Volume 3: Contrasting Spirits

by Rico del Sol

What could be so terrible a content in the third secret that it had to be hidden? I have read the 2000 revelation of the third secret and find nothing so terrible. The sufferings of Christian martyrs even by a pope that is killed is expected of a militant church.

Yes, as it is publicized, you are right. The one published by the Vatican on June 26, 2000 does not contain something new for the church militant. Cardinal Ratzinger himself, the future Benedict XVI gave a theological commentary as follows: “a careful reading of the so-called third ‘secret’ published here in its entirety long after the fact and by the decision of the holy father, will probably prove disappointing or surprising after all the speculation it has stirred. No great mystery is revealed; nor is the future unveiled. We are the church of martyrs of the century which has just passed represented in a scene described in a language which is symbolic and not easy to decipher.”


Angelo Cardinal Sodano, then Secretary of State and not even a doctrinal authority gave the “correct” interpretation as follows: The vision of Fatima regards above all the struggle of all atheist systems against the Church and Christians and describes the immense suffering of the witnesses to the faith in the last century of the millennium. It is an interminable Way of the Cross guided by the pope of the 20th century…the bishop ‘dressed in white’ who prays for all the faithful is the Pope. He also, hobbling toward the cross among the bodies of martyrs[…] falls to the ground apparently dead, under a burst of gunfire.”


Except that they (Sodano, et al.) identified the Bishop (of Rome?) as John Paul II. The problem is that he did not die as he even thanked the Virgin Mary for her intercession such that he survived. A burst of gunfire suggests automatic guns which would release many bullets and multiple wounds. Hence, it became apparent that this must be a future pope and not John Paul II who did not want to interpret because the cardinals thought it was him. Ergo, the Sodano-Bertone interpretation which consigned it to the past, with the secret closing a period of history is right away open to doubts.

Can we have a copy of the secret published here?

We are sorry but we are not in the position to publicize it. In fact, what was published in 2000 could be incomplete and could have been reconstructed by the cardinals. However, this can be obtained from books about the Fatima revelations. We can only give you the interpretations for you to study.


As proof that it must be incomplete, Sister Lucia Dos Santos wrote a third memoir on August 31, 1941 where she reveals the first two parts of the secret. She also made it known that there was a third part which will be revealed in time(1960). On December 8, 1941 she wrote the fourth memoir which contained exactly the same except that at the end of the second secret, she added: In Portugal the dogma of faith will always be preserved, etc.


This for us is a great clue because there are more in the message. It is quite impossible that the Queen of Prophets will end her message with an et cetera.


The third secret as revealed in 2000 did not contain any word from the Queen. Rather than use the fourth memoir, Cardinal Bertone used the third memoir and simply said that Sister Lucia added “some annotations” on the fourth. But these were not annotations but the beginning of more revelations which they are keeping until now. This is now, the fourth secret.

Then why was the secret deliberately kept even when it was already time to reveal it?

For this question, we believe it is better to trust the German Shepherd. In fact, Ratzinger said: The Holy Father judges that it would not add anything to what a Catholic should know from Revelation and also, from Marian apparitions approved by the church in their published contents, which can not but reconfirm the urgency of penance, of conversion, of pardon, of fasting. To publish the “third secret” would mean to expose it to the danger of the sensationalistic use of the contents. In his theological commentary that was to accompany the “secret”, he stressed that there are no ”official definitions nor obligatory interpretations.”

What could the kept part, we can refer to as the “fourth” secret possibly contain?

Since, it is now “forever” sealed, we can only surmise that the kept secret may contain:


  1. Dangers threatening the faith and life of a Catholic such as apostasy and persecution. The great apostasy may involve the hierarchy, doctrinal difficulties, crisis of unity, rebellion, etc.
  2. The importance of the last things with conversion and penance essential to salvation; death, judgment, purgatory, hell and heaven.
  3. Negligence of the shepherds which will bring about apostasy.”War to death between traditionalists and modernists. ” Rome to lose faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.
  4. The Most Holy Virgin did not say that we are in the last times but Sister Lucia understood it to be such because “ the devil is in the mood for engaging in a final battle”. The only remedies are the praying of the rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart and God before He punishes exhaust all other remedies. Prayer and sacrifice.
  5. Repetition of the theme of Revelations 8 and 13. Chastisements and the Anti-Christ.
What is the Anti-Christ?
Any individual, organization, belief system or community which negates the Messianic and Divine Person of Christ is anti-Christ. Loosely, too, performs who perform atrocities especially genocide against mankind are also anti-Christs because Jesus said He is Life and they negate Life. For our purposes, these entities or personages (Bonaparte, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.) are simple anti-Christs (small letter). However, someone who believes in God but believes that he can do better than Him (as a better light or a better way) is a diabolical Anti-Christ (capitalized for emphasis) since he has the same kind of pride that the devil possesses. As Vladimir Soloviev defines: ”The Anti-Christ believes in God but in the depths of his heart he prefers himself.”
Is Freemasonry an anti-Christian organization?
If an entity undermines the Church which is the Body of Christ; if it tries to destroy the teachings it holds dear, believing that it has the better light to guide mankind, then it is anti-Christ.
I know of Freemasons who believe in God. They are even exemplary leaders who care for people; they love their fellowmen. How can they be anti-Christ?
Again to quote Soloviev; the anti-Christ also believes in God and may appear to love mankind (perhaps believing that he could love mankind better than Christ can). John XXIII is a good example. He must have loved God but could have preferred himself and thought he had a better way than God’s. He is a Freemason with the rank of Navigator.
But how can they work hand in hand with communists who are atheists? That seems to be illogical.
A communist is only an atheist in as much as he prefers himself to God, they have the same denominator. Joseph Stalin did not need a God to exist because he preferred himself to be his own god.
In Factum, seems to be very harsh on the saints John XXIII and Paul VI whereas they too have made pronouncements worthy of sanctity. Are you sure you are not making a blunder or a mountain out of an anthill?

We rest our case. But allow us to make our final statements on the matter at hand. In fact,


  1. Caiphas and Annas spoke also the truth about Jesus as Pharisees would but these chief priests of Judaism failed to see Him as Messiah.
  2. The serpent when it was enticing Eve also spoke the truth because they will be like God knowing good and evil once they partake of the fruit.
  3. John XXIII was right in including Saint Joseph in the roster of important saints.
  4. Paul VI was right when he said that the smoke of Satan had penetrated the church.
  5. John XXIII however was wrong about a new springtime for the church because it was winter that came.
  6. Paul VI however was wrong when he expected good results to come because of the Council because it produced evil.
  7. John XXIII was a Pilate who did not want to make judgment on the secret of Fatima as it was ominous to have it in the beginning of Vatican council II. He even called Saints Jacinta and Francisco as prophets of doom together with Lucia Dos Santos (the Fatima seers).
  8. Paul VI was iscariotal when he led the coup against the faithful cardinals to change together with Bugnini essential parts of the mass to accommodate protestant critiques.

This is how church history should remember them.

Okay, but allow me a final question, too. What if both of them thought that the sensationalism it would cause if the secret was revealed would scandalize the flock? It would therefore be hard on their conscience to have caused such a scandal.

The two of them never gave any explanation for their silence on the matter. Both have many writings but not even one sentence to explain to the flock. While they appear transparent to the signs of the times; being open to questions from outsiders and in dialogue with the world, they avoided responsibility on Fatima allowing communiqués such as “While the Church recognizes the Fatima apparitions, she does not wish to take upon herself the responsibility of guaranteeing the veracity of the words that the three shepherds say the Virgin revealed to them.”


Pretending abstention from judgment, they chose to keep hidden and buried a message to the Catholic people who are the real object of the message. Why should they keep Divine communication not only meant for them since they are only caretakers?


John Paul II only obeyed them because he was made to believe that it could be wrongly interpreted and Benedict XVI followed suit because there were “details that could be used against the church.” These two “saints” are the ones who tied the hands of those following them.

Since we are discussing the Anti-Christ of the endtimes, do you share in the belief that the phenomenal growth of Islam has something to do with his coming?
It is very possible but we can not say for certain. In fact, there are already personages trying to identify with him. Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini, a professor of Religious Learning Center in Qom, Iran is one of his country’s most respected scholars. According to him, the prophet has taught that “the Mahdi will offer the religion of Islam to the Jews and the Christians; if they accept it they will be spared , otherwise they will be killed…” Although, this is not straight from the Quran but contains the spirit of their scripture which specifies the decapitation and the cutting of fingers of the people of the Book who do not convert into Islam. This account of Muslim equivalent for the Messiah or Savior is from the Shiite tradition. According to Shia lore, the Twelfth Imam is the messianic figure who is just hiding at present but is the true sovereign of the world. For his part, in 2006, Iran’s president boasted that the Imam gave him the presidency to provoke a war “of civilizations”. Allegedly, the Muslim world will be led by this president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his country Iran against the “infidel” west led by the United States. Since the Twelfth Imam will support him, he will defeat the U.S. and its allies. In the meantime, acceptance of such Messianic figure is very open since Shia men from their boyhood have been taught entezar and tadjil, the capacity to wait for the Imam to return and, actions needed to hasten his return. The Imam’s return will coincide with the apocalyptic battle between evil and righteousness with the Muslims winning in the end. This is just an example of a Muslim belief system preparing for the endtimes.
Yes, that could be the Anti-Christ coming from Iran but my Jewish friends are talking about Mashiach Ben David (The Messiah, Son of David) who will be the King of Israel and All of mankind. They say that he is going to defeat the Anti-Christ of Islam, what do you say about this?

Lest we forget, the Jews also did not accept the Messianic Person of Christ and rejected, too His Divine Person up to this time. What do you say about this? The most that other people of the Book can do is accept Him even as a minor prophet.


In fact, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel founded the Temple Institute in 1987 to “rekindle the flame of the Holy Temple in the hearts of mankind” through education. Ariel and his team are recreating everything that the original temple had using the very same materials to prepare the building the Third Temple for the coming of the Messiah which is very near. In January, 2005, Rabbi Chaim Richman announced the reconstitution of the new Sanhedrin which was made up of 71 sages in ancient times to have 71 rabbis meet regularly to discuss architectural plans and reexamine ways to restart animal sacrifices. In the meantime, they must be nearing the finding or breeding of the perfect red heifer to remove the sins of mankind. Gershon Salomon’s group of temple mount faithful, a more radical group, intends to liberate Temple mount from Muslims, consecrate the same to become the spiritual and moral center of Israel and the whole world in accordance to Hebrew prophets and the rebuilding of the Third temple for the coming of the King, Mashiach Ben David. Even Madonna who was raised an Italian Catholic was trying to buy a house as early as 2006 which should be overlooking the Sea of Galilee because as a follower of the Kabbalah where she became Esther is waiting for Yeshuah Ben David to appear at Safed and walk to Tiberias on the shores of Galilee. But the Messiah has already come to Israel where He was even rejected and crucified. The one who is coming to Israel must be another one

So, what will it be, a Muslim or Jewish Anti-Christ?

But you see even Christians can be duped into believing someone who claims to be returning for His second coming. In fact, they believe that Christ is coming back to reign forever on earth when in fact, His kingdom is in Heaven and we, ourselves are strangers here. But to lighten up the very serious tone of our discussion, we would like to share with you, what we, Filipinos, at least some of us, feel about this wait (the word anti sounds like the Tagalog word, antay which is the colloquial from hintay

Ang Paghihintay

Antay ka nang antay sa pagbabalik

ni Kristo

Ikaw na mapagmahal raw

na katoto

Ngunit ang daratal na totoo

Yaong mandarayang Anti-Kristo.

Antay ka nang antay sa Mesiyas

O Hudyong sa larang ay maangas

Ngunit and darating ay ang marahas

Kunwa’y kalmado’t Matandang Ahas!

Antay ka nang antay sa Mahdi

O matapang sa laban kong padi 

Pero ang darating kasama ni madi

Si Satanas na sa’yo’y sasapi.

Antay ka nang antay sa sasakyan mo

Wala na palang rutang tatakbo .

Antay ka nang antay sa jowa mo

Incubus pala’ng papatong na anyo.

Buti pa kaming mga taga Pinas

Antay lang nang antay sa lunas

Sa dukha’y walang anti-flu at

at tetanong wagas missing

Maging sa bulutong at saka sa tigdas

(Sa COVID pa kayang pila-pila ang malas.)

Antay lang nang antay sa tulong.

Kung may anti-venom para sa ulupong

At anti-crime para sa mga buhong

Huwag mamatay na wala pang tulong.

(Di kailanman huli ang alay na tulong.)

-rico del sol

The Wait

You wait and wait for Christ

to return

You seem to be loving but

untrue in turn

But the one coming to return

Is the Anti-Christ to spurn.

You wait and wait for your

Messiah to come

You Jew with whom all wars

are welcome 

But most violent is he who is

to come

In guise the Ancient Serpent calm!

You wait muhahjudin for your Mahdi

O fiercest in battle, my padi

But the one who’s coming with madi

Is Satan inhering in your body.

You wait and wait for your ride

When there’s no more franchise

rules to abide.

You wait and wait but where’s your


But it’s the incubus who comes

to ride.

But we, in Pinas are better off,


Even as we wait and wait for nothing

For the poor, anti-flu and anti-tetanus

Even for smallpox and measles


(All the more with COVID misfortune


We’ll just wait for help, we wait.

Anti-venom for creepers we hate

And anti-crime squads coming late

Just don’t die while you wait.

(With goodness, nothing is ever late.)

But kidding aside, we, Catholics believe that when He comes back, He will be a Judge and not as a mild Immanuel anymore, with His jury of saints, and the Virgin Mary, our Advocate, our Defense Counsel.

So, you are even looking at the possibility of a Christian Anti-Christ?
Yes, it is possible. But our belief is that he will be someone who can acceptable for all: Jews, Christians and Muslims alike (People of the Book) and even others of other religious orientation using his charms and ecumenical diplomacy to bring peace into the world after a troublesome era and meeting all expectations of the peoples of the world who will see in his person their Messiah, Savior and Mahdi. In his covetousness and greed his leaning will be “sana all”. The reason why we also presented the poem is to show how the world awaits his coming and how he may deceive them all by bringing peace, healing and pleasure for all; everything that mankind wants. In fact, the Pasyong Mahal which is familiar to Filipino Catholics and sang as tagulaylay during the holy week provides clues about him.
Can you share with us this information?

The Pasyong Mahal distinctly provides the following hints:


  1. He is of Jewish descent from the tribe of Dan.
  2. He was born from an incestuous relationship in a sacrilegious manner.
  3. His conception will bring his mother into horrible sightings of demons.
  4. He will deceive mankind through his miracles.
  5. His acts are written exactly as the Book of Revelations foretell.
  6. The Archangel Michael will behead him.
Isn’t this book of Spanish origin? I was told so when I visited there in In the Philippines.
Filipino Catholicism is pretty dependent on Spanish culture . The presence of Spanish and Latin words in the book bespeaks of our colonial past (more than 300 years ) under Spain. Phillip II ordered its colonization and evangelization and the islands are even named after him. The predominant Tagalog language however, was the language of the time it was published, May of 1884 as attributed to Dr. Mariano Pilapil. Pilapil is a surname which is very native in origin (rice paddy) and could hardly be a pen name of a peninsulares (from Spain, Iberian Peninsula). Anyway, we in In Factum, do not wish to Filipinize or Hispanize truth. Tagulalay, the manner by which it is sung is truly native. It’s content, however, is more important.
What is tagulaylay and what does Pasiong Mahal mean?

Tagulaylay is an ancient Tagalog form of song for mourning. Pasiong Mahal (literally, Beloved Passion or Loving Passion) is an account of the Passion of Christ and tagulaylay was chosen not only for its meter but because it is about the suffering and death of Christ such that the use of lively music being done nowadays is a departure from the tradition of solemnity and veneration.

Even if we are young, we are already enjoying reading you. However, lately your being judgmental against the pope saints was very evident and now you are attacking our way of singing the Pasion. You must have forgotten that it also contains His triumphant resurrection and we do not want to fall asleep
Thanks for the reminder. We are sorry if we have offended you and your reverence to the pop saints. We are simply discussing history for our foreign friends. Nevertheless, if our young people would want to depart from tradition, who are we to stop them? We acknowledge His resurrection as part of the pasyon even his birth, in fact, which is a happy occasion but the Pabasa remains a panata and is not meant for pleasure or sacrifice. In fact, what is often repeated for reading within the holy week are His suffering and death to suit the occasion. In these readings, too, people who are sleepy are excused with somebody ready to take over.
What is pabasa and what is panata?
Pabasa means a time for reading because you need to sing in order to sing the lyrics . It is allowing people to remember His passion, by reading as a panata which in turn is a vow or pledged sacrifice. This is why the pabasa should not be taken as a form of recreation or pastime.
Why is it not called pagbasa then or pagtagulaylay?
It is in fact called Pagpapasyon. Pagbasa will just mean reading. Pagtagulaylay means to sing mournfully and not necessarily the Pasyon. The person singing the Pasion is Nagpapasyon is the one just reading is Nagbabasa. It could be “ang bumabasa” but never “ang tumatagulaylay”.
Since we are in Filipinisms or things Philippine, how come our Hail Mary uses an address for the male gender, e.g. Aba Ginoong Maria?
The early friar translator who came to this archipelago may have used because “Aba” sounded like Ave in the Latin “Ave Maria”. “Aba” however is an expression perhaps of delight that is why it was chosen. Church apologists (circa Father Ben Carreon) contend that “guinoo” was used because the Virgin anyway was above all men, too, and may be addressed thus. LGBT+ advocates may find this delightful as early considerations for gender equality. We, however, contend this as a simple mistake because the translator was trying to figure out which word must be respectful enough and took the word, “guinoo” as the word courteous enough being heard usually among gentlemen. We, however use the Latin “Ave” because anyway it is the language of the living church and not a dead language as some pretend. Moreover, Ave is the reverse of Eva hence, a most fitting accolade for our Mother. Why? Because, the sin that came to mankind through Eve (Eva in Spanish and Latin) was removed through Mary because she gave birth to the Immanuel, the second Adam. We simply dropped the word ginoo since it was an unnecessary predicament and returned it to the original “Ave Maria”.
Why is our Lord then called the Second Adam?
Christ is called the Second Adam because He is sinless like the first man when it was created. Likewise Mary is called the second Eve because she was preserved from sin in order to become worthy as the mother of Christ. Eve when she was created from Adam’s rib was also without sin.
In the prayer, Hail Mary we find, “Mother of God”which is a difficulty concerning other Christians especially because God being the Alpha and Omega should not have a mother by which He could come from. Isn’t Mother of Christ more fitting?

The difficulty in teaching “Theotokos” lately reside in the germ of protestant thought. With us, however, when we review ancient Christian beliefs, the concept of Mater Dei is never alien to Christian faith. Aside from the historical proof of efficacy as found in ancient prayers, it is more difficult to think that the Divine Nature of Jesus would be subjugated to a mere human being because one is careful not to ascribe God as one Who has a mother. In fact, the Divinity of Jesus can not be separated from Him. He is the Immanuel Who decided to live amongst us, as one of us. God by His singular choice wanted to have a mother and all of creation with reason should accept that choice, for by denying God’s choice, we do not only become Anti-Marian but also Anti-Christian in our stance. Worse, we have come to a point where we are thinking that we are wiser than God.


Had it not occurred to one that God in His omniscience could have an omniscient choice that human beings like us could not fathom but simply learn to accept.

But given the light of reason, it is our nature not to simply accept but question the logic of things such that this is not a matter of His choice but of His very nature as Divine, so how can He be a God Who has a mother.?
What light illumines such mind? What reason to build on? So now, we are bordering on the questioning not only His choice but His Incarnation because in such line of thinking, it is impossible for God to divest Himself of His Divinity to be the Immanuel. Such that, if god wants to have a mother, does that lessen His Divinity? And if Mary is chosen by God to be His mother, does that make Mary a goddess? Of course not. And if not then why will that be a problem? Why do we question God’s wisdom in these matters.
But what you are bringing up are violative of human reason. God ought not to reduce his actions to absurdity. You are simply producing non sequitur premises.
Violative of human reasoning perhaps but it’s God’s decision. You know what is absurd id the fact, that we are now telling God what He ought to do and not to do as God. But now, given your wish to avoid reductio ad absurdum , let us consider God’s ten commandments, I’m sure you are familiar with them. The Patriarch Moses was not the original lawgiver but God Himself. And He commanded that we should honor our Father and Mother. God wants to be the best exemplar of His law and therefore Jesus honors His father and mother in the manner He likes even as he is God Himself. Then will that be absurd if he does that. The absurdity lies when men question the manner by which God exemplify the wisdom of His own law.
Another translation controversy may be the part which is the last clause of the prayer, “Hail Mary”. Is the translation “ ngayon at kung kami;y mamamatay” correct?
Although it almost means the same thing, it is not an exact translation of the original. It should be “Ngayon at sa oras ng aming kamatayan.” (Now, and in the hour of our death). We prefer the exact translation because of its precision in meaning rather than a contingency. The Tagalog translation actually meant exactly, “Now, and if we die”, or “Now, or when die”. The inexactness could usher in notions of immortality like what elementals would claim they have. The precise words have exactitude of the humble acceptance of God’s Will that men are mortals and they need the prayer of the Virgin unconditionally (i.e., when they fail to become immortal). Remember that the Virgin Mary herself as a mortal had to die (the Dormition) because Christ Himself died. The handmaid can not be greater than the Master as others try to pretend.
Sa pagdarasal natin ng santo rosary ay isinama ang dasal kay Hesus para sa mga kaluluwa matapos ang “Luwalhati”, at dito ay sinasabi natin: “ O Hesus ko, patawarin Mo kami sa aming mga sala. Iligtas Mo kami sa mga apoy ng impiyerno. Dalhain Mong lahat ang mga kaluluwa sa langit lalong higit ang mga nangangailangan ng Iyong awa.” Kaya lang hindi pala ito ang nasa orihinal na turo ng Mahal na Birhen kundi: “O Hesus ko, perdona mo kami sa aming mga sala. Iligtas Mo kami sa apoy ng impiyerno. Paginhawain Mo ang mga kaluluwa sa purgatoryo lalo na ang mga pinakaabandonado.”Ano kaya ang mabuting gawin dito? (When we pray the holy rosary, we also pray the prayer to Jesus for the souls after the “Glory Be”, and here we say: “Oh my Jesus, forgive our sins. Save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who are most in need of Your mercy”. However, we found that this was not the original taught by the Blessed Virgin but: “Oh my Jesus, pardon our sins. Save us from the fire of hell. Relieve the souls in purgatory especially the most abandoned.” What can we do about this?)[our translation]

Siyempre, babalik tayo sa orihinal na turo ng Birhen yamang Siya ang Luklukan ng Karunungan. Hindi nga rin natin alam kung bakit pati ang isang dasal na turo mula sa langit ay binabago pa ng mga cardinal kapag gagamitin na ito ng mga laigo. Pero pag-aralan natin ang orihinal laban sa binago. “ Perdona” laban sa “Patawarin”- ang “perdona” (pardon) ay ganap na pagpapatawad na ang pinatawad ay di na parurusahan pa tulad ng paglaya na sa pagkabilanggo subalit ang “pagpapatawad” ay maaaring ipagkaloob na may karampatan pa ring parusa sang-ayon sa katarungan. “Apoy” laban sa “mga apoy”-ang apoy ng impiyerno ay siya ring apoy ng purgatoryo; kaya lamang ay walang hanggang apoy yaong sa nauna; ipinakikitang may kapatawaran pa para sa mga nasa purgatoryo pagka’t ang apoy dito ay may hangganan. “ Paginhawain” laban sa “Dalhin Mong lahat sa langit”-ibinabadya na ang pagdalisay sa purgatoryo ay isang makatotohanang hiling sa prosesong hindi madalian kaya pagginhawa lamang ang idinadasal ngunit sa binago ay minamadali ang pagpasok sa langit na mandin ay nilalampasan ang Katarungan ng Diyos. “Purgatoryo” laban sa di pagbanggit dito- ang pagbanggit sa orihinal ay pagkilala sa Katarungan ng Diyos at paninindigan sa Katolikong paniniwala na may purgatoryo. Ang pag-alis nito ay nagpapakita ng pag-aalinlangan sa Katolikong paniniwala na inaaakalang mahirap ipagtanggol sa mga hentil. Para sa amin, ang pagtuturo ng purgatoryo ay nagpapakilalang lalo na ang Diyos ay ang Pinakamairuging Ama na gayong Tunay na Makatarungan ay binibigyan pa rin ng pagkakataon ang lahat ng makasalanan na makapasok pa rin sa langit kapagka nadalisay na. “Ang pinakaabandonado” laban sa “ higit na nangangailangan ng iyong tulong at awa”- ang una ay tiyakang pagtukoy na may mga kaluluwang talagang wala nang nakakaalala (mga pinakaabandonado), ang pangalawa ay hindi eksaktong salin ng “pinaka-nangangailangan ng iyong awa”na halos ganoon na rin ang ibig sabihin subalit nadagdag pa ang “tulong”. Higit naming pinahahalagahan ang orihinal sapagkat kinikilala nito ang matuwid na turo na ang birhen ay tunay na “ Mahal na Birhen ng mga Abandonado.”


Of course, we will return to the original teaching of the Virgin since she is the Seat of Wisdom. We really do not know why the cardinals still have to change a prayer which has already been taught from heaven when it is already going to be used by the laity. But let us study the original and what has been changed. “Pardon” against “forgive”- a pardon is an absolute act of forgiveness which could mean setting free from captivity (being jailed) or the condition wherein one is held as a punishment; while “forgiveness” means the offense is forgiven but a punishment may still be imposed for the sake of justice. “Fire” against “fires”-the fire in hell is also the fire in purgatory; however, the fire of the former is eternal; which shows that there is still forgiveness in purgatory because the fire there is temporal. “Relieve” against “lead all souls into heaven”- it is manifested that the process of purgation is gradually made in purgatory as it is only relief is realistically requested but in the changed one rushes entry into heaven going beyond God’s Justice. “Purgatory” against the failure to mention it- the mention in the original recognizes the Justice of God and the Catholic belief in (the existence of) purgatory. But its removal expresses doubt in the Catholic affirmation that there is purgatory in the sense that it is hardly defensible against the gentiles. For us, the teaching of purgatory recognizes more that God is the Most Loving Father Who in spite of His being Truly Just still gives a chance to all sinners to enter heaven once they are already purged. “Most abandoned” against “those in need most of Your mercy”- the first is a resolute determination that there are really souls which are no longer remembered (the most abandoned), the second is diminished in its precision but has almost the same meaning but adds the word help(tulong) as well. We value the original more becauseit recognizes the correct teaching that the Virgin Mary is indeed “Our Lady of the Abandoned”.

Samakatuwid, ipinakikita ng orihinal na bersiyon ang makatotohanang paninindigang Katoloka na may kapatawaran pa maging sa kabilang buhay para sa mga kaluluwang nakabilanggo na kung saan ang mga kaluluwa ay maaaring paginhawain at mapardona pa upang maging karapat-dapat nang pumasok sa langit. Mandin, kaawa-awang ang mga iglesyang inutil sa pagpapalaya sa mga bilanggong kaluluwa sapagkat hinahamak nila ang aral ng purgatoryo, na lalong nagpapakita ng awa ng Pinakamapagmahal na Ama.

Therefore, it shows in the original version the truthful Catholic conviction that there is still forgiveness in the afterlife for those souls detained where they can be given relief or even pardoned so that they can become worthy of entering heaven. Consequently, pitiful are the churches which are inutile in setting the captives free for they mock the teaching of purgatory which all the more shows the mercy of the Most Loving Father.

Why do you think is the “Hail Mary” considered a very valuable prayer?
The “Hail Mary” is the fulfillment of the prophecy contained in the Gospel of Saint Luke particularly what is called the Magnificat where our Lady was prophesied to be being called blessed for generations to come, e.g. “Blessed are you amongst women.”
And so, since it is the oft-repeated prayer in the holy rosary, it is apparent that it is honoring the Virgin Mary?
You said it.
Vain repetitions! Wouldn’t one “Hail Mary” suffice? And why pray to Mary? Does your Magnificat, Angelus or rosary make her a goddess?
No, it doesn’t. The repetition of a prayer when heartfelt is never vain just like when you are telling your loved one that you love her repeatedly because it’s true in your heart. A prayer is a respectful communication to someone of higher status or authority. That is why lawyers make prayers to judges for their clients or for themselves even when judges are not gods.
Can it be proven that the praying of the rosary is indeed effective or efficacious in the life of a Christian?

Yes, in fact, even miraculously. Let us try giving a few examples:


1) The decisive battle of Lepanto (off Greece)-On October 7, 1571 which is considered the greatest sea battle in the history of mankind where the Holy League tried to at least match the 250 ships of the Islamic Ottoman Empire poised to strike and conquer Christian nations of Europe. The Holy League composed of Venice, Spain and the Papal states with 206 galleys and 6 galleases fought the Muslim fleet of 222 galleys and 56 galliots.


Pope Pius VI, hundreds of miles away, led the Catholics in praying the rosary to ask Heaven the victory that must save Europe. Charles V gave Doria of Genova a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe to which, when it was already impossible to win, this commander knelt before the statue of Our Lady for her to intercede. After this humble gesture, the Christians started to route the formidable fleet. In the midst of prayer, Pius V was inspired to have the window opened and he saw the vision of our Lady leading the angelic host in heaven to help the Christian forces. Pius V told the praying assembly to offer the prayer as thanksgiving because victory was already secured.


In this Christian victory, only 13 galleys were sank or destroyed while on the side of the Muslims 117 galleys and 20 galliots were captured. 50 galleys and galliots were sunk or destroyed. As another miraculous result, 12,000 Christian slaves were freed. It was the day of Our Lady of Victory and in 1573, Gregory XIII changed the feast to the feast of the Holy Rosary.


2) 75 years later, from March 15 to August 8, 1646, five battles were fought in what is now known as La Naval de Manila where two old commercial galleons were refitted with cannons to become battleships by the Hispanic Filipino Navy to counter the Protestant Dutch armada of 19 battleships (some account count 18) made up of three squadrons of warships.

The two old galleons converted into battleships engaged:

  1.  Five battleships off Bolinao, Pangasinan on March 15, 1646 with the naval battle fought from 2 PM to 6 PM.
  2. Seven battleships off Romblon and Marinduque from 7 PM to 4 AM on July 29.
  3. Six battleships off Mindoro from 12NN to 6 PM on July 31.
  4. Eight battleships off Lubang Island for 10 hours on August 1.
  5. The whole Dutch fleet remaining off Manila and Mindoro on August 8.

In the aftermath, the two galleons were still intact but the Dutch fleet left with two ships sunk with one severely damaged. There were only 15 casualties among the Catholics with unaccounted many more in the invading force.

Because the whole city of Manila was praying the rosary including the Spanish Governor general, the five battle sweep of the old galleons was attributed to be a miracle with the intercession of Our lady of the Holy Rosary.


3) The victory of Prince ( later King) John III (Sobiesky) of Poland in defense of Vienna against the invading Turks, also attributed to the praying of the holy rosary and consequent intercession by Our Lady.

4) The Miracle of the Sun, in Fatima, Portugal which defied all known laws of science and does not need elaboration here because it was well-publicized in the apparitions of 1917 and does not need elaboration here.

5) Eight Jesuit priests praying the holy rosary survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima although they were in ground zero (1 mile circumference). They lived to old age without radiation sickness checked on them yearly. Fr. Schiffer attributed this to their living the Fatima message of praying the holy rosary daily.

But why do you Catholics still pray to Mary, more so to the so-called saints when you can pray directly to God? The saints are dead people and the holy scripture, as you call it, forbids necromancy as early as the old testament times.
First, they are not dead people. Christ is the Resurrection and they are fruits of the Resurrection. God wants us to give glory to the members of the church triumphant. God loves the woman He chose to be His mother on earth and also Hi other friends. It’s just like when others do not respect your mother and even just your friends, how would you feel? Even in the big corporations in democratic countries, you just don’t approach directly but the other executives and officers, first. Even in godless countries where there is courtesy and respect, you just don’t approach the Comrade leader directly or you might end up in jail by not following protocol. Worse, you might be taken for an assassin. So, why do you find fault in our belief hierarchy when He is God of orderly governance. In fact, we just implore Our Lady and the saints to pray for us as if she were a goddess or them, gods. They will never deign assume such as malice imposes on them based on ignorance. We are very sure that such an act will displease her as sure also that God will be displeased on acts supposedly reverential to Him but irreversibly irreverent to those who find favor in Him.
Then why not pray directly? Some Christians, as we see, are very focused when they pray intensely to God. A proof of this is their speaking in tongues!

Our living church is witness to the ecstasy of our saints and even simple seers. But we are sure it’s not just diabolical catharsis. Our living mother church is also the church where on Pentecost and consequently up to this time chosen ones speak in tongues. But take note that our saints spoke in a language that could be understood or at least there is the presence of an interpreter who translates the message correctly. Otherwise, it will all be in vain even if repeated continuously. In fact, Belial, the liar prays directly to God because he is too proud to assume that he can talk to him directly. Satan in his attempt to tempt Jesus spoke to Him directly. Leo XIII heard him bargain with god on how long it will take for him to destroy His church.

When the Holy Spirit, our Advocate spoke through the apostles the different language groups understood what His message was in their very own language, respectively. Whenever the Virgin Mary appears, she spoke in the dialect or language her seers understood. When Saint Vincent Ferrer spoke to the multi-lingual crowds, the Spaniards understood him in Spanish, the Italians understood him in Italian, and the Basque in their dialect, understood him, etc. The Holy Spirit does not want to impress only nor waste the time of the faithful.

But Satan, the linguist, will impress you with its Babel mania. He will confuse you with its grunts and moanings and even delight you with lewd lyrics. And where it stages its Babel mania, there will be no interpreter so that the souls will continue to be enslaved by their thirst for pleasure and amusement.

But there are Christian churches where there are interpreters and even prophets. You can go to them.

No, thank you. The churches you mention even have evangelists, and apostles aside from their regular pastors. They are too good to be true. What gospels are these evangelists listing ? Ah, the profits of the apostle prophets?


No, thanks. Our living church has survived all her struggles and has been there since 33 AD. In its militant nature some came and profited and misinterpreted to victimize the members of its flock. But our evangelists and apostles knew that until this very day and even beyond, the essential truth will remain, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail over it.

Then Vatican II must be correct that the Liturgy should be in a language understood?
There is no question on the language understood but to suppress the Latin Mass is oppressive and abusive especially in labeling its language as dead. In fact there is no official bull stating that the Latin Mass should be stopped. Before Vatican II, in fact, those who attended the Latin Mass undertood the significance of the proceedings such that the traditional mass (Tridentine) remained in its solemnity. The insufficient translations removed its militant spirit and the removal of the psalms’ militant spirit effectively departed from the sacrificial nature of the church leaving only a feast and a memorial such that the sanctifying graces are eroded. Thanks to the accommodations made by Roncalli, Montini and Bugnini for the protestants.
Then, who suppressed it?
We have just mentioned the top conspirators of the conspiring cardinals of Vatican II. Its through these hinges (cardus) that the smoke of satan set in. Why should Paul VI be wondering?
You discussed a lot about the gift of tongues, what about the gift of prophecy as given by God?

The simplest example of the gift of prophecy as we know it is the exercise of a priest of his prophetic duty wherein he interprets an even and defines what it is leading to or its subsequent consequences for the faithful. Such is the example of Saint John, the Baptist interpreting the evil doings of Herod’s household from the spiritual context. It was this kind of prophetic insight which Jaime Cardinal Sin exercised during the EDSA revolution which some misconstrued as a mere political activity.

The gift of prophecy is a gift of God, as was mentioned , and therefore is not learned from school or even self-taught. Therefore, there are only a few prophets, the rest are profiteers. Real prophets are signs of contradiction because their simple lives scandalize the tyrannical rich. This is why there is no prophet accepted in his own country. Those therefore that easily got accepted and got filthy rich even if deny they own the luxury of the things being given them are simply profiteers.

Prophecy can be given in dreams, in omens and in the interpretation of an event. Men who use the instruments of the old religion such as cartomancy, scrying, etc. are false prophets. False prophets flatter and speak of pleasant things to hear in order to obtain profit. They are no different from pastors who only preach of posterity and pleasure in life everlasting rather than the cross to bear in sacrifice. Prophecy does not only concern the future because it transcends time and space for a holy purpose. Such is the gift of Anne Catherine Emmerich.
Saint John Bosco’s dream is a gift of prophecy. Daniel’s interpretation of the king’s dream is a gift of prophecy. Abraham’s interpretation of an event is a gift of prophecy and so is the angelic salutation. The apparitions made by the Virgin is God’s prophetic gift for mankind and proves among other things that she is the Queen of Prophets.

The holy rosary began only during the medieval times. Do we have proof that the Virgin Mary was recognized by early Christians as the Mother of God? Please do not include the pronouncement made in the Council of Ephesus.

Yes, in fact, this little prayer used by the early Christians for emergencies express the idea:

We fly to your patronage
O Holy Mother of God.
Despise not our petitions
In our necessities
But deliver us from dangers,
O glorious and Blessed Virgin.

What about the gift of healing? How does one know it is from God?
Some prophets and the apostles were given the gift to heal and some saints ,too, like Saint Padre Pio. Remember that none of them profited from such power. Needless to say, if there is a healer who profits from healing others ebven if he does not get rich, he is still not doing it for God. Patients who benefit from such cure can end up somewhere not on the side of God because he was healed by the power of someone else. There are telltale signs of rituals and objects used. The devil and elementals commission many healers but God can not acknowledge sending them and guarantee salvation in the process.
Since the fire that purges souls to be worthy of heaven comes from hell and is therefore from the devil’s dominion, how can the Virgin Mary in the position to help in the relief of souls in purgatory?

The Virgin Mary since she is the Mother of Mercy must have a means to show her mercy to the souls of the most abandoned as she is also Our Lady of the Abandoned. The Virgin Mary since she is also the Comforted of the Afflicted must have the ways to comfort the suffering souls of purgatory.

There are still holy souls in purgatory who are still uncrowned saints because of Divine Justice that requires their unblemished purgation before they are rewarded. And since Our Lady is also the Refuge of Sinners she will also be the refuge of uncrowned saints there. And as Gate of Heaven, she will be the means by which these souls can go to heaven with other souls who will have a longer time waiting.


But you seem right. There must be some conflict. No, not really because even if the fire from hell is used for purgation, the abode of the church suffering remains part of His church and as Mother of the Church, she holds dominion over it. In fact, she is Queen of purgatory where God has placed St. Michael, the Archangel, as Prince, to protect each soul from being snatched by the devil, yes, even the most abandoned.


For those who would like to have a happy death, always call on Saint Joseph. He is the patron of the souls in purgatory because he was the one who informed the souls in captivity that the Redeemer who will set them free has already come.

What about the gift of counsel? How does this operate among the blessed?

We have in fact, Saint John Mary Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests who have long line of people waiting at his confessional who are told exactly the counseling they need even before they can answer their mouths. The same is true with Saint Padre Pio and Saint Vincent Ferrer. Saint Philip Neri, however, uses humor and analogy to drive home a truth; he made a gossip try to get back the feathers she scattered from the tower like the rumors she circulated around hence, she realized that it was impossible to undo the gossip. Saint John Bosco, on the other hand, interacted with teen-agers in their acrobatics to develop rapport so that they can feel confident seeking advice from him. Saint Dominic Savio was much too direct, he raised the cross to break a bitter physical quarrel between two boys.

Apparently, the gift of counsel is the application of wisdom which is the fear of God. Nowadays, it seems that counseling would like to eliminate all discomforts and to replace them with good feelings. Thus, the fear of God, because it cause some uneasiness may also be eliminated. Not so with the saints. For them, the counselee should face this fear and make peace with God in order to really be at peace. With the saints there is no need for existential philosophizing or sugar-coated lies. They just needed a little time to speak the truth about god’s mercy and sometimes, with a little fun, too.

What about the gift of wisdom per se? How can we differentiate it with being clever or sly?

This is clearly illustrated when King Solomon ordered that a disputed infant be cut in half so that each claimant mother could at least enjoy half of the child. Of course, the real mother opted to give up the child so that he can live but the false mother was easily detected because she would like at least to enjoy half the child even if it was dead. No real mother would want her child to die.

Joshuah asked for the sun to stand still so that he could finish a decisive battle (The missing day was in fact, detected by computers). Who would have thought of that? And even earlier, Moses seeing that he and the other Israelites, parted the sea for them to cross. Divinely inspired or not, these are instances of wisdom.

Herod, the sly fox wanted to know where the Immanuel was and tried to deceive the Magi by telling them to tell him where they will find him so that he can kill the Child. But they were indeed wise not to tell him but instead avoided him. It was heinously clever for him to murder the innocents but his evil sly is no match to heavenly Wisdom of evacuating the holy Family. Judas thought it was clever to betray the Christ with a kiss but Jesus, of course, had foreknowledge.

Samson was clever enough to use a fox with a burning tail to burn the Philistine crops but was unwise to accommodate Delilah’s spying. Yet, he was wise enough, when being blind, to remember that holding the two pillars could pin down the Philistines even at the cost of his life.

The Israelis outsmarted the Arabs in the six-day war. The Arabs had the prudence to stop. The Filipinos unwittingly surrendered Bataan to the Japanese because of the American commanders but were wily enough to use guerilla warfare such that when the Americans came to liberate the Philippines, the Japanese were already very weak.

Satan was clever in tempting Jesus but was foolish to believe he could.

What about intelligence, how would it be differ from wisdom?

Intelligence is the natural capacity to adjust well to any given environment or stimuli. Wisdom, however, is a gift (a grace) that makes one’s adjustment an excellent one among choices. Intelligence can be harnessed in schools especially in universities to manifest excellent behavior. Wisdom does not need schooling because it is God-given and as such results in the most excellent manner.

For different kinds of intelligences such as those posited by Gardner please refer to websites on psychology and behavioral sciences. Here we are only capable of differentiating between as a natural gift of God and wisdom as a supernatural faculty given by God.

Given your definition, what does the devil have, intelligence or wisdom?
The devil used to have wisdom but such wisdom has moved into disintegration because it has fallen out of grace. As such, it can only perform intelligently and worse, it could be lacking in intelligence.
What about the elementals, what do they have?
They can only operate on the level of intelligence except perhaps by the grace of God they are given wisdom.
You say that the devil is a linguist, is this wisdom or intelligence?
It is intelligence. It is wisdom that has disintegrated!
What do you mean disintegrated?
Because of its misuse and abuse, it is brought to a point that it is performing just like a polyglot. Being out of grace, it has no longer the capacity for integration. This is why the devil is the prince of chaos and confusion. Speaking in tongues that comes from the devil is chaotic and leads but to confusion and perdition.

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