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The Born-Again Christians

Who are the Born-Again Christians?

They are the protestants who have more modern approach. They called themselves megachurches and nondenominational Christians. Their name is from John 3:3 of the New Testament.

When the Born-Again Christian began?

Their origin was traced back from Martin Luther because they are still part of Protestantism. But according to Philip St. Romain their origin was traced back in 1909-1915. But the word “born-again” popularized in America when Jimmy Carter run for president.

What do you mean modern approach?

In our modern time, when someone is suffering or sad, they have an urge of something that makes them happy. One of the methods of the Born Again are music to attract people and words from the Bible that most people can relate.

What are the similarities of the Born-Again Christians and First Protestant Sects?

The first protestant sects have their own churches similar to the Catholic and Orthodox Church. But most of the Born-Again Christians have no churches, instead they have their founder’s house or a building as their headquarters. They also believe in Faith Alone and Scriptures Alone. They also don’t accept some books from the Bible and remove some books, chapters and verses which is contradict their belief.

What are the similarities of the Born-Again Christians and the Catholic Church?

Just like other Protestant Sects, they also believe in the Holy Trinity like the Catholic Church.

What are the differences of the Born-Again Christians and the First Protestant Sects?

The Born-Again Christians has more modern approach than the first Protestant Sects. They have no ordination and anyone can become a minister.

Do the Protestant have Seven Sacraments?

Similar to the first Protestant sects, they only have two sacraments: Baptism and Eucharist. Some have no Sacrament of Eucharist and Matrimony is not a sacrament for them.

If they have Sacrament, it means that they believe that Christ is in the Blessed Sacrament?

No. Most of the Born-Again Christians believe the Eucharist is just a symbol. Even thought they have Communion Service, the bread that they eat and wine that they drink is not the body and blood of Christ. Only the Catholic Priest can consecrate the bread and wine with the power of God, it becomes the Body and Blood of Christ in the Holy Mass.

Is it okay for a Catholic to attend Born-Again events and gathering?

No. As their joyful and fun approach can attract you to join them, it will also damage your faith. As protestant, they are more eager to have happiness than to sacrifice for our Lord.

What is main belief of the Born-Again when it comes to Salvation?

The Born-Again Christians believe we are already saved when Christ died in the Cross. And when we died, we are going straight to Heaven without absolution from a priest during our life here on earth. This belief is very dangerous to our soul. Our Lord Jesus Christ give his apostles a power to forgive sins before his ascension as a priest. Because God knows that even our Lord died in the Cross to save us from sins, we humans are capable to sin again.

Heresy Modernism Protestantism

The Catholic Charismatic Movement


When the Catholic Charismatic Movement Began?

It began in 1967 when some Catholics for Duquesne University attend a protestant worship service. They claimed that have been baptized by the Holy Spirit. Then they gather on the university chapel where some students said that they also received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. In 1975, Pope Paul VI officialy welcome this movement. After that, many Catholics also formed their own Catholic Charismatic Movement such as Couples for Christ and the Feast of Bo Sanchez.

Why these Catholic started this Charismatic Movement?

Some Catholic Charismatic Movement believe that this modern or protestant approach will make the faithful Catholics remain in the church or renew their faith as Catholics.

What are the similarities of the Charismatic Movement and the Born-Again Christians?

The Charismatic Movement and Born-Again Christians have similar approach. They gather in a stadium or event hall to have their worship. Use popular music such as rock music which their worship becomes a concert.

What are their differences?

The Catholic Charismatic Movement remains faithful to the Catholic Church as they attend the Holy Mass, pray the rosary and also pray to the saints.

Is there a danger when you join the Charismatic Movement?

Sadly, yes. May be their goal is to bring back people to the Catholic faith, or those who have little faith will have a renewal. But their approach and methods are from the Protestants. This will affect the faithful’s attitude towards faith. For example, instead of making a sacrifice like kneeling in front of the Sacred Host in the Holy Mass, most people are avoiding to kneel. Just like the protestants, they are more focused on bible study and forgot to learn the oral teachings of the apostles and the first Christian fathers. They want to open more of themselves than the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints. Some examples are their sharing part where they share their life with Christ, and when you listen to them, they just tell you their life and no part which how Christ change or affect their life. Another danger is that there are people will use this movement for money which they called the Prosperity Doctrine. During a Charismatic Movement event, there are people will first talk about faith and after that, there’s a person who will go to stage and now talking about money and business. According to the American Protestant Leader, this charismatic movement helps the protestant increase their numbers. As their methods are similar, they can also easily sway to leave the Catholic faith.

We Catholics, in order to become faithful, we don’t need this method for us to heal from suffering or to strengthen our faith. All we need is God, all we need is to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to the saints to help us strenghten our faith to God, pray the Holy Rosary everyday. All we need is Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist during the Holy Mass, because he is the medicine for our body, mind and especially our soul.

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The Council of Trent

What is the Council of Trent?

The Council of Trent is a meeting of the Cardinals in Trent. Its main objective is Catholic Reformation or Catholic Revival.

When is the Council of Trent began?

The Council of Trent began on 1543 by Pope Paul III.

Why Pope Paul III started the Council of Trent?

It is to condemn the heresies of the Protestants and to fix the issues such as corrupt bishops, priest, financial issues abuse such as the popular selling of indulgences and some faithful Catholics including the priest are not able to defend the Catholic Faith against the protestants. Because of Luther’s Sola Scriptura (Scriptures Alone) and Sola Fide (Faith Alone) teachings, the protestants mainly attack the papacy, the purgatory, the sacraments including the Holy Mass because they are not primary named in the Holy Bible. Some protestants also attacked the mistranslation of the scriptures, prayers including the Roman Missal.

What are the results of the Council of Trent?

During the end of Council of Trent by Pope St. Pius V, the selling of indulgences was abolished. Pope St. Pius V, reform the Holy Mass and named it “Tridentine Mass”. His objective is not to create a new Mass but to return the Holy Mass by making it more uniformed. Before the council of Trent, every church in the world has their own version of the Holy Mass and was celebrated in vernacular language. In the Tridentine Mass, the language that will be used is Latin and some parts of the Mass that was removed during the previous centuries was reused. Pope Pius V commanded that the Tridentine Mass is the only version that will be celebrated in the world. The Council of Trent also released a Cathecism that can be used by the priest and also the faithful in their catechism. The Tridentine Mass is the form of the Mass that was used until in 1969, under the Vatican II Council, Pope Paul VI reformed the Mass according to the modern world which the church used the version of the Protestants. But some Traditional Catholic Societies still used the Tridentine Mass.

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The Protestant Reformation


What is the Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation or simply reformation is a protest against and wanted to reform the Catholic Church.


How the Protestant Reformation began?

The reformation was started by John Wycliffe who questioned the privileged status of the clergy who had powerful role in England, then followed by Jan Hus who wants to eliminate the selling of indulgence and the concept of purgatory. But in 1517, Martin Luther, an Augustinian priest who post a Ninety-Five Theses against the abuse of the selling plenary indulgence by some clergy. After that, he left the church and spread false teachings. These theses become a symbolic start of the Protestant Reformation.


What is Plenary Indulgence?

Is a remission of the entire temporal punishment for sin. Plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions such as pious reading or listening to Sacred Scripture for at least half and hour, Adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist and Pious exercise of the Station of the Cross. In order to obtain the plenary indulgence, the faithful must be in the state of grace by having the Sacrament of Confession and received the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.


Why there is a selling of Indulgence?

During 1517, Pope Leo X authorized the sale of indulgence. One of the examples is granting indulgences for those who donate to reconstruct the St. Peter’s Basilica. This becomes a way for the corrupt clergy to make money by selling indulgence. This event make Martin Luther write and post his theses on the door of the All-Saints Church which results of many people followed Luther.


What happened to Martin Luther after he posted his theses?

Martin Luther was excommunicated by Pope Leo X on 1521. Then he led the Protestant Reformation and become the father of protestanism,


Why Martin Luther was excommunicated if he wants to stop the Corruption within the Church because of selling Indulgence?

Instead of pushing the abolish of Selling Indulgence, he taught heresies which is the Sola Fide (Faith Alone) and Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) which contradicts the teaching of Our Lord and the apostles which leads to his Excommunication. His teachings were spread all over Europe which results of formation of protestanism, which made people leave the Catholic Faith and build their own church such as Calvinism, Mormons, Jehovas’ witness and more.


Is Martin Luther right about the corruption of selling indulgence?

Yes, but instead making the right move by fixing the corruption within the church, he led more faithful to the false teachings and leave the only church that Christ built by building their own church.


Are there Protestants still building their own church today?

Yes, the continous of building their own church and ignores the Church of God is still happening today. Most of them are from the other Protestant Churches who has their own teachings. One of the latest Protestants today are called “Born Again Churches” which their methods are according to modernism.


Is the Church of God, the Catholic Church is dead?

No! as our Lord said when He build His Church upon St. Peter:
“And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
This means no one including the gates of hell cannot destroy the Catholic Church. Many protestants will tell you that the church is dead because it has corruption and scandals, this is one of their tactics for you to join them. Remember, one of Christ’s apostle, Judas is a greedy person and betrayed our Lord, but our Lord’s followers didn’t abandon the Church just because there’s a a problem within it.

Was the Selling of Indulgences abolished?

The selling of indulgences was abolished in 1567 by Pope St. Pius V. Unlike Martin Luther, St. Pope Pius V fixed the issues inside the Church without leaving it and without false teachings.

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