (Dar al Salaam)and the war zone (Dar al Harb) where the Muslim can wage war because the infidels reside there and they need to be converted into Islam. It is therefore, a political ideology which seeks to expand the Islamic empire to establish a Muslim peace (Dar al Salaam), akin to the Roman empire’s doctrine of conquest to bring about pax romana to conquered lands. All areas therefore under Islamic control must be free from any Islamic threat and only nations, cities and towns not under Islamic control are subject to Muslim conquest in the name of jihad to subjugate or even to annihilate. This model of spheres can no longer be applied today simply as such because extremists could topple governance suspected of infidelity to Islam just to put up a real or ideal Islamic state. The ultimate plan is really to conquer the whole world so that a singular harmonious and global religious community exists unopposed. For Shiites, who are rushing their boys to perform deeds that would usher the coming of the Mahdi, this is the world which the twelfth imam will bring.

Theoretically, therefore, every Muslim recognizes this “invisible wall” existing between him and the infidels. It was historically him who drew the line between who attack and who to attack with since these people, the Quran explicitly mandates, should convert to Islam for if they don’t, Allah only needs to be invoked and they can already be beheaded.

Therefore, it is theoretically impossible to live with Muslims side by side for they are just waiting for the opportunity to convert us or otherwise. But slowly, but surely, they are discovering that it is in fact possible. Even the prophet, may purgation be upon him, practiced religious tolerance with women with whom he cohabited with ( i. e. women he coveted such as Rayhana, Mariyah, the Copt slave and Safiya who openly hated him) and therefore had to accept in-laws who did not necessarily believed in him. How could a Muslim scholar gloss over that?

But for the fundamental Muslim who believes in such a “wall” of separation who only sees a literal Quran (letter for letter) and blinds himself with impositions of truth does not qualify for Catholic ecumenism.

The only hope is for the Muslims is to heed their conscience and look into the Virgin Mary’s practice of an alternative religion, since Muhammad himself made him into a Muslim girl and acknowledged in the Quran that she is blessed among women (his favorite wives Khadijah and Aisha; his mother, Aminah; and favorite daughter, Fatima included) who is non-violent and never imposing.

Did you know that Muhammad had a delusional dream of marrying the Virgin Mary in heaven when he goes there? Yes, along with Ayesha, the pharaoh’s daughter (which is not supported by history as Ayesha but rather the daughter Thutmose) and Miriam which he at one time confused with Maryam, the mother of Isa. Poor dude, even going up there is already a problem with him because of these delusions!

You are hurt by the term infidel but your saint, James of Galicia was given the epithet “Matamoros”. Is this not counter to the decree of ecumenism? It is tantamount to killing moors like they are just mites.
Santo Santiago de Galicia (also of Compostela) came out as a mystical figure in the medieval conflict when Moors were invading Spain and threatening anything the survival of anything Christian. Although, the epithet “Killer of the Moors” may be taken out of context as anti-ecumenical, which can always be granted, the context was meant to kill any threat inimical to the survival of Christianity in Spain. The Iberians faced the possibility of their extinction, population, culture etc. and the only hope was their patron saint who did not disappoint them and came out as a knight who rallied them into a defensive victory. Naturally, from a histori-cultural perspective, the Spaniards had to bring his iconography into the Philippine islands where the Moros have the habit of pillaging towns and villages for slaves and booty. We do not have to resort to call Muhammad or some caliphs that followed him as “Christian killers” because that would be an overkill to still state what is obviously disgusting.
What is Islam? Who taught about it and/or where is it from? What is its basis?

Islam is supposed to be the true religion or the message handed down by Allah (God)to the prophet Muhammad, his last messenger through the angel Jibreel (Gabriel). The sacred book is the Quran which was dictated by the angel to the prophet though a period of time during the prophet’s life and its followers are called Muslims. The Muslims also believe in the Hadiths which are narratives of the prophet’s anecdotal life from which Muslims can gain insights into how they can interpret Islam, imitate the prophet and apply Islam in all that they do especially the five pillars of Islam. Historically they were also called Mohammedans as followers of Muhammad or Moors which was how European Christians called them and which they do not appreciate.


Mohammed himself was a literary miracle for he was illiterate but the angel Gabriel sent by Allah literally pressed him into becoming the writer of what the angel dictated as the Quran. Gabriel himself changed from a calming or peaceful angel of the preceding books into an imposing entity who does things by force. Muhammad was contemplating within the cave in Hira, about three kilometers from Mecca when the angel came and compelled him to read. The angel and especially Allah were supposed to know he was illiterate and so, the angel got physical when he would not dare read. Perhaps indeed, this event is a miracle for a Muslim which is worth believing because the prophet learned how to read! No wonder the subjugated people are forced to read the Quran and they believed!


The things written in the Quran are supposed to come from God but then again it was found inconsistent with the bible. The crucified Christ, which archeology and history could easily establish as a fact, are easily dismissed by the Quran. Islam instead teaches that it was Judas Iscariot who was crucified and Jesus was brought to Heaven laughing at those who thought they were able to kill him. Anyway, the teaching of Islam designates Isa (Jesus) only as a prophet with Muhammad as the last prophet more exalted than him. So, naturally, Isa cannot be the Son of God as he is inferior to Muhammad, may purgation be upon him. For Muslim apologists, the contradictions between the Quran and the bible distinctly shows that the Quran was meant to correct or complete what was lacking in the preceding books and therefore true believers should take the Quran as the authority over all others.


The problem is that Gabriel seems to have included some confabulated fairy tale stories like the men who slept inside a cave for three hundred years which circulated around Arabia for hundreds of years already. The princess who took Musa (Moses) from the Nile is named Ayesha but history could not place this name during Moses’ time. It was Hatshepsut who was the reigning princess at that time and it was not surprising that this princess was lost in the annals of history because she reigned as a man, a pharaoh, in fact. Also, the Muslims claim it was Ismail who was to be sacrificed and not Isaac who was in the biblical account. This was understandable since the Arabs and therefore, the Bedouins are Ishmaelites. And so, in this story, it was even the son (who they claim to be Ishmail) who was advising the father how to sacrifice him in the story of Ibrahim (Abraham) for the father was faint hearted. The creation story itself found in the Surah has contradictions on which was created first- heaven or hell? Or how long did the process take place-six or eight days? Would the Beatles’ “Eight days a week be more credible”? And what of man, was it a blood clot or a small seed of dust? Given this and the crucifixion story, could an angel get Alzheimer’s? Or is it true that the illiterate merchant Muhammad was all ears to what the Jews and Christians told him at that time which unfortunately are bound to clash with one another for it was the Jews who crucified Christ and rejected Him as their Messiah. Could God (Abba) contradict Himself after going into proving His love for His People, giving His Only Begotten Son? Even the Quran is incomplete. Some domestic ruminant came into the house and ate part of it while they were busy over the prophet’s demise. Someone is untruthful here.


Now, if we have some problems with the prophetic material maybe we would encounter any more problems with the prophet himself. William Penn said, “No man is fit to command that cannot command himself.” We agree that is why we say a Muslim should start the jihad within himself. But reviewing what is written about Mohammed, especially in the Hadiths we see a man full of violent and lustful proclivities. How then can he command the true religion when he is not fit to command?


Muhammad’s teachings which are supposed to be Allah’s vacillated. Does Islam promote slavery or just like Isah’s message, that He will set the slaves free? Was Muhammad bent of protecting women or was he instrumental in exploiting them? Some say he had scientific insights of human embryos as blood clots. His stance is supposed to be monotheistic, even unitarian but there seem to be evidences that it is not. He teaches a religion of peace but mandated decapitation of infidels. Ano ba talaga, kuya? This we have to see…


But Muhammad is sinless. He only had to ask for Allah’s forgiveness seventy times a day. This now begs, the question whether he is fit to command or not. For purposes of our study, we make use of narrations that are either Hadiths followed by Sunnis alone or by Shiites exclusively or by both traditions. Their scholars differ at times whether one is authoritative or doubtful, as a fabrication but with some we can learn more about the humane side of the prophet. While the prophet accuses the bible accounts as myths one will be surprised in the consideration of the Quran and the Hadiths. There are claims that one of the reasons why the Hadiths had to be collected is because mankind must imitate the goodness of the prophet. If one wants to free himself from vice and become ou he must follow the Quran and imitate the prophet, hence, a conversion to Islam is necessary.


Dennis Diderot said, “We are far more liable to catch the vices than the virtues of our associates.” Hence, if we associate with people who may see some vice as more of virtuous, the opposite may occur. Thus, before we convert to Islam and become a Muslim, let us consider some belief systems that we might catch. We will now use the Hadiths from the life of Muhammad.


  1. The vice of divorcing when one “falls out of love”. Divorce is a legal procedure where matrimony is ended for reasons given by just one party. A Muslim man can divorce any number of times they like for as long as there is a reason.


It is reported that ibn Kalbi that Ghazziyah ibnt jabir who is (called) Umm Sharik, she was previously married and had a son called Sharik (from the past husband) so she was called by that surname (by relationship). When the prophet went to her, he found her to be an old woman, so he divorced her.- when consummated the marriage with her, he found her aged (another trans.)” -from The History of al Tabari (Ta’hih al Rasul wa Sauluk, Vol.XIV, JUNY Press, 1994


Despite his rich marrying experience, Muhammad seems to be a little dull in discerning the age of a bride even as a prophet. It must be the attire that he has imposed upon women that made his discernment bad. The habijah can really make room for a great undercover work. Thanks to the prophet’s overprotectiveness for his wives which produced this oppressive costume.


  1. The vice of sophistry. Coming up with a licentious answer even if it is untrue.


Narrated abu Said, a man came out to the prophet and said, “My brother has got loose motions (LBM).” The prophet said, “Let him drink honey.” The man (again came and) said, “I made him drink (honey) but that made him worse.” The prophet said, “Allah said the truth, and the abdomen of your brother has told a lie.”-Sahih Bukhari 7:71:614


This prophet, may purgation be upon him, is saying that Allah could be interested in trivial matters such as stomach ache remedies! A man’s tummy lied against divine revelation?


  1. The vice of being unhygienic. And strangely, at that.


Narrated by Ibn Abbas: The prophet said, “when you eat, do not wipe your hands till you have licked it., or had it licked by somebody else.” –Sahih Bukhari 7:65:366


I wish there were dogs around instead of some person obliged. But no, man’s best friend isn’t the prophet’s as he had dogs ordered killed elsewhere.


  1. The vice of worldliness as evidenced by his favorites. The prophet may be strict about drinking and other vices but consider the following; one from his favorite wife:


Al Hasan al Basi wrote: The Messenger of God said, “The only two things I cherish of the life in this world are women and perfume.”-Ibn Sadi Kitab- Tubat Al -Kubu, vol. 1, p.380


Consistent with Aisha said: The prophet of God like three things: perfume, women and food. He had the (first) two but missed the third.


The third implied that he would be fasting. If you think that is great then wait till we find out what he does with Aisha when he is missing food.


  1. The vice of preoccupation with sex even when speaking of the afterlife: but this one is from an Ayatollah;


Copulation in this world besides carrying uncleanliness at that time of gratification. Also makes people neglectful. But an intercourse in paradise makes one mindful and aware…a faithful one will enjoy a hundred virgins in paradise and the astonishing fact is that they would again become virgins thereafter.”-Ayatollah Dastaghaib Sherazi. Heart of Qum. A commentary to Sura al Yasir. Andiyar Publications(Qum)-Ayat. No. 53-57


Aisha narrated: “The prophet used to go round with all his wives in one night and he had nine wives.”-Sahih Bukhari 7:62:6


I wish the Ayatollah could remind his prophet about diligence and neglect but then how would we know if he was praying with his wife while doing it (i.e. he gave advice on how a mujihadin could be formed while in coitus through prayer). Now, can copulation be clean in heaven if we have the same unclean motives? Or we serious to say that counting the number of women sex partners as a focus of consciousness, a holy act?


Now, if I have at least five reasons, for there are more, to avoid Muhammad because of what I perceive to be vices, it follows that those who believed and followed him (i.e. the ayatollah quoted) would have the same vice patterns so I would rather not convert.

Shiite scholars have correctly observed that Hadith, especially those by Huraira, could be used in the character assassination of the prophet. Such Hadiths should be avoided to really recognize the prophet. Did you not just fall into the trap?

I haven’t even quoted Huraira yet but that’s alright we might as well do that later. But Henry Clay said,” Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is prized as that of character.” If the prophet indeed was an honorable man with honorable character, how could all these Hadiths be written about him especially when some of the Hadiths are from his wives or concerned them. During those times, they were hardly in the position to evaluate them as we could now. (By the way, please excuse the spelling variants because Arabic just like Chinese words mutate when Romanicized. They are like the virus, says my Indian associate, Karam Singh.)


We have an honorable intention of finding out the truth especially about his character. The commentary used, in fact, came from a Muslim of honorable character for he was an Ayatollah.

No, we simply showed evidence that the prophet’s priorities are questionable because he can be neglectful as the Ayatollah states. I do not also did not claim them as illegal.


But you may be right for his having the strength of 30 men for sex as claimed by the Bukhari Book of Bath 1: 189 may not be a self-imposed vice but rather a gift of virtue from Allah as Waqidi said:” The prophet Allah used to say that, ‘I was among those who have little strength for intercourse. Then Allah sent me a pot with cooked meat. After I ate of it, I found strength anytime I do the work.’” Ibn Sa’d Kitab Tabayat Al-Kubra, Vol. 8, p. 200


It was indeed work for him. And again, you may be right that having sex with one’s wife is not sinful but there is the story of the prophet influencing his men of raping and selling Yasidi women after defeating the Jews at Khaybar except the pregnant women (is this an act of mercy?) and keeping the daughter of his enemy, Safiya, for himself. It was apparent that he was not his wife for when he asked the guard why he was there, he answered that he was afraid for him because he killed his father, husband, brother and people and thus take revenge against the prophet.


Safiya of Qurayz was apparently raped on the way to Wahdi-al Qura and made her Chief Mistress (Jariya-implying that there were others before her) until the prophet married her. A veil was later drawn for her indicating that she was already his. Yes, apparently, the prophet took concubines and encouraged his warriors to do the same.


Safiya, daughter of the Banu Qurayz chief is quoted as saying, “Of all men, the prophet was the one I hated the most for he killed my husband, father and brother and kept saying, Your father excited the Arabs to unite against us and he did this and that,-until the hatred was gone from me.” It was also mentioned that the women and children, and property were sold for horses and weapons.-Sahih Bukhari, Book of Sale and Book of Nikah 3:59, and also Immanuel Al-Manteeq


Evidently, he took her even when she was not yet his wife and there was no prescribed waiting period for a woman about to get married which he himself instituted. This was haram even if he consequently married the woman. This therefore is vice that Jesus Christ, the Prophets of prophets can never do.

You are judging Muhammad from an unfair perspective. He must be judged from the context of his time when it was lawful to keep captives and divide the spoils of war. Notice that Muhammad even married Safiya even when she can just be a slave by promoting her first as Jariya. Is this not the mark of a just and merciful man?

I would not say that was the case. Jesus Christ came to set all captives free and He respected women as God’s creation. Muhammad on the other hand caused the enslavement of Safiya from which status she no longer can say no to the wishes of her master. What was called lawful refers to a tyrannical law of this world which makes licit torment and oppression. Do we honor women by just making them concubines? Why don’t we ask the women if they do not prefer being wives instead? Is a technical act of owning a woman so that she can’t be taken by others already an act of mercy? What if she prefers the other man, are we not being cruel to her?

Muhammad treated women as such because they were from the enemy tribes threatening his very existence. The father of Safiya as witnessed by the prophet himself “excited the Arabs to unite against” them. He had to conquer Qurayz or it would be inimical to his activities especially as a prophet whose mission is to spread Islam. Had he not succeeded against Qurayz then he may fail. But generally, Muhammad had such respect for women.

Henry Ford said, “One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to intelligently begin again.” Muhammad need not fear failure as a prophet and should not have resorted to violence and the massacre of a people. He could have used the opportunity to intelligently used the message of peace as Islam seems to offer.

Moreover, his respect for women is not borne out by the following Hadiths:

  1. Husbands are encouraged to be wife-beaters.
    Quran 4:34 reads: “Men are managers of the affairs of women for that god has preferred in beauty one over another, and for that they have expended their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for God’s guarding. And those you may fear rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches and beat them. If then obey you, look not for any way against them. God is all-high, all great!”
    Allah even designates the place where husbands can beat them.

  1. The absurdity of Shia divorce as no such power is given to the woman. “The most absurd thing is that if the husband repents on his decision (to divorce the wife) and wants to recover his wife (for the third time), she must marry another man who in turn must repudiate him.” Quran 2:229-30
    He had to find another man to insult his wife.

  1. Women should not be national leaders because according to Shaharat Al-Dase: “None will succeed as a nation as makes a woman their ruler.”
    Muhammad or the follower he influenced to write this hadith is blind to the fact that the princess (Muhammad even erroneously named her Ayesha) who saved Musa (Moses=mo-water, uses-taken from) could be no other than Hatshepsut who disguised as a man and became a powerful pharaoh and made Egypt into a powerful nation. In fact she is not the only woman pharaoh who made Egypt powerful and we are only taking one nation here as an example.

  1. Women are not valuable witnesses as men are.
    “ And bring witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men (available) , then a man and two women-from those you accept as witnesses-so that if one women errs, the other can remind her.” Quran 4:11


  1. Women are evil.
    “After my time, the greatest tribulation for men will be women.”-Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:61, See also 7:62:33
    “ I saw that most entering the gates of hellfire were women.”-Ibid, 3: 97, 7:62:170


There are many more examples like women being given lesser share in inheritance, bondswomen to experience coitus interruptus for more profit as prostitutes, etc. all showing discrimination because the prophet and his companions (Sedeeq ) thought women have lower intelligence and are affected by menstruation. The prophesying can even be influenced by a particular situation when the women were late waking up perhaps because someone disturbed them in the night; the messenger of Allah prophesied as narrated: “The prophet’s -wives awoke late one morning. He said, “Many women who are dressed up in this world will be raised unclothed in the Hereafter.”-Buh Kitabal Fatan 3:718. Sounds promising. The effect of late breakfast?!

Again, all those mentioned should be taken in the context of those times. But in general, the prophet showed justice and mercy for the weak and remained a model for all men. Is this not just a plot of character assassination aimed to discredit him?

Knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Said Aristotle who learned it from Plato, who in turn, learned it from Socrates. We are not part of any plot to discredit Muhammad for we do not have the means. However, in God’s wisdom, in some sources we have, we do not know indeed if Muhammad indeed learned wisdom from Allah or only picked them up from old men’s ramblings.

For if Muhammad indeed was wise, as a prophet should be, this should be reflected in his decision making such as something is contrary to the good nature of things or that something is absurd.

Consider the following Hadiths concerning hygiene:

Narrated Abu Haraira: The prophet said, “If the housefly falls into the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of the wings has a disease and the other one has the cure for the disease.”-Sahih Bukhari 4:54:537. What is the dip for when it has already fallen? Perhaps for greater concentration of cure.

“I still remember when I was five years old, the holy prophet rinsed his mouth and spat into mine.”-Bukhari, Kitabul Ilm 2:77. There was no basin?

Do you remember the licking of the hand after eating? That would still be hygienic compared to his pronouncement that the water where the menses are washed and where dead dogs float are still “clean”.-Sunan Abu Dawud 3:66, 3:68

Concerning his insights into natural phenomena:

Narrated Abu Harraira: Allah’s apostle said, “The Hell (Fire) complained to the Lord saying, ’O my Lord! My different parts eat up each other in summer, and this is the reason for the severe heat and the bitter cold you find (in weather).’”-Sahih Bukhari 4:54:482

The prophet said: “Fever is from the heat of Hell, so abate fever with water.”-Sahih Bukhari 7:71:622

“The sun rises between the two antlers of Satan.”-Sahih Bukhari 2: 137

He also said that Allah likes sneezing ( I wonder what the doctors fighting the pandemic would say) while yawning is from Shaitan. –Sahih Bukhari 8:73:242

Some people may be getting bored and he is irritated when he sees the signs.

Consider the following Hadiths on lifestyle and fashion as well as ritual demeanor:

Narrated Abdullah (bin Mus’ud): Allah’s apostle has cursed the lady who uses false hair.”-Sahih Bukhari 6:60:409. Terrible repugnance that would provoke a prophet’s curse.

Narrated Abu Harraira: “The prophet said Jews and Christians do not dye their hair so you should do the opposite of what they do.”-Sahih Bukhari 7:72:786 And now that they do, what do you do. Never say dye!?

He also mandated the trimming of the moustache and the growing of beard as acts against polytheism.-Sahih Muslim 2:500-501. That is why some Sikhs are mistaken to be Muslims.

“He who played chess is like one who dyed his hand with the flesh and blood of swine.”-Sahih Muslim 28:5612. It is said that either the Iranian or the Iraqi ancestor invented chess. And now they can not become grandmasters.

Narrated Abu Haraira: Allah’s apostle said, ”None of you should walk wearing one shoe only. Either put on both shoes or no shoes whatsoever.”-Sahih Bukhari 7:72:746. The prophet did not seem to see the future of today’s jihadist, that some may become amputees. I say from a modern perspective, double amputees should not wear shoes at all. Whatever…I am starting to see the prophet Mehmet in the light of a typical Filipino Mehma (me masabi lang).

Narrated Umm Salama (one of the wives): Allah’s apostle said, “He who drinks in silver utensils is only filling his abdomen with Hell fire.”-Sahih Bukhari 7:69:338. Poor Saudi King! He was caught on camera drinking from silver after getting out of the Ka’ba. Careful also with the color of water jars.-Sahih Bukhari 7:69:501.

Strangely, too, he once tried wearing a gold ring but when others imitated him he threw the ring. The same happened with his silver ring!-Sahih Bukhari 7:72:766; Sahih Muslim 24: 5210. Would he not want to be a trendsetter or would he just want to be the only one having such a fashion statement? He should have tried bronze but that wouldn’t be class. Now, he could not be lord of the rings.

And those who do their prayers should check their alignment as they prostate: narrated by An Nu’mah bin Basha: “Straighten your rows or Allah will alter your faces.”-Sahih Bukhari 1:11: 15. That is why Allah is a god that demands total submission such as perfect alignment. It’s only his messenger that is exempt. Follow or…

These Hadiths that you are enumerating is an arsenal of character assassination against the prophet, are they not? Is this fair? He has also good teachings, why don’t you mention them?

There is a time for that. Yes, it may seem so but if Muhammad is a true prophet his character and reputation can easily parry the negative effects of these Hadiths. But perhaps the prophet follows unwittingly the adage of Charles Darwin when he said, “A man who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” This must be the reason why the prophet is keen in using his time doing rounds for all wives in one night and even starting them young.

Consider the following to what was already discussed:

  1. Pedophilic thighing. Aysha narrated:”That the prophet married her when she was six years old and consummated his marriage when she was nine years old (i. e. till his death).-Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64.

Anyway under the Sharia Law, marriage and sex with pre-pubescent girls is possible.(Q 65:4) Most will think that since the marriage was not consummated before she was nine, the prophet did not touch her for pleasure (i.e. sexual reasons till that age). However, Aysha, considered by many as the favorite wife, herself narrated that the prophet thighed her already when she was six. Thighing in Islam is Mafaakhata (allowed sexual act) and involves (Sorry, if we are graphic here but Islam is very graphic when it comes to sexual practices) placing the erect penis between the thighs of the girl making the movement leading to the man’s sexual gratification. This created a controversy among the Muslims themselves because the modern world finds it pedophilic (the prophet was safely more than fifty at that time) act unworthy of a prophet or an emulation as a Muslim.

The Sharia ruling, Fatwa 1809; 3/8/1421 (Islamic year) June 12, 2007 first recognized thighing as an unlawful practice which only came from the kafir(infidels). It goes on to say that the prophet only massaged “softly” cognizant of the fact that she was only a “gentle” child but lawful since she was his wife and especially because “as apostle of Allah had control of his member not like other believers.” The permanent Committee on Scientific Research and Fatwas therefore not only reinforces a medieval law, if one assumes apologetics was contextually correct. However, to find it scientifically sound (i.e. psychologically) is absurd. Even if he was a prophet what the child Aisha saw was his penis ejaculating on his semen flowing on her thighs!

But all our malicious and heretical concerns are simply dismissed by the great Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini ( who also married a 12 year old girl) who deposed the Shah of Iran for being a sinner. He ruled that sodomizing a baby can be halal. If the man, married to the child must quench his lust on a child as young as a baby is legal. However, he must not penetrate or he might suffer the consequences. “If the man penetrates and damage the child, he will be responsible for sustenance all of her life.” However, this girl could not count as one of his four permanent wives and this man will also not be eligible to marry her sister (Thanks God!) it is better for the girl to marry once her menstruation starts and at the husband’s house and not the father’s home. Any father managing his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven.-Khomeini, Taveralenayyah, vol. 4, Daral Elm. Qom, Iran.

Despite the advent of child psychology and the continuous campaign for the protection of children and their rights, there are still countries which continue to tolerate the suffering of children for the sake of adult sexual gratification. They are not only allowed the passionate kissing, fondling and hugging of the child but also to ejaculate between her thighs (thighing). In fact, Fatwa 23672 of 2012, rules that “girls can get married even if they are just in the cradle if they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of a man”. Are these jurists sane? What cradle age girl is capable of bearing the weight of a man? Even any grown up woman, may protection be upon her, will grimace at the thought of a total stranger pressing her down. Stop the crap of calling an inhuman man a ‘husband’ of the poor girl!

So, you see, what Muslim father will not Allow his daughter to be abused if he assured of paradise! “A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.” quoted the Knights of Pythagoras. These indeed has many sublime applications when used to defend a defenseless child. But these Muslim thinkers have algebraically multiplied evil by endorsing pedophilia.

Good fortune and bad are equally necessary to man to fit him to the contingencies of this life,” says a French proverb. If the baby dies because of the penetration, the good father has at least a ticket to heaven. It was just bad fortune for the baby to have an unnecessary martyrdom for the pleasure of a pervert. There are many women available who could be object of such lewd desire, not that we condone fornication, but we have prostitutes in our midst who can bear and survive the monstrous desire of a maniac.

Why then does Sharia accommodate this perversion? Why consummate a vice so vile? Wouldn’t a Fatwa stating that only pubescent girls are eligible for sex and marriage be more humane? Can we not say that in the context of the modern world such practice is now discarded? Or does it have to stay because of the prophet? Must a Muslim man practice an ancient behavior attributed to a holy man even if he practiced it for an unholy reason? It is said that “Reputation is the shell a man discards when he leaves life for immortality. His character he takes with him.” Saint Augustine, who lived centuries before Muhammad was already ashamed confessing his attachment to his carnal desire for women but he still had the decency not to touch children. In fact, Jesus Christ centuries before the bishop of Hippo taught the apostles not to let the children suffer.

But this apostle of Allah, who has the tendency to usurp the pre-eminence of the Christ as King of Prophets has the shamelessness to do it. I cannot blame the present-day ayatollahs and imams for the quandary they are in. This prophet had Allah conveniently make halal of something so mundane such that the fruits of haram produce more harm. I feel that we have nothing more to harm him as we continue our expose. And yet, there are other things that Aisha, the mother of believers, and the other narrators can still disclose as we continue our scrutiny.

  1. Dealing with menstruation. Narrated Aisha:”The prophet and I used to take a bath in a single pot while we are Junub. During the menses, he used to order me to wear an izar(dress worn below the belt) and used to fondle me.”-Sahih Bukhari 1:6:298, 5:58:285 and 9:87:140

When the prophet wanted to enjoy his wives who was with menstruation, he would put a cloth to her organ (to cover it).”-Ibn Maajal

But if he wanted to enjoy to mean all permissible foreplay but avoiding the vagina (or the anus) like in between the thighs.”-Faydh Al-Qadar

  1. Muhammad’s version of the French kiss. Narrated Aisha, “Umml Ma’minin: The prophet, peace be upon him, used to kiss and suck her tongue while he was fasting.”-Abu Dawud 15:2380

The practice of French kiss, which generally does not involve sucking, as practiced by married couples is not being questioned here but the motive and timing when it was done. In principle, fasting is not just an offering to God but a practice that helps in the mastery of one’s self (i.e. control of basic instincts). Apparently, the control is released here as the prophet makes a pleasurable substitution for nutrients. One must remember that he himself, as prophet, has ruled out the swallowing of left-over food, such as those grains stuck between the teeth unlawful enough to nullify the effort to fast. But concerning this practice done elsewhere is another story.

  1. Forfeiting one’s right as wife rather than being divorced. According to the Abu Dawud al Tayalasi, Sawda forfeited her rights to enjoy a day with Muhammad in favor of Aisha for as long as he will not divorce her for she has gotten old.

And so, we see the singular reputation of a man considered as a great spiritual exemplar hastening the awakening of carnal pleasure in an otherwise innocent child and mercifully accommodating a delay of separation for a worn-out sexual partner who no longer satisfies him.

Of course, there is no question that whatever he did is within the bounds of Sharia and that they will always judge his actions to be halal (lawful) because the whole of Sharia came about because of him. But as spiritual warriors, we should be able to discern that not everything ruled as halal (legal) by mere men is not hangal (foolish).

The problem with Christianity is that it has attached unnecessary guilt and sin from the pleasure derived from sex. Allah has bestowed mankind with such a blessing for him to be happy. Why do Catholic saints like Augustine contrive to make sex sinful? Our prophet in fact has liberated mankind from such burden because he has defined sex for what it is; mankind’s greatest source of pleasure.

We beg to disagree. Catholic saints like Saint Augustine never equated sex with sin for as long as it is within the bounds of matrimony, where as a sanctifying grace is indeed a great blessing for mankind aside from being source of marital bliss. He wrote against fornications of lust which bothered him so much before his conversion. He was honest about going into brothels for sexual pleasure with women but he had nothing to do with the abuse of children. The guilt which made it difficult for him to surrender to God is the knowledge he learned by reading the bible of which he was inspired to read. This same bible spoke against adultery, fornication, the oppression of women, slaves and children and this is why we are worried about the message found in the Quran.

When Saint Augustine was still a believer in the Manichean teachings, he thought erroneously that what he was doing was right. Manichean sect taught that there is a god of darkness who allows men to do the things they want to do and Muslims might also commit the same mistakes as he did; to think that being sinful and doing evil to others can be licit or as some Islamic scholars defend them, legal and also acceptable to Allah.

Saint Augustine learned that the teachings of Christ defines a heaven of spiritual bliss such that all will be like angels and carnal desires are absent. When Muhammad started prophesying, he took bits and pieces from Judaism and Christianity as evident in the Quranic content but in a manner much altered so that he can also have something appealing to the Judeo-Christians in the Arabian desert. If Muhammad was indeed the Last Messenger of God, the links should have been more pronounced and accurate in confirming what the former prophets of the bible said instead of introducing novelties in the guise of correcting the mistakes made in the past. While he confirmed the continuity of the prophetic line from the patriarchal age until the time of Isa (Jesus) he denied their message of salvation and substituted his own thus contradicting the God of all the prophets before him. Muhammad missed the chance of a lifetime for he vacillated between the old testament truth of Judaism and the new testament truth that is Christianity. It was a real dilemma which needed to be resolved. And since he had nothing really to start with, the opportunity came when “Jibrail found him in the cave.”

The angel, according to Muhammad’s own account, wanted him to read and memorize a passage of the message right away but although he kept reminding him, that “he did not know how to read”, he literally pressed on with utmost force. (Quran 96: 1-3) Muhammad had to go home in great fear and it was only his wife Khadijah who discerned ( with her husband transferring from one of her thighs to another to finally settling on her lap; pabebe? ) what was going on and thus, with a Christian relative, Waraqa bin Nawfal, allayed his fears, so that , at peace the angel can continue handing him Allah’s message by reciting every word to him, and the rest is his story (and history, too.)

Take note that the first witnesses of Muhammad’s prophetic mission were examples of what Sharia will discriminate against as witnesses: a woman and a Christian (an infidel). I know what Muslim scholars will say on this since Khadija is the mother of believers and Waraqa, Khadija’s cousin is a convert. But who needed who?- because as Christian the blind man had a better notion about angels than what a pagan merchant had.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.” Take note that the terrifying angelic apparitions frightened Muhammad to his wits’ end such he was thinking of committing suicide. He would need the witnessing of his wife and of a blind aged Christian so that he could be convinced to be at peace and recognize the angel as Jibreel, being sent by Allah. By Muhammad’s own standards adopted by Sharia, the witnessing is insufficient because his wife is a woman. But then, again, she must be credible witness because she happened to be the mother of believers before Aisha. Again, if the man was not yet a Muslim and could not even see an angel as he was blind, he must have been an honest relative and a man at that. As a Christian he would know about an archangel who comes down to deliver God’s message, a phenomenon vital to the witnessing of Muhammad’s prophetic calling. Thus, the first ever witnesses to Islam is a woman and a blind Christian! (Can you beat that Joseph Smith, Felix Manalo, et al?)

Given this background, let us now examine one of the outstanding claims of the prophet and this concerns the rewards awaiting the mujihad ( holy warrior) and his shahada (martyrdom): one which makes the jihadists perform suicide attacks to kill even women and children because they are bound to be rewarded vastly in paradise; particularly with the promised 72 virgins, as can be gleaned from the following:

  1. Abu Umana narrated: ”The Messenger of God said,’Everyone that god admits into paradise will be married to 72 wives; two of them houris and 70 of his inheritance of the (female) dwellers of hell. All of them have libidinous sex organs and he will have an ever erect penis.”-Sunan Ibn Majah,Sunanda Maji al Tilhad (Book of Abstinence)39. Orthodox Islamic theologians like Al Ashari (935 CE) and Al Ghazzali (111 CE) also affirm this.

  2. Suryuti (Quranic conservative, d. 1505) wrote, “Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the chosen never soften. The erection is eternal; the sensation you feel every time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world (obvious ba?) and would you experience it in this world, you will faint. Each chosen one will marry seventy houris beside the women he married on earth and all will have appetizing vagina.-Ul Itqan fi Ulum al Quran, p.351

Of course, they may say that the above passages are not directly from the Quran but these are the most accepted teachings of prominent Islamic scholars based upon Hadiths and the accepted interpretations of Quran 56:35-38: “Lo! We have created them a new creation and made them virgins, lovers, friends for those who are on the right hand.” The Hadiths concerned are themselves rated good to authentic by Muslim scholars. And for us, given the prophet’s preoccupation with sex, these indeed are authentic Islamic teachings such as the following:

  1. Annas said, Allah, be well pleased with him: the Messenger of Allah, upon him blessings and peace (said), “The servant in paradise will be married with seventy wives.” Someone said, “Messenger of Allah, can he bear it?” He said, “He will have the strength for a hundred.” From Zayd Ibn Arqam, Allah be well pleased with him, when an incredulous Jew or Christian asked the prophet, upon him blessings and peace, “Are you claiming that a man will eat and drink in paradise?” he replied, “Yes, by the One on Whose hand is my soul, and of them will be given the strength of a hundred in his eating, drinking, coitus and pleasure.”-Sefat al-Junaal Uqayli in Du’afu and Musund of Abu Bkr al Bazzar. The 70 wives are also mentioned in the Sunan Al-Kubra, Musond Ahmd.

Notice that the same theme of reward in paradise is repeated and therefore, in a especially single-chained Hadith can not be mere fabrications for character assassination of the prophet and especially absurd one which interpreted the seventy as white raisins.

And so, from here we can deduce that the prophet’s message contains a promise of a “vast reward” in paradise that can fulfill the carnal desires of men while still on earth. Especially for Muslims who are marginalized and lacking in education such that they cannot escape poverty and therefore cannot afford a dowry for just a single bride. It is now logical why 80,000 servants are needed in the smallest Shahad abode in heaven (Hadith 2687).

Even if the aforementioned Hadiths are assumed weak or unauthentic by some Islamic scholars the promise of the 70+ virgins remain today as the single most outstanding motivator for the misguided mujahiddin to stage a violent jihad so as to attain shahada.

  1. Abu Umsanah related that the prophet said, “Each of the following has a guarantee with Allah-that if he lives, he is taken care of, and if he dies, he will enter paradise.”-Al Adab al Mufud (1094) of which Albaani said “Sahee”.

And so, if he survives the Shahada, he comes back as a hero and is taken care of by the Muslim community. But the best rewards are given to the hero who dies. First of these privileges is: “he is forgiven (his sins) Therefore, the shahad is not washed but is left bloodied. Why? Because his blood will justify him about his shahada on resurrection day.” Then he sees his place in paradise in the highest heaven where he can enjoy eating, drinking, walking and enjoying himself; he will be robed as an Iman; he will be exempt from the shock of judgement day; he is given a crown which gem is worth than anything in the world; he will be an advocate for seventy of his family members and finally, he will marry 72 black-eyed wives. This aside from a dwelling which has a dome decorated with pearls, rubies and aquamarine which expanse is from AlJabiyyah to Sana’a (Suburban Damascus to Yemen). Quite a big job for maintainance even if you have a staff of 80,000.

Naturally, if a Muslim man believes all these, he will indeed decide to become a jihadist. Likewise, it will be very easy for his mother to send him off to his shahada in the midst of the well-meaning congregation led by the Iman praying with joyous hearts for him and his mother.

This must be the vast reward simply alluded to by the Quran in 4:74. The guarantee of paradise for a dead shahad and his assurance of share in the war booty can be found in Sahih Bukhari 43:53:353. The muhjid is also assured of paradise in the same book, again in 4:62:46. The intercessory powers of a martyr for his clan is found in Sunan Abu Dawud 14:256. The third highest degree of celestial honor is promised in Sahih Muslim 20: 4695.

Now we have established the motives of a jihadist to make us understand him more. Now, it is easier to equate why a muhjid is able to incur such acts of terrorism and heinous attacks upon multitudes of God’s creation which may include his own Muslim brothers if they are caught in between as collateral damage.

But for our Muslim brothers, may peace be upon them, out there who are being misled and contemplating extreme acts of violence may we propose some reminders or words of caution before you embark on something which you regret the rest of your afterlife. Samuel Johnson said, “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” So let me try persuading you with some logic to put your thinking aright using the following objections:

  1. Some Muslim theologians themselves find the Hadiths on the virgins weak or unauthentic since there are variants (sounds like the pandemic) in the actual number of virgins (70 or 72, 100?) and their composition (2 houris and 70 former Hell dwellers, then including the number of wives one married on earth). This must not be your resolute reason for your jihad because the claim may not be true. Aside from this confusion, may I add the following issues: (Forgive the graphic language but Islam is raw on this!)

  1. The beauty of the houri may actually be horrible for the logical mind. Can you make love with someone whose red marrows (platelets of blood) are visibly flowing because the houri is transparent.

  2. Can you survive her loving gaze if her gaze indeed can illumine the distance from heaven and earth? I wonder if you can still check the color of one houri’s eyes if they are indeed black and like that of does.

  3. Will you be gratified without living fluids and whose virginity you can only assume? In some Muslim cultures, husbands celebrate if they have evidence that the hymen is broken. That as promised cannot be made certain. Or if there will be evidence then sex in heaven must allow for some unclean things.

  4. Will you be happy with a wine glass shaped like a woman? Are you fetish enough to make love to a living glass of a woman?

  5. Will you enjoy a kiss that is dry? Even the prophet wanted it wet.

  6. Can your penis be eternally erect for organs described as appetizing but would not even have body lubricants that are unclean in heaven.

  7. Will you really be happy with the company of a large number of women (a harem, in fact) who looks like each other. I’m sure you might have ED and get bored after sometime.

  8. Using the same carnality of Shia wisdom, are we not aware that a penis that remains erect for a prolonged period of time is a medical condition? Patients can experience not only irritation but actual pain. I know you would say that pain will not be allowed in heaven but who has introduced a materialistic heaven here, in the first place? That would not be me.

  9. Knowing that men have different standards, why would Allah prescribe only one kind of prototype beauty. Why not have violet eyes like Elizabeth Taylor? Or black skinned like Hale Berry? Gemma Cruz’ skin is not alabaster white but there is no doubt she is beautiful. And Marilyn Monroe is not a brunette like the houris but blonde. Twiggy, in the 60s was a model considered beautiful even if she did not have big breasts. Or if the ayatollahs are indeed knowledgeable about the houris’ swelling breasts in heaven as better for Muslim men, why do they marry off baby girls devoid of them for their consumption?

  10. I doubt if one’s libido will be aroused while the Houris sing praises.

  1. What is wrong with Muhammad? He has totally left out celestial prophecy for women. Are they not going to have 72 virgin men as well? This is a concern because there are already women strapping bombs in the Philippines for Shahada. But here we have a problem. They will also be given to their husbands who for some of them have already given them hell on earth. Are they allowed to say no? What about those who divorced and married several times like some of the Prophet’s wives to whose harem will they belong? Will Allah allow adultery in heaven for the sake of Muhammad’s flawed teaching? (A brother of man even worried that the virgins could be gay men!- I never thought of that.)

  2. Or rather, Muslim women should not support the jihad because only men are assured of complete guaranteed satisfaction in heaven. In fact, they may even be given again to those who used to beat them on earth or even were their rapists.

  3. There he goes again. Muhammad promotes slavery again! In heaven, and in a larger scale. 80,000 slaves for each abode of the chosen!

  4. What happens now to the babies and girls who are victims of Shia ruling on marriage and sex? Only the parent (father, in fact) is assured of a heavenly reward for such martyrdom? Or are they just victims, not martyrs!

  5. In some accounts, some of the virgins were “former hell dwellers” or are “hell dwellers” per se. Can the chosen trust his union with them for in some, they are the majority (70)? But if their dwelling in hell is only temporary then their entry into heaven necessitates purgation. This is a very Catholic teaching. Muhammad must have been one of those who was introduced to the Christian concept of purgation.

  6. Why are the rewards not specified in the Quran? Was the prophet or the angel remiss in the revelation of this very important message.

  7. If Muhammad correctly prophesied that there will be more women in hell, is their chance of heaven only found in being part of the chosen’s harem (i.e. hell dwellers)?

  8. How do we solve the problem of Mariyah, the Coptic slave? Muhammad recognized Ibrahim as his son but he did not marry his mother. Given at least 70 intercessions for his clan, can Muhammad intercede for Mariyah? Or if Ibrahim indeed had another father, could not the prophet be kind enough to forgive her? The answer of course, can only be found in the prophet’s heart.

  9. Muhammad, who even told Khadija of the prospect, is expected to marry at least three more prominent personages in heaven. These are Asiyah, the wife of the Pharaoh; Kulthum, the sister of Musa and (would you believe) Maryam, the daughter of Imram? This is very incredible!

The last two objections may be obscure to the ordinary Muslim, so let us examine closely. Let us take them one by one so as to make things less obscure. In #9 we posit the question whether the slave, as an object of affection by the prophet could merit his intercession as a relative as she was the mother of Ibrahim, Muhammad publicly accepted this. However, events surrounding the birth of Ibrahim were rife with gossips concerning him being the son of another man who visited Maryam’s isolated house until Ali was asked to intervene and the latter found him a eunuch, making it impossible for said man to impregnate the prophet’s concubine.

The story should have ended there had not the prophet delivered a very sad rebuke against a woman’s ingratitude during Ibrahim’s wake which even coincided dramatically with the eclipse. Which leads us to two possibilities. That one, Maryam was an ingrate because she was really unfaithful to the prophet and Ali just covered up the sin by making up the eunuch story and two, Maryam was indeed faithful as proven by Ali, who is only second to Muhammad in greatness, and is therefore eligible for marriage.

Perhaps the funeral sermon was just a coincidence despite the emotionally-laden atmosphere. Notwithstanding both, Maryam merits intercession to be in heaven. First, with Muhammad showing mercy (Perhaps the blameless Ibrahim, who died only after 18 months, may also intercede for his mother) or second, the prophet can only be the best avenger for her honor. Did Muhammed believe Ali? Of course, he should for he had also the reputation of a prophet not to mention his being caliph later. Incidentally, Muhammad was engaged to marry Al Shanba bint Amir, who was also a Bedouin but broke the engagement right away because he was insulted when he heard him speaking that “he is not a real prophet because he was not able to save the life of his own son”.

Historically, this is proven as Ali was discreetly sent on an errand again, this time to prove Aysha’s innocence. Anyway, he was the one who advised the prophet to divorce Aysha because of the scandal thus causing her ire even as to motivate her to fight him in battle. The most merciful Allah should encourage Muhammad to intercede for slave or concubine, Ibrahim has made her part of his family.

In #10 we posit the following arguments: we will base our stand on the following Hadiths:

  1. Khadijah narrated that the prophet said that “Allah will marry Maryam, the daughter of Imram, Kulthum, the sister of Moosa, and Asiya, the wife of the Pharaoh off to me.” She even asked the prophet if it was Allah who told him this and he answered in the affirmative.-Qutabi Akham al-Qader, the interpretation of the Surah 28:12

  2. Allah decreed that Maryam, the daughter of Imram, Asiya, the wife of the Pharaoh and Kulthum, the sister of Musa will be his wives in paradise.-Tabarani, al-Ma’jamu’l-Kabir, 8:258

There are other sources but this is enough for us to establish:

  1. On Kulthum. This name is the correction made by the prophet on Miriam as there was already a confusion on her identity. Khultum, as an invention, could also be root derivative of the Tagalog word, kulto. It remains however to be identifying the prophetess Miriam who was tasked to float Musa in a basket down the Nile. However, the prophet seems to be oblivious if not ignorant to the fact that Miriam was punished by God foe her jealousy against Moses as a prophet. She was inflicted with leprosy. Small problem indeed for she can easily be cured by Allah in heaven before she can be bride. BUT, does Allah find her suited for his best creation? Musa, the prophet should not intervene.

  2. On Asiya, or some versions, Ayesha. Muhammad identified her as the Pharaoh’s wife. Archeological history has placed the princess who took Musa from the Nile to be her son at the time could only be Natshepshut, daughter of Thutmose. No problem with that because as would be woman pharaoh she also got married to a pharaoh, another Thutmose, Thuthmose III who ruled Egypt with her. This is being included here because the prophet cursed nations which have made women their rulers as weak nations. Natshepshut has proven the prophet otherwise along with some other high achieving lady pharaohs, something unheard of in the Arabian desert during Muhammad’s time. Now, why would Allah marry him off to someone he cursed. Small problem indeed for Islamic scholars will simply claim that Asiya is a totally different person for she is unknown in history! BUT now the question, why would Allah marry off his best creation to someone unknown so as to designate her at par with a prophetess and Mary, the Mother of Isa? And lastly, Allah knows already that she was married to the Pharaoh. Was she a divorcee or a widow? Only Allah knows for if she died married to the Pharaoh, is this not culpable as condoning adultery in heaven?

  3. On Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I am only forced to include this argument although I find it detestable as a Christian. BUT Muhammad included her in the short list of those Allah has granted him marriage in heaven. The prophet himself acknowledged her chastity which blessed her amongst all women but the prophet, knowing how he describes heaven’s carnal pleasures has shamelessly included her in his delusion of grandeur. Even Allah if he is indeed God should rebuke Muhammad for doing this for she was indeed chosen eminently above all women including Khadija and Aysha, favorite wives and the mothers of believers, and his own mother Aminah and favorite daughter, Fatima. How could he conceive something like this for the most chaste woman when he is not even loyal to his wives?! In fact, Muhammad had confused the two Miriams in his lifetime that he brilliantly had to make a correction right away. For him, Imram took over Saint Zechariah (Saint Elizabeth’s husband and father of Saint John, the Baptist ) when he died, as caretaker of Mary that is why Imram was identified by him as Mary’s father. It was a coincidence that Miriam, the prophetess’ father who is also Moses’ father is Imram. It is highly possible that Saint Joachim and even Saint Joseph were ignored in Islam for this diabolical plan of having Mary as a consort to their prophet for they were upright men worthy of emulation.

  4. Given this delusion and the continued existence of carnal desires and fulfilment in heaven, Allah should be forewarned, for he might be oblivious, that his last messenger might get attracted again to other women in heaven and cause another uproar interfering in other chosen men’s harems. I humbly submit as a mere man and no prophet that he be assigned elsewhere where he will be too busy so as not to fall again into such inclinations. I believe Allah would know what I am hinting on.

And therefore, after positing all these arguments may ask the muhjihaddin, are you ready to waste your jihad and sacrifice your precious lives for a shahada to be made for mere delusions of grandeur?!

Are you saying then that the whole body of Islam, which has produced so many reputable scholars and devout men and women are just products of the prophet’s imagination?

I did not say that; you did. Any noble person can be lead astray but the very angelic source which the prophet himself identifies is suspect as coming from his imagination or that it is indeed a misleading entity. John Muir said, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” And this is the reason why some men were deluded to think that they were gods incarnate.

But the prophet of Islam, may prudence be upon him, more prudently declared that there is no god but Allah and that he is his prophet. And yet, he made a blunder. He claimed that the angel Jibreel ( Gabriel) recited the Quran word for word. Perhaps that is not impossible for an angel to do if Allah wants to do it the hard way, for at least three wives of the prophet had memorized the Quran. But for an archangel, the last angel standing, according to Islamic end time accounts, to stay that long dictating is preposterous! Allah in his wisdom could just inspire the Quran or Hadith writer himself and not bother with a busy angel anymore. Anyway, Allah finds time in handing down Quranic verses when the need arises. Would the god of Moroni be more practical than the Allah of Jibreel? Anyway, thanks to Jibreel’s pressure, Muhammad is already literate! Sec. Leonor Briones should be looking at manhandling as part of Blended Learning as this is done in other cultures and even had produced the literacy miracle of the prophet rather than asking for apologies.

All the writers of the bible, old and new testaments; many of whom are recognized by the prophets as prophets were simply inspired into writing the word of God and none of them were dictated upon more so, imposed upon by the physical pinning by an angel especially one who has the record of a calming effect according to his visionaries. The person of the Quranic angel departs dramatically from the biblical angel of peace which Gabriel is. The Quranic angel reciting scripture word for word is therefore unprecedented before Muhammad came. The closest to this is the Moroni apparition which also handed down a complete sacred book and this we know to be a hoax.

In biblical history, which is more supported by archeology, the longest that the angels interacted with men is before and during the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah so that Lot and his family could be saved. The angel Gabriel came only to announce, as in the Magnificat account and to avert, this even just through a dream) danger, as when Joseph was warned of Herod’s murderous intent. I can not believe that Jacob could last so long as when he wrestled with the Angel of Yahweh to be blessed with the name Israel and so these were shorter times. Muhammad who is so efficiently economical with his short times with his wives should have been exempted by Allah for the cumbersome taking down of notes. Or was the angel Moroni more efficient and his god wiser.

Moreover, the bible writers seem to have missed a lot of things altogether and even unjustly changed things which prompted Allah to make radical corrections through Gabriel and Muhammad. How dare they, even to be considered as God’s prophets! But the bible never denied Ishmael as a child of promise. But what promise? Esau exchanged the promised patriarchal blessing of Abraham for a bowl of lentil soup that he asked Jacob to prepare because he was simply hungry. Ismail is not the son of promise made by the Triune when they visited Ibrahim and promised a son to him. Remember that for this, Sarah laughed and was rebuked for doing so. And so, this is the reason why the child of promise was named Isaac. Ishmael was not a son of a free woman but of Hagar, a maidservant who overstepped herself. Neither Esau nor Ismael are the sons of promise except that they will have countless children and this was fulfilled.

At this point, my Muslim brothers may be worried about me because I seem to be speaking against Gabriel because an angel’s ire could be more terrible than his discipline to make someone become a reader. But no, not to worry. I am in the defense of his holiness. I am speaking against a possible impostor who took on his personage or a great lie using his person so as to make the lie credible.

Gabriel, the Archangel declared in the annunciation himself that the Virgin Mary is blessed above all women because she will be the Mother of Jesus. Would Gabriel of the God’s holy messages perjure himself and address Mary thus if what he said was untrue. Perhaps, indeed, it was the same archangel in the Quran because her chastity being above all women is repeated there or was the author simply prudent not to commit such error as transferring the accolade to someone else close to the prophet. If the same holds true, then why is Isah (Jesus) accorded lesser status than Islam’s prophet. What has happened to Gabriel’s message?

If Islam recognizes the chastity of Mary having conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit (which Islam misconstrue as Gabriel) then Jesus’ stature as prophet far exceeds Muhammad’s. Even if Muhammad’s father is granted to be the most handsome in Mecca (according to Amina, the prophet’s mother), Jesus Christ’s lineage by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin most chaste is far more important than that of Muhammad’s. Even Islamic literature is biased for Jesus than being just a minor prophet (Quran) against Muhammad for the former is recounted as a baby already speaking in the cradle while Muhammad still had to be purified as a grown child (Ahadeeth). Jesus agonized in Gethsemani for the ingratitude of mankind but he accepted his martyrdom. Muhammad ran to Khadijah to be comforted on her lap before he could accept his ministry with the help of the blind Christian. Jesus died on the cross for the redemption of sins (which Islam categorically denies such that mankind’s sins may not be forgiven). Muhammad died on Aisha’s lap to be comforted. Christ has resurrected while there is no record yet of Muhammad’s resurrection. Granted that Christ’s resurrection was just put up and it is true that He was bodily taken to heaven, this makes his prophetic office still more exalted than Muhammad’s. In this regard, Enoch who was also taken up is still more exalted than Muhammad. Gabriel should not have missed these things although the prophet claimed they were best of friends.

Granted that the Islamic account of Jesus’ evasion of the cross is true, this still would show how esteemed He is from Allah’s viewpoint because he did not allow Him the excruciating pain of death by crucifixion. However, we know this is not the case because Christians until today, and even the rest of mankind, will remain unsaved. Gabriel of the bible took part in this salvific plan. At least some one must be acting as an impostor as Satan’s Deep Penetration Agent during the onset of Islam. How dare Gabriel go against the Will of God who gave His only Begotten Son for our salvation! For it could not be Muhammad because he had been dramatically hesitant to the call of Allah!

The problem with Catholicism is that it has implanted seeds of naïve contentment. This is how the Spaniards exploited us Filipinos by enslaving us for more than 300 years but we Muslims remained free. The objections raised against Islam are unfair and not logically-founded. How can you claim otherwise?

On the other hand, the same seeds mentioned are what made the Filipinos resilient enough to finally awaken against oppression for gradually, the truth has made us free. Epictetus said, “Fortify yourself with contentment, for this is an impregnable fortress.” Before the coming of the Spaniards, there were already slaves, safely a hundred years, in the archipelago and this was because Islam was already here.

Catholicism enabled more of us Filipinos to remain as Christians in the predominantly non-Christian Asia up to this day earmarking already its 500 years. Only with Protestantism with its consumerism and liberalism heresies introduced by the Americans and Novos Ordo impositions brought by Vatican II did we see larger cracks on the walls of Catholic faith.

While we recognize and respect the heroism of Rajah Sulayman of Manila and Sultan Kudarat of Mindanao, we could not afford to just appreciate the teachings of Muhammad brought here by Sheikh Karemal (Karim) al Makdum, an Arab trader who built the first mosque in Simunul, Sulu in 1380. The objections raised may have come as brutally frank but Muhammad is not just a rock star teaching the use of stones in the desert toilet, a famous actor who convinces his wives into submission or a rich magnate who can demand concessions in peace treaties because his wife who should belong to the other party [e.g. Ramia (Umm Habiba bint Abi Safwan) is on his side. He was and still must be treated as a prophet of a major world religion which according to prophecies and predictions threaten world peace as it ironically, makes war to bring it about. And as such, he is not only open to public scrutiny for he ought to be open to it.

Speaking of slavery, Muhammad may not have openly declared his personal affinity for it but the religion he preached exemplifies its practice for hundreds of years during and after its message was spread. And if the prophet is not responsible, who is? As it is written we shall know them by the fruits they bear.

And here are some fruits by which we can discern:

  1. A slave girl passed by me who attracted me and I cohabited with her while I was fasting.” related account on the second caliph, Umar by Ibn Sa’d, Vol. 2, p.438

  2. A modern-day commentary was however made by Dr. Latif, Al-Azhar, “The second reason (to take slaves) is the sexual propagation of slaves which would generate more slaves to the owner.”

Imagine, the ancient account (a)evidently shows how a holy man who is fasting (for Umar, as second caliph is sideqeen, companions of the prophet) is turned on and had sex with a slave. Of course, this account is not meant to show that fasting makes stronger sex urge. The reason (b)for having slaves is given by someone who can evaluate from the same cultural context. Not only was slavery confirmed to be present but the truth that one can even have sexual relations with enslaved women for profit is affirmed.

But perhaps during his time, Muhammad wanted, at least, his people. In fact, his followers claim that he is one who will always show kindness to marginalized people, i.e. slaves. Some religious leaders, in fact, even civil leaders showed such kindness. “Everybody thinks of changing humanity, but nobody thinks of changing himself,” said Leo Tolstoy.

So, maybe it is just the people around him and their culture during those times. Thus, let us find a standard by which we can define what actually started this vice of enslaving people. And the Quran must be that standard since according to Islam, it has filled in what Judaism and Christianity lacked in their testaments as people of the book.

But the Quran explicitly allowed slavery. The prophet taught that they can make their captives their slaves or sell them into slavery in accordance with their material needs if they come from the tribes they conquered in the name of Allah. In fact, Muslim men are allowed to have sex with their slaves. In other words, the prophet had made rape religiously legal (Quran 4:24, 70: 22-30, 23: 5-6) A waiting period however is prescribed (which the prophet himself violated) i.e. it is lawful for them to do it after the idda period (menstruation) came to an end. The prophet was also too kind to exempt pregnant women from being touched, or shall we credit this to Allah? What was cruel is that he allowed his men to rape women while their husbands are also held captive making them witnesses to the beastly atrocity. As evidence would show, the prophet was protecting his men from being unhygienic and from having added responsibility. What about the women?

Muhammad evidently kept slaves. He even sold some for horses and weapons. He had at least four black slaves, one being Bilal who he assigned to call for prayer and for which some black radicals in America source their pre-eminence and superiority as a people. But yes, one may again that it was in the context of their culture at that time for he had already the means to have slaves. But did he ever express opposition to the practice?

Aside from fairly distributing the booty and the women to his warriors, we also see that Muhammad will also get his lion’s share and choose the most beautiful among the captive women for himself. Perhaps this was kinder as they actually sold Yasidi women, a feat that will be repeated by ISIS jihadists in the 21st century. Let us therefore examine the cases of women he came to be associated with so that we can deduce for ourselves what happened.

The Case of Safiya: Forgiveness

When Muhammad and his men defeated the Banu Qurayz Jews, after beheading the Chief, his son and the fighting men they sold the women and children for more horses and weapons. Then he saw that Safiya of Qurayz was beautiful and took fancy of her. It is interesting to note that Muhammad pulled rank when he decided to get Safiya for himself for Tabari 81:117 narrates: “Diyah (one of his warriors) had asked the Messenger for Safiya when the prophet chose her for himself… The prophet traded Safiya by giving her two cousins (to Diyah)”and five more others, a total of seven. Probably, the most expensive bride in terms of the number of slaves given. The prophet indeed was a clever merchant.

Actually, Safiya’s first husband, Kinana was her cousin and was killed later in the day of the attack. He was tortured first so that his treasures can be revealed but he revealed only some and out of the prophet’s frustration he was killed. It was a blessing that he did not witness the rape of his wife.

He raped her on the way to the Wadi-al Qura on the same day her husband (the second), father and brother were killed. In fact, there was one who was worried about the prophet’s safety knowing the fury of a woman whose close kinsmen he just killed but he worried for naught. Safiya was quoted saying: ”Of all men, the prophet was one I hated most for he had killed my husband, father and brother. But he kept saying ’Your father excited the Arabs to unite against us and he did this and that,’ until the hatred was gone from me.” This was not however meant to show she had forgiven him for the cold treatment continued even after their marriage. In fact, one time that they fell from the camel, he exclaimed that Allah should keep him from the Jewess. She only decorated his life as a beautiful woman for she never forgot that he was the murderer of his kinsmen. From being a Jew who can pray freely to Abba as a woman, she was made to believe that her prayer has no value “if her husband does not allow it, “ and so, adieu.

One can imagine the anguish of a woman who while being violated is being blamed for having kinsmen who have opposed the rapist, even if they were already killed by him earlier in the day. But no hard-core Islamic fundamentalist will fail to see the prophet’s kindness for she was not slain nor sold but was also offered marriage by the very same man who massacred her family for the sake of peace and healing. Muhammad’s fondness for Safiya is illustrated further by the fact that he named her Safiya (for it was not her original Jewish name, Arabic is similar to Tagalog, sapi) to mean she is a part of him. Some of her behavior however seem to show that she wanted to be apart from him.

But one will be surprised on how Muslims devoted to Muhammad’s cult personality could reverse all these insights as all kinds of hadiths especially the more modern commentaries reverse them. There are even accounts of the kinsmen planning to oppose him even if they knew he was a real prophet and Safiya already having affections even before meeting him. An account even stated that this new bride was struck by the husband for dreaming of the moon falling into her lap which he interpreted as her infatuation with Muhammad. Of course, the first claim is absurd as Jewish scholars for so long would not be interested in a prophet not their own and even recognizing him as a real prophet which needs to be opposed. That Safiya, who is the mistress of two Jewish tribes would have affections for the prophet when she hears her father, a rabbi at that, and a kinsman plot against him is an amazing tale worthy of Arabian Nights. More so with a bridegroom interpreting a dream about the moon and getting jealous over it. Now, we know why such a cruel man deserved death from another moonchild.

In the Hadiths that followed everything was sanitized, even the waiting time was included and Umm Salama was ordered to prepare her for the marriage feast which even included the menu. Everything the prophet prescribed, he followed; recognizing Safiya’s stature and therefore there was no rape!

But despite all these things granted: that terrible things never happened to Safiya herself after the massacre of her kinsmen we can still establish: a) slavery was allowed even mandated, b) trading of people was practiced; white slavery, c) women captives can be raped or made into sex slaves, d) manumission was made which further gave evidence to the practice of slavery and e) the prophet did not oppose its practice and Allah backed him up.

Did Safiya really find it in her heart to forgive Muhammad? Only Allah knows.

The Case of Rayhana: Faithfulness

Muhammad is not even the one who originally thought of campaigning against polytheism. The poem by the Christian who lost his eyesight in old age is extant where it is revealed that he and his friend Amir came in conflict with the Arabs who worshipped many gods. Given the spark of such an idea, Muhammad did not see that he needed conversion to monotheistic Judaism or Christianity and overdid himself. There was even a suspicious pause for the flow of revelations when Waraqa Ibn Naufal died manifesting the fact that his credence of angelic apparitions to Muhammad gave him confidence. Ibn Nawfal and Khadija were faithful to Muhammad and this gave him immeasurable confidence.

But perhaps in those days of conquest, Allah was already in the process of perfecting his messenger for he was keen at reforming other tribes such that if they do not submit to the will of Allah, they will have to learn the hard way for to be conquered as a people is a difficult learning process. Anyway, the Quran was explicit in its mandate to Muhammad: “It is not ye who slew them but I, when ye threshes a handful of dust; it was not thy hand but God’s.” Given such blanket authority by god himself, the prophet does not have any reason to procrastinate and waste time.

In the process of preparing the messenger for holier things Allah must have given him concessions that only a prophet can enjoy. Take the case of Rayhanna, Rayhana or Rhianna depending on the source available. The Tabari 9:137 is quoted, “Allah granted Rayhana of the Qurayza to Muhammad as a booty.” This is “ma-booty” or “ma-beauty” for Muhammad for Allah himself likes rewarding the prophet what he desires most as Aisha herself testified, being the mother of believers after Khadija, that the prophet, may prizes be upon him, likes food, perfume and women the most. When he missed the food during Ramadan, he would just suck Aisha’s tongue. How wise and convenient for someone inspired.

Since Allah himself gave Rayhana to the prophet as a booty, it must be the best reason why he proposed marriage to her. Ibn Ishaq, p. 466 Rhayanna bint Amir’s love story: “The apostle had proposed to marry and put a veil on her, but she said, ‘Nay, leave me in your power for that would be easier for me and for you. So, he left her. She had shown repugnance towards Islam when she was captured and clung to Judaism.”

Now, this is one admirable woman who chose the status of a slave who remained under his power but showed mastery over him as a jewel Jewess of faith. Here is a woman who is treated as a booty but who could say no to a proposal she found as indecent.

Now, there must be something terribly wrong here. Did Allah made a blunder of awarding her to Muhammad as a prize? As god, Allah should have known beforehand that this is a hard-headed woman who could hurt the feelings of the prophet. But if Muhammad’s Allah is also the Abba of Rayhana he should have reconciled the two by revealing the great virtue of the captive’s faith and it would have been a grand wedding of two of the world’s greatest religions: Islam and Judaism, and a great romance between captor and captive which could be added to the great library of the people of the book even rivalling the grandeur of the Book of Esther.

But for once, I would like to defend Allah so that he will not take me always as a spiteful infidel. I will say it’s all Muhammad’s fault. Why do I say that? It’s because as prophet he did not examine well Allah’s generosity and overstepped his prophetic office. Tabari faithfully recounts the words of Allah which refer to Rhayhana as a booty but Muhammad, may prudence be upon him, was oblivious to this and got emotional, hence, he had to leave his beauty-booty because his pride was pricked. What a proud prick to go beyond Allah’s instructions for Tabari nor Ishaq stated the Allah ordered him to propose marriage so why the shock?

There is even the possibility that the Amir friend mentioned by Waraqa in his poem was a Jew because he also campaigned against polytheism. It is possible that given his daring, he must have been related to Rayhana bint Amir.

But Rayhanna’s case helps us establish that a) women could be treated as a booty by Muslims, b) even Allah could take women as part of war booty, c) women can say no to Muslim men and be dignified and d) Muhammad’s prophetic stance could be faulty.

Did Rayhana find freedom despite her captivity? Only she and Allah know.

The Case of Juwarrhiyah: Cunning

To be fair to Islam let me include one pro-Islamic case and this is the case of Burrah or Baraa who was renamed Juwariyah by Muhammad when she embraced Islam and married her.

And so goes the story narrated by Ibn Aun:”Prophet had suddenly attacked Banu Mustaliq without warning while they were heedless and the cattle were being watched at the place of water. The fighting men were killed and the women and children were taken as captives.”

On this very battle, Mustafa, her uncle and husband was killed in battle fighting against the surprise raiders. In reading the Mohameddan wars, one must not think of great battles except for a few lie the Battle for Medina. Actually, the Mustaliq raid had only ten casualties including the heroic Mustapha.

Sahih Bukhari 3:46:717 narrated that, “Actually, Thabot bin Qais got Juwariyah (by lot) but she made an appeal to the prophet because of her stature in her tribe.” Al Haris bin Zarer recounted that the prophet was kind enough to Juwariyah and promised to pay for her instead and she consented. One can imagine how Thoth Ibn Quayz must have felt for by virtue, Barah was already his and this has already happened to Diyah Al-Kalbi in the case of Safiya. But who could question the wisdom of the prophet of Allah who understood Baraa’s situation of having sat on a throne of gold as princess into a seat of dust if she becomes the booty of a common warrior.

There are other accounts that her father intervened and was willing to pay ransom for her but she chose the prophet and his religion and that Chief Harith felt ashamed for his daughter’s choice. This however turned out to be a wise decision on her part because the whole tribe was set free as everyone embraced Islam including her father who was then honored because of her setting of a good example. That was about a hundred families that was saved. But she was not like an Esther because she changed her faith.

From the very start, Aisha, who believed she deserved more the accolade mother of believers, did not like her for she will indeed be a rival. She said, “I look upon her with disapproval”, for she did not like him to marry her. And yet, Aysha had to admit, ”We did not see any woman greater than Juwariyah.” for her beauty is like that “of a fairy.” –Sunan Abu Dawud: 29:3920. She could not even blame her for giving her so much blessing in everything. She was stunning as she was cunning. She was clever enough to bargain for her tribe’s families.

Being a princess and treated thus, the prophet indeed had to spend for her unlike in the case of Safiya, who although she may hold the same stature but her marh (dowry) was simply her manumission. But being a princess made her also clever enough to procrastinate on things she does. The prophet’s finding her in the position he left her inspired a vague message but nonetheless glorifying Allah.

In fact, Juwariyah fasted and prayed so long in order to avoid intercourse with the prophet but he discerned it well because he had been coming back several times already and therefore, he finally ordered her to break her fast. You can infer this much from Sahih Bukhari 3: 31: 207. He was bent on possessing her as Karam Singh aptly puts it, “Nang maging Jowa niya si Riyah napabayaan sumandali si Aisha.(When he married Riyah, he neglected Aisha for a while.)”

Despite, the pro-Islamic stance of Juwariyah’s love story, one can still deduce that: a) the presence of “ransom” and trade manifest captivity and slavery, b) one way of avoiding slavery is paying for it, c) the prophet can either be gallant or stingy in giving dowries for women and d) he really pulls rank over others when he likes the woman his follower already has in his possession. I had the inclination before that a prophet should be self-sacrificing and not self-indulgent; selfless and not selfish; generous and not covetous; but I’m no prophet. I was wrong.

Did Muhammad really captivate Juwariyah or it is the other way around? Only Allah and she would know who was captivated.

The Mysterious Case of Mariyah

Then there was the case of Mariyah (Maryam or Miriam) bint Shamoun al Quptiya (the Coptic). Although she was a slave she was not from the spoils of battle or what Allah might label as a war booty. She was from the start of her association with the prophet, a slave already given as a gift of Macaquiz, the Governor of Egypt and Lord of Alexandria to Muhammad who still practiced her Coptic Christianity.

Mariyah came with her sister Sirin, and a male Coptic slave who accompanied them. The prophet decided to give Sirin to Ibn Malik while the male slave was sold. The Copt was assigned to serve under Hafshah who like Aisha is spirited and could easily express herself with little fear of the prophet. In close scrutiny the prophet found in Mariyah qualities that are not found in his other companions. As a Copt from Alexandria, although she was a slave, she was exposed to the learning of the antiquities and the new discoveries there. After all, Alexandria was the center of learning during those times. In due time, the prophet took fancy of the slave he chose to keep for himself. It was not long afterwards that Muhammad fell for the Egyptian Christian.

To have more time with her, the prophet had to deceive Hafsha. It was Hafshah’s day to enjoy being with the prophet as the wives agreed to take turns. The prophet sent her on an errand to her father who is in fact, very close to the prophet even before he became his father-in-law. Umar however told her that there was no such errand and Hafshah remembered that it was her turn that day so, why does she have to be the one sent. In fact, they have the Coptic slave to do it if it was true. When she came back, she found them in bed instead. Hafshah bint Umar had the control of what half the man he had and waited for him to finish, outside. Hafshah thought that as daughter of Umar, the prophet could not do anything like this to her especially because Uthman and Abu Bkr only gave way for the prophet when they learned that they were interested in the beautiful widow.

When he came out he with “pleasure dripping from “his mouth, she found that their plan of cornering him with the strange unpleasant smell of gum was on the right direction. (Wala pa kasing Juicy Fruit gum.) He was indeed consuming another kind of honey, a known euphemism for the sexual act, which he said he was drinking from Zaynab’s house. Zaynab bint Jahsh ( not to be confused with Zaynab bint Khuzayma, another wife; who has the epithet of being “mother of the poor” for her dedication to poor people ) was a convenient alibi for it was because of her that Allah had to accommodate for another Quranic wisdom that adopted sons are not real sons thereby making adoptive rights in Shariah law impossible plus the fact that the prophet can now marry more than four wives. (The Al-hijab verses, Sahih Bukhari 7: 62: 95-97, also 100, Sahih Muslim 8: 3331 ) Zaynab therefore does not belong to the Aisha-Hafsha alliance which included Safiya and Sawda, because she would always boast that the prophet’s provision for her wedding feast was much better than for any of his other wives. She is joined by Umm Salama and the others unnamed yet against the party of the dynamic duo.

But he was really shameless, he reasoned out a lie that he would make it haram to touch her but she become more furious such that she had to knock on Aisha’s door and therefore started a furor in the harem. A haram in the prophet’s harem is indeed harmful. He even lied again that his source of information was Allah and not just Aysha taking god’s name in vain. These women were impossible and so, being cornered, he whimpered that he will not touch his wives again if they do not stop their ranting. But they would not stop until he threatened to divorce them all. It was at this point in time when Umar, the loyal father-in-law learned about the threat and checked it out himself. In his naivette, he even rebuked his daughter, Hafshah for provoking the prophet. He thought that Hafshah was competing with Aisha again when she, in fact, is the usual ally of the outspoken favorite. The men were thinking that the women especially the duo of Aisha and Hafsha are being influenced by the Anshar women. This was the stand -off in the prophet’s house before Allah intervened. Muhammad indeed was fortunate for Allah came to his rescue!

For this, Allah handed down the classic verses that would provide the messenger special prophetic privileges that almost gave him complete immunity in sexual gratification which he could enjoy and the women were even rebuked for the questioning such divine inspiration prompting Aisha and Mariyah; accuser and accused, to say “that Allah was indeed quick to come to his needs”.(Sahih Bukhari: 60:311) Rationally for me, it was as if there was no god but Muhammad, and Allah only his prophet!

Quran 66:4 did not only rebuke but counselled the dynamic duo plus into submission to Muhammad’s pleasures, as a man, but even threatened them with possible divorces, which will make him eligible to have other submissive wives, (Q 66: 5) and even divine and angelic chastisement! (66 :6) Poor wives, perhaps their real concern was his drinking of honey which is no longer healthy because of its different stale smell and now, they are threatened with divine chastisement! Very much vindicated, the prophet then housed Mariyah far from the troublesome wives. Her residence as official concubine was about three kilometers from the harem where she and the prophet can enjoy more privacy. But trouble did not stop here.

Now, there were gossips of a man visiting the Copt when the prophet was not around. This grew worse and caused great embarrassment to the prophet so much so that he had to order Ali to kill the man if it was proven true. Fortunately, the man had better prophetic insight than the future caliph and the prophet himself for upon seeing Ali, he quickly climbed up a date tree and manifested awrat to prove he is thus incapable of coitus as a eunuch. This belies the defense of some Muslim scholars that the man was the old man Mahbur, for even a young man will have hard time climbing up a date tree without some adrenaline and some prophetic insight for how could he tell right away what Ali was bent on proving that day. He was the one who accompanied the sisters from Alexandria and who they claimed converted to Islam just like the sisters.

But all’s well that ends well. The gossips died a natural death especially because Ali brought glad tidings of the man being a eunuch. And so, Mariyah became big with child and everyone congratulated the prophet for having a son, Ibrahim after so many wives and so many years after he had children with Khadijah. It was indeed good news! But after only 18 months the boy died.

On his wake, which coincided with an eclipse, the prophet delivered a very stirring sermon. It was not a lamentation for the boy but was a tirade against people who are ungrateful for the good things done to them especially the wife who is unfaithful to her husband; or even those women who are “ungrateful to their companions in life”(Sahih Bukhari 2:18:161). He was even asked for his gesture of getting something and he said he had a vision of heaven where he was asked to partake of some fruit and a vision of hell where the unfaithful will go. The people found it strange for him to say things like that during that time because the boy was not given yet into marriage and it was his funeral.

After Ibrahim’s death, it was said by Muslim scholars that Mariyah converted. But there was no proof of this. The headstrong woman who provoked Allah to modify a stance of faith kept her house separate from the harem but still remained unmarried to the prophet who could have easily given her freedom right on the day Ibrahim was born.

Had Mariyah bint Shamoun al-Quptiyya been unfaithful to the prophet? Only she and Allah should know that. I feel that the prophet knew, too. And Ali was commendable for doing what was necessary.

But whether unfaithful or not, we can now establish that: 1) slaves can be given away as gifts, 2) slaves can be accorded privileges similar to that of a wife such as having their privacy and property, 3) that bearing master a child, is not an assurance of freedom from slavery, 4) that even domestic problems like adultery with a slave could cause a special actions coming from Allah and 5) there are limitations to what Allah can reveal to the prophet such that he needed to investigate it for himself.

The facts established above bring about implications on Ishmael as the child of promise since Hagar was found expendable as to abandon. Even if there was a terrible claim that she and Ibrahim still shared intimate moments on the site of the Ka’ba. Apparently, Hagar remained a slave which needed to be abandoned to appease Sarah who was insulted by her, and her child an expendable slave who can only have the enjoyment of freedom if he was sent far away.

Moreover, we cannot leave our study on Mariyah, the Copt unless we mention the prophet’s instruction which concerns the members of the Coptic church, the same Christian church which the martyred disciple, Saint Mark, the Evangelist established. He said, “When you conquer Egypt, be kind to the Copts for they are your proteges and kith and kin.” When we speak on ecumenism, Catholics should be sympathetic to the Coptic church for they were never schismatic. A careful review of what transpired in the Council of Chalcedon does not manifest that the Copts were Monophysites and the church in Egypt did not actually follow the heresy of Eutyches. There were only some bishops who fired things up because of its possible rivalry with Rome. What is phenomenal is how Muhammad’s love for Mariyah has indeed tempered of conquest of the infidels remarking the Christian Copts as valuable brethren.

Moreover, if Mariyah indeed had a Christian lover as Ibrahim’s real father, it must have been love that drove her to do it for she never professed her love for Islam nor for its prophet. The profession of faith is number one requirement in Islam and she just could not do it finding life without anymore value without Christ, for to profess Jesus as a lesser prophet than Muhammad is unthinkable for her having witnessed the prophet’s promiscuous inclinations as man in his own harem.

Having loved somebody else however, and having a love child could be fornication but not adultery for she was not married anyway to the prophet. Such covert relationship could easily get the ire of the prophet and would have resulted to tragedy if she will not keep it secret. But then, there is the dilemma of bringing him up since being recognized as Muhammad’s son, he will be required to grow up as a Muslim and successor to a great heresy. Mariyah therefore has a better and bitter solution: let heaven take her child before he could be used in Islam. Mariyah anyway means two things: being exalted or being bitter. Mariyah chose the latter for the heavenly residence of her son. Something like Saint Rita of Cassia did for her sons. This is the greatness that Muhammad discovered in her and he could not give her up. He had a reputation to keep and if she does not convert, she cannot be a wife! Even if she is recognized as Ibrahim’s mother.

And for our purposes, we have one more case of a wife who has shown mercy to a slave and another slave who was shown mercy.

The case of Presumptuous Women: Zainab bint Jahsh, Al-Jariyah and Maymunah binth Al Harith

Zainab binth Jahsh and Aysha binth Abu Bkr’s rivalry could have reached its worst when Aysha nagged Muhammad how she would always defy her. Remember that Zainab felt that she was extra special because of the wedding feast given her by the prophet. Muhammad indeed did extra effort in making Zainab his wife because this early convert to Islam happened to be married to Zaid ibn Haritha, the adoptive son of the prophet himself who had to divorce her because the prophet fancied her. Zaid was long lost from his family having been kidnapped and sold as a slave. In fact, Haritha, his father, is the author of the lamentation poem for the loss of his son he missed so much. He was found by some relatives after he, as a slave, was given as a gift to Khadijah. His father and uncle found him near the Ka’ba and offered to pay for his manumission he refused to be set free as he wanted to stay with the prophet and serve him. And so, seeing his loyalty, the prophet summoned his relatives to witness that he will be fair to him as a father would in his inheritance and that he would adopt him as his own son, and everyone felt happy. Being the fourth person to convert to Islam, the prophet set him free and he married Zaynab, a cousin of the prophet.

It seemed that everything fell into its proper place in Zaid bin Haritha’s life as a man. However, Muhammad made a visit at Zaid’s house and he happened to be out. It was this meeting that sparked it all because there was excitement on both parties concerned. Zaid noticed such restlessness and told the prophet about it. He even advised him to keep her, ”Be afraid of Allah. Keep your wife.”( Sahih Bukhari:6 :93:316) But Zaid could no longer approach her like before and having observed the interest of his adoptive father in his wife, he decided to divorce her.

Despite the legality of the divorce made which rendered Zaynab free to marry again, there was this problem of her being his former daughter in law of which the Manifiqun found fault in the prophet, who made it unlawful to marry daughters-in-law, but did it himself (Al Tabari, 39:9-10). This, and also the fact that the messenger has already four wives to which he sent his messages nightly. In the meantime, they were told to stay put making Zaynab restless and staying in her place of prayer. But it did not take long for them to wait because in one sweep, the divine inspiration which brought the prophet good tidings came, that he can marry Zainab when she was with Aysha. It was Aysha’s turn to be troubled for she has heard that she was indeed beautiful. Eventually, the prophet married the divorcee of his adoptive son and the rivalry between the women started. (Surah 8:151-152,9:39-42, 33:4-5,33:37-38)

All the difficulties met by the prophet in order to marry Zaynab went into her head, she presumed that she could beat Aysha as the prophet’s favorite. She provided the ready alibi on the “honey” affair, and had the privacy legacy of the ‘do not disturb veil just married’ veil. And he had the “no adoptive son” and the ‘more than four wives for the prophet’ novelty divine verses to top it all. She must be Allah’s favorite for the prophet. Her defiance of the Mistress of the harem came to a head when she started nagging Muhammad over Zaynab’s defiant behavior. Perhaps, the messenger already tired from the nagging, told Aisha to abuse her and so she did. After which, he could only quip that Aysha was really Abu Bakar’s daughter.

This was a terrible rebuff on Zaynab’s pride although she continued trying ( i. e. pitching a tent for him ) which was actually unnecessary as Muhammad would come to her even with a sudden desire like when he was aroused incidentally by a passing woman and he came to her even while she was in the process of tanning leather. This was perhaps the reason for her greatest attempt of getting more of his attention, the giving of a sex slave to the prophet as a concubine.

This we see as brilliant move on her part for if she could influence him like Mariyah could, it will be counted as wife’s vote even if she was just a slave and it will be favorable for her, as she will belong to her side, because of loyalty. She was just imitating Sarai, the wife of Ibrahim and so she proposed to the prophet that he make the comely Al-Jariyah his new concubine. Muhammad was pleased with the gift and Zaynab was overjoyed. But Aysha being underhanded as she was saw through it all. Soon, the prophet himself saw Al-Jariyah peeping at the men gathered in the outside court. It would have been easy for Aisha to plant a man who is going to call on Al-Jariyah when she gets close to the window or give her the impression that a man was intently looking for her so that he had to peep outside. And thus, the prophet in a fit of jealousy dismissed her. Al-Jariyah ended collecting dung in order to survive.

Zaynab forgot that Aisha can manipulate the prophet into committing mistakes inadvertently like divorcing a rival he just married! This was the Yemeni princess Asma bint Al-Numan who was sent as a surety that Medina will not attack Yemen but yeh men! Aisha and Hafsha, the dynamic duo, pulled it through by making her say, “I take refuge in Allah from you.” as part of the honeymoon ritual and had the possible rival nipped! She protested that she had been duped but it was too late because the pioneer wives were eavesdropping and it was Muhammad’s own formula that was used. She had to go home as a dumped royal princess. This similar thing happened when another possible rival came in the person of Mulayka binth Kaab. Aisha told her bluntly how she can allow herself to marry the man who killed her father. Conscience-stricken, she wanted to be out and so, the very concerned Aisha taught her the same magic words that would deflate Muhammad’s ego so much that he had to divorce her and send her away promptly. And we find the prophet too indulging for this trick by the fiery Aisha, being alpha as she was.

At any rate, there was a similar story of Fatima Al-Aliya bint Zabyan A-Dahhak, the daughter of a minor chieftain; instead of the one of Al-Jariya, who accordingly was the one who looked out at men in the courtyard and was divorced only after a few weeks suffering a very similar end, which when told doesn’t have the involvement of any slave. Notice the similarity of the surnames and so, that the preceding story can apply here but without the supposed influence of Zaynab. But apparently, the prophet hated the evil eye so much because the focus is not his image. This is the problem when a man has so many wives and only a few wipes to clear and clean things.

Finally, let me treat on Maimuna bint Harith on her supposed presumptuous person. Actually, nothing like this could be said of Barah (Yes, familiar name again) who was renamed Maymunah by the prophet because she came into his life when he was able to return to mecca after seven years. So, Maymuna’s proposal of marriage came as a blessing and brought glad tidings and he accepted it during his Umra of a lesser pilgrimage. Even the volatile Aysha was secure with her for she did not appear threatening.

Widowed twice, Barah dreamt of a life achievement that could give her self actualization in old age. Well advanced in years, she only needed the companionship of someone who she can trust ; someone who respects command in the community and a certain knowledge worth believing; and she saw all these in the prophet. Hence, she proposed marriage to the prophet, coursing it through her sister who is the wife of one of the prophet’s advisers, Abdullah Ibn Abbas. For some Muslim scholars, the idea that she was already old is not palatable for a comparison could be made. Hadiths would show that Muhammad had always wanted fresh grass and had been known to have divorced or rejected those who were already past their prime ( e.g. consider what he did to Sawda who was forced to give her turn to Aisha because he was considering divorce for her, and Ghaziya bint Jabir (Umm Sharik) who was very pretty but he rejected when he discovered that she was already old within, he also proposed marriage to Dubaa bint Amir, having heard of her long hair that swept the floor but changed his mind just in time when he was informed that she was already old). Anyway, there are other ways of cleaning the floor.

But this was a marriage of convenience that would be propitious not only for the families concerned but for Islam as well. And so, he listened to Ibn Abbas’ advice and sent Jakfir, one of his trusted men, to bring the dowry to her and married her to him.

The glad tidings came to her while she was riding on a camel and she got down and pledged camel and all to the prophet. Hence, she became one of the wives of Muhammad and was well accepted by the previous ones. In fact, scholars believed that after giving the prophet the free hand of whom to marry and keep as concubines (i.e. women who are captives in war and those he married and kept at the time of peace) he was asked to stop having more women, after marrying her (Quran 33: 50-52). But Mariyah, the Coptic came along and this could be the reason, too, why he could not marry the Christian. Muhammad, in fact, when gifted with the sisters from Macaquiz was also given a robe and medicine along others. He must actually have received Mariyah only to complement the Governor, the last bride from the respected houses of Mecca and Yemen must have thought for, gave away Sireen as gift, received the robe but asked the medicine to be returned for he declared, “The Sunnah is my medicine.” He must have been very keen already in following divine instructions after having married the lady he called Maymuna. The prophet indeed was splendid and admirable as a husband.

But even if that changed when he possessed Mariyah, there was no complaint that came from her and remained trusting and devoted. For she was sincere with her role and age and would not even consider staged weeping as Umm Salama would. So, what would it be that some say she presumed? Well, it was this incident with the puppy onto which the prophet overreacted and could have been no fault of hers even if she was supposed to be a good housekeeper.

It all began when she saw the prophet very gloomy one morning and so, she inquired as to what was the reason. Muhammad said that he was expecting the angel Jibhrail but he didn’t show up for their regular tryst. This was the first time it happened he said. So, when the angel finally came, he asked him why, and he simply said that he does not go inside houses that have pictures or dogs. Upon realization, the prophet searched thew house for indeed, Maymunah never placed pictures as the prophet told her but he discovered a puppy under the cot. Muhammad brought it out and sprinkled water where it laid. Maymunah did not explain about it perhaps because it only inadvertently crept inside and chose to slept there. She was not as expressive as Aisha, Hafsha or Zaynab could be. Or it must have shocking for the very gentle woman when he ordered the killing of house dogs in the neighborhood except those that are used and are guarding the fields.

Now, that was exceedingly cruel. If Muhammad is only dramatizing things and he does not actually see an angel, then he must be an imaginative bipolar. He indeed has such excesses such as thinking of divorcing all his wives in a fit of anger! Or if he is delusional and could see the divine through his mind, he must be suffering from schizophrenia for he was prevented by someone from heaven by providing the revelations against his upstart wives! Poor women, they do not understand that he is loyal to his wives! But then, if he is not bipolar nor schizophrenic and he could see an angel, this angel must be a Jinn because it is afraid of dogs! And it was not even a full- grown Doberman, Siberian husky or Rott butcher dog but a Pariah Canaan puppy! The gentle kind which the rabies phobic Israelis tried to exterminate and which they are now remorsefully are claiming to be their national dog! How can man’s best friend be the angel’s worst enemy? It was the best time for the messenger to discern better and expose the truth that kt was not actually an angel from Allah that blessed his life but a jinn from Shaitan.! But no, he chose its friendship and in an act of desperation because he was already too deep in the quagmire, he placed the blame on the dogs. The poor old lady was to shocked to react. Ow come on, Maymuna don’t be too naïve, the old man also ordered the massacre of men! But a word of advise to the people of the book: Jews and Arabs who are cynophobic and have the tendency to butcher dogs they be saluki, afghan or pariah-canaan; please leave out the askals for they have converted to Christianity. But now let us have some chorus; let’s use Ylvis’ “What did the Fox say?” and Baha Men’s “Who let the dogs out?”.

Quite different from Aysha, who in a hadith expressed her indignity of why as a woman, she could be equated with a dog or a donkey in nullifying a holy man’s prayer. Now, in the U.S., where they thrive and are guaranteed their freedom of religious expression, in almost dissimilar events, the Muslims in their rallies; blame again the dogs and the donkeys (Democrats) for bringing evil into the land they now claim their own for (in this, they are correct) the laws that allow abortion and euthanasia and those that threaten family life.

Aysha should have also been taught by the prophet about elephants (republicans) but they were not around to nullify prayers in Arabia then. The defense for life and family became white elephants because of the white supremacy build up and the arrogance of the Trump administration. But wait, what were the dogs. In the times of Musa, the dogs was an euphemism for male prostitutes and therefore the attempts to put LGBTQ+ lifestyles to the forefront of American life, for “dogs” whenever given the chance would copulate in public. And the rainbow coalition is starting to grow in power in America, even in its churches.

And to think that Muhammad elsewhere would show great kindness to canines. There are in fact Hadiths in which he would show how a prostitute and a traveling man were forgiven their sins because they have shown kindness to thirsty dogs. And during one of his military campaigns, he even posted a warrior to guard a nursing mother and her puppies. It was indeed just an isolated case of psychological explosion! Allah for all his generosity for his prophecy did not give him a super sense to see right away what keeps an angel from coming nor the super sense of a puppy which could smell right through where a hairy man of lies and lice lay. And it must have been an extremely weak and malnourished puppy which could not even whine nor whimper to be heard during the night. Ow, come on Maymuna, my moon, you should have known.

But dogs and donkeys indeed have super sense, and elephants, too. Balaam’s donkey would not budge because it had become a warlock’s familiar and what donkey could go beyond an angel’s blockade. And even a newbie exorcist can tell you that, the prophet is right once in a while, dogs can see what we do not see! But to frighten an angel? Have you hinted on something?

And this is the very same angel who find animated pictures repugnant for they foster idolatry. Yes, the very same Jibrail who showed the prophet’s bride to be and even instructing him to uncover the silk which the prophet does not like for wearing. This is why the prophet has told Aysha that he had already seen her twice in “dreams” brought by the angel. We are sure they were no longer dreams for he was past pubescence when he saw her. We are however not sure if what has excited the messenger as a groom was a picture of Aysha as a girl of six or nine or a fully developed bride for him to “idolize” or if one does not want that word applicable to Holywood stars, to crave for.

But no, this is not yet the presumption that that Maymuna was really faulted for. It was when one time he brought him what she thought was glad tidings. She told her that she had manumitted a slave girl. Just following his good example, she had set a person free from bondage! But what a reaction she received after telling him the good deed. The prophet said that it would have been better if she has given her as a slave to one of her maternal uncles! Now, this is the point all along, he had the kindness to let the dogs in the field be free from death and he was objecting to the kindness shown to a woman to live free. What manner of prophetic wisdom is this, my moon?

And thus from our account of “presumptuous women” as the misogynist group of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Abu Abbas et al could label, we can already establish the following: 1) the pendulum treatment of slaves as in from extreme kindness as to consider them as children worthy of inheritance or have expendable rights of not having inheritance if they become competitors, even unwittingly, to an adopting parent’s pleasure, 2) the outright dismissal or removal of “marital rights” of a woman; be it a wife or a concubine, free woman or slave, princess or pauper; once she is seen (presumed) guilty of the “evil eye” (looking at, or coveting another man) without due process, 3) the value of a slave, especially if she was a woman and 4) that the prophet who have instituted different kinds of enslavement is suffering from either a psychological or a supernatural kind of enslavement which affecting his efficiency as a prophet.

Whether Al-Aliya or Al-Jariyah was one and the same person only Allah and the prophet know. Whether Zaid bin Harith and Zaid bin Muhammad is the proper legal identity we now know. And whether the Jibreel of the bible who warned Yusuf twice in a dream is the same Jibreel who showed Aysha’s image twice to Muhammad as a future bride we should know now. And whether the Jibreel who terrorized Muhammad at Hira cave and the Jibreel who made trouble in Maimuna bint Harith’s home over a puppy we ought to know now by now for these indeed are telltale signs.

What we have just done is to see the image of the prophet from the perspective of the women who knew him very well as he knew most of them most intimately and the men who served him well. We however are not in the position to ask the angel, who helped him become a prophet but at least, we know now why this angel will also have to suffer death for he has so many human foibles and mortal faults!

There really is a lot of things levied against the person of the prophet however, his person is different from the religion he taught. But as a religion, does not Islam teach anything good? Are you not overly critical against it?

I acknowledge that Islam has so many good things to teach. It is only unfortunate that the questions raised earlier necessitated the overly seemingly critical answers. But I have not mentioned the poles which frame the tent which gave it its sense of security or the factors that calm the Mohammedan sea: I mean the five pillars of Islam.

In many ways, their practice by good Muslims show amazing faith that would even surpass the average Christian, especially Catholics who do not practice their faith.

Therefore, on the other hand, may I present them one by one. First is the profession of faith. Like Catholics, Muslims have their own profession of faith and what is outstanding about Islamic faith is their profession of faith by practice; i.e. action speaks louder than words.

One can easily identify the Muslims by the modest way they clothe themselves in both genders. Woman, in general, do not show their long hair and some would even cover their faces so that only the eyes can be seen; needless to say, they do not show bare skin that would attract the men. And men do have their own mode of respectable clothing. Catholics have forgotten modesty having been drawn by the heresy of consumerism and immodesty from western culture. Particularly, women have dropped the veil and even venture immodest dressing within the church. Men, too, have their share in using indecent garb.

The principle of al Habijah, codifies modest dressing especially among women. Almost forgotten among Muslim scholars is the fact that this is Sawda bint Zama’a’s most important legacy to Islam aside form her sense of humor which made the otherwise stern atmosphere of the prophet’s harem lighter. It is said that the second wife of the prophet is the plainest among his wives. Tall and fat she can easily be distinguished from all the rest. This is why one night when she went out to Al Menasi with the prophet’s permission to answer the call of nature, she was recognized by the same Umar who was advising the prophet intently to have his women veiled and this time, the prophet was inspired to have the verses that included the veil and modest dressing (Sahih Bukhari 4:12:146).

At present, there is a controversy with the fatwa and sharia rulings concerning the application of quranic verse and ahadith. Modern Muslim women decry the fate of women in overly misogynist countries who require clothing in which only the eyes are uncovered so that they can at least see in areas of extreme heat. There are even women scholars who believe that these impositions were actually only for the wives of the prophet who need such protection as their abode is only very close to the masjid where he served.

However, in this world, we are fighting a war against the evil one who is using different forms of trappings to snare souls. A great source of immunity is the proper profession of faith which is necessary. Bruce Lee is quoted saying: “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

To have such sharp discernment, a certain code should be possessed and professed by the spiritual warrior. If we admire the samurai spirit of the Japanese warrior, it is because he believes his Bushido and practices this the way of the warrior; his sword is sharp and he knows how to use it against the enemy.

The “Born Again” Christian overdid this. Out of focus, they would ask: “Have you been born again?” or “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” The practicing Catholic knows the answer to these obvious questions because he really believes in the Credo. For even before the inception what they call the reformation, Catholics already knew how it was to be born again and that the saints who are sources of his devotion indeed have personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Real rich people do not flaunt their wealth lest the hooligans plan something against them. Those who really believe do not have to brag applications of their belief. Have you ever heard of a jit kune do master announcing every move he takes before his foe. Or would a samurai declare his steps in order to subdue his nemesis. Only the non-practicing Catholic will be duped to believe that his church does not have the being born in spirit phenomenon and that these “sing and dance anti-Eucharist Christians “ indeed have personal relationships with the Lord whose real presence they reject.

Unwittingly, the Muslims have overdone their profession of faith, too. Their declaration that only Allah is God and Muhammad his only prophet. The name Allah is a cultural imprint not only unique for the Arabic people. He was the same Eloh in Hebrew and Allaha in Aramaic which is the same Abba (Father) of the Jews hundreds of years before Muhammad called him Allah. In fact, Muhammad recognized those who called Him by such names as the prophets before him. He however, did not commit the greater fallacy of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who only misread the tetragrammaton YHWH and claimed at once that they were the only ones who are correct in calling him by His true name when the opposite is true. Providing God with a new name does not make one a prophet. Nor does the authority of God dwell in a prophet just because he gave Him a new name.

Also, the Old Testament God sent prophets who secured the truth of future salvation for mankind while the New Testament kept the truth of the promise of mankind’s salvation with the Messiah even visiting the dead prophets so that they will know that the promise had been fulfilled. The bible continues to serve its purpose until today and hereafter. And so, what is there that remains for the Quran to fulfill for the people of the book? Muslim scholars would say that the Quran made complete or filled in the gaps left by the two testaments. Really? The Jews already have their fill. The Christians found the cup full. How so? Can Muhammad still fill a cup which is already full? Only a fool will do that. Then there is no other recourse but have another cup.

Moreover, if Islam was indeed encompassing, how does it provide for the non-Muslims who lived and died before the prophet was sent? Is Allah so unfair such that Islam only provided for the prophets and their good family members before the last messenger came? Or if indeed these minor prophets were Islamized including Isah why are their teachings being looked down by Muslim fidels?

The “Born Again” Pastors found it necessary to preach in market places finding some biblical lines literally applicable to these times. Anyway, considering their motives, they must be right in their assumption for they are earning from the “love offering” coffers. This in their way, of convincing their brothers and sisters to approach by passers and market goers and collect donations are their laudable profession of faith; selling biblical passages as commodities in the marketplace and their services as spiritual counselors. Except that they are just loud-able testimonies from a wrong concept of contextual history. But if the Muslim contemporaries find them exceeding their profession of faith they can simply be myopic for in Islam we see the same contextual excesses.

Elsewhere, I have spoken about Islam as a geopolitical theory and revealed aspects of the jihad which may be dangerous for mankind. To illustrate this danger further, may I quote Dr. Thomas F. Madden:” After the conquest of Arabia, Mohammad envisioned the continued the expansion of Islam. Indeed, expansionism working hand in hand with jihad became an important component of the Muslim world view. Traditional Islamic thought divided the world into spheres, the Dar al-Islam (“Abode of Islam”) and the Dar al-Harb (“Abode of War”). The Dar al-Islam consisted of all those lands directly used by Muslims and subject to Islamic [Shariah] law. Dar al-Harb, which included the Christian world, was the place in which Muslims were enjoined to wage jihad against unbelievers, capturing their lands and subjecting their peoples. In this way it was believed that the Dar al-Harb would shrink and the Dar al-Salam would correspondingly increase until it covered the entire world. ( Madden, Thomas F., The New Concise History of the Crusades (Lanham, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2005)p. 3. Indeed, Dr. Madden has shown more eloquently what I am trying to say that this maddening reality of an Islamic war of infinite proportions is poised just above us and waiting on the wings.

How maddening this could be was the subject of Dr. Madden’s speech delivered during the 2016 Catholic Family News Conference entitled “Our Lady and Islam: the Moon Under Her Feet” when he outlined the following atrocities by Muslim extremists who would like to simply exterminate Christians all in a span of two moons: June 14-Bodies of 42 fishermen kidnapped by the Boko Haram (Nigerian Muslim terrorist group) are found floating in the lake, June 17-Members of the same group in Kuda, Nigeria opened fire at the funeral wake on women and children killing 18 and injuring others, June 28- Suicide attackers inside Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey opened fire killing and eventually exploded themselves killing 41 people and injuring 150 others, July 3-ISIS (Islamic State) set off a truck bomb in a crowded shopping are initially killing over 140 people and another 150 dying in the days that followed due to the severity of their injuries and July 14- 84 people died including 10 children were killed during the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France when a Muslim Tunisian drove a truck into a large crowd. Now, that was only in June and July 2016 recorded by the speaker just for his speech. We know very well that we can top that if we list others up to this day.

Can we blame this people for thinking for performing these heinous acts? I am sure scholars of Islam will never allow us to blame them on Allah nor his prophet but then what are you scholars doing? Why don’t you stop these extremists exterminating Christians on the contextual fallacy that Muhammad did the same for Islam? Christians do not belong to pagan polytheistic tribes who could still need monotheistic subjugation. They are people of the Book from where Muhammad got his godly ideas. And even if they were not, they are still people supposed to have been created by Allah so why would he mandate their genocide? This indeed extreme profession of faith.

If we cannot blame the extremists and the thinkers in Islam for it is hard to go against the provision of the Quran for the other people of the book as we quote:

1)Surah 5:51:

O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians as your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he among you who turns to them is of them. Verily, Allah does not guide an unjust people.”

2)Surah 8:12,17:

Remember your lord inspired the angels: ’I am with you’: give firmness to the believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite them above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them…it is not you who slew them; it was Allah.”

Of course, in the above quoted passages, it is easy to deduce who are those who believe (believers) and those who are called unbelievers. It is now also easy to realize why the ISIS captors can easily behead helpless captives and perform other atrocities against them.

However, I must be focusing sharpness only unto what is only extreme. So let us go back to the “Born Again” Christians especially the Americans who exported us their heresy and simply take their expletives. And so we hear them saying, “Praise the Lord!”, “Amen”, or “Alleluia!” not just to very trivial things like making a safe crossing over the gutter but even to anti-Christian things like “Thanks God, her abortion is a success.” or “She has signed my divorce papers” or even “I have a new gay lover!”. For some, this may not be extreme but let me remind lest we forget, that we should not use the Lord’s name in vain.

But now, that may be easy to explain but what about when we give repetitive accollades to Allah: glorious and exalted is he!, his angels: peace be upon them, his prophet: may peace be upon him! and his companions: may Allah be pleased with them but then, you see how inconsistent; since we are speaking of peace here and there, but then, why should Muslims turn to violence? Do we exalt Allah when we massacre innocent lives or even destroy cathedrals dedicated to God? Then why did Muhammad spare his own tribe and not destroy the polytheistic things in the Ka’aba if he were that perfectionist for Allah? Why do always need to say peace be upon (him or them)? Does this mean that they are still in need of peace?

Allah’s prophet is said to be the seal of prophets, the last messenger. Then the seal must have some leaks for he left many controversies for his followers to dispute. Even the Hadiths meant to encase the seal were at times contradicting themselves because it was up for the inheritors to interpret what is halal or haram. This thing happens, more frequently when a religion, uses teaching that is halaw (adapted) or hiram (borrowed). Take the word, capella which is a Catholic word adapted and borrowed by the Iglesia ni Cristo religion. It originally meant a chapel, or strictly speaking a little church which referred originally to the little church where the capella (cloak) of Saint Martin of Tours was displayed as a holy relic. The kapilya now refers to big spired churches of the INC even if they are still how we call the bisita ( a place for visitation ) of Catholics. But will they accept this? If he was indeed the last rasul or nabi who are these interpreting ayatollahs and imams? May be he was not the last messenger after all for some of these newer ones are lost messengers. But will they accept this?

Despite your criticisms, Islam remains to be a religion of high moral ideals and order. Can you refute that?

Any world religion espousing a seemingly high ideals and moral order can present itself as superior to others. Set in its own standards, it will always have the trappings of a system of piety and holiness which it can claim is better than most if not the best. For instance, a paganistic or even a Satanic religion can claim for a higher moral order, by perversion of carnal desires which is seen as, the means to fulfilment for a member who wants to be happy as in the practice of sexual gratification. It is such that the perversion made is defined as in accordance with the desired mores of that religion. A religion of capable of deception can simply dismiss any opposition as hypocrisy. Hence, when the opposition is non-existent or too weak such a religion surely can effect an atmosphere of peace and order as any objection is silenced: the trappings of high ideals and high moral order. This artificial peace is dangerous since as Publilus Syrus said, “Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” This must be the dynamics behind the repressive regimes of caliphs and ayatollahs.

The five pillars of Islam in fact are admirable artifacts evident of a religion of high social order as we enumerate: 1) Profession of faith (as discussed earlier), 2) Prayer, 3) Almsgiving, 4) Pilgrimage and 5) Fasting. I prefer to see them as poles used to prop up a durable tent ready for any desert storm; because I see as a house built on sand rather than a house built on a rock. I see the first, as the one at the center and the four others defining the limits of the tent. Muslims should forgive me the allusion since even today, despite the presence of skyscrapers, Mecca transforms into a city of tents during Ramadan. I am also aware that the desalinization technology can transform the Arabian desert into blooming and fruitful gardens but this will not change anything, the city built on seven jubals was still built on sand.

When the great Roman Empire showed the world its Pax Romana, everything seemed to be in great moral order, too. The application of Roman Law by its legions was a novelty that the barbarian tribes outside the empire in shock and awe. Its profession of faith is carried in the standard which spelled SPQR (the Senate of the People of Rome) and its geopolitical system divided the world into two spheres: the one that enjoyed the Roman peace is that part where Rome was in control of the people and the other one where the Romans can wage war and havoc for those who defy Roman rule. Sounds familiar? And this Rome was even pagan to the guts.

And yet, there appeared to be the presence of a high moral order and its thinkers were reviewing the lofty philosophies of the Greeks and putting up clever commentaries of their own. Even as a pagan enormity, it is full of feasts and ritual prayers to each own family’s line of deities they absorbed from the lands they conquer. In these pagan beliefs they can make love to vestal prostitutes which remained virgins like houris to gain holiness. Their Saturnalia and Lupercalia end in Bacchanalian (Dionysian orgies). The emperors imposed their utmost cruelties to the people they subjugate for they were destined to be god-men; Caesars whose interpretation of the law already became supreme even at the expense of the senate. Women were made objects of desire, veiled to be violated later. Captives are oppressed and made into slaves for sex, infrastructure and transportation (galley slaves). The empire was so expansive that one can travel to different sacred places of the conquered people and feel safe for one is protected by the Roman temple guards. The sea was calm so that even Nero, Maximus Thrax, Caligula, Caracalla, Commodus and other lunatics can hold the helm.

This was the Roman peace at the time when Isah, the Islamicized Jesus preached; the time when Augustus Caesar and the puppet Herod were enthroned. This was the time when He spoke against polytheism (and yet identified the Triune God), promiscuity, the abuse of children and divorce, prayers and almsgiving laced with hypocrisy, pilgrimage to the Temple of Jerusalem for commercial reasons [such that the wealthy merchants have “to pass the eye of the needle” (there was a real Eye of the Needle gate by which camels have to be low on their “knees” in order to pass)] and fasting that gives way to Shaitan.

This was the time that he instituted the Eucharist, the Perpetual Sacrifice and built His Church which Hades will never overcome, on the rock, and not sand. If the Roman Empire had reached Mecca or Medina during Muhammad’s time, I doubt if Allah would send the prophet to conquer the tribes he subjugated. Even Jibreel would hesitate to help him against the Romans because of his aversion to dogs. Roman legions train armored Molloser dogs in their conquests and defences. Islam, it seems had been established during an opportuny when there was least resistance from tribes not as formidable as Herod’s mercenaries and Pilate’s regular troops put together even as the temple guards were there; a formidable force with which the Musolmen cannot contend with.

And yet, Muhammad had the guts to prophesy against a historical truth of God’s plan to save mankind. The Christian GPS (God’s Plan of Salvation) was simply undermined and corrupted by Muhammad’s gnostic story of Judas’ crucifixion instead of Jesus’. The event had already happened and he would like to make it as a magical or supernatural feat for a minor prophet to deceive enemies. I am, of course, not surprised at this attempt to subvert the truth for Muhammad wanted to have souls instead to look up to him and the one who sent him for salvation. In fact, hadith will record his aversion to gold and silver as vessels to be used, in spite of the fact that he used to wear them if others did not only copy him; automatically undermining their use for the Eucharist. Allah even allowed his prophet to try nullify Christ’s crucifixion, death and resurrection. Consider the following verse from the Quran:”…they said (the Jews boasting): “ We killed Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah; but they killed him not, nor crucified him, yet it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts and no knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not. Nay, Allah took him up to himself.” Surah 4:157-158.

Allah did that? Then if he did he is contradicting his own plan. But this is Gnostic teaching espoused by magicians who would like people to believe more in magic than the salvation of mankind. Allah must be Gnostic. But if he insists that he has done this, then it would be easier to unmask him. Remember the time when Saint Peter was contradicting the prophesy of Christ’s passion, he had this terrible rebuke because Jesus knew he was not the one speaking and identified who it was. He said, “Begone, Satan!” Muhammad as prophet was projecting against the Jews in these verses but unraveled, he had the greater fault of denying the Christ’s salvific mission. And to what end? Now, you know.

What great differences other than the ones mentioned can you see between Islam and Christianity?

Allah as presented by Islam, is Pure Willpower that could be arbitrary enough to do, even strange as that, like ordering the massacre of Jews and Christians who may have just misunderstood him. But the God of Christians is Pure Love Who finds a way to relate to the ones He loves even if they misunderstand Him. While Allah is a stern master threatening harsh punishments to his servants unless they show complete submission his pleasure Abba awaits for the return of His prodigal son and even gives a feast upon his return. Heaven rejoices when the greatest sinners return to their Father. This must be the reason that, in an earlier account mentioned, the sword of Jesus was transformed into a rosary and presumably, is the reason why He sent the Muslim Girl Miryam to appear in the Coptic church in Zeitun, Cairo.

The Quran reveals a lonely solitary figure of a god demanding submissive attention. But the Christian God is a Lovely God Who is happy in the way His Trinitarian Persons cooperate in love. The Quran while portending a Creator by which all came from, denies the Father Who sends His only Begotten Son, Who in turn gives witness to Him and Who, in turn sends the Holy Spirit to teach the complete truth, and as the love between the Father and the Son; missed the proper identification of His Persons as Witnesses. Even Sharia law is careful with the provision of witnesses in which the Catholic faith is fully provided with in the persons of God even without the witness of His apostles, prophets, martyrs, virgins, confessors and doctors of His church. But Allah, this lonely god of Islam, had no choice but to procure a clever and opportunistic merchant, who is outwardly conservative and exteriorly puritanical and yet enslaved by carnal desires and who has the penchant to story telling and lies as witness.

And yet, the Quran did not miss including Mary, the Mother of Jesus in its witness. Wait till the Advocata Nostra (our Advocate, e.g. legal counsel, attorney for the defence) gives witness to what Muhammad has done by denying the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ! He will be rebuked for denying God’s plan for the redemption of mankind. Wait till the Mother of Jesus speaks on the passion of her Son as she herself saw it through, experiencing the seven sorrows, till its very fulfilment! Wait till the Queen of Heaven declares that heaven is not the Jannah of carnal desires and artificial designs such that Muhammad was so strict about animate pictures but animated heaven with delusions of the flesh etched in the minds of his followers. And wait till the Gumamela Coelis, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit accuses Allah’s prophet of the unspeakable crime of planning to make her his bride in his carnal Jannah! I can just shudder at the rebuke and punishment awaiting him. Even Sharia law of the crescent moon, which is very partial against women, can never be of help when this Woman clothed by the sun gives witness.

Islam has delineated happiness within a very limited range of human experience identifying many behaviors as doorways to hell and yet it allowed a great degree of sexual gratification acts as halal. This is because Muhammad customized Islam to fit his own lifestyle having Allah allow them, even hallow them for the sake of the prophet. Such that there are ways of ablutions and baths to make one clean before prayer for any holy act which one would realize are not hygienic in themselves. This prophet would even spurt water on the mouth of a child and allow his followers to compete for the waters he has used for ablutions.

Even the sound of much of the music available during his time were labeled haram as they could bring spiritual harm. This is the reason why Muslim celebrations are perceived not to be that happy. And yet, his imagination allowed houris singing praise in Janna while the rewarded Muslim copulates. He would not allow pictures of animated beings in houses and yet was full of delight when Jibreel showed him picture of Aysha and was told to uncover as she would be his future wife. We are however not informed by the hadith if the picture of Aysha was six or nine years old or already a full woman akin to the houri. So much so that the religion itself had taken on superstitions arising from his own belief system.

Allah seem to allow unbridled sexual behavior for aggressive matured men if they find any reason to pounce upon a woman or a girl. This is especially true for foreign women who are seen as infidels. And quite even ironical for the women and children of their faith who may be uncareful in their behavior such as going to schools, uncareful with their hijabs and worth their dowries as baby brides. This is the reason why many women and children are exploited and sexually abused in archaic Muslim countries. Women are also used as the outstanding motivator for men to remain good Muslims or even to become martyrs for the cause of Islam for they are promised 72 virgins in the afterlife aside from those they married. For women, the prophet had forgotten to specify if there will be 72 handsome men waiting or its Janna equivalent. Again, it must be the fault of women because they may have too shy to ask the prophet such that no hadith concerning this was handed down. The messenger had so many wives and concubines but no one asked in intimacy regarding this. They must have too busy or it was too embarrassing for a woman to ask what her vast reward in heaven could be. Or maybe heaven was just meant for men to be rewarded such. There is also reason to believe that the number seventy or seventy-two could be in honor of the 72 martyrs of the legendary battle of Karbala where the group led by the Hussein were martyred by the Yasids while on the way to the Haj.

Allah teaches a harsh theocracy which divides the world into an Islamic sphere of peace and the sphere where Muslims can create trouble in order to expand the sphere of peace. These rash theoretical geopolitics taught by the prophet when interpreted may mean also that the jihad can be launched within Islamic territories if and when the teachings of the infidels are polluting the pure teachings of Islam. This is the reason why Muslims can wage war with one another for Allah and his prophet and must be the reason why caliphs and ayatollahs have very dynamic and repressive regimes.

What about the Muslim’s life of prayer? Surely, you cannot have anything more to say about the devout life of the Muslim particularly his salah.

You are right when you say that the Muslim’s prayer life is indeed devout. Actually, Muslim means “submitter” and as someone who submits to the will of Allah who demands total submission, he had no choice but to be devout.

Within the day, the Muslim is expected to pray as part of his ‘Ibahat (worship). Very early, at dawn, the muezzin or mu’adhin makes the adhan or call to prayer. This is what we hear being announced now through sound systems mounted on minarets in places where there are large Muslim communities, mindless of people of other faith who may still some more sleep because of their jobs.

The one chosen to call Muslims to prayer before had to stand on a tall building and in Mecca, it used to be the Ka’ba where Bilal, the black slave of Muhammad used to do this. This dawn prayer is called the Fajr and is followed in the afternoon by the Zuhr. On Fridays, this afternoon prayer becomes the Jummah which is obligatory to all men to attend because the imam will be giving the kuthba or his sermon. The day is completed by the Asr, done in the late afternoon, Magribh, done before sunset and Isha, which is the night prayer.

In all these prayers, all must face the direction of Mecca (Qiblah ) and the one praying must be devoid of impurities both najasah and hadath. Najasah are normally acquired impurities such as dust and mud while hadith are those acquired during sexual intercourse or menstruation. The former require wudu or the simpler form of ablution required before entering the mosque but the latter would require ghusl or the ritual taking of a bath to become ready for prayer.

Prayers may be fard or obligatory or sunnah which is but recommendatory and involves prophetic tradition. In form, the prayer could be rakah of two to four units or the dua which is an invocation read or already memorized which can be done anytime of the day. Praying may be done standing but ruku, or bowing expected to be done but the best is sujud or prostration for it adds value to the prayer. In ritual prayer, the devout must declare his intention to do salah and declare that “God is Most great: Allahu Akbar”. This followed by Al Fatijah which is the first chapter of the Quran. The Muslims also use the 99-bead tasbih or misbahah. The Sufis makes use of this for their litanies. The ninety-nine beads correspond to the ninety-nine names exalting Allah. These can be divided into three phases of thirty-three beads with complementary prayers in some cultures.

Having stated all these, it can easily be said that the Muslims indeed may have more devout life of prayer than most Catholics do. In fact, only Catholics who enter holy orders, that is the life of a religious, are obliged to pray. Only then, can they have the matins, vespers, nones, etc. Lay people on the other hand, are never obliged with their prayers. They may not pray the angelus, the rosary and may even not go to mass because they know that there will not be reprisals or punishments coming from the church hierarchy. Such that the prayer life of a Catholic is dependent on his free will or is voluntary. But the beauty of it is that when it is done out of love and volition, it has attained its greatest value as act of love, hope, faith and worship.

But the Catholics also have a deep reverence for things related to faith. Hence, it is not strange for Catholics to pray to saints or kneel before their pictures and statues. They have deep respect for sacramentals like medals, scapulars and the rosary They kneel before the Eucharist understanding that God’s real presence is there. And all these do not mean idolatry but dulia (reverence).

I am aware that the Muslims have a great reverence for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Quran 3:42 says of her,”Allah has chosen and made you pure, and exalted above all women.” And also of her devotion, “she put her trust in the words of her Lord and believes in His scriptures.” She is made a sign for all creation and a model for the faithful as she truly submitted to God’s will. A whole Surah (19) is dedicated to Sitti Maryam by the Quran which made an account of the annunciation and the virgin birth of Jesus. In the 34 instances she is mentioned, 24 identifies her as the Mother of Jesus which means that her exaltation is only dependent on Him. Also, in the Catholic faith, Mary is not worshipped but accorded reverence above all holy persons, hyperdulia. The rosary is handed down for this purpose, that the Magnificat prophecy that she will be called blessed by generations to come and that God Himself would like her exalted.

There at least, there is an admission that Muslim devout prayer life has something admirable in it. It is just careful about what could be taken as idolatrous practice. Do you accept?

Yes, quite admirable even amazing when compared to other religious practices. In fact, if only the Catholic faithful has such a devotion, he can storm with requests that could change the world. But no, he does not have it and yes, he hesitates because his lifestyle had been polluted by the heresies of the flesh and materialism. In fact, Muslim fundamentalists are correct in identifying the American way of life as Satanic because, I am sorry for the Americans, they do not know how much they have given in to Satan by leaving a life of prayer.

First, the classroom prayer to God accommodated Satan instead. Using freedom of religion as basis, a minute silence was instituted instead to give due respect to the atheists and agnostics who prefer the modern theory of evolution to the Genesis account of creation.

Then, there is an avalanche of reforms in the God-fearing American society. The Americans now protect the bald eagle’s because it is their emblematic symbol as a nation but have authorized the abortion of human beings, which are more valuable than all kinds of eggs, since they will the ones to constitute the nation someday. The bible explicitly says that what “God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” But they have forgotten the interior truth within this: that it is only God Who can join together. And so why have they instituted gay marriages? Do they have the right to join men in marriage? And why do they have divorce? Do they have the right even if they are supreme court jurists? They are not God; they are only men! And now, they have made America suffer the consequences which they will see in the future. Even American priests, especially bishops would flaunt their homosexuality. At this rate, the Muslims have all the right to scoff at the Catholic life of prayer.

Behold the Muslim, they face Mecca five times (other Islamic sects have four) and prostrate to Allah. They do not just kneel, but prostrate and did not change it for hundreds of years. And yet, the Catholics, way of Vatican II, seemed to have been embarrassed by the signing of the cross and especially in the belief in the Real Presence. Priests now just mumble “Body of Christ.” Figuratively, are they just acknowledging the congregation? They should make the definition of the Eucharist: “This is the Body of Christ!” as an atonement and believe this per se. And therefore, do away with the communion in the hand out of real reverence to the King’s presence.

For all we know, the homosexual, in his depravity, could be imagining unholy things as he touches the Sacred Host or even while gazing at the crucified Christ, who although wounded and pierced only wears the loincloth. Are they not cursing themselves with these actions?

The Filipino spiritual warrior must stick to his life of prayer which Novos Ordo has watered down so much. At the turn of the 19th Century, Filipino kids were being taught the tresahiyo by their grandparents. The newly arrived invaders, the Americans, were amazed that traffic would be at a standstill for the Angelus. Protestant and free-thinkers as they are, they goaded the entrepreneurs to open the cabarets at six and close shop also at six. It was this new set of “benevolent assimilators”, which by giving new liberties, prostituted the Filipinas and enslaved the Filipinos anew with their bait of new ideas.

In the end, it only boils to one thing: how one prays and therefore, relates to God is what matters because that is how God hears and relates with him. Even if you are adjudged to be different because the mass is being treated by everyone as a mere feast, discern that it must remain a perpetual sacrifice. Do what the emigrant samurai Saint Justo Hikagoro Takayama Ukon did. He must have been considered by other samurai as traitor but he was loyal to the Truth, the Way and the Light. He chose exile from his beloved emperor and people for as long as he can continue worshipping his King. True to both his calling as a samurai and then as warrior of Christ he lived with the honorable samurai code, “Warriors take chances. Like everyone else, they fear failure, but they refuse to let fear control them.”

Regarding the hadith wherein Aisha did not want to face the prophet because to her consternation, the messenger included the woman, which she is, with the dog and the donkey as those which can nullify prayer she mentioned that she will just face the Qiblah. Short as it is, the hadith provides many implications to the devout life of a Muslim. For one, it shows a common defense mechanism of Islamists and this is called projection in psychology. It simply means that one puts the blame on another for his own shortcomings. For instance, we hear of unreasonable Islamic fundamentalists saying that they are being persecuted or oppressed by a certain regime being influenced by the west or by Shaitan that is why they have to resort to extreme acts of terrorism. Here, Aisha is angered by the fact that she has not done anything so why blame her?

But her devotion is not lessened for she resorts to gesture of exasperation and faces where Mecca is rather than see the face of her unjust accuser. Here, we see the reinforced status of Muhammad’s teaching why Muslims should show reverence to the Ka’ba. But this is where Muhammad failed to clarify things between a polytheistic or a monotheistic stance in worship. Catholics need not face Rome for their prayers even if they believe that Saint Peter was martyred there. The St. Peter’s Basilica nor Saint Peter himself are not objects of worship. And so even if it is true that Ibrahim and Ishmail placed the founding stones there, it does not make the Ka’ba a deity to be worshipped. Why then the need for the Kiblah? Actually, inside the Ka’ba, we find the evidences that Muhammad allowed the polytheistic faith of his own Bedouin tribe (Quyresh) to remain as an accommodation which even necessitated the inclusion of the satanic verses, a fact that he admitted and Allah tolerated. These are the three pillars which have no architectural value, and the utensils hanging there which were used for worship. Muhammad’s tribe worshipped Hubal, the Syrian moon god initially. Later, they worshipped his daughters; Al-Lat, the square stone goddess, All-Uzza, the goddess of the morning star which was shaped like a thigh bone, and Manat, who was associated with the black stone which originally came from the sun, moon and the stars.

Muhammad must have identified Allah from the al-Ilah god worshipped by each of the Arabian tribes or Allaha, a pre-Islamic Arab deity ( E.J. Brill, First Encyclopedia of Islam, 1987, p. 302 ) or the combination of the Semitic El and Allah associated with the moon deity ( Sykes, Egerton, Everyone’s Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology). Would it surprise one if the Tagalog word, alila is archetypically derogatory? During the time of Muhammad’s calling, the Bedouin Arabs indeed worship the moon god referring it as Ilah ( Gillaume, Alfred, Islam,1956, pp.6-9.) There are many other sources which associate the people of Arabia during those times as worshippers of celestial beings embodied in their idols. The reason why I am presenting this is because Muhammad never mentioned these polytheistic tendencies and yet, the Muslim masjids nowadays have their minarets topped by the crescent moon and a star. Historically, the only association that these icons have with Islam is its appearance in the battle flags of the invasive Ottoman empire. Its association with earlier middle Eastern civilizations is clear. And what of the totem-like three pillars inside the Ka’ba, are not these remnants of the belief in the trinity of the daughters of Hubal, chief god of the Ka’ba, moon god of fate and divinations, of which arrows are used to tell the future, and for whom even human sacrifices were made. Why did Muhammad allow the artifacts to remain especially the black stone? Why did Allah allow the prophet? Only he and his prophet know the answer.

What about the Muslim Practice of fasting especially during Ramadan, is this not a great divinely inspired practice?

Yes, we accept that the practice of fasting for spiritual reasons and even for health reasons is very valuable. It is for this reason that the practiced of fasting has become a pillar of Muslim faith. Each faithful is a leader, a motivator, who could influence others into faith. Philip Masinger is right when he said that, “He that would govern others, first, should be the master of himself.” And mastering one’s self needs self-control. Fasting is an effective means by which one master self-control.

But fasting the Muslim way is lessened by the fact that it is imposed. The Muslim has tl do it or face sanctions. This is the reason why the Catholic church does not really impose fasting. Fasting is best one it comes from the heart; from one’s will to master one’s self for the greater glory of God. So that the fishes drawn on the days of the Catholic calendar are simply there to remind the faithful about fasting, which he may do or not.

Hunger occurs as a normal way for the body to be nourished and remain healthy. But to master hunger by fasting nourishes the soul when in fact doing benefits also for the body enslaved by the desire for too much food. That is why in the Catholic practice, there is the colacion which is actual abstention from food and the ayuno which only diminishes the intake of food from the usual, recognizing that Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Every man is unique.”

That is why Jesus, by his own choice, abstained from food for forty days in the wilderness and even had to be tempted by Satan. But the Master had shown His great mastery of Himself when He replied that man does not live by bread alone but from every Word that comes from Him.

And here, we introduce the problem that concerns fasting; if it is done without the living Word of God. Yes, fasting was meant to master one’s self but without the Truth, such as one that is only imposed, it is almost without value if none at all. Jesus said, “I am the Truth,” and so, the Way to holiness without Him, is also without value because he is also the Way.

And to discern the real Light about fasting, one must dedicate and align it to the sufferings that Christ had because he did not just laugh at those who crucified Him for having deceived them (as Islam claims). For Christ neither resorted to deception nor deride on others’ mistakes, but suffered excruciating pain in the crucifixion until His death, but even prayed for sinners while He was upon the cross.

Hence, Christian or Muslim alike, if after the fast you give in to gluttony and eat so much food at a faster rate, the fast made is made fast to be useless. It might even become detrimental to the digestive system which is shocked by the sudden intake. And for the Protestant sects that deride fasting, are you not mocking Christ instead since you despise mortifications that Christ Himself exemplified? Remember this fellow Catholics, it would be very easy for the Anti-Christ to snare the glutton but you spare yourself from gluttony, how can the devil snare you from betraying the Way, the Truth and the Light?

Before ending this discussion on fasting, let me just make a simple comparison between the prophet of Allah and the Prophet of prophets on how they did their fasting. Muhammad sucked Aysha’s tongue to get some sort of a substitute nourishment, or would the ayatollahs tell me it was just an inspiration, when he fasted but Christ never resorted to anything like that. (Sunan Abu Dawud 13:2380) It must have been that Muhammad tempted himself by using his wife but Christ was tempted terribly thrice by Satan himself and did not waiver. Moreover, divine verse had prohibited coitus during days of fast or when wives have their period and yet, Muhammad was the one, too fast to break it. (Fath-Al Bare exegesis of Sahih Bukhary, Ibn Hajar al-Askalany; compare also with Sahahih Bukhari 3:31:118; 3:31:128 and then,3:31:139 which made the men overjoyed, and 3:31:208. He even caused Juwariyah to break her fast (Mufrad al Bukhari 1183). What do you make out of this?

Q23- What about Islamic almsgiving, is this not a great religious practice?

A23- Islam did not invent almsgiving. It had always been in the Jewish way of life prompting Jesus Christ to make a realistic parable on the Widow’s mite in contrast to the one made by the arrogant Pharisee. In other word, Islam’s prophet is wise enough to include it as an important teaching. And thus, Allah has imposed almsgiving as religious requirement.

But for Catholics, notice this: have you ever attended mass wherein the one passing the basket or the poled purse would stay with you until you have given money to the church? No, only a bad priest will impose that and that would even be Iscariotal since it comes as a purse requirement. Except that in some Catholic churches, the parish councilors have included the giving of envelopes to matrimonial sponsors which is very protestant. In fact, in some Christian churches, one is required to give their “tithing” in the envelope given to them individually. This is when the element of imposition presents itself and this is where the value of giving to the church, and ultimately, to the poor, is lessened of its value.

In fact, some pastors are shameless enough to preach on the prosperity doctrine and emphasize on the need for huge church donations in order to be more blessed and be wealthy. Excuse me, but have they forgotten that there are poor people because the lord would want them to be richer spiritually? Why are you pastors so drawn in emphasizing prosperity in life here on earth? Are we not supposed to experience more happiness in heaven? So why are some Catholic priests accommodating the spread of this vermin?

Therefore, we go back to real almsgiving. Give alms to the poor since they are closer to God so that He can remember what you have done to the least of our brethren for whatever we do to them, He takes it as we have done it for Him.

And practice your act of charity with decency and without contrived motives such as Judas did. Judas and his father did not really worry about the poor when the Magdalene opened the expensive perfume bottle to dress Jesus’ feet. They said that it would have been better for Mary Magdalene to just have sold the perfume and used the money to benefit the poor. Nay, they were simply jealous of Jesus and envied Him for they both lusted for the penitent woman.

Some of those who practice charity today even require the media to be present when they do their community pantry. Or ostensibly publish it on social media reducing their act to naught because they have nothing to gain anymore in heaven. Their pride has already given them what they needed. What a pity because they may be wealthy and prosperous but they are spiritual paupers!

William Thackeray said, “Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong.” when you practice generosity, be honest about it. Do not expose your weakness to the devil who works to unravel how much attention you need and therefore work in your narcissistic tendencies. For all you know, the object of your theatricals never noticed but the devil did.

What about the Hajj, does the Catholic church have anything to match its greatness?

Oh, yes, you are quite correct, there is nothing like that in the Catholic church. But the very reason why the Order of the Knights Templars was created is because the Christian pilgrims to the holy land needed protection as Muslims are bound to attack them. I must affirm that the Catholic church had approved pilgrimages to holy places because they provide indulgences, i.e. great blessings and graces to the pilgrim soul. For example, we have the “El Camino” Pilgrimage which will start at the Church of Annunciation established where Our Lady of the Snows appeared in Puy, France and end in the Shrine of Saint James “Matamoros” of Compostela in Spain. The pilgrim may also visit the Church where our Lady made her very first recorded apparition on top of a pillar, to comfort a distraught Saint James. Our Lady was still living on earth when the Lord asked her to see the apostle who was having a hard time with the unresponsive Hispaniolas. But pilgrimages like this are expensive nowadays.

But the Catholic church provides for the poor. For instance, Filipino pilgrims are fortunate because if they cannot afford to follow “The Way”(Camino), visit the holy land or see the original Saint Luke painting of the Madonna and Child at St. Mary Major in Rome, they can have their visita iglesia during Lent, or visit Antipolo in May, or if they have some money, go to El Salvador city in Misamis Oriental on a pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy plus countless other feasts and holy places to visit, some of which are simply sanctified by faith of the people and not yet by the church.

But none of these are strenuous and tasking as the pilgrimage to Mecca, the center of Islamic faith. Even the feast of the Black Nazarene pale in comparison to the colossal magnitude of the Haj. Thanks also to Marcos who has given the Muslims a golden mosque in the heart of Quiapo to accommodate friendship with them. Before becoming a Hadji or a Hadja, the pilgrim must stone Shaitan symbolically, go around the Ka’ba with a sea of people, run between two hills, fast fervently, pray on the mount of meditation (Mount Arafat) and atone for one’s sins. All must be done in a compressed number of days while one is allowed to stay in Mecca. Indeed, the Haj is a gargantuan task for a Muslim faithful that is why he can really be proud to be called a Hadji or a Hadja.

But why the Muslims from different Islamic nations have to visit the Ka’ba can be explained better by understanding what the Ka’ba means to a Muslim. So what is the Ka’ba? Why does the Muslim have to observe Qiblah, or face where Mecca is whenever he prays?

The Masjid al Haram is the House of Allah in Mecca is the holiest place in accordance to Islam. According to Islamic accounts, the Kabah was originally built by Adam and used to be white, making it the oldest mosque in the world. It was rebuilt by Ibrahim and Ishmail, and in fact, their drawn divining arrows, were still there when the idols were removed on orders of Muhammad. Another reason for its holiness is because it is where the Zamzam well gushed forth water when Hagar was distraught where to find water for her child, Ishmael when Abraham finally abandoned them.

This is why before the drainage was completed, pilgrims used to swim around the Kabah instead of walking. In pre-Islamic times, pilgrims walk around it naked because clothing was a symbol of sin. But the women pilgrims have to do it in the dark of the night so that their bodies are not exposed to men. Being the holiest place, the Ka’ba is where a Muslim must face but inside the Ka’ba, if one is fortunate to be allowed, you can face any direction. James Lane Allen said, “You are the handicap you must face. You are the one who must choose your place.” And so, this is a practical guide for prayer, and pilgrimage, too for Muslims and Catholics alike. But some protestants do not believe in such things that is why they can hold their worship in theatres, barns or even coliseums.

The Ka’ba used to be open for all. But now, it is only opened once a year and only Saudi Kings, prime Ministers and presidents professing Islam are allowed inside. It no longer looks as it was before especially when in 1996, many stones were replaced and the foundation was made stronger. Although theoretically you can face any direction inside, the furniture within face only one direction.

There used to be 360 idols (perhaps representing days within a year) including the divining arrows of Ibrahim and Ismael but they were all removed on orders of Muhammad except the black stone which was most sacred to the Quraysh of Mecca which is Muhammad’s own tribe. Earlier, the Quraysh were pleased that their idols will be respected by Muhammad for Satan spoke through him and reminded recognition of the Meccan gods ( Tabari 1192, Quran 22:52 and 53: 19-26), an event marked as the recitation of the satanic verses.

However, because of the rebuke, he changed heart, and the tribe later felt betrayed by his reversal of actions. This angered the tribe leaders that it took seven years before he could return to Mecca. Upon his return, he could not even complete the umra he was doing and had to rush for his marriage with Maymunah bint Harith because he was pressed to leave. The Quraysh fury on Muhammad’s eventual destruction of their idols came to a head in the “Battle of Badr” which the Muslims won over the Meccans. His return already signified the decline of polytheism and the rise of monotheistic Islam. The black stone however remained a lasting link between his polytheistic tribe and his monotheistic religion.

One more proof of the prophet’s accommodation to the Quraysh is the following account: “Aisha used to tell me a number of things. What did she tell you about Kabah? I repeat,” She told me that the prophet said, ‘O Aisha! Had not your people been close to the pre-Islamic period of ignorance I would have dismantled the Kabah and have made two doors in it, one for entrance and one for exit.’ Later on, Ibn al-Zubair did the same.” (Salih Bukhari 1:3:126) So, actually he can do things except he could not.

This same black stone was broken when the Ismaili group from Bahrein, taking it as a mere object of superstition took it and killed the people worshipping it and dumping them into the Zamzam. The Kufa in Iraq had it ransomed and although returned was already into several pieces. This black stone which is identified as part of a meteorite is a source of controversy among Muslims especially because the haj from a certain viewpoint is a practice of idolatry as it involves the reverence made upon the stone. It even has the story that it was the guardian angel which was turned into a stone or that it was originally white and only turned into black because of the sins it has absorbed from humanity (Muslims touching it).

Another controversial aspect when it comes to pilgrimages is when one considers more the pleasures of the travel rather than the blessings one can obtain. Hence, the pilgrim in his travel merely becomes a tourist. This is why some priests must be cautioned from transforming themselves into tourist guides. A pilgrimage only becomes worth it because of the difficulties it entails.

Hadjis and hadjas may be treated as little religious heroes because of their feat but a Catholic traveler seeking pleasures on the way; what delicious food can be eaten, what is beautiful in the place, what comfortable hotel can one stay in, or is there a sauna or spa there? All these redounds to tourism and not the making of small heroes. “It is the surmounting of difficulties that make heroes,” said Louis Kossuth. Thus, even in our own little Catholic brotherhood, I found it indignant for one of our sisters to discriminate against the poor lodgings and the simple food that the poor host had to offer. She was no pilgrim but a tourist grim! And she laid to waste the indulgences which had been due her poor soul!

Therefore, my last note is for the Nimrodian towers of light watching over the Kabah; the filthy rich Muslims in their opulent rooms in those hotels built just for the rich; you should be embarrassed with the poor Muslim brothers outstretched on roads and gutters exposed to the elements for the blessings of Allah.

Speaking of pilgrimages, you seemed to have left out Muhammad’s night Journey. It is was quite a feat that the prophet Isa never had the chance to do, isn’t it?

Indeed, because Jesus does not need to perform any pilgrimage here on earth. His visit to the Temple of Jerusalem is only to do His Father’s business and that is rightfully to dwell in the abode built for Him. It behooves that as Owner of the House, He is not a visitor there. Humans need sanctifying grace for their thirsting souls and these is why they need pilgrimages to obtain these. Jesus does not need any indulgence anymore for he is the One bestowing it. He is God.

Now, since you are eager to mention the night journey, let us see what we can find. To make things easier for us, I have enumerated my findings as follows:

  1. On the manner that that it was undertaken:

  1. Aisha said that, “his body never left the room.”- First possibility, that would mean that either it was only imagined, or he travelled astrally. But there is even an account which says the angel opened the roof of his house which made it more doubtful. Another version is that he is within or beside the Kabah.

  2. He was awakened by Jibreel, who slit his body from throat to pubic area to purify his heart with Zamzam water before the trip, then he had to ride Buraq, the swift mythical mule-donkey with wings and typically presented in middle eastern countries with the head of a human. (Sahih Bukhari 5:58:227-228)

  1. On the objective of travel: Al-Aqsa Mosque which is the farthermost mosque; this is where he led the other minor prophets into prayer.

  2. The Greatest Side Trip of All Time: Muhammad’s Ascent into heaven with Jibreel bringing him the ladder or in some other version via Buraq again;

  1. First layer of heaven where he sees the two visible rivers, two others are hidden, he correctly identifies the Nile and the Euphrates.

  2. Second layer, where he sees the cousins Yahya and Isah (John, the Baptist and Jesus )Yahyah was gentleman enough not to confront him about his gossiping about his manhood. Isa was most gentle about his insinuation about his sexual impropriety for he was a big liar.

  3. Third layer, where he sees Yusuf (Joseph), the most handsome of God’s creation and he being the noblest made the meeting one of the grandest.

  4. Fourth layer, where he sees Harun (Aaron)and he does not seem to mind his infatuation with Miriam for he has renamed his sister Kulthum to make up for his mistake.

  5. Fifth layer, where he sees Musa (Moses), and he did not even complement him for assigning fasting for the day of his victory over the Pharaoh, and

  6. Seventh, where he sees Ibrahim who he misrepresented as a father being counseled only by his son to be sacrificed

  7. Then the Lotus tree which fruits are as big as jars and leaves as large as elephant ears. Gabriel, his escort, though an angel is no longer allowed beyond this. He finally meets Allah.

  1. Rationale for Visit: Allah hands down order that men should pray 50 times a day but on Musa’s musings Muhammad goes back and forth to bargaining to Allah until He changes it to only five times daily.

  2. Then after a fruitful itinerary, he returns to Makkah where the Quraysh finds more fault with him because his story proves he has gone mad.

The difficulties inherent in these claims are plenty especially with different versions and claims which is why some scholars claim that it is simply made up. The difficulty here is that it is permanently mentioned in the Koran. We begin with the manner by which he would really travel. First, if we are to believe that his body never left home as Aisha contends, then he did astral travel and his bilocation is in contrast to the second choice, which makes it more like he is a real prophet. The second choice however has a problem with the purification operation made by the angel. If this was only a Christian miracle story Gabriel would have made it as an angelic patron of surgeons. But since he overdid it, I would doubt it too, because surgeons will only open the chest cavity for the heart. Moreover, the prophet seems to have forgotten his prohibition for the use of gold in utensils or angel-surgeons are exempt. I wish the prophet did not overdo his mythical characterization, as Buraq is too novel for the Quraysh to believe and I myself find it hard to think how to tether him because he has small jaws to bite the bit. This is why modern Muslims prefer the equestrian version. The speed problem is negligible when considering a myth since the derivative barq means lightning. Karam, my friend says it would have been better if it was named Neigh because only dogs bark, but he is a jester.

In the first rung, he saw how sinners are being tortured for their sins. Adam, a giant, welcoming him as a son is a clever idea for Muhammad as he could not claim any patriarchal lineage from both his father and mother. Nile and Euphrates being identified is also clever because the other two are hidden and need not be identified so why let them flow. But their being also present in heaven is quite interesting.

We see here indeed how minor he thinks of the Christ assigning Him only on the second layer with His cousin. Of course, the meeting between the most handsome creation and the noblest of god’s creation is quite interesting as he seemed to be infatuated with the patriarch.

But the mystical prophet Idris is unknown to people of the book. The Book of Enoch was not included in the Vulgate because of some hermetic difficulties. So, perhaps this prophet was learned by word of mouth by Muhammad as a combination of Hermes Trismegistus and Toth because he did not identify it as the nearest possibility, Enoch. This could be the reason why Muhammad wants to be thrice-great like the mythical Hermes who is all at once known as god’s messenger, a source of wisdom and as a sultan of a world order. To think that Hermes in fact, projected himself into outer space to explore vast cities out of the earth and teach about them upon his return.

Muhammad was shy about asking about Miriam, the sister of Aaron for he must have known about his confusing her with the Mother of Isa for he might be rebuked by a fellow prophet for renaming her Kulthum. Of course, he would be more embarrassed to talk about her from Moses. And yet, when Abraham takes him to paradise his attention was called by a comely damsel whose identity when asked was Zaid bin Haritha. Now, that’s funny because Zaid bin Haritha is the prophet’s adopted son and Muhammad lusted over Zaid’s wife Zaynab, whom Zaid was led to divorce and which he married. Could this be what Jean Paul T. Richter meant when he said, “Paradise is always where love dwells.” Probably not. Apparently, his carnal desires still possessed him even if he was already in heaven!

The incident by the Lote tree wherein Gabriel is not allowed to go beyond is a classic Mohammedan way of manifesting that his person is of greater importance. In fact, it was even Gabriel admonishing Buraq how honorable his rider will be much to the entity’s discomfort. But what brings down the house is when he finally meets Allah and the order of the fifty prayers was given. We can really see that this merchant can bargain, for with Moses’ coaching, it was cut into five prayers only. Muslims have to thank him for that. Does this not remind you of Abraham’s bargaining with the Triune concerning the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Even my associate, Karam Singh, who is into Zoroastrianism, Mithraism and Sikh religion finds the Buraq and similar accounts borrowing from these faiths and insists I include the following observations: That Buraq could not be white because burak is filthy mud, and that the face of Buraq must be close to the face of a recent U.S. president who has strong Islamic leanings. Because Eastern Muslim scholars debate over Buraq’s sex, he proposes an alternative; it is gay. That’s better than being sad. He even claims falsely that Xi Jinping has made a mistake assigning Chinese militia who are pro-American in the West Philippine (Province of China) Sea. His proof: that they built fortifications on artificial islands just to house their barracks. Just to think that Communists are not supposed to worship any god. And lastly, he asked, why did the identity of person in heaven change gender? He said since it is always the woman’s fault in Islam, Zaynab bint Harith must have petitioned Allah that she and the prophet make their tryst there. The claim of being in Al Aqsa is only aksaya. His last question on the possibility of having employed astral projection: Did he join the New Age revival? But of course, I don’t take him seriously.

We even have our difference on opinion concerning the city with seven hills which the protestants define as Rome. Although Karam and I believe that it is not Rome, we differ in our view of what it really is. I tell him that it is Tehran but he insists it is Mecca. Accordingly, he enumerates the names of the seven hills of Mecca as follows: Jabal abu Ghuzla, Jabal abu Halayah (not violet in color), Jabal abu Ma’aya, Jabal abu Milha, Jabal abu Minah, Jabal abu Siba (not a place for gluttons) and Jabal Safa. Not to be outdone, I gave him the fact that Tehran does not only have seven hills; it is a metropolis of seven cities. Now, in which Muslim city did we have more martyrs and innocents shed their blood. I challenge you, Mr. Singh!

The Quraysh have all the more reason to find the prophet’s message and story incredible that is why he has to leave Mecca and dwell in Medina, instead. Even if his loyalist, Abu Bakar confirmed that he had also seen the Al Aqsa mosque in the manner he told them, they found in him just a story teller, nothing more. Muhammad is clever enough not to have opted for a day’s journey since he could influence not only Jibreel but Allah himself for it would mean more witnesses. For even today, since the ahadeeth concerning this account came only from word of mouth, Muslim scholars found it as perhaps allegorical if not mythological and would not want to delve in it as part of Islam. But it indeed is because it is written in the Quran: Surah 17: 1 (Al Israa) and can never be erased anymore.

The difficulties they have to overcome are the following:

  1. During the time the Al Israa was made (621 AD), the temple mount which is supposed to be the location of the Al Aqsa mosque, was a dumping ground because the temple had been destroyed into rubble as Jesus prophesied (in 70 CE, by the Romans) and there was no mosque or masjid in the city before the Islamic occupation.

  2. Even Caliph Ali who conquered Jerusalem in 639 AD, saw this prevailing condition. There was no mosque in the temple mount but rubble and garbage. As usual as a loyalist to Muhammad, Ali who was instrumental in silencing the Mariyah, the Coptic affair, he was silent.

  3. The first mosque was built in Jerusalem in 691 AD, a good seventy years after the night journey by order of the Umayyad Caliph Abd Al Malik. This Caliph also ignored the fact that he is going to be the builder of the first mosque which belies the claim of the night Journey.

  4. The Dome of the Rock; among the holiest of Islamic pilgrim sites, because it is where Muhammad ascended into heaven, is therefore a late addition. It is not a mosque but it is a memorial to Muhammad’s ascent into heaven with the rock where he and Jibreel placed their ladder, which is reminiscent of Jacob’s. It is part of the Al Aqsa Mosque which only came into being in 691 AD (finished a year later) and could not be the mosque that Muhammad allegedly visited despite its given name.

Never had it occurred to Muhammad that he would be found out. During those times, the distance of 766 miles would have been formidable. Muhammad’s predisposition to story-telling has taken the better of him. He even recounted meeting four angels including a rooster angel who makes the roosters crow in the morning. But what is good is the record of how his listeners take his stories. For example, we have the father and daughter who are sometimes contradicting each other; there is Aisha who claims his body never left their room (Muhammad even claims he was sleeping at the Kabah) and the prophet’s father-in-law who reinforced how the mosque in Jerusalem looked.

What is this with Muhammad’s ego, he had just secured Medina and has just been allowed to return to Makkah and now he claims there is already a mosque in Jerusalem? And if this is just really a story you can imagine the great impact of a lie. The Muslims will never part with the Dome on the rock for it is holy for them as Muhammad’s origin of ascent of the Miraaj and the Jews will never allow others to get their Temple mount. Let us just ask the Christians just to be mum about it. What a volatile alchemy he concocted. He must be a magician like Hermes Trismegistus!

All that you posit are simply trials that Muhammad underwent in his life. The Chinese proverb states:” The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” But take a look at what Muhammad’s Islam has done to the world as a legacy. Are not the fruits of his labors which we see in the world today evidence enough of his being a prophet? Are not his supernatural beginnings enough as proof that he is indeed Allah’s prophet, too?

Thank you for bringing that up. Indeed, the Chinese are good in creating frictions everywhere to bring out the gems out of people. Since the questions require more than one answer, let us consider his legacy later. And so let us take a look at Muhammad’s beginnings as a prophet.

I am aware that many Islamic scholars do not claim this much, because the basis is a weak or an unauthenticated hadith, but my apologies for taking it up because some so-called authorities such as Sheik Tariq Jameel insist that one of the signs that Muhammad is a prophet is his being born with the umbilical cord already cut and already circumcised. May I agree with other Muslim scholars that the prophet’s uncle, lbn Muttalib declared that he had him circumcised on the seventh day after his birth. (Abu Faraj Ibn Al-Jawzi vs. Ibn Al-Qayyam in Zand al-Ma’aad) Remember that this uncle is the one who adopted the prophet when he was orphaned and they lived in the same house. ( Such tall tale stories inadvertently inspire other hoaxers to dramatize such births. )Take good note that Ibn Mutalib never converted to Islam and even married daughter Hani, who the prophet asked for marriage, instead; to a poet who wrote verses against Muhammad’s being a prophet, later. (Hani herself did not believe in his tall tales and converted only to Islam to protect her children.) Such claim if authenticated would provide a lot of difficulties for Islamic apologetics who will find it hard to explain how it came to be, for the operation will entail, with the help of Jibrail or not, the violation of Aminah’s chastity. Herewith, may I also posit that any attempt to surpass what Christ has done is definitely anti-Christian.

Having the hairy outgrowth on his back which is the size of a bird’s egg is also negligible proof even when it was shown when he started making some cures even with the use of spittle. Many persons have birthmarks, moles and other bodily growths and these were associated in some cultures as a supernatural sign.

What remains however as an outstanding event is the account when he started his life at four years old, and away from his mother. He was grabbed by men clad in white while playing with two other boys and pinned on the ground. It appeared later that his chest was opened by the angel Jibreel; using a golden utensil, who took out his heart, removed the portion that was Satan’s and washed it on a golden basin. [This surgical operation would of course be repeated, during the prophet’s night journey except that the slit will be much longer.]

His heart having been cleansed and replaced by the angels before they took off. Hamila or Anna according to another account, his nurse was horrified as she still saw some stitches when she came with the boys. She and her husband decided to return him to his mother as something very wrong might happen. In some accounts, she even told her that he might be possessed by the devil. But Aminah allayed their fears, it was here that she divulged that when he was born, a blue light was emitted which even lit up the abodes in Sana, in some accounts even the crescent of Levanth. And so they took him again.

This story would be repeated not anymore by Aminah, but by at least one of the very old midwives who later converted into Islam, for she died when he was only six having properly prepared the boy before he was totally orphaned. Indeed, she recounted the blue light that emitted from Aminah’s vulva at the time of Muhammad’s birth.

It must have been Allah’s plan to polish the gem more with more friction for he had taken Abdullah ibn Abd al-Mutallib and Amina bint Wahb early to the care of the very responsible uncle as Ranier Maria Rilke said, “A good marriage is that in which each appoints the other guardian of his solitude.” Ibn Muttalib, the uncle would always bring the young Muhammad to many of his merchant trips and from then on, the boy learned the trade easily. In one of the trips to Syria, a Christian saw the cloud following the group as to keep them from the very hot sun. The man took this as an omen and said that the child is predestined to be great. He advised the flabbergasted uncle to hurry home so that the Christians will not see and recognize him. Near this place when Mohammed was already a prophet, a tree recognized him as the same boy and wept in angst because he chose to speak on a new pulpit and not anymore under its shade. Of course, the gentle prophet had to comfort the tree. Now, that would do for our purposes. We will now analyze but leave out the one analyzed earlier.

  1. On the washing of the heart.

  1. The account has a very good symbolic content that the purification of a child (using his heart) being prepared to be sent by god is outstanding. The magnitude of trauma of a four-year-old child being opened up by strangers is cruel and horribly appalling. It must be the supernatural sense informing the boy how it transpired in detail because it would not be normal, especially at that age, to remember something so violent as to be opened up.

  2. Again, the prophet forgot the disgust over golden utensils.

  3. Not just one angel is involved as compared to the manhandling of the fully grown man in Hira cave; must be a real major operation and yet compare it with the heart-washing at Kabah, which again involved only Jibreel. Perhaps, a child is more difficult to handle.

  4. Hamila’s sighting of the still visible stitches does not suggest the handiwork of heaven. I prefer giving credit to the Jinn.

  1. On the Light Emission.

  1. Aminah must have given birth outside in the open field so that the light emitted should not be blocked by walls or by nearby houses.

  2. The light emitted was blue or bluish suggestive of ultra-violet rays perhaps which are ensured by Allah to get rid of any danger from sepsis.

  3. Amina must be a gifted clairvoyant with a scope farther than what others are gifted with for having seen such far-away places.

  4. The midwife must have been gifted too.

  5. It is recommended that research on a certain blue aurora be made on the day Muhammad was born.

  1. On the Weeping tree

  1. The Syrian Christian who discerned how special Muhammad is was unchristian to the Christians.

  2. What would real Christians do to an innocent lad who is his uncle’s chaperone?

  3. What vanity to still need a pulpit! Christ never asked for one.

  4. Muhammad should have massage the tree’s breast area or better still

  5. Let the angel operate on an over emotional tree.

What about his enduring legacy as a prophet? We are Sunni and we saw in history the golden age of Islam when up to the fourth Caliph Islam was still rightfully guided. This is what we intend to bring back. His teachings were good as they are today, and you cannot deny that.

You must have said injuring legacy, instead but, yes, let us study the four original caliphates that the Sunni consider the golden age of Islam. It was indeed a period; of many victories and conquests and yet, Pedro Calderon de la Barca said, “one may know how to gain a victory, and know not how to use it.” Let us consider them one by one:

  1. The Rule of Caliph Abu Bkr: Abu Bkr Al Siddiq

When Muhammad died, the leadership needed to be filled up Medina. The Ansar supporters were originally from the city and therefore would want one of theirs succeed the prophet. The immigrants from Mecca however wanted it their way and thus, Umar nominated Abu Bkr right away. The Ansar although they disliked Abu Bkr were afraid of the Meccans and therefore chose to keep quiet. Aisha, the favorite wife, and his own daughter did not like him as Caliph as well, and neither did Fatima, the favorite daughter. Little did the prophet and his father-in-law know that Aisha whom they love so much will be an enigma to Islam long before they have gone. Ali was also not present when the nomination was made. This made Abu Bkr’s caliphate precarious but Abu Bkr was also not careful.

He insisted on getting zakat from all the states under him and made war on those which did not pay. He interpreted the non-payment of taxes as an act of apostasy. These ridda wars were made by the Caliph to enrich his coffers since he was also building many things. He entrusted the campaigns under an abusive man named Khaled Ibn wa Wahad and thousands were killed on both sides. Khaled’s infamy reached its height when he killed Malik Ibn Nuwaya who correctly predicted that he will be killed because Khaled was eyeing Malik’s wife with lust. After killing her husband, he raped the beautiful Layla bint al-Manhal and forced her to be his wife. Even if Khaled’s men told him the true story, Abu Bkr never punished Khaled and this injustice led many to dislike the first caliph. He named Umar as his successor on his deathbed.

  1. The Rule of Caliph Umar: Omar Al-Farooq

Caliph Umar is also a father-in-law of Muhammad being the father of Hafsha, from Bani Adi. Serious with his military campaigns he gave himself the title of Commander of the faithful. He conquered Damascus in 635 and Jerusalem in 637. He practiced religious toleration to Jews and Christians who were persecuted before by the Byzantines. He instituted the kharja from those who have productive fields and jizya for non-Muslims to practice their religion. He finally defeated the Persians in 642 while Byzantine relinquished Egypt the year before. He considered conquered lands as dhimmi or protectorates and instituted diwan as pension to the prophet’s relatives. He was responsible for the Islamic year based on the hijra in which 1 A.H. started in 633 AD. Deeply religious, this caliph longed to be in the battle front waiting for a chance to be martyred and this he would even express publicly. Of course, the throng will always remind him that he is needed as caliph and they would not allow him to go out front. This even led to the view that he had neglected his caliphate and was myopic to the pressing social needs of a growing empire because of his religiosity. This pious and just man was ironically assassinated by Abu Lu’Lu, a fire worshipper who was captured in the last Persian battle and was abused by his master by taking his hard-earned wages, and complained to the Caliph about it. Thinking erroneously that the caliph did not help him (he actually talked to the master over his taking of his wages), he assassinated him by using a poisoned blade in the midst of prayer gathering. There is no truth to the rumor that a feminist who was fed up with the jihab was the assassin.The poisoned blade style of assassination will be repeated again.

3.) The Rule of Caliph Uthman: Uthman Al Ghani

After Omar’s death, a six-man commission was chosen to represent the major groups in choosing the successor in which Uthman prevailed. This must have started the divisiveness within the caliphate since even Ali became part of the opposition although he conceded later and became Uthman’s advisor. This caliph was the prophet’s son-in-law and was from the tribe of Bani Ummayah who continued Umar’s practice of favoritism and added his practice of flagrant nepotism assigning his relatives as governors of states under his caliphate. Little did Muhammad knew that the Ummayads will become a pernicious problem in Islam as a religion. He also instituted diwan for his own clan and had to decrease the stipend of soldiers for its funding. Some thought that this was an unwise precedence which will enable every caliph to include family in the diwan which is originally only for the prophet’s relatives. Though he expanded the empire to Asia and Africa he had to make huge expenses for the navy he formed. Likewise, his organization of a cruel constabulary to keep peace and order did not sit well with the people. But his most controversial bid to unite the Muslims was to come up with an official version of Quran which necessitated the burning of other versions. Determined, he made a complete revision of the Quran. Because of this, many Muslims were dissatisfied and the greatest fitna (civil war) ensued. Even Aisha, the mother of believers campaigned for his death. A move by disgruntled Egyptians who felt that he reneged on his promises ignited a brewing mutiny at home. His palace suffered a two-week siege which ended when some assassins were able to climbed the wall and murdered him while he was reading the Quran. The mutineers celebrated their feat and even claimed that his death was just because he had ceased to be a Muslim. This however, they realized led to anarchy and they have to organize a central government right away or the empire will crumble.

  1. The Rule of Caliph Ali: Ali Haydar

The mutineers remorseful of the anarchy they have caused to the empire quickly evaluated who could succeed as caliph. They were unanimous in their decision; it had to be Ali, the prophet’s son-in-law. Reluctant at first, the mild-mannered husband of Fatima accepted to be caliph on June 23, 656. Since most of Uthman’s people in government fled to Mecca, and especially, the Ummayah to Damascus, Ali had to think of the empire. Upon his installation, Talha and Zubayr were only forced by the mutineers to pay allegiance to Ali and the new Caliph right away that he will have much opposition. His experience as Chief Judge under Umar and as advisor to Uthman proved useful. However, his inability to punish those who killed Uthman was highly criticized and became useful to his enemies. How can he do that when some of them were the mutineers who installed him into power? Ironically, in fact, Aysha, the prophet’s widow who campaigned for Uthman’s death is now campaigning for his ouster. Aisha had an axe to grind against him for she could not even speak his name when asked who helped the poisoned prophet into their house. She could not forget the fact that Ali advised Muhammad to divorce her during the Safwan affair. And so, with her new husband, on whom he imposed mahram, she raised and led an army against Caliph Ali in the infamous “Battle of the Camel”. Although, Aysha lost, Ali’s reputation was deeply marred by his detractors. He was assassinated by another poisoned sword while in deep prayer.

Now, with all of these presented, do we still need to analyze? With all the wars, conspiracies, rape, covetousness, etc. producing chaotic regimes which reflected the same tendencies as that of the prophet’s time what golden age are we talking about? It seems that the patriarchal caliphates considered al-khulafa ar-rashiddun or the rightly guided governance which lasted 31 years inherited the same turbulence as the prophet’s times.

But you are taking the Sunni position which is really defective. For us Shia, the three so-called Caliphs do not count as the really guided ones of Allah. Consider the twelve Imams and you will see the difference. Are you willing to look into their holiness?

We might also look into the Twelver’s position. Saint Augustine said, “The people who remained victorious were less like conquerors than conquered.” So, we might make use of this as a gauge of success. Here are the 12 imams for our consideration:

  1. Ali ibn abl Talib: al Wally (The Wall), al Wasly (The Successor), al Murtada (The Beloved); Abu al Hasan

The only person born in the Kabah, he became Imam at age 33. He had been discussed already as the fourth Caliph which as you can see, he is both accepted by the Sunni and the Shia as a saint of Allah. He was 61, when assassinated by Abd Al-Rahman ibn Muljan.

  1. Abu Muhammad: al Mujtaba ( The Chosen); Abu Muhammad

He relinquished control of Iraq because of tremendous pressure. His abdication made him more vulnerable and so he chose to settle in Medina.

There, he was poisoned by his own wife on orders of Caliph Muwawiyah and died at only 47 years old.

  1. Hussein ibn Ali: Saiyyed ashShahada (Master of Martyrs), al Mazlem (The Usurped); Abu Abdillah

He is the grandson of the prophet and brother of Hussenn ibn Ali. He fought the Yazid forces in the Battle of Karbala where he was killed and beheaded. The Shia consider this a great martyrdom for Islam’s cause. He is recognized as a martyr because he and his men which numbered only 72 was attacked by the forces of Yazid I near the river Euphrates which numbered thousands. His martyrdom is celebrated in the second holiest month of Muharram and ignited repulsion to the Ummayad dynasty.

  1. Ali Ibn Hussein: as Sajjad (Consistently prostrating ); Abu Jafar

Although he was based in Medina, his imamate which lasted for 34 years continued as a threat to the caliphate. He was consistently frustrated in his attempt to function as Imam. He was poisoned on orders of Caliph Al Walid I and died at the age of 57.

  1. Muhammad ibn Ali: Baqir alUlum (Opener of knowledge); Abu Muhammed

Most eminent legal scholar recognized both by Sunni and Shia, he was also poisoned and died also at the age of 57 also in Medina. The culprit was Ibrahim ibn Walid ibn Abdullah on orders of Caliph Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik.

  1. Ja’far ibn Muhammad: as Sadiq (The Honest); Abu Abdillah

Jurist and theologian, his legacy was the Ja’fari Jurisprudence. He has great contribution in theology and the fiqh or the great understanding of theology by jurisprudence. He also contributed to the growth of science and alchemy. Because of his rise to prominence, he was poisoned on orders from Caliph Al-Mansur even when he was already 65.

  1. Musa ibn Ja’far: al Kasim ( The Confined); Abu Al Hassan I

Although literally confined, he was able to organize a network of agents who collected religious funds from the convert Persian Khorazan and Shia communities in the Middle East. His reign was marred by the schism of sects such as Ishmailis, Waqifis, etc.. He was imprisoned and poisoned in Baghdad as ordered by Caliph Harun Al-Rashid. He was only 55. It seems that Harun (Aaron) is not supportive of his brother, Musa (Moses).

  1. Ali ibn Musa: arRida (The Pleasing); Abu Al Hassan II

Known for his piety in face of persecution by the Abbasid. For political stability, he was made the crown prince by Caliph Al Ma’mun with him marrying the Caliph’s daughter. However, he was ordered poisoned in Mashad, Iran by the same Caliph, dying at the same age as his predecessor.

  1. Muhammad ibn Ali: al Taqiy (The God-fearing), al Jawwad (The Generous); Abu Jafar

Installed at the age of eight, he was known for his generosity and piety in face of the Abbasid caliphate. He was poisoned by his wife who is Al-Ma’mun’s daughter by order of Caliph Mu’tazz. He was only 25.

  1. Ali ibn Muhammed: al Had (The Guide), an Naqy (The Pure); Abu Al Hassan III

This Imam showed financial wisdom by strengthening a network of deputies who received financial contributions from the khums and religious vows. He was only eight when installed and died at the age of 42 having been poisoned in Samarra, Iraq on orders of the Caliph Al Mu’tazz.

  1. Hassan ibn Ali: al Askariy (The Garrisoned One); Abu al-Mahdi

His short term of six years is marked by utmost repression as he was literally garrisoned for life by Abbasid Caliph Mustasid who out of paranoia ordered his poisoning in Samarra, Iraq dying at the age of 28. In a house arrest, one is only guarded at home. This Caliph was prisoner for life in a military garrison.

  1. Hujjat Allah ibn al-Hassan: Baquiyat Allah (Remainder of Allah), al HHHujja (Proof of Muhammad’s House), al Gharb (The Hidden) and al Mahdy (The Guided); Al Qasim

He was installed at the age of five and is in hiding since 874 AD. He will “continue to live as God lives”. He will come out at the designated time and bring justice to the whole world.

I have chosen Saint Augustine’s quotation because I do not want the Shia to feel bad. But apparently, the Ummayads, Abbasids (which are descendants of Muhammad’s best friends and even relatives) as well as the other enemies have been effective in making them achieve so little. The handiwork of god can only be equated with suffering and martyrdom with regards the imams as even some of their wives are identified in poisoning them even near or afar from the caliphs. Sad to note that the prophet was also poisoned but glad to note that it was not in his own home. Others therefore, may feel that their chaotic times may have been under the rule of Shaitan. Was Muhammad somehow neglectful in his guidance such that the twelfth imam had to hide for these few hundred years.

Yahweh seemed to have abandoned the Jews in their exile but brought them back to show His faithfulness to his people. What must be the obdurate reason why Allah would abandon his precious imams and their people? For it seems that the more worldly caliphs, who had been poisoning and murdering the imams, have their golden age, too and expanded Islamic territory until the great Ottoman empire flourished. And both sides of the coin is clearly Muslim.

Having such a negative analysis of Islamic history do you have any claim to a fiqh as to why this is so? In the context of the modern world do you not see that Islam is working its way towards world peace, only its ways are just misunderstood?

I do not claim to any fiqh and all I have is but a small peek into history which unravels many things after the past is gone. Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was.” This perhaps is the western way of restating the old Chinese proverb about the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.


The Muslims cannot blame the inhabitants of the sphere where they wage war against infidels for their wars within their own sphere of peace. Perhaps some of the faithful have found it worthy to wage war within. It was indeed a religion not of peace but a religion which thrives on bloodshed. The primordial blood steps that Muhammad took were found by some as still necessary during the times of the four caliphs and the age of the twelve imams which includes today. To rephrase the old Filipino saying perhaps, it is best to review what was past so that we can arrive at the future we want.


In today’s context, the Khalifa, or the Islamic state dreamt of by the medieval Muslim dreamer is the same and his steps could not be different. Consider the following: (This is a flyer sent to me from the U.S.)


  1. Hifz-ud-Deen: Protect, promote and preserve the Islamic way of life.

Medieval: all verses and hadith appertaining to how Muhammad protected Islam which he was institutionalizing such as monotheism, prayers, haj, ablutions etc.

Modern: Avoiding Christian polytheism, Jewish synagogues, etc.


  1. Hifz-ul-Drd: Protect and preserve life:

Medieval: Killing of women and children after battle is unlawful

Modern: No to euthanasia and abortion.


  1. Hifz-un-Nafs: preserve and protect honor:

Medieval: Hadiths and verses against hypocrites.

Modern: Do not let anyone backbite or slander any Muslim.


  1. Hifz-ul-Aql: preserve and protect the mind;

Medieval: Avoid intoxicants and magicians .

Modern: Games and intoxicants are prohibited.


  1. Hifz-ul-Maal: preserve wealth and prosperity of the family;

Medieval: Pre-emptive strikes against enemy tribes.

Modern: Wife and children should be secured from external threat


Hifaz are guide clauses that need to be memorized or known by heart. Modern man is provided with knowledge (ilms) but abuse it. They are donkeys (himaar) and kilaal (dogs)who abuse knowledge. Beware for those who vote for man-made laws. Fard al-Ayn is the obligatory and correct basic knowledge that is for the right of the soul. Fard al-Kafiya is the obligatory and correct basic knowledge as interpreted for the public. Seek first the Fard al-Ayn then what one does not know will ge given him. (Sunnah Abu Dawud 1:1406, Caghi Publications, pp.67-68).


Need I say more? I rest my case.

Why what is wrong with the contents of the flyer? It only shows the constancy of Islam through the hundreds of years. Moreover, what is shown by the hafiz are honorable behavior that a Muslim man should undertake to protect his way of life, honor and dignity and family? Why are you pro-abortion or pro-euthanasia?

No, not at all. We are even glad that there are decent people who go against these atrocities by Western civilized nations. It was just an opportunity to show that the posture of Islam indeed never changed. However, just as the imamate and the caliphate did not understand each other, as the Sunnis with the Shias do, then there is bound to be complexities in how Muslims live Islam.

Why did you include the part on Tehran and Mecca as cities of seven hills? Is this not a slur meant against Islamic civilization?

No, not at all since we are just illustrating the fact that biblical prophecy can be interpreted so many ways. But to make you feel better, Mr. Karam Mazinger Singh submits, that since he does not like Russia’s genocidal stance towards Chechniya and Afghanistan, it could be Lviv or Moscow. Except that I have to remind him that Ukraine, where Lviv is located, is no longer part of Russia. On my part, since I do not like American anti-life policies, I submit Staten Island, New York and Washington, D.C. just to name two, for there are more. May be just to make the protestant accusers think twice before they point at Rome again. By the way, there is really in U.S. a city which name is Seven Hills and there are also two Romes there, one in Georgia and one in Maryland. Also, I told Mr. Singh, which he acknowledged right away, that Bhopal and Mumbai also have seven hills. In fact, he added some more in the list.

If Mr. Singh is a polytheist, then he should not participate in the serious discussion of people of the book. Isn’t it unfitting to make fun of serious talk like matters pertaining to faith?

Sometimes, humor can be used to drive home a point. Maybe you are not familiar with it but even the Christ uses sense of humor. In fact, we have already illustrated his parable on merchant camels passing through the eye of the needle to illustrate how hard it will be for rich people to humble themselves to obtain faith. Jerusalem in fact had an entry gate for merchants called the eye of the needle. Even Muhammad in some of his expressions showed sense of humor. Mr. Singh’s polytheism is in the fact that he can make jokes on all kinds of gods and their prophets and he is serious with his jokes. Please we beg for your indulgence and take the following only as part of his sense of humor;


Muhammad and His Disciples in the Wilderness

By Karam Mazinger Singh


And so it came to pass in the Ramadan, that Muhammad noticed that his disciples will indeed fast but in evening would eat faster to recover their strength right away with the food that the women served them. And so to teach them a lesson, he brought them out in the outskirts of Medina to the place called Al Mansari before the sunset prayer. And he said to them, “Go ye each one of you and find a stone for each before we partake of food later.”


And so in the evening before supper as expected, as the Jinns who have converted to Islam have been told to watch over them, each one brought his own stone. Abu Bkr, brought the largest which was the size of his thigh, Umar, who is familiar with the place (for he was patrolling the waste area when he recognized Sauda and therefore, was responsible for the habijah among women) got only the second largest, the size of his kneecap, Uthman got the third, the size of his biceps and Ali, though young, was prevented by Jinns into finding any larger than his fist. But Ubay, lazy that he was, was contented with a pebble. And with that the prophet recited bizmillah and the stones were changed into bread.


Of course, each one knows which his bread was and the prophet only shared some with that of Abu Bkr being the largest. Ubay learned from the messenger that it does not pay to be lazy especially when fasting. But for Ubay, as he was a hypocrite, the best lesson was to eat slowly especially and pretend each morsel had to last longer as it should, as part of social etiquette, and relish it when your bread is only the size of a pebble.


Then it happened on the second day of fast that the prophet said to them, ”Go ye, each one, and find your stone again which you will need for your supper.” With the intervention of the blue jinns, each one of them found their respective stone. Expecting that the rocks will be changed into bread, Ubay was ecstatic to have found the largest stone, the size of his hump. Uthman got the second biggest which was the size of his head. Abu Bkr got the one the size of his feet. Umar got one the size of his hand. And Ali, they thought him unlucky, got one the size of his ear. After the maghrib, Fatima came with a leather bag tanned by Zaynab. Then the prophet said, “Throw your own rock the farthest. The one who can throw the farthest will have the biggest share.” And so each one threw his own rock and of course, Ubay’s rock landed the nearest while that of Ali landed the farthest. And so, the content of the bag was opened by the prophet’s daughter and they saw mutton with relish.


It was good that Ali landed his rock the farthest because he had to eat the lion’s share with Fatima. But for Ubay, who is among the Manifiqun, the prophet sliced only a small chunk because his stone landed on the nearest sand. But Ubay being pikon complained, “Why is this so, when I strived the hardest? “ But the prophet answered, ”Because gluttony is the hard rock of greed that can only be diminished in bits and pieces.” And on that day Ubay learned why gems come in bit and pieces because his mind operated differently.


When the third day in the wilderness came, Ubay, clever as he was challenged the prophet after they have left the mosque and was on the way to Al-Mansi,” O Allah’s prophet why don’t you tell us later what we will need for supper so that we could provide it right away.” And the prophet answered, ”O Ubay, stop thinking of how to break your fast for verily I tell you at this very moment Umm Salama and Umm Safyan are already are garnishing our dinner with the spices of Aisha and Hafsha. However, since you engage me about it, go ye each one and find two stones each for there will be a great blessing for you, men only”. And they rushed and set out excited as ever for the reward of their fast and Muhammad went to AlMansari alone for their tryst.


Hence, in the evening, after maghrib when the black slave Bilal brought the penultimate feast, the disciples brought out their pairs of stones for the blessing. The Sidiq, who were the holy companions and called by some as the Sons of Lightning were already starting to have the fiqh, and already have some picture of future events as prophets themselves, for Allah, although he has made Muhammad the seal of prophets afforded him some leaks have similarly sized stones. The messenger testing their faith said, “O my sons, am I not a father to you? Why then did you copy each other and brought stones of similar sizes by the pair?” Ubay at this time was jubilant because it is seldom that the four were rebuked and Muhammad using fiqh will always pick on him. Moreover, clever as he was, he brought stones that were rough, one of which is so small and the other one so big such that one that could be thrown the farthest while the other one could be a big bellyful of meat for they already started eating lamb the other night and the meat will therefore be of appetizing slivers.


Since, the other companions were timid in answering Abu Bkr, the father of Aisha ventured to answer, “O most holy prophet, rebuke us not for counseling each other for each one alone is weak. We have deemed it proper to only eat what is enough to fill us and we have decided it to be smooth so that if they were to be made bread it will be easier to the palate. We also thought that such a size can already go a distance and since we are brothers, it is a bother to still compete.”


Then, the prophet turned to Aisha’s slanderer, “And what about you, Ubay? Why are the rocks so different?” Of course, Ubay did not confess that he had some preconceived notions for he has the makings of prophet more than the sons of lightning and so he said, “Why, I just took the very first ones I saw.” And then he turned to Bilal and asked, “Did I not ask you to bring two eggs?” Bilal panicked but was relieved when he found them by the vegetable side dish. “O Master I thought I missed them for Rhianna volunteered to help and I did not check.” Muhammad smiled to comfort him and said, “That’s alright, but I will never allow you to have Rhianna touch those eggs after tonight.” And all the men were puzzled about what he said.


And then he recited two units of rakka and then a double dua before blessing the stones and suddenly the men around him felt lighter because their balls dropped unto the sand. Then the rocks and the eggs which were included vanished from sight and they felt heavier as men. The prophet announced, “You have been blessed in accordance with your deeds and now you will have the power to have more children because of the balls that replaced your old ones”. And they did not even have to look for they were men of faith except Ubay who suddenly developed a posture leaning to the left for the bigger replacement was made there.


But Omar, the father of Hafsha and the most spontaneous asked, “But Prophet, where did the eggs go.” And the prophet turned his gaze at the crying slave for he had tears of joy welling up. ”It would surprise his wife that he does not have colored balls but ones that are alabaster white. And blessed are you Bilal for your loyalty of bringing Safiya to me over the slain men despite her shrieking cousin, for you shall not be slave but master of all when we arrive in Mecca. For upon your cries and call to Adha, everyone including me will come as you beckon and stand on the Kabah.” With these words, everyone was comforted and the future caliphs were the ones who stopped the ones who would discriminate as to why a black slave will have the honor to call the Adha. And everyone had a sumptuous meal except Ubay who kept on touching his right ball with his right hand which was a bit of haram under his garb and he was weeping. And they were not tears of joy.


On the final day of fast, they set out again for the desert. This time Ubay said that he will no longer come with them for he will be joining his clan for the feast. The prophet said, “I respect your decision but all of us are coming back again to join our families. However, out there, there will be the greatest blessing in AlMansari, for it will determine who will be the ones who will lead my people when I am already gone. Can you not even share this holy hour with me?” And of course, Ubay changed his mind not because of the hour of holiness but because of the prospect of prestige of being Muhammad’s successor. Even if he will not be chosen, he will have earlier information on who to eliminate and if he was chosen, he can start planning things for his reign. And since he was walking behind because of his new posture Ali kindly made a staff of the date palm branches to serve as his staff and the rest he improvised a playing rod which are used in Bedouin parades which could amuse even children.


On the way, they were already eyeing stones in preparation for the blessing and Ubay, excused as he was for walking slower, made it a point to load some stones underneath his garb, and even had mistaken some hardened dung in his haste, making his walk more difficult. All of these were known to the watchers, the blue jinns who had converted to Islam since they were engaged by the prophet, in the first place.


But they were mistaken. On the tryst, Muhammad only waited for the very tired Ubay to arrive and then he announced, “Each one must have a stick because this will symbolize the scepter of power, a goading rod to the restless sheep, a lance in your jihad as befitting of my successors.” When Uthman and Umar gazed at Ubay’s staff he recoiled so violently such that the stones and dung he was hiding fell and said, “This is mine. Ali gave this to me. Go find your own!” The prophet almost laughed for he can see the jinns in mirth as they pointed at the dung pieces. Then, Abu Bkr asked, “Since we are in the wilderness, can we just share from Ali’s stave?” The prophet nodded and they equally divided the pole amongst themselves. “Indeed, you men are blessed for five will be the pillars of Islam and have shown yourselves to be real brothers.” Ubay was elated, for he thought he was to be the tallest pillar but the prophet, humble as he was, kept it to himself that he counted himself among the five.


When the time of the blessing came, they arranged the sticks side by side and Ubay insisted that his staff will be placed at the center so that Allah will not miss it when his prophet gave the blessing. And suddenly, something fell from each one and immediately the sticks and the staff vanished. Not waiting for anyone to explain, especially his cheesy father-in-law, Muhammad said” You are blessed indeed among men for you shall have long penises from now on such that your wives will no longer long for anything longer.” And Umar exclaimed in his usual patronizing way, “Muhammad, you are diwan and only prophet of Allah;We men are indeed blessed. Our wives will never long for anything much longer!” And the prophet added another blessing when he said, ”And because of your faith, you will have the strength of thirty men because Allah gave me forty. Know this much then, the penis mightier than the sword.” Everyone was exuberant except Ali who thought he would not have any need for it because he loves Fatima. But when they returned to feast with their families, Ubay lagged behind. The prophet said of him when they entered Medina, “That man can never be happy. He is given everything his heart desires because he joins us and yet, is never happy with the results of his prayers.”


But to this day, the blue jinns know their signature brand of doing things work. They will always accomplish the desires of men unto their perdition. Narrated Ibn a-Roh’ber: Levi, the blue jinn, said even while he was being buried alive in the sand by an avenging angel, ”We are always here for Aladins, Saladins and Paladins. And one day, a treasure hunter will dig and Eureka, I will make him rich!”


Now there is an addition to this hadesq, which inhabitants of Hades prefer to call these short narratives:[Ed. Note: Have thought otherwise, that they were written on desks in Hades.] Narrated Seleni ibn al-Lithy ibn al-Siliq on the authority of Umm Lithy; Ubay, the hypocrite and gossiper was delayed in joining the return of the Prophet to Mecca because he was bothered by his very long penis which he used to knot over his right thigh for balance. There was this instance when during the caravan the she-camel he was riding made such terrible noises, that his wives riding on other camels, nagged her along the way for not being able to control himself so as to override a she-camel.


Another hadesq noted on the same page states: Narrated Ibn Ay-Aye and Ibn Aye-Thi; who were foreign captive slave camel drivers of Ubay that because of the wives’ furor, Ubay had to change camel but when the camel was changed the dangling thing made the camel ran so fast because it thought another leg was prodding or there was another whip making Ubay arrive first, far from his long caravan.


The last hadesq is from the same apocryphal book, Saheeh Ubayyi 6: 66 in which Umm Lithy narrated that two of Ubay’s wives died just after the blessing made by the prophet when he went into them. There were times when Ubay is seen with a tail that leaves even its mark on the sand and some even gossiped that he had a pet snake. Except that Bilal, who was in a hurry to run an errand one day, accidentally stepped on its head and Ubay was sick for a week prompting the prophet to pay 30 dirhams for his injury profit. Bilal even naively thought that he had killed the pet and that Ubay lamented over its loss for a week. And this is when Ubay learned that because of his hypocrisy, a blessing became a curse.

See, that is exactly what we mean. We should not make fun of some people’s religious heritage. This is exactly what Shaitan’s influence has done on Christian civilization where everything is fun and games. Would you rather not stand for your values like family honor instead?

Brian Tracy said, “Treat objections as requests for further information.” And so, before we wrap up; for this episode may be it is best for our part to provide more information, humor or without humor. I maintain that Muhammad made the biggest game out of mankind.


Consider the following glaring curiosities that we find;

1.]Muhammad as taught by Jibreel is against all kinds of animate pictures. Even Muslim scholars are divided on this. Our opinion, is that Muhammad being prophet did not see the future on the use of pictures as we see them now. He was even indignant on the account of his wives about an Ethiopian place of worship that has pictures painted.(SahihBukhari 8:73:138)


We have to accept that Muhammad’s world was too narrow for him to understand the context of modern times. And Jibreel should have helped him on this if both of them are real. When the members of his tribe did not believe his night journey, he stood in Al Hijra and Allah himself showed him how Jerusalem looked (again!) This making up attempt makes the fault greater because:

  1. Allah made a great effort already to make them believe and he failed using his divine powers.

  2. Muhammad failed to see again that there is no masjid yet on that temple mount but just dump. He should have realized by now it is not the Miraj but just a dreamer’s mirage and should have couragely faced the correction like what happened when the satanic verses came in.(Sahih Bukhari 5:58: 226)

  3. Surely in the picture of Jerusalem provided by Allah from some channel, 766 miles away, Muhammad would have seen living things, even weeping trees. Surely, is Jibreel is banning that is something lawful for Allah to show. (Sahih Bukhari 5:58:226)

  1. Muhammad must have not taken into consideration that in the religion he teaches, even a rock can be animated so as to help a prophet make a point [e.g. that Moses does not have “scrotal hernia”].(Sahih Muslim 30:5850, 3:669; Sahih Bukhari 4:55:616, 1:5:277 narrated by the adder, Abu Huraira)

  2. Muhammad must have forgotten that he had been shown a picture which he was even told to uncover revealing the picture on silk of Aisha, his future bride, the face that launched a thousand sweats. And it must have been Jibreel who showed him or … (Sahih Bukhari 5:8:235)

  3. Muhammad knew that Aisha when she was still a child should be playing with dolls. Dolls are also 3D pictures of living beings, painted on or not, and he correctly allowed them. That was lawful, I don’t know about when you play with boys sucking their tongues. But then, they are really living things and prophets must really be pervertly privileged.(Sahih Bukhari 8:78:27)

  4. Muslims either condemn all pictures of living things painted, sculpted or photographed or allow only those which are used for educational purposes or use only digital technology. Some apologists however claim that the picture themselves are not bad, but that their creators will be asked to breathe into them, so as to live; come resurrection day, or they will surely be severely punished. That was what the prophet was worried about, he did not want the artists to suffer. What an artist the prophet was! Why will Allah oblige them to do that? Only witches and fools do that. Would Allah want to make warlocks and charlatans out of men when they resurrect them? I don’t believe that the Allah of resurrection is a coven master nor a senseless weirdo!


2.] We particularly hear about the Muslims’ adversity to music and we can understand why but then again Muslims, rather than ask us to understand the context of his time, should use this principle indeed. God has given us the aql to understand what is useful for us in terms of music and the irada to choose what is good and not. We also have our fitna to perceive if how we are using music is pleasing to God or not. Our intellect, free will and conscience all work out to make us evaluate good music in the same way that our use of pictures can be seen in the light of our intentions, our means and the results they bring. These spell the difference on how Muhammad and Saint Thomas Aquinas will perceive music. In deed there are hadiths showing the prophet’s aversion to music. But consider the one narrated by Aysha when there were girls singing and playing instruments for the Day of Buath and Abu Bkr shouted at the girls that they were playing the instruments of Satan. Muhammad told the future caliph, “Leave them, Abu Bkr for every nation has an Id, and this day is our Id.” (Eid’l Fetir or Eid ‘l Adha).(Sahih Bukhari 5:58:268) See that? Comme c’est magnifique! He did not have the attitude of the Manifiqun but manifested the fique of understanding how culture currents can harmonize! Muhammad should have seen Filipino ethnic musicians so that he will change his mind some more.


3] During the pre-Islamic times, Muhammad as a member of the Quayrish used to fast every tenth day of Muharram which celebrates Moses’ victory over the Pharaoh in giving liberty to the Israelites. Then, when he noticed that the people of Medina were celebrating Ashura, which it was called he said that they have more right to celebrate it than them, because the Muslims “are closer to Moses” than any tribe in Yathrib (Medina). And confident that Ashura is more Muslim as sure as he was standing there, he ordered the Muslims to fast and they did. However, when the Ramadan was already instituted, fasting during Ashura became optional for him and therefore, also for all Muslims. (Compare Sahih Bukhari 5:58:172 and 5:58:279)


4] There was a time when the women of Arab countries, were not as oppressed by the men and garb of their culture, as the latter chastise them with the very hot climate. But then, because of the prophet’s growing harem there was proportionately-growing concern about the women being seen by so many male masjid-goers especially on Fridays (the harem was close to the mosque for the prophet’s convenience and men mill around the area on Fridays). Then Umar, future caliph and father of one of them (Hafsha), expressed concern about the wives and the men recognizing and ogling them for they were the most beautiful ladies in Medina and told the prophet to veil them.


At first, the prophet did not mind the advice for who would not be proud to have them around and so Umar, the strategist developed a plan. Sawda binth Zamaa used to go out at night to the al-Mansari for her toilet so as to be more comfortable in the dark rather than do it at home. Then seeing and recognizing her in the dark being a tall big woman, Umar called out to her by name and she in turn, conscientiously told the prophet that Umar called her. Immediately, the heavenly verses concerning the hijab was handed down and since then the women were veiled and garbed so as they are not recognized even out in the streets. Thus, there were no more thank God it’s Fridays with the blessing of beautiful women in the periphery of the mosque! (Sahih Bukhari 4:12:116; Quran33:59)


Ironically, Sawda who according to tradition was the plainest of the harem women, and who was already being considered for divorce had she not conceded her day of turn to Aisha. After having served the prophet and his children after Khadija, Umm Zamaa (Ang sama a!) was found expandable and therefore expendable. It was good that the prophet renewed his concern for her so as to leave this legacy.


5] As a divinity investigator, allow me to wrap up on something very peculiar to Islam, this is its preoccupation with the Ka’ba and the orientation to the place where it is found, the Qibla. As essential perhaps as the Koran’s being a complete message. The Ka’ba as a reminder of the divine presence on earth demands utmost reverence as souls of countless men and women gravitate towards it. In fact, in Islamic heaven, the prophet found its counterpart. It must be the cathode so that all energies in the universe are completely drawn to the power of Allah(The Miraaj). My only concern here is that if they are indeed essential to salvation as being portrayed by the prophet is the fact that there is also constant teaching.


However, arbitrariness is detected in the hadith where Ibn Zabair would like Aisha to share some secrets regarding the Kaba. What she shared was a revelation because it seemed that the prophet considered the beliefs of the people “during the period of ignorance” because he said, “I would like to dismantle the Ka’ba and should have made two doors, one for entrance and another for exit.” Later, it added, “Azzabair did the same.”(Sahih Bukhari 3:68:126) I stated earlier that the black stone could have also been discarded as other Muslim scholars feel that the utmost veneration to it, is already idolatrous practice.


Even the Kibla must have shifted because the Baitul Maqdi (Sham or the direction of Jerusalem) and that of Mecca had always been considered even in the toilet decorum of the prophet. It must have been like the transitory period of religious practice from Ashura to Ramadan (Sahih Bukhari 4:10:144, 4:11:145; Fath al Bari 258, Vol. 1) that the center of the world finally found itself after some vacillation. It must have been the very reason why the prophet would like to make amends by doing the AlIsraa; re-explaining Jerusalem and amending the four original sala of the Quran. (Sala talaga!) And to those Muslims who are too narrow-minded to insist that nothing was changed in the Quran, what goats are you kidding? The verses on the stoning and adult suckling (two very controversial issues) were already on paper when a goat came in and ate them just as when the messenger died (from poisoning) and everyone was busy. ( Ibn al-Jozy, The Quran’s Abrogation, p.137) Now, Jibreel, you whose 6,00 wings cover the horizon, why did you allow someone to poison the prophet, and who let the goat that ate the very important verses, in?


Saint Thomas Aquinas finds the differences the very reasons why love can be operational. Let the strong help the weak; let the healthy heal the sick; let those in the light guide the ones in darkness; let the truthful correct those who are misled; and let the real pilgrims lead the lost. Use even a little understanding at first, for with conscience and will one can find the kingdom of God. Says an old Spanish proverb, “In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” May salaam be with you! Adieu.

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