Volume 1: The Spirit World

by Icarus leido

I was in second year high school when a destructive storm was on its way to my town of Polo, Romblon. Naturally , many people sought the help of our patron saint, St. John, the Baptist. To their consternation , his life size statue was missing from the church. It was impossible for anyone to have stolen it because it is screwed on the base and the unscrewing should have been noticed by the sacristan. Likewise, the gate leading to it has its padlock open. It was then that one of the senior CWL ladies noticed foot prints which led to the beach. There they found the image facing the sea. The feared daluyong ( big waves ) due to the storm never came to the parish. This is how the people of Polo started honoring him as savior of the town.
Images like the one mentioned are sacramentals. God’s blessings are coursed through holy images and relics.
The house of my great grandmother in Cavite had many caretakers who tried to live there ever since she transferred to another house in the same street. This was before a small church was built in front of it. Several of them, including my two great uncles Antonio and Andres were still able to tell their stories why they have to leave. That is, according to them , the house is always surrounded by faceless human-like shadow. Whose faces they could not see , but there is no history of people dying there. Can you explain this?
They are most likely elementals and not ghosts. They may not have liked the idea of people living there. Perhaps , the elementals (encantos) used to be inhabitants there
Are the encantos, the only elementals?

No, engkantos (encantos) are not the only elementals. They are erroneously called elementos by modern “psychics” but this could refer to (chemical) elements hence, it is better they be called engkantos because they are entities that can enchant or charm people. They are called elementales or elementals because of the habitat they haunt. For example, elementals who live in trees are usually called “dalakitnon” which is derived from the dalakit (waray) or balete tree. Elementals live in natural haunts such as rivers, seas, forests, caves, mountains, etc.They are descendants of the fallen angels who revolted in heaven. Where they fell in where they continue to dwell and thrive.

If the encantos are not the only elementals, what other elementals are there ?
In the lithosphere , we have the ogre (kapre) , the dwarves (duwendes) and elves (elbinas), the fairies (diwatas, anitos) , and the tikbalang. In the water forms, we have the undines (unding) , the sirena (mermaid) and its male counterpart , the siokoy (merman). Some anitos thrive in the atmosphere and there are those with the obvious affinity to the fire.
Are we not going back to mere stories like legends if we take these things seriously?
In this forum, we are free to express what we believe to be true or serious matter. In Factum , believes that the devil and the demon are factual entities that exist and that they can seriously impact on the lives of people.
You mention the devil and the demon, are they not one and the same ?
Yes , being devil and / or demon may belong to just one entity but the distinction made is in accordance to the functions. The devils tempt humans while the demons harm mankind. One such entity if it chooses to tempt and hurt at the same time is both diablo or demonyo (daimon).
Such that we can consider the existence of angels true as well ?
Of course. In fact , God so love humans that an angel, a guardian angel, is assigned to each one of them
Why would humans deserve such valuing as in assigning guardianship ?
Let us not forget that we are created in the image of God
Then, fairies are also creatures of God since they are also beautiful according to many accounts. Then , there is the problem of the other elementals which do not have such beauty but rather are monstrous in form
Fairies are not creatures of God. Elementals are shapeshifters ( they transform their shapes at will ) and what is shown to humans are just temporal and illusory.
But it was mentioned earlier that they have descended from fallen angels, and so are not angels creatures of God ?
Yes, angels are creatures of God but remember that these are rebel angels that we are talking about and their rebellion has made them into fallen angels.
But originally they were angels created by God, how can we reconcile it now?
There is no problem with that. They were in fact, created angels but they contradicted the Will of God for them to be angels. Ergo , they can no longer be angels as willed by God, but the adversary.
Even if they have shown aversion and acted contrary to God’s will, they will not God’s goodness allow them to remain angels?
The question is based on a contingency. If they still show aversion and continue to act contrary to God’s Will then they go against their own existence as angels. Ergo, they can not remain as much.
Then, it is God Who made them this way? They were created in such predisposition!
No, because what God created was goodness. It is the nature of an angel to be good but they contradicted this and therefore, they can no longer be angels. They have created themselves into adversaries, ergo they have miscreated themselves into devils.
Since it is Halloween , may I ask if ghost hauntings are true ?
Ghosts are souls of the departed who have not yet accepted their deaths. A soul which has already accepted its death as the Will of God find peace in purgation. However, those who insist on their will to stay on earth just wonder around as ghosts. Ghosts as disembodied spirits are generally harmless and only need reminders in forms of prayers of exorcism to remind them that they should accept that they are already dead so that their purgation can start.
Therefore, the act of exorcism is also practical and real ?
Yes, spirits may be asked to leave the places they haunt or the bodies they inhere in.
Is what is called the Roman Ritual necessary ?
The Roman Ritual can only be performed by a priest who holds the office of an exorcist. The rite is used to exercise the devil itself. A simple prayer for the dead can already remind the ghost to finally accept the Will of God and not necessarily a lengthy ritual.
What if it does not leave such that even the performance of a mass or the praying of the rosary is ignored ?
Then, the soul or the ghost continues to suffer until it acknowledges and concedes to the Will of God. It is doubtful if the mass or the praying of the rosary would not be efficacious.
Why is it that some ghosts can do harm to people?
If a ghost can already harm a person then, it ceases to be a ghost which may only be confused but rather a ghoul which intends to harm in order to remain in its status even if it means going against the Will of God.
Why is it that some priests do not want to perform exorcism per se?
You can not blame them since they do not have the proper training as they do not belong to the office of exorcism. It is sad that the office of the exorcist is not given priority by the Church in spite of the prevalence of perceived necessity.
Then what can a person do if there is no such priest available?
The Church however besides the great prayers, the mass and the rosary, the prayer to St. Michael composed by Pope Leo XIII, the Benedictine Medal ( the Medallion of St. Benedict ), the Miraculous Medal and the Brown Scapular which have the same efficacy.
What about aliens or extra terrestrial life forms; could it be that they are also created in the image of God, in another light; such that they also have faculties of reasoning, will and memory? Likewise there is a preponderance of evidence in accordance with their existence such as UFOs.
The investigator accepts their existence but not as entities from other planets or from outer space. Rather, what Erich Von Daniken and others were able to point out is simply their presence from ancient times to the present. The investigator is one who also experienced these UFOs.
Then how does he explain their presence and very advanced technology?
He is sorry to support such enthusiasm. They are looking at the source of phenomenon elsewhere but they are not from the outer space. Rather , they are from inner space. What is mistaken as space crafts from outer space are also from earth. Elementals have very advanced technology and therefore those who have been mistaken as aliens are elementals.
But such a claim does not give justice to sightings of aliens because they are not reported as looking like anything like elementals, e.g. fairies are reported as beautiful beings not other worldly.
The sightings are views of elements in their original forms. They are shapeshifters. Adversaries (devils, demons) in their original shapes are not supposed to be pleasant to the eyes unless they want to deceive.
Then why don’t they just choose to remain in a state more pleasant for mankind to look at?
Because they just can’t. It is not their true nature and therefore can just use such form temporarily and through illusions. “ The devil can come as an angel of light “.
What then could be the reason why they try to communicate with humankind?
One must not forget – the Nephelim or the “sons of God“ were attracted to “the daughters of men“.
Then , are we saying that such intercourse could really happen between aliens and mankind ?
The existence of the incubi and succubi is true.
If this indeed is happening, then God must be allowing them to happen.
No, He is not allowing it to happen. It is the will of the adversary and the will of mankind which make this happen. In fact, it necessitated a deluge, a purgation of such proportion to purify mankind again as His creation.
You mention the deluge, then are you saying that it actually happened and it was not just a story
Huge deposits of alluvial soil have been discovered by geologist beneath the present earth’s crust proving the occurrence of a great flood a long time ago. Isolated stories of the great flood are present in different cultures and civilizations. The great flood was not just a story.
Excuse me , I do not believe in the bible, but if a Nimrod with a great architectural skill indeed built the tower of Babel as a reaction to the Great Flood, what’s wrong with that ? Why would a great God be angry with people wanting to survive?
It’s alright anyway, the bible believes in mankind. Let’s not forget that it was God Who ordered Noah to build the ark so that mankind can survive.
So , you are claiming now that the ark story is true. However , don’t you find it illogical to have all animals, some of them are very wild, accommodated in one ship ? Aren’t they going to fight and devour each other ?
Maybe you are thinking about evil men who can be classified as animals, as science is expert in doing. However , animals in the lithosphere are found by science to be capable of hibernation or taking some form of respite especially in the time of natural catastrophe. Let us also not forget that most aquatic animals need not ride a ship like the ark to survive.
Pero bakit nga pala arko ang tawag sa barko ni Noe ? ( But incidentally why is the boat of Noah called an ark? )
Ito ay dahil ang barko ni Amang Noe ay hugis ataol kaya tinawag itong arko. ( It is because the vessel of Patriarch Noah is shaped like a coffin or box that is why it is called an ark. )
Puwede naman palang managalog eh. Arko tulad ba ng Kaban ng Tipan ? ( So, it’s alright to use Tagalog. Ark just like or as in the Ark of Covenant? )
A , oo. Nag-iingles tayo para sa mga mahihinang managalog. Oo , tulad sa Kaban ng Tipan sapagkat ang Sampung utos na ibinigay kay Moises ay nasa loob ng isang kahon ( Arko ) o Kaban. ( Oh, yes we just use English for those who can not express themselves in Tagalog. Yes, just like the Ark of the Covenant because the Ten Commandments given to Moses are inside a box ( Ark ) or Chest.
There was a mention of shapeshifting among elementals, are werewolves therefore elementals since they are capable of lycanthropic transformation?
No . lycanthropy occurs in humans. Weretigers in China and werewolves in Europe are not elementals but are human beings afflicted by the demons that inhere in them ( possess them ). The same demons make them capable of such monstrous transformation.
Is lycanthropy then, the same explanation for the shapeshifting of the aswang ?
No , the aswang is a southeast Asian phenomenon that is voluntary sought originally and can later spread as contagion. The application of a demonic magical oil is done voluntarily by some. Those afflicted either by contagion or curse did not have the intention but rather had the predisposition. Also, the aswang has many modes of transformation. Lycanthropy produces only one kind of monster.
You also did not include vampires in your discussion, would shapeshifting among them be part of lycanthropy?
Lycanthropy, as discussed produce only one form of monster. The ability of the vampire to shift into other creatures at will is more complex than lycanthropy.
Would Franz Kafka’s “ Metamorphosis “ fall under lycanthropy then ? or would Angel Locsin’s “ Lobo “ character in her former television serial be like it?
No , Anyway , the Kafkaesque transformation is pure fiction. The character of Angel Locsin’s TV serial manifests lycanthropy. But her philanthropy outside television acting is real though.
Having defined such, would the multiple shapeshifting accomplished by witches be considered lycanthropy?
No, There are a myriad number of shapes made by witches for deception, not only one.
Now , we have witches after fairies . perhaps we will be having princesses and magicians sooner or later.
You’ll be surprised. Wicca is the practice or craft followed by witches. A male practitioner of the craft is called a warlock. Wicca is also the name of a network of recording companies.
Bakit po ba binibigyan ng 40 araw na taning ang kaluluwa bago ito pumasok sa purgatoryo ? ( Why is the soul given 40 days before it can enter into purgatory? )
Alalahanin natin na si Kristo ay nanatili pa sa lupa sa loob ng apatnapung araw sa lupa matapos mabuhay na magmuli bago umakyat sa Langit. ( Let us remember that the Christ remained forty days on earth after resurrection before He ascended into Heaven.
Purgatory ? In our church , the concept of purgatory is not in the doctrine taught us. The word purgatory is not found in the bible. According to our minister , it is only a literary invention of Dante Alliegheri in his “ Divina Comedia “.
Purgatoryo , indeed is not found in the bible. You are fortunate to belong to a church which perhaps produce only departed pure souls because no one unholy can enter the Kingdom of God. They may not be called purgatory because Italian was still evolving when the gospel was written but Jesus indeed visited the dead who were in captivity.
In our faith, belief in things like Purgatorio is not necessary for salvation.
No contest there. You guys indeed do not need purgation for your faith has already made you pure. But the rest of mankind, who are born in iniquity will need it . Congratulations in advance.
I am also a Catholic but it is not part of our creed, this thing called purgatoryo.
The absolution of sins given by the priest in the sacrament of penance representing Christ , our judge is indeed part of “ the forgiveness of sins “ and so does the purification by purgation of sins in this dimension called purgatoryo.
I think that there is no need for a purgatoryo because we will be judged all at the same time when Christ comes back on Judgement Day.
Then we don’t know what the scripture meant when it said that all sins can be forgiven here on earth and hereafter except when one deliberately denies the spirit.
In the lot adjacent to my great great grandmother’s house, the old woman and her other daughter ( she had two ) saw a glowing goose. They tried to catch it several times but were unable to. Both developed mysterious sickness which were later diagnosed as cancer. Both of them died and the house was abandoned. Is the glowing goose an encanto?
Encantos have unique animal pets which are also miscreants. These are called familiar spirits. Coveting them is dangerous because they will be made an excuse for afflicting humans. The mere fact that the goose is luminous should already make them beware of touching it.
But they were scientifically diagnosed to have cancer. The tendency to covet the glowing goose is non sequitur for the disease of both mother and daughter.
An elderly patriarch farmer in san Pablo also saw a hen with chicks scratching soil in the moonlight. He tried to catch at least one of them but failed. Later, he developed a rare eye disease which the doctors could not diagnose. When he went blind, the last doctor who diagnosed him before he died said that perhaps, it was cancer.
So, if familiar spirits are true how can one discern them?
In the two anecdotes reviewed , it was obvious that there are tell tale signs. The goose was luminous and the hen and its chicks are still active and scratching in the night ( under the moonlight ). Ergo, if there is something obviously paranormal , then don’t delve into it. Incidentally, there is also referred to as the “ dofelganger “ because they say the person being imitated and/or copied is someone familiar. The dofelganger is a class by itself.
I thought that familiar spirits came as animals seemingly pets of witches and sorcerers.
Yes , they are also familiar spirits which are link between human practitioners of the craft and spirits which are sources of their negative energies which are given them by the devil.
Negative energies ? Why do we have to prescribe them as such when actually some spirits used by some practitioners are good to people?
There are results which can be called good or positively beneficial for people but ultimately because they come from a source not in accordance effects which are only discovered after sometime. For example , a healer may be able to bring cure to twelve people but number thirteen after being healed will die in mysterious death and be taken by the evil source.
Are you therefore saying that psychic healers may be getting their healing power from the devil?
Unless a person is gifted by God, then others are suspect. Divine healers do not flaunt their power and do not earn from healing , others are only there to help especially the poor. They do not also use tell tale material signs such as red and black candles, magic pentagrams , tarot cards, scrying and bloody and unclean divination methods.
Would God be involved in all supernatural events?
Strictly speaking all events are known to the Omniscient God. However , not because something happens out of the ordinary , it is already something that involves God. A tarot card reader who predicts an event may be beyond what is normal or is already paranormal but it does not have to include God. Ergo, strictly speaking, the real supernatural events are only those that include God. A good example of this is the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima.
Why do you think are some Christian churches obstinate in attacking the Virgin Mary and the saints?
They have missed the catholic point of dulia or reverence accorded them. They have missed the point of having their pictures and misconstrued the prayers offered them as forms of idolatry which they are not.
Would this having missed the point or misconstruing actions impact in their spiritual lives?

To evaluate such an impact, it would be better for us to induce the scenario of Judgement day. According to the last sacred book, the Judge will come along with his martyrs and saints. Naturally, the woman He choose to be His mother will be among them.


So now, the saints and martyrs who will act as His jury come face to face with each soul. Can one imagine how they will respond to a soul which totally ignored them or even have heaped insults upon them? And how does one confront the woman He had chosen as His mother, not just ignored her but even spread rumors about her. How do you think the Judge will react?


And what if she is, in fact, is our Advocate, our Defense Counsel while the devil persist in accusing us for the offenses we have made against her and her Son. So, now, how do you think will it impact on their lives?

Can this be considered as a supernatural eventuality?

Of course, since the genesis account of the great enmity between the woman and the dragon and/or the woman and the serpent. The rage against her and her children are much more evident today than before.


The false teachings and accusations against her and her children are spewed and spread more than ever as it said that her name and honor shall be the stumbling block of the adversary.

What specifically makes the devil furious with rage about her?
The devil is so proud to accept that there is indeed one woman, Mary, who is most pure and this woman indeed is the Immaculate Conception , who made possible the coming of the Immanuel into the world. The devil and /or the dragon was anticipating to thwart God’s plan of redeeming mankind but poorly assessed the Virgin Mary’s becoming the mother who will bring Him forth into the world just because the virgin was humble and poor, in spite of her noble lineage. The Virgin Mary was in fact never under the influence of the dragon that is why it does not know her.

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