Volume 4: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

by Ricardo B. de los Santos

I have read the different versions of what is probably known as the gifts of the Holy Spirit coming from one source which is the bible. How can you reconcile them?

We understand what you mean. In fact, may we offer you our reconciliatory version as we experience them. They are:

  1. The Gift of Mercy (Pardon) and Forgiveness
  2. The Gift of Miraculous Service or Administration
  3. The Gift of Generous Healing
  4. The Gift of Wisdom Counseling
  5. The Gift of Teaching and Instruction
  6. The Gift of Faithful Diligence
  7. The Gift of Discernment and Prophetic Insight and Interpretation
Must be a radical reformulation but can you please explain the Gift of Interpretation as you call it by including prophecy therein.
We cluster them together because prophets sometimes provide the interpretation themselves. But we do acknowledge persons with prophetic insight who are given the power of discernment and the interpretation. Many of the apostles were given these.
What about the gift of teaching and instruction , why are they clustered together? As a teacher, by profession, I would like to know why.
Yes, in fact, not everybody is given the gift of teaching and/or instruction which enables the transfer of learning to another person. We have those who passed the licensure exam for teachers but could not teach well. There are those who pass the TESDA skills test for competencies but could not give proper instruction. Precisely because they are gifts and gifted people pass on learning excellently such that pupils or students do not forget them. Saint Albert , the Great produced the theological genius of saint Thomas Aquinas while Socrates taught Plato. Plato, in turn, was a great influence to Aristotle. The Virgin Mary learned needlework from Saint Anne and it is our belief that the Good Lord learned skills He saw in Saint Joseph.
You call Him your God and imply He still needed instruction.
Yes, in fact, our God divested Himself of his divinity in order to redeem us and with utmost humility, you can not imagine, also received instruction; as we said we believe, as any good son would.
What about the gift of wisdom counseling? Please continue.
Yes, thank you. In fact, the Immanuel is also the Wonderful Counselor. Many of our church’s confessors could easily be identified as those counseling with wisdom since the counsel they give are God-centered, and not in any sophisticated method, of sorts.
What about what you call gift of faithful diligence?
Yes, because the world is predominantly unfaithful, the grace of faith is rare and as such, diligence or keeping the faith is likewise scarce especially among officials. Jonah was a faithful prophet but his aversion to the people of Nineveh was a test of his diligence. Noah has kept the faith when he successfully completed building the ark prior to the deluge. Moses’ diligence was continually tested by Jannes and Jambres, and a multitude more including his sister, Miriam. A little erosion of his diligence cost him not to see the Promised Land. Diligence was particularly required of the partially-deaf teen-age girl in the person of Saint Joan of Arc. Her diligence to the heavenly voices made her victorious in battle despite the weakness or lack of faith of the French dauphin.
History tells us the truth that she was accused and convicted to burned as a witch and so what faith, what diligence?
A faithful and diligent scrutiny of history will tell us otherwise.
I am curious about what you call miraculous service administration as a gift.

We purposely call it that way because it is a necessary extension of diligence. For example we have Benedict XV who was belabored by the violent excesses of the Hapsburg empire. From out of the blue, he proclaimed the Virgin Mary as Queen of Peace and in doing so effected the termination of a wicked and tyrannical rule.

The acts of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of both Pius XII and John Paul II , though both incomplete in form, substantially brought about change in the world which would have been impossible without heavenly intervention. We posit them as truths in the modern times so that we can still prove that miracles still flourish in the Mystical Body of Christ.

What about the gift of healing generosity?
While we have been familiarized with the healing saints, we would like to stress here that saintly generosity does not only involve physical healing but spiritual healing as well , such that an act of kindness or good behavior shown can redirect a waylaid soul to the Way, the Truth and the Light. Such is the exemplary behavior of the Il Poverello that inspired others to join his brotherhood.
Who is Il Poverello?
Saint Francis of Assissi, the “poor man” that he became.
What about the gift of pardon and forgiveness?

This is the gift of compassion that allows us to be forgiven by our Most Loving Father “as we forgive those who sin against us.” This is that mysterious grace of penance that capacitates us to reach Jesus’ Ocean of Mercy and equips us to forgive at least seventy times seven times someone who has sinned against us. John Paul II exemplified this when he visited Ali Agca in jail who miraculously failed in killing him. This was the gracious gift that Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Mary of Egypt and Saint Dimas, the First Flower of the Passion, received from our Lord.

Owing to the fact that the holy rosary was shortened in length to only five decades from the original 15, do we still have proofs of its efficacy?

May we just give you three from recent history so that you will know that despite the church’s accommodation to the people’s busy lives, we posit:

  1. The bloodless revolution of Portugal where the people prayed the rosary.
  2. The almost bloodless EDSA revolution where some of the people prayed the rosary.
  3. The Solidarity rallies in Poland led by Lech Walesa where the participants prayed the rosary and which was miraculously spared by the Russian occupation forces.
What proof do we have that the seers of Fatima were indeed called to a life of holiness?
Sister Lucia Dos Santos became a Dorothean nun (Saint Dorothy) and consequently, a Carmelite nun. Jacinta Marto and Francisco Marto live holy lives before succumbing to the Spanish (Avian) Flu. They were beatified and consequently canonized. When Jacinta’s incorruptible body was brought to Lisbon, all the church bells rang (outlawed by the Masonic government) on their own. Indeed another Fatima and rosary-related miracle.
Who is Saint Dorothy?
She is the virgin martyr who asked her Roman accusers who were condemning her of being a Christian and were only dwelling on Christ’s humanity, “Why do you only speak of His death as a man? Why don’t you speak about His Divine Resurrection?”
You failed to mention the 1964 Communist attempt of government take over in my country, Brazil where about a million women, encouraged to pray the rosary by Fr. Patrick Peyton, asked for heaven’s intervention. We believe that Brazilian women praying the rosary in unison, effectively neutralized the attempt.
We thank you very much for the information.
Why do you always attribute these events to the praying of the rosary. There are many other possibilities like if the comrades decided that it was not yet time to stage the coup and so aborted it.
Yes, even that we believe. Even their hearts were changed.
We? Who is we?

We are ligion because we are few.

You misspelled legion and it means many.
For you, now there is.
In what vein or manner, do you speak thus?
The Venerable Bede (San Beda) prophesied that in the endtimes, God’s followers will only be known as the little flock because there will only be a few of them.
So, you think you belong to this group?
With the fortitude and diligence given by God, we can.
But why ligion not religion?

Because there are many religions. They are legion.

But are you Catholic?
Yes, we are, We hope to stay that way for the sake of our souls.
Before the second world war broke, a mysterious red light illumined the skies over Europe. Some said it was the aurora borealis but my grandparents said that it was not. Do you share their opinion?
Your elders were right. It was the light spoken of in Fatima which is an omen of the then upcoming war because people were not listening. The aurora borealis appears far north and not over the mainland. It is also multi-colored not just red.
How do you discern the seven gifts in a more simple manner so that those living simple lives, as my family live by farming and fishing, since their recognition is imperative in discerning the true church? (trans.)

There are two important considerations you mentioned; simplicity and being imperative. We remember the living martyr John who after taking care of the Virgin mother in Ephesus was exiled in Patmos where in his ripe old age of more than a hundred years old was still being visited by many Christians as the last living apostle and link to Jesus, and he will be carried to the waiting crowd and all he will say before blessing people gathered was “Love one another.” Simple and imperative like a commander’s mandate to soldiers. For what else can he say for he has written the gospel his letters and the revelations.


The true church thrived in Judaism through the covenant we call the ten commandments. This however, was simplified in the Christian church by Christ Himself without losing its imperative force, for he did not abrogate the Law. In your request in order to discern the true church we will not only tell you its description of being one, holy, apostolic and catholic. Here, we present you also the simple four general orders by which obedience to their execution will make you arrive at the four descriptors of the true militant church. They are the following:


  1. Magmahalan, that is “ Love one another.”
  2. Magbigayan, that is “Give to each other.”
  3. Magsanggunian, that is “Counsel each other.”, and
  4. Magtapatan, that is to “Be true to one another.”

By these four simple orders akin to orders given to soldiers in their simple imperative sense, we maintain oneness, all struggle to be holy, have faithful diligence to apostolic teaching and practice universal love in its spiritual purity. By these simple perimeter fencing, we keep the flock intact through their obedience outside of which are the perils of wolves. By these operant mandates you can discern a true Christian church.

Are these not in the Roman church, too?
Correct. Because we are not introducing anything new. The request was to make it simple and imperative. But the practice of internal (within the church) brotherhood may be eroded by the so-called ecumenism of accommodating heretical tendencies which complicate simple commandments of God. For example: unless in Magmahalan, the modernist cardinals will hate the traditionalist cardinals who are committed to the splendor and solemnity of the perpetual sacrifice defined in the Tridentine Mass; unless in Magbigayan, the bishops give up and give away the sacred values of the church, in guise of ecumenism to godless hierarchies and fanatical movements, i.e. remove from liturgy the militant warnings of Yahweh Sabaoth by slashing off the prophetic psalms because the Protestant advisers only want to hear of prosperity and blessings which is not true of a true church which as living body continues to have struggles and sacrifices aside from the blessings; unless in Magsanggunian, they suppress the holy collective will of the faithful cardinals to keep the faith in considering the dogma of the Virgin Mary being the Mediatrix of All Graces and instead defer to their Protestant advisers who consider the Blessed Mother as rivaling Christ in their malice; and unless in Magtapatan, the Church hierarchy will remain true to its tenets and dogmatic teaching remembering that the liturgy should be a perpetual sacrifice and willfully actualize the consecration to the Sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary, propagating the holy rosary, the sacraments and sacramentals of of the true Christian church as well as the teaching of the existence of hell and purgatory (being essential parts of the Fatima message with the vision of hell, as the first revealed secret).
How do you relate these mandates to the seven gifts, specifically?

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Through Magmahalan, there must be a struggle to promote Jesus’ Ocean of Mercy by which through the sacrament of penance is manifested; the forgiveness of sins in the church militant by way of confession and repentance, the communion of saints in the church triumphant which manifests a great love for the conversion of sinners and the pardon of the departed in the church suffering, remembering even the abandoned, through their intercession in accordance with the Will of the Most Loving Father. The gift of mercy and forgiveness should be evident and faithful.

Through Magbigayan, is there a struggle to promote the fortitude and miraculous service of governance and administration against communism and freemasonry and even protestant heresy. Is there a conscious effort to stem the tide of modernism by teaching and instruction, wisdom counseling, healing generosity, prophetic insight and interpretation and faithful diligence. Or are priests more content in acting as tourist guides to holy places, tolerate and even condone heretical lifestyles and perversions, apologize for what others do so that heretics are comfortable as brothers, or are martyrdoms of saints and their miracles just considered legends and folk tales. Is there a struggle for generous healing to flourish so that the poor, the sick and the captive are given hope? Are missions multiplying or dying? Or are vocations even conversions compromised in the name of ecumenism? For whom are the priesthood giving? Is the God the One being given the sacrifices or is it the prince of this word?

Through Magsanggunian, is there a struggle to listen to the princes of the church who are loyal to their Queen or have some already transformed into princesses who are loyal to their Queer? Are the gifts of teaching and instruction, and of wisdom counseling being subjected to accommodate heretical teachings and evil lifestyles condemnable even during the old testament times? Is the gift of prophetic insight and interpretation still in place to discern the workings of the devil in everyday life? Or has the church transformed into a mere marketplace of sophistry and esotericism; an agora of modernism and old religion combined. Are men now, especially priest, more dependent now on their own pleasurable intelligence than to wisdom which is a gift of God?

Through Magtapatan, is there a struggle to be true to the essential truths of the church or is there a leaning to the convenient truths of the modern world? Is the gift of faithful diligence and wisdom counseling being eroded such that the Virgin Mary’s role as Mediatrix of All Graces or as Mother of the Church being undermined? Are the priests allowing the slander of their Mother’s purity and chastity such that they can no longer have the strength to defend her as the Mother of God? Have they lost the diligence to teach about purgatory and the truth of forgiveness even in the afterlife because they are ashamed to discuss purgatory? How is it possible that the Eucharistic glory is being diminished right under the noses of the men supposed to be gifted with miraculous service administration? Why are Bishops embarrassed to talk about the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart? Is the Russian Metropolitan or Soviet President more important than the Queen of Heaven? How can a pope dedicated to truth possibly resign unless someone is truly lying. What happened to his governance and whose “miracle” is this? Why is the holy rosary being forgot-ten as a powerful weapon against evil and a valuable source of graces even for the departed? Why is the Fatima prophecy denied its proper course and still deliberately kept a secret to the faithful?

If the struggle is present in the militant church, then there is still the presence of life, which strives also to aid those in the suffering church spiritually through the intercession of all saints, the church triumphant. Thus, by now, ironically because of the struggle you should know that the Catholic church possess these qualities.

Are you sure that the other Christian churches exclusive of the church you mentioned are not true churches?

If they do not share in the militant struggle against evil, how can they be true? If they do not provide in a struggle to properly remember the dead so that they can still hope to enter God’s kingdom, how can they be good at all ? If they do not have the communion of saints and therefore, their intercession that can benefit both the militant and suffering church, how can they be beautiful? How can they be beautiful without being triumphant? Can a house be divided against itself? In other words, how can they be barren so as not to produce saints which are fruits of a living church? God established a church which is fruitful for saints are God’s friends. And so, if a church does not produce real saints, not only members who are so-called saints, then there must be a big problem in that church and it must have been established by someone other than God.

Truly, they do not possess the qualities of a true Christian church. Rather these churches are possessed. In fact, said churches which when given the chance of redemption to be in unity with the Holy Spirit and does not take the chance and even ignore it, are repossessed. They are not just one; they are many (legion) religions which are just legionized from the old religion (of the Devil). They are not holy; they perverted the nature of man to be like a god which follows what pleases him and therefore loves evil. They are not apostolic because they do not follow apostolic succession and are mere products of successive heresies that led to apostasy. And they are not catholic as Saint Ignatius of Antioch envisioned it to be because they discriminate against the poor (why can’t they give tithes?), the sick (they must have been cursed by God), the captive (they deserve to be in jail and to die because of their crimes), the oppressed (they are not chosen people) and because they belong to a certain race (they are black because they descended from an accursed patriarch). Moreover, they discriminate because they feel that they are more just than God who condemns their practices. (They are ancient and bigoted, and an embarrassment to modern living because they are not tolerant to the practices of the LGBTQ+ community. But even now, some people in the hierarchy have lost their diligence because being universal to them means becoming tolerant to perverted lives.

Such that their struggle will be against the true church, the Woman and Her Son as they are on the side of the Dragon and its prostitute and consequently, their deliberate effort will be to forget what is good (to accept purgatory and deny the existence of hell, the efficacy of the holy rosary, the sacraments and sacramentals), to ignore what is beautiful (a majestic church of order and solemnity and plenty of graces)and to be indifferent to what is true ( the perpetual sacrifice and the Eucharist inherent in the holy mass, a loving Mother whose joy is to see that Her Son’s passion is not taken for granted ). All these make them the proper dwelling of the Prince of this World who is the enemy of God: anti-Church, anti-Mary and Anti-Christ!

You seem to be reviving the church of anathemas of which John XXIII was adverse to?
We do not need to revive a living church. A living body would sometimes get sick and will need healing but as ordained by God, it shall not die even as some of its members appear so afflicted because of the scourges it is receiving. Yes, in spite of the fact that, Roncali’s ship, Vatican II, ran through it with him being the navigator.
And who may be causing such an affliction?
Standing on a cornerstone which was rejected, the Mystical Body is even bound to a structure, a pillar so it could not even move while the Roman soldiers and the Temple guards strike with scourges with sharpened bones of sheep and goats.
Roman and Temple Guards?
Yes, in fact those who are supposed to keep peace and order in Jerusalem, the City of Peace, and those who are supposed to instill the holiness of the Temple.
Are you alluding to Rome or Jerusalem?
The Roman guards soldiers and the Temple guards are followers of the Cult of Romulus and Remus, abandoned brothers who drank the milk of the she-wolf, Lupa. Nourished with lupine milk, they can transform into wolves who tried to kill each other to hold dominion over a new city being built by them.
The mystical allusion is complete, it must be Rome! But the new city!
Yes, and a new order in accordance with the wishes of Lupa, the she-wolf , they were nourished with a new milk contaminated , Novus Ordo.
What would Romulus and Remus represent?
Romulus is the comeradeship of a materialistic society while Remus is the brotherhood of a religion that does not believe in God. These siblings fed with the carcass of the victims of the she-wolf are trying to form a religious governance. Meanwhile the angels are busy picking up bits and pieces of Christ’s body and blood which scatter because of the intense scourging. Behold, the pillar is even given a name and it is Segundo Vaticano.
What of the Novus Ordo?
It is the tender trap that will catch many of the sheep because they gambol and frolic with what they think is more freedom but in reality is captivity. They will be sealed for slaughter and they shall be tamed and be quiet for the fear of their lives pretending that they are enjoying the novus pax romana until finally the mild German Shepherd is unseen and he wolves can do anything they like even within the corral and guard every move they make. It will be a No vox ordo because they are maimed voiceless by the fear of the new order. This is how they intend to bring back Viaticannus, the hill of evil divination.
What Viaticannus?
Viaticannus is the former name of Vatican Hill which means your way or means (via) to the canine ( canis:dog-like) or the Way of the Wolf where the Lupercalia (the feast of the wolf) and Saturnalia (Roman orgy day) were originally held until they were stopped by Saint Gregory, the Great who replaced them with Christmas to supplant evil with goodness by remembering the day when Christ was born.
So, admittedly as the Protestants claim, Vatican has an evil past!
Yes, but the blood of Christian martyrs led by Saints Peter and Paul hallowed its grounds such that ironically, it became the center of Christianity instead of Jerusalem where Jesus was rejected. In fact, it is in this past that the protestant deformation continued to dwell and made it an antecedent of the mother church, even maliciously as its basis. Martin Luther forgot that he came from the same church and misused its very foundation. His theses were valid as there were some rotting parts or are being eaten by termites which he should have repaired or could have applied pesticide but instead he went outside and made his own house. He should have done what Saint Francis of Assissi and Saint Dominic de Guzman did. Luther did not stay inside the house and its ground thinking that it will crumble and fall and has caused many others to abandon it too. His steep pride has caused so many souls their place in hell.
In the spirit of ecumenism your church proclaims, please do not disrespect the memory of Martin Luther and what he has done. It was indeed in the spirit of reform that he published his theses against the excesses of the church.
We are sorry if we have offended you but we really believe what we write. Saint Dominic de Guzman, who was entrusted by the Virgin Mother to become the apostle of the holy rosary, and Saint Francis of Assissi, whose usually silent exemplar enabled him to convert men to rebuild the church, never left the Church and helped instead in keeping the faith. Had Martin Luther not left the church, he must have been able to help in the process of real reform. But evidently, he has chosen to build another one. The irreverent men in the church did wrong but the church itself was still laden with truths that were at his disposal as a brilliant priest, but they were included in his proud attacks, hence, what we mean by deformation. The real reforms were made by Saint Dominic who preached against the excesses in the church. He preached the truth courageously and was never stopped by anyone within the church. Just like Saint Francis whose humility and simplicity whose every action was worth more than a thousand words. If no one want s to listen to him, he could preach to the animals anyway. Martin Luther did not just build another church, he tried to burn down his former beloved home. We resolve not to do what he did.
What is the basis of Catholics praying the novena?
Catholics pray the novena because the earliest who practiced the prayer is the Virgin Mother and the apostles when the Lord ascended into heaven so that the Holy Spirit will come right away as promised by Christ.
Why do you think was Saint Joseph chosen to be the Foster Father of Jesus on earth?
Despite his humble outlook, Saint Joseph was of noble lineage also from the House of David. Spiritually, he was a man beyond reproach and most chaste that is why he was chosen for bethrothal to the Virgin Mary. On the material side, he was a good provider for he was not just an ordinary carpenter as others would think. He was a tekton, a master craftsman who is also an expert stonecutter and blacksmith aside from being a carpenter.
There is so much fuzz about religion on earth. For all we know, we must have been visited by aliens from intergalactic civilizations and our ancient peoples mistook them as gods because their technology was far too advanced.
Yes, we are very much aware of Erich von Daniken’s theory and it is quite respectable except that we believe otherwise from our side. Psychic experiences in the Philippines, although treated sometimes as folklorish, show us another angle. Ufologists are always looking up for answers but as one of us said, we should be looking down. Experiences in the Philippines manifest the intervention of elementals not from outer space but from inner space. The devil is confusing mankind again with the demons staging the alien visitations.
Yes, you said it right. Folklorish stories and all lacking proofs like what we find in museums studied thoroughly by anthropologists.
In fact, it is your word against ours. You can hold on to your science very well but you also have subjective experiences of alien abductions and sightings while we have actual people experiencing the presence of their riders and conversant of their intents. The anthropology you mention is simply giving in to a diabolical conspiracy of alien visitations. Take for instance, the Sirius connection which for us is not that serious. Scientists are correct in evaluating the presence of similarities between cultures allegedly visited. For instance the tribes in Mali and Sierra Leone (the Dogun and Nomoli, respectively ) who seem to have obtained knowledge of the dog star constellation as early as 1, 797 years ago. Apparently, they claim that these gods were from the star Sirius B not the larger and more prominent Sirius A of the Dog constellation. How could they know this fact when they do not have the technology to detect Sirius B at that time “unless they were visited by its inhabitants?”, they say. The Nomo phenomenon refer to the idols of gods they worshipped that early which would represent amphibian men, men from the sea or walking alligators who have flaming eyes and luminous bodies and who taught them technology and culture and who originally came from the dog star. Chromium which up to now could not be amassed by known technology was found as a little ball inside one of the Nummo idols manifesting advanced technology alongside skystones which were part of the shattered heavens and present science and technology could not explain the nature of. The dogun phenomenon continues with the Hammurabi Code which according to the emperor himself was dictated to him by a personage of the god Dagon which the Babylonians also worshipped. The scientists even missed the Dagon of the Philistines which the archeologists missed to understand for the half-man half-fish representation. Then in 660 B.C. the Duragon phenomenon dawned in Japan with its dragon (which by the way, is also present in Chinese and Korean myths and has also evolved into the European dragon ) providing the backdrop for its divine ancestry which up to now gives Japan its Sun-god its imperial line of succession to the Chrysanthemum throne. There is a preponderance of figurines of this period where the Dogu representing dragon men look like spacemen in their spacesuit with goggles. And then there is this megalith in Ireland which accordingly was built by the fairy king and the shining ones and which star viewing narrow window follows efficiently the dog star. This is the Dagda phenomenon which spells the dog day afternoons. Apparently, this is an intricate tapestry of related cultural accounts which the scientists have painstakingly traced from West Africa to Babylon, and from Japan to Ireland. Impressive, they may be, it does not prove alien civilization yet.
O yeah? So what can you offer from the Philippine viewpoint?

Nothing much. And not so impressive either. We begin with the dugong (first syllable: dug)which is very unintimidating animal which were mistaken to be sirens of the sea. Although for us, these demons from the sea (dagat) really exist with their male counterparts, siokoy. Although they are called sirens (Spanish is sirena) we do not seriously take them as taking its name from Sirius, the star (first syllable : sir). Yet, also possibly an anthropological link would be how the aliens in West Africa walked awkwardly with their amphibious built or possible presence of tails (biology shows us that the phytons used to walk, evolved?, as the bible claims in Genesis) which is described in the Tagalog word, dagaldal (first syllable: dag) and as they claim their voices are so loud which is best described in the Tagalog word, dagundong (first syllable: dag), or when the dragon learned to fly and to snatch its victims which is best described in the Tagalog word, dagit (first syllable: dag). In the islands, the nearest link to the amphibious and reptilian creatures who walked with much effort from the water to interrelate with people are the unding and the taong-bayawak (undines which are frog-like men and lizard men, respectively, and these are accounts from the Tagalog region. Sometimes, the undines will afflict even farmers who are far away from bodies of water in Cuenca, Batangas. The Cinco Hermanos of the uprising in Bulacan which preceded the Katipunan are known to have fought the lizard men of the Bulacan caves. The tawak may just be a familiar spirit. But if shine or have flaming eyes like the ulalaga, it is easier to classify them as elemental spirits. Ayoko na sanang dagdagan pero, sige. ( I just don’t want to add some but let’s go.)


The most fantastic link in the dog connection may as well be the longest revolt in Philippine history which is the revolt of Francisco Dagohoy in Bohol. The enigma lies in the fact, that no revolutionary can lead a revolt for more than eighty years. Unless someone or some others followed through the succession of leadership. If not, the only remaining possibility is that Francisco became immortal as one of our brothers found out. Because Dagohoy (First syllable: Dag) is not a proper Boholano surname but a spiritual name of an elemental of the air. The same group of beings that used to inhabit the Hoyop-hoyopan cave in Albay. This accordingly is the reason why Dagohoy (last syllable: Hoy) could not be captured by authorities even with the help of traitor natives.


Those who are used to doing evil in Tagalog are dagis ( first syllable : dag). They are like daga (mice) that will steal your grains and gnaw at your clothes and worse, they are close assassins who will stab you with their daga (dagger).And so, maybe they also passed the islands but it does not mean that they are alien life. What we believe is that they are possibly angelic beings who have fallen from the heavens after their defeat under the loyal angels. And of course, angels even if they are fallen ones are still more intelligent than us. But to be really good to people, we doubt it. The Dugon and Nomoli only learned to worship them and remained in ignorance. And how obvious of the Dagda to have the Irish megalith be identified as one built by a fairy king. So, who is alien now?


Lastly may we offer this unique poetic viewpoint:

Dagis Kang Tunay
Dagis kang talaga, nabulid na anghel.
Nakapagbalatkayo ka pang diyos.
Hilahod ka na ngang lumakad
Dagaldal ka pa ngang kinakapos.
Salitang dagundong mula dagat
Sa taong dungo nagpamulagat.
Sa dikta mo kay Hammurabai
Para bang ang Diyos kay Moises
Ikaw rin si Dagon ng mga Filisteo
Nagpabulag kay Samson, na isang Huwes.
Siya ring duragong ina ng mga emperyo
Anak ng dragong para lang sa impiyerno.
Mga higanteng bato binuo ng engkanto
Inutos ng haring tuon sa mga bituin.
Habol-habol ang konstelasyong aso
Sa Irlandiya’y nanaog ang alien mandin?
Seryoso ka ba sa bago mong tanghal
Na ika’y alien mula Sirius dumatal?
Naloko mo silang sobrang matalino
Pati ba ako paglalalangan mo pa?
Pinoy lang akong kinaawaan ng Diyos
Ng kaunting dunong, alam mo ba?
Ang nabulid na anghel, ikaw nga iyon
Na ibulid rin kami, yaon yaong layon!
-rico del sol
Truly, You’re Evil
You’re truly evil, o fallen angel.
Pretend to be god that’s your disguise.
Painstakingly, did you walk the land
Doggedly erect to appear as wise.
Thundering talk heard from the sea
And then with an awful sight to see.
And your dictation to Hammurabai
Is just like God’s unto Moses
You’re Dagon of the Phillistines who
Blinded Samson, one of the Judges.
The same duragon who laid empires
From the dragon the fuel for hell fires.
The megalith oval built by the fairies
Mandated by a king observing stars
In pursuit of the canine lupine chase
To Ireland came, aliens from stars?
With your new show, are you serious:
An alien who came down from Sirius?
Deceived the ones who are too smart
And so you plan to pull my leg, too?
Just a Pinoy whose God is merciful
To give me wisdom, fear of Him, too.
The fallen angel, you are indeed
Who’d like us to fall that’s your deed!
Let us be serious here. What is the need for jokes and poetry? Who is Rico del Sol anyway and what is he doing in this forum?
Of course, we are serious. Our jokes and poetry are serious. And the author is one of us. You asked for our viewpoint, didn’t you?
And the man doesn’t even know how to capitalize his letters. So seriously, how can he help?
The man capitalizes on his small letters. Otherwise he has no capital.

The Roots

For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and curious wonderings about our world. I founded In Factum with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and I have been at it ever since.

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos

The In Factum subjects may fall under the following categories:

Miracles of Saints, Angels and Demons, The Elementals: Nature Spirits, Transformers and Shape Shifters, Magicians and Psychic Healers, Ancestral Worship and Shamanism, Church Reforms, Divinations and Omens, Parapsychology and Metaphysics, Ghosts and Ghouls, Herbolarios and Herbalism and others topics which may relate to faith and religion.

Note: The articles here are highly opinionated and are therefore very subjective. Therefore, we do not want to impose these subjective experiences to the reader and would like their to exercise extreme caution.

The Sanhedrin was the forum for the pharisees, who believed in the resurrection and in angels, and the saducees, who are akin to new theories and philosophies. All beliefs and philosophies concerning God and His creation are allowed to be expressed here.
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